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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  September 30, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you are taking a look at what
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conditions around our region as tropical storm nicole brings heavy rains and strong wind into the area. good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. our area has been hit hard with rain, heavy at times. this was the scene at the johns falls expressway earlier today as the rain caused flood waters to rise. we have at double-team insta- weather-plus coverage with meteorologist sandra shaw and john collins. >> good afternoon. it has been wet so far, approaching 3 inches of rain a tv hill alone. here is the doppler radar is showing moisture streaming up from the south. just to give you an idea of what is going on, it is a very narrow band of moisture. you can see that ocean city has been barely affected by this, with a few showers passing
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through the area. what is in a little bit on maryland alone. -- we want to zoom in a little bit on maryland alone. just show you the moisture streaming across the area. these individual cells that are moving through, some of the potential of producing strong, gusty winds. some of them have produced a thunderstorm warnings, even though we're not saying a lot of thunder or lightning and this at all. these are the areas where the most intense rain is falling. these don't spend a lot of time over any one area, but they do produce a brief downpours of heavy rain, and then you get numerous ones coming up. it is almost too fast to keep track of this stuff. earlier this morning we had a couple that had the potential for producing tornadic activity. all the echoes and signatures on in the clouds indicated that.
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we have had no reports of tornado activity around, just heavy rain. let's switch to the main computer. at the moment, the only warning or watched in the area is a little box outlined in red, semitransparent. it comes from carroll county, howard county, east to delaware and new jersey. that is a tornado watch the remains in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. it has about an hour to go. let's switch to the next radar. we have another close view with all the moisture streaming northward. this stream of moisture will continue until tomorrow morning, when things finally start to back off. here is how much grain we expect with this storm system. anywhere in excess of six inches of rain for more of the baltimore area and the bay, east of the day, and a little bit west.
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if you move further west or too far east on the eastern shore, you're not expected to be affected by these at all. we want to switch over to sandra shaw and see what she has to say about the rest of the storm. >> john, it is no great stretch to understand why we already have a flash flood warnings. a flash flood is occurring as i speak, in effect throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening. it is a two-parter. this is moving through the virginia border and producing the heavy rain so far. then you have the remnants of nicole way down south that will get through as well. winds are gusting at 21 miles per hour. wind advisory in effect for both sides of the day. more periods of heavy rain throughout the day. blinding rains, if you will. east wins 20 to 25 miles per
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hour sustained. here's a look at the surface feature. these white top clouds are associated with the storm- producing clouds john was mentioning heavy downpours. this is the area of low pressure to it right along the i-95 corridor, which is causing all the problems so far. the remnants of tropical storm nicole are still off the coast of south florida. it will likely not be here until some point tomorrow morning. we have a lot more to cover, and it is only getting worse as the rain continues to pound it. >> all of this rain is wreaking havoc throughout the area. school closing the traffic delays and flooding. live a double-team the storm petrel coverage with rob roblin, but first let's go to jennifer franciotti who was at the inner harbor. it will be awhile until you try
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out, huh -- dry out, huh? >> we are a cross from the national aquarium, where we have been steadily watching the water rise. officials are monitoring the situation and they are well aware of some of these areas that are prone to flooding. while most people were sleeping, and the rain was falling hard at fells point, an area often familiar with flooding concerns. by the light of day, at representatives were checking on area businesses and looking to immediate concerns. >> we want to keep them informed and communicate with them so that they know what to expect today and tomorrow. >> it is a perfect day for these ducks in south baltimore, but not so great for drivers on patapsco. police say they have shut down the road where the hash marks disappeared beneath the water, high enough to reach the top of this fire hydrant. in the event that someone would
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get stuck, the fire department rescue operations team is standing by with boats, ready to deploy. they can be anywhere in the city within five to seven minutes and our car can float in as little as 5 in. of water -- a car can float in as little as five inches of water. >> manhole covers could come up, and that is a major issue. >> why is that a problem? >> if a person gets trapped with a metal utility cover, they could go several lines. -- lanes. >> it is a nasty day to most, but not according to e water- lover. >> it is great. liquid sunshine. >> at least he has a great attitude right here you can see where the water had not reached the bridge, it is now covering. it is getting close to the pier
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itself near the national aquarium. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and other officials say that blocked,ho sees signs tha called in. and the storm drains clogged -- and folks who live or work in the area near any of our waterways mate need to be prepared to move their vehicles in the event of flooding. flooding is the number-one concern. the mayor wants to remind everyone that the number one cause of death during a flood is from drowning. the folks to get out of their vehicles and walked out at about. this has been the strangest rain. it is either coming out in droves where you cannot see anything and if review, or it is like this, where you look in the sky and wondered if there will break a break, which we know there will not be.
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use of our rescue earlier today. how was it going now? -- use all of us to earlier today. how is it going now? -- you saw a rescue earlier today. how is it going now? >> there was someone in a building and that person is dauphin. where i am is the middle of route 40. what you see is all water to it completely closed, route 40. -- what you see is all water. a completely closed, route 40. a red house creaked -- red house creek is right there, and that is what is causing this. it has swollen and run over its banks. when you talk to people who live around here, they will tell you that they have seen flooding before but not like this.
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how are you doing? have you seen like this before? >> in six years working for the company, and never. >> you are 27 years, aren't you? >> i wish. in all my life i have not seen anything this bad. >> it has not been that long, who have not worked all your life. you will see the water when you get rain. >> nothing like this. >> when did this start? >> at 7:00 when we open up the street started to overflow probably about 9:00. >> that you guys a lot -- thank you guys a lot. it looks like it is going down, but we aren't looking for more rain this afternoon, which is not -- we are looking for more rain this afternoon, which is not good whatsoever. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> what a mess. more coverage of the storm continues on our website. the insta-weather team is blogging about the impact. you can follow the storm cost averaging path. we also want to see your videos, which you can upload at and you check in with -- we will check in with sandra and john. and you could check the bottom of your screen for updates. coming up next, this man? a drug investigation -- this man? the drug invested in unit amid allegations of misconduct. >> we have a flash flood warnings in effect, a wind advisory in effect, and even a tornado watch. i will break
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>> investigators are trying to find a reason behind yesterday's get the bus accident in montgomery county. it happened around are about eye-to 70. the sightseeing tour bus lost control and skidded along a broad bill and over the edge of
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the sky ramp. sky team 11 captured the disturbing scene after the bus plunged 45 feet onto the interstate. us pronounced the boss dead. a baltimore city police unit investigating drugs has been disbanded and two officers suspended as investigators look into allegations of misconduct. the suspended personnel, a sergeant and an officer, are accused of using a stolen private citizens license plate on an unmarked police car. while doing official police business. a different unit will be tapped to cover the neighborhood. we will continue to cover this fast-moving storm, plus -- >> i'm lowell melser live in anne arundel county where there has been minor flooding in the
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various areas. >> why are we getting the flooding? wayne, lots of rain. it is in the forecast tonight
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>> the bad weather has created flooding and other treacherous road conditions. lowell melser is in anne arundel county with the conditions there. how was looking? >> it is really not that bad. officials have received more calls from the media then they have distress calls, so that is good news. this is the only closed road we can find in the county, every year the at i-97 overpass -- the very near the i-97 overpass. traffic is being diverted and they have to take an alternate route. there were areas in the county
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that earlier were flooded but now are clear to what may. -- but are now clear over in annapolis at 450, they had problems there. and you're here in linthicum and wight avenue, also closed. the rain has loosened up a little bit in this area. i did research at one of the weather stations at b.w.i., an overnight they got 3.9 and his of rain, quite a bit. the rain has pulled back so a lot of the flooding we saw earlier has receded as well. you kind of have to watch some of the rivers and streams that flow through the area like the cabin branch creek behind me. that is the latest from anne arundel county. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> double-team insta-weather- plus with tony pann and sandra shaw. >> well, they got have that right. i am john collins. we's look at the situation have right now. the yellow and red areas are the areas of most intense rain. we are seeing less of this than we had earlier. believe me, there's still a lot more out there. the map is so busy that it is hard to find baltimore i kind of put this yellow circle right about where the baltimore beltway is. the heaviest rain at the moment is in western harford county, the southern half of the city, down into northern anne arundel county, and a little slug or
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rain here as well. i want to take the radar of the picture and -- off the picture and add satellite imagery. we are all cloudy. let me pull the view out of it. surprisingly, down are not ocean city, they had a few breaks and the clouds -- down around ocean city, they had a few bricks and the clouds with the sun came through. baltimore is in the middle of this. let's get to the main computer very quickly. there is a stream of moisture coming up. you can see it popping up, channeling up from the tropics. you can see how much grain we have had so far. -- rain we have had so far. as much as three inches of rain
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for the south -- further south. we expect in excess of six inches of rain with all this activity. tornado watch remains in effect for our area for another 40 minutes. it goes from carroll county and all. and all the way to virginia and southern maryland -- carroll county and howard county and all the way into virginia and southern maryland. there are more in the forecast and sandra shaw will talk about that next. >> futurecast really tells the tale. we will seek in excess on some of the western sides of the daby of at 6 inches of rain. up to about a foot is possible. this gives you the full impact
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of the torrential downpours. easy to understand why the flash flood warnings are in effect, because the floods are imminent, happening around these urban streams. we were in a drought-type situation, and then all the rain fell this week. it is really a volatile situation out there, and we could see trees go as well as the soil gets saturated. a wind advisory is in effect for the rest of the afternoon as well. higher gusts of up to 30 miles per hour likely. here is a look at the current weather is an area. low pressure around the carolinas. remnants of-- nicole will add to the mix. this projection of the jet is pushing moisture in our direction. >> that is quite a system.
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