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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 27, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> at least for the time being, the threat of severe storms has diminished. there is still a flood watch west of the bay because there is potential for more heavy rain. for the time being, in the head -- in the baltimore vicinity, the rain has tapered off quite a bit. but there are showers all around the region. it continues to rain out in western maryland. to most important for us is the shower activity coming out from the south. much of central and eastern maryland will get in on some more heavy rain as we head to the overnight hours. there remains a flood watch for our region overnight. >> thank you. when severe weather strikes, our interactive radar is at your fingertips. you can track storms by logging onto
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>> police are investigating if weather played a role in a serious crash on rte. 50 that 34 people from their vehicles. toolbox trucks crashed shortly before 1:03 victims were taken to shock trauma. it's the other was rushed to baltimore washington medical center. >> we are following the race for maryland governor. bob ehrlich is accusing martin o'malley of using a state agency to deceive maryland residents for political purposes. >> he has seat -- he says he has the documents to prove its. >> they are calling for an investigation in what amounts to a cover-up and censorship. >> job loss as a result of hostility and negligence and sometimes inconsistency. >> bob ehrlich considers the
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department of labor the most broken agency in state government. he accuses of martin o'malley of using it for his own political advantage. the agency posted its memo last month. the document stayed on the state website for five hours and then disappeared. it was replaced by a more upbeat summary. at the time, secretary explained that the report was completely internal and not meant for the public. republicans called it a cover- up, not an accident. >> i am angry at the members of the general assembly. i am mad at the maryland citizens that my government is hiding things from me to promote public political campaigns. >> martin o'malley administration e-mails. one of them reads, some of the material on the of date was diametrically opposed to the disgust and eventually approve of messaging.
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were very upset to see this on our website. i instructed michelle to take it down. on the same day, the governor issued a statement proclaiming for the fifth straight month, maryland had experienced job growth. marking the best performing the january-july since 1999. >> when one level of that government makes stuff up, and you can no longer trust the gravity other words, the whole concept of self governance flies out the window. >> and another e-mail, are we sure that removing that post will remove all traces of it? that is coming straight from the top. gov. o'malley participated in the grand opening of the cyber innovation center. he declined to take questions. his staff said he had to leave
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for a bill signing at the white house. state house republicans are discussing whether to launch a full-blown investigation, calling witnesses before a joint committee. to find out what other agencies the governor is using to deceive the citizens of maryland. >> this afternoon, a spokesman for the state department said the document was drafted for internal discussion only. he says it was at salad posted online. the memo was replaced by talking points. the spokesman emphasized that the actual job numbers did not change from the mistaken posting to the official one. >> two years after voters approved slot and maryland, the first facility has opened its doors. mr. robinson reports -- lisa robinson reports. >> we are tickled to death that is finally here. >> when the doors opened, there
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were plenty of people ready to take a chance with their money. many of them believed that they did not back to make the drive across state lines to do so. >> i do not have to go all the way to delaware. >> we go to delaware. >> we do not have to go to delaware anymore. >> finally. >> that is exactly what national gaming is counting on. >> people have to pass us to get to the delaware casinos. been the closest to baltimore, i do think it is great for the state. a much shorter drive. >> the casino has two restaurants and 1500 classic and a new generation slot machines. you can play penney machines or a plate $25 bets. there are no table games here. >> it is just slots. we do have electronic table games as well.
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>> the state is banking on the casino having a huge economic impact. the states says that the venue is expected to gross $160 million in the first full year of operations. >> for the casino was being built, it created 900 temporary construction jobs. it is expected to employ 350 people now that it is up and running. some of those positions have yet to be filled. >> tonight, an airline deal that will impact the majority of people who fly out of bwi. southwest airlines has announced plans to buy airtran. what can consumers expect? >> the deal means southwest airlines can tighten their grip it already has over the md. travel market. with little low-cost carrier competition, the question becomes, will southwest air fares go up? >> airtran or southwest?
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these to florida friends often disagree which went to choose. >> i do not like the lining up system of southwest. her friend prefers airtran. >> they may get the best or worst of both worlds. southwest plans to buy out airtran for $3.4 billion. >> i like southwest. i am excited about it. it is a good marriage. >> southwest would serve about 70% of the passengers at bwi . the next low-cost carrier competitor is jet blue. >> if you look at it, southwest and have been cheaper because
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you do not pay for the bags. >> interestingly enough, airtran, as we drank our competitors, we compete with them less than anybody else. >> the department of justice has to do an antitrust review before the deal is official. if approved, all of their fleet will be painted southwest colors. it will put the low-cost carrier in 37 cities. >> if the deal gets to the regulatory process, plus says that banks will still fly for free. -- southwest says that a bad will still fly for free. >> its self-proclaimed white supremacist will spend 31 years behind bars before the racially motivated beating of a black fishermen. he was sentenced this morning for the august 2009 of the 77-
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year-old at fort armistice park. he said the attack was -- would not have happened if he was white. testimony continues today in the trial of three men accused in the murder of ken harris. he is now live outside courthouse east and has the very latest. >> not too much action today in the ken harris murder trial. only one witness called to the stand by the prosecution, a dna analyst. she showed dna evidence that the prosecution says links to the three defendants to the crime. their attorneys are disputing this. >> defense attorneys spent much of monday afternoon trying to poke holes in dna evidence that the state presented. the attorney spent more than an hour asking the state's witness a dna analyst with the baltimore city, to read explain the dna
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gathering process. asking questions that have the jury ruling its eyes. a plastic beast -- plastic beaker could actually tainted evidence. other attorneys questioned the data itself, wondering how accurate it was, especially in cases where more than one person's dna was discovered. the start of the third week of testimony in the ken harris murder trial centered around one witness monday. a dna analyst with baltimore city police, the process the dna lab work and wrote a report. kelly miller showed almost a dozen different results concerning latex gloves, bandannas, and the infamous mask that was found near the murder scene. she does it -- she testified that the dna was found on the mast as well as the gloves and one of the bandanas. she would not to testified that the defendants dna was found on
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the gloves and bandannas as well. miller also told the court that the dna evidence of two on known males was found in association with some of the evidence. >> testimony continues tomorrow morning as the prosecution will continue to call more witnesses. this case is expected to take the next two or three weeks. >> tonight, there is a lot more coming your way. >> including a check on education nation in new york city. >> it is called education nation, a summer to lay the groundwork for fixing america's public schools. >> a week after he threw four interceptions, he draws praise for his work in the fourth quarter. hear how quickly things change in the nfl. >> a flash flood in effect. we have some heavy rain to our south moving in this direction.
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>> nbc has kicked off a two day event. >> it is called education nation. a gathering of top educators from across the country. he has more on maryland's role in this nbc event. >> much of the conversations have to do with what is working and what is not and now maryland might benefit. >> schools d.c. -- ceo to lead a group of top md. educators to
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talk about ways to improve public education. >> as i looked at maryland, we are implementing much of what is being recommended here. i think we feel good about that. however, we do not have unevenness across the state of everything we are attempting to do. >> baltimore county superintendent also weighed in on the national discussion. >> we do have one thing in common. we are talking about the future, our children. there is an opportunity for this conversation to continue. this is certainly not where we want to be at this point. >> the summit has attracted some of the top names and education, business, and politics. >> nothing is being said here that is a new conversation. these are conversations that have been percolating for years. it is always good to get together with others. it is a bit of a way to energize yourself for the fight back,.
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>> balcombe, that is where the real work takes place. -- back home is where the real work takes place. this education summit wraps up tomorrow. >> you can watch education nation videos inside to get involved. go to >> your insta-weather-plus forecast -- >> we have seen some grain moving through most of maryland for most of the day. but it has not been moving continuously. the rains tapered off sometime during the evening rush hour. there is more what weather coming up from the south. still looks like the rain is picking up again. moving through cambridge and up to centerville. it has been fairly steady throughout the afternoon. some pretty decent rainfall amounts showing up around hagerstown. there is still some very heavy
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rain down in eastern north carolina, moving into southeast virginia. a lot of that will be working its way up to the bay. we have had an inch of rain at the airport and the inner harbor. we are at that 1 inch mark now. afternoon temperatures got up to a few degrees above the normal. even with clouds and what weather around, kind of a warm and muggy afternoon for this time of year. the flood watch continues west of the day. we could pick up another inch or two or more of grain. -- rain. you head toward frost burk. -- " -- lower 60's as you head toward frost burk.
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tornado warnings were issued earlier today on the boundary of some really warm and humid air coming in. colliding with the wet air from the west of us. that warm front triggered severe storms and tornado warnings. nothing i have seen reported as far as damage. the radar was showing strong location in some of those storms. the area of low pressure will head up the west side of the mountains. you can see these guys begin to clear out a little tomorrow afternoon. -- the skies. the rain arrives again into the baltimore area wednesday night and it could be heavy at times. off and on the shower or whether in the forecast right into thursday of this week. it morning rain tomorrow and then some afternoon sunshine. there is a guilt warning for the bay.
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-- a gale warnings for the bay. in western maryland tomorrow, some showers. rate mainly in the morning before the sunshine breaks out in the afternoon. we are watching the tropics. binkley, no storms. the hurricane center will keep an eye on a trot -- a strong tropical wave out there. for the time being, there are note named storms in the atlantic basin. -- no named storms in the atlantic basin. clearing out, breezy on friday. cooler weather coming in for the weekend. highs will only be in the mid 60's. >> with games coming up against pittsburgh, denver, and new england, the ravens do they had to beat cleveland.
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-- knew they had to beat cleveland. the offense did not panic. he was running for the ravens defense -- they found themselves at seventh -- down 17-14 early in the fourth quarter. the ravens have concerns about the way he ran the ball yesterday. and the ravens defensible not give up that bombarded every week. -- that started every week. >> we had our backs to the wall. very important game for us. our guys found a way to execute and make plays in the fourth quarter. that is what it -- that is what won it for us. >> much more on the raven's tonight at 7:30.
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the high-school football season moves into midseason matchups for the next couple of weeks. we want your vote on our game of the week. several good matchups to choose from. you can vote for the game of the week on our website, the orioles open their final of the season in tampa. they're doing it without manager. this is -- they suspended him for tonight's game. the umpire had already issued a warning. he has appealed his suspension. former oakland raiders quarterback, the man who redefined longevity in pro football, died at the age of 83.
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his career lasted 26 seasons. he also holds the record to this day as the oldest quarterback to play in the championship game. a record he sets back in -- in a baltimore. stick around. we have a look at an seven-day forecast. storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home, and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets.
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fortunately, geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on her tuffets. the burglar was later captured when he was spotted with whey on his face. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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old gibbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. >> late breaking details into that building collapse we have
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been covering in northwest baltimore. how opening day at the state's first slot parlor went.
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>> a flash flood watch tonight. it should taper off tomorrow morning. more on the way wednesday. >> thank you for joining us. old gibbs canning company.
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today these factories are full of dot com businesses. old gibbs canning company. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. es tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here.


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