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tv   11 News  NBC  October 3, 2010 11:30pm-11:55pm EDT

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monsters of the midway. they bottled the bears up. and cutler, sacked nine times in the first half before a concussion. they began keeping sack totals in 1963. that most allowed. and the bears wo go to a 3-0 record in the early season. if you bottle them up, the way to do with the pressure. and down on the field with andrea kremer. one of the guys responsible for that. osi umenyiora. andrea. >> thank you. osi, to is not just another win. what was the significance? >> they have the ring of honor. we had to honor the players that led the way for us.
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and we knew we had to come through. and it was a total team victory. >> your left knee was bothering you and how do you pull off three of the ten sacks? >> it was -- i got on the field and i didn't feel anything until the fourth quarter. i had so much emotion and i knew we had to win the game. i had to do everything to win. and the team did heck of a job. >> what enabled you? >> we were able to stop the run. and we have to get every play. and we knew were going to get after him. >> thanks very much. take care of yourself. >> ahmad bradshaw. how important was the win tonight? >> we needed this one. we came out to play for the ring of honor men. we knew we had to come out and win the game.
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>> third quarter, time to win. >> you end up with your touchdown. what was the drive like? >> the offensive line did a great job and it was our game. and they just opened up a lot of holes and they were just able to spring. >> we are in the game, and looks like you are heading right to the end zone and you looked up to the screen and the ball is popped out. what happened? >> caught me in the blind spot and i think i relaxed a bit. it's something i got make up. >> how does the team build on the win? >> we got build. offenseively offensively, we got to keep pushing. and we got to get the second half.
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>> bob, they fight on against houston next week. >> over to 30 rock and tony dungy, the stumbling start. the two defeats ugly. and backlash that can be rough with the new york tabloids and talk radio in in the town. and they establish control the in the game. they did. it reminds me of the super bowl year. they started 0-2 and everybody talked about the giants being in disarray. and they did the same thing tonight. they got the running game going and pressure on the pass interthat is what the giants do when they are running. >> next topic. the steelers and the bears lose today and tonight. the chiefs of all time, the last unbeaten team. think had a bye, they are 3-0, not 4-0. they are not unbeaten. the rams in all four games, and they are 2-2.
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that is good enough for an nfc west tie. what is up with this? >> it's that type of year. you don't see that consistency and you don't see the dominant teams. we are used to see the colt being out there 4-0 and and new england, 4-0. and no one is playing consistent football. i have to say the chiefs have been the most consistent but it's good for the league. you will have tight races and teams we don't associate with first place. and that's good. i'm really excited for the fans. and sam bradford looks like he is a keeper and they believe in him. >> we turn to mike florio. one of the topics tomorrow in your monday ten pack will be jeff fisher who sits on the
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competition kmcommittee. and the titans have a reputation of being one of the chippier teams. >> this year, it's getting worse. the titans came into the weekend with the most personal foul penalties in the league and look for that number to go up. and today in the game against the broncos, chuck cecil showed who will number one. and that will a sizable flag. when you consider rex ryan was fined $50,000 off season in an event in south florida, you have to double that in plain view of the cameras and broadcast on television, look for a huge fine.
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>> six figures for a single finger, maybe. and it's just 2-2 but it's a winnable division but they may be able to make a quarterback change replacing derek anderson. >> mack hall is a guy that whisenhunt likes and it's one of the factors in the decisions to part ways with matt leinart. the team is in the thick of things in the nfc west. and the teams tied at 2-2 down to the 49ers. and look for max hall to take the cardinals back to the post season for the first year after kurt warn ear's career end. >> the injuries, the one everyone is wondering about, michael vick. >> x-rays are negative but he is in a lot of pain.
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there will be an mri tomorrow. and folks close to vick and vick himself, watching carefully. and carolina, steve smith with an ankle smith. and darryn mcfadden, a hamstring. the team does not know the severity of his injury. >> you can check out more from mike on pro football talk on tonight, the giants beat the bears, 17-3. we go back to al and cris after this. it's the fusion proglide challenge. woow! hey man, how ya doin'? how's your shave? kinda like tuggin' and pullin'. see how shaving can cause irritating tug and pull? [ male announcer ] that's why gillette's introducing the revolutionary new fusion proglide. it glides... like literally. [ male announcer ] now, fusion proglide has been engineered with gillette's thinnest blades ever so it glides for less tug and pull. turns shaving into gliding. and skeptics into believers.
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. >> this is the play of the game presented by bank of america. >> the play of the game, or ten plays of the game. they look the same. all ten sacks. we're going show them all. >> and now in the face time here. it's going to cut into. >> that's a good time. >> it was relentless. and remember, cutler didn't play the second half. this was -- that was all before halftime. and he had just had enough. you can tell by the end of this, he is saying -- this play probably tells it all.
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this one looks like the one that brings the concussion. and the bears sitting there. and 3-0 and coming in, flying high and all of a sudden, now, the truth came out and bit. >> just a postscript. we have one finger for bob. that is a pretty good line. and the owner got fined $250,000 last year for the gesture. >> it's carrying over. the zbrigiants now, the defensed without kiwanuka. they think it's going to be a major factor in the game. and they didn't miss him tonight. >> they weren't afraid and not
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taking kmagess and they go back to pounding the football. >> we started to talk a bit about san francisco. and philadelphia, the big question, does michael vick play? what does the test show? and do you go with kevin kolb? >> the bigger story is what is going on in san francisco. here is a team, 90% of the people are making predictions to win the west. and there is not a team that makes you say, we can't beat them. >> st. louis still -- tied for the top spot in that division. and kansas city, the only undefeated team. and philadelphia against the 49ers. and the ryder cup beginning at
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4:00 a.m. eastern time on the usa network. this is al michaels. for cris collinsworth and andrea kremer and the entire crew, saying good night from new jersey meadowlandses. >> next on 11 news. >> the search for two suspects >> the search for two suspects involved in a police involved
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i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. his past attacks have been called deceptive, his new attack, false. harris voted for deregulation increasing our electric bills by 72% it's not surprising, harris always sides with the big guys. he opposes cracking down
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on wall street and supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. harris even opposed making big insurance cover cancer screenings. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal late-breaking news.
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>> two armed robbery respects on the loose. tonight we begin with the developing story with open fire around 8:30 to prevent a robbery at dollar store with someone running from the wendy's to help. >> someone of the reports that he may have fired at an officer. yet to be confirmed. >> we are told that the officer shot the suspect, who is expected to be survived. the officer is placed leave for investigation. we have a report as one was shot in front of his home as one watches. >> high school friends gather at
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the 16's-year-old home in edgewood. sitting in the car with his pregnant girlfriend. would turn 17 this month, and was celebrating his sister's birthday. >> he would give you the shirt off of his back. >> at some point during the party, wingate and the girl he dated since 12 went to the car. and michael jones, jr. shoots wingate in the front seat. he was shot 10 times. >> he had enemies but being shot 10 times of ridiculous. >> he won't see his baby girl. >> a short time later someone
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sees michael jones running to his home. joans and wingate had an ongoing feud. it was all about an argument that went too far. >> and meantime a campus is in mourning after a classmate decide, devon devonte bundley collapsed and was reported dead. >> they had strength coming together and gave them an appreciation for life. >> counselors will be on hand.
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there was a fire that left several without a place to sleep. in the 300 block of north robinson street, the cause of the fire is under investigation. helen holton will be in court to see if she violated state charges of getting two developers to pay for a political poll in 2007, the developers have pleaded guilty to similar charges. and meantime charges will continue tomorrow for harris. being accused of robbing a lounge and killing harris. the defense is hopeful that the jury will consider dna found on
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victim that didn't belong to suspects. the protest of military funerals goes before the supreme court this week. you may recall the outcause of a soldier that died in iraq. and the west group baptist church said that it was goddo punishment from a gay council. >> we had to have a swat team and a command central set up in a winnfieebago. they turned into a circus. >> and a tie vote of the eight
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justices would uphold the decision of the lower court. the raven's travel to meet the steelers. and giving them their first loss in the season. and it was a huge accomplishment. and joe flacco having wins in pittsburgh and flacco proves for the final 18 yards for the win. and don't forget that we have more back tonight for highlights of today's win against the steelers in raven's wrap-up. we have a popular cell phone carrier with question of methods. and we will tell you why
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officials are asking travelers to take precaution. >> a break from the rain this weekend with sunshine. but if you look at the radar, there is more rain moving through. and look at the forecast in a minute. temperatures ♪ [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge
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my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward. congressman elijah cummings is
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calling for a moratorium on default of fraud of lenders. and saying evictions could have been prevented. and asked for a 60-day moratorium. if you are heading to europe, or know someone living there, there is a terror warning obtaining osama bin laden and other affiliates planning attacks at tourist places. >> they didn't mention airports in particular, but areas of tourist attractions. so we weren't worried in the slightest. >> pakistanian officials say they are working to track down


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