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tv   11 News Today  NBC  October 4, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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report. >> the supreme court begins a new term today. i'm kate amara in washington with a look at some of the more controversial cases on the docket. >> a 16-year-old is shot and killed in front of his harford county man and his pregnant girlfriend witnessed it all. details straight ahead. >> and here's a look outside right now. the roads are wet. not a real nice monday morning. tony's going to let us know where all this weather is headed for the rest of the week as 11 news today continues right now. >> good machine morning. i'm mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> meteorologist tony pann has a check of the forecast for us. >> yeah, it's not very nice monday morning, but here's a little bit of good news. it's not going to be a steady rain. it will come through in little ways and dry hours mixed in there, but a little bit of rain is enough to slow down the drive time, so give yourself a
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few extra minutes. take an umbrella and light jacket. we can see light to moderate rain right now. a few breaks in the precip over on the eastern shore counties. the rain is actually moving east to west. so again, it will come through in waves. you might get a couple of dry hours mixed in throughout the day. the forecast, off and on showers, all the way through this afternoon, and with the northeast wind, the high temperature's going to stay in the 50's. right now, near 50. only going to make it to 58 this afternoon. the average high is 72, way below the mark. when we come back, we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast. i'll show you the good news in a few minutes. first, good morning to sarah and see what's happening. >> hi there, tony. good morning, everyone. definitely a busy start for motorists out there. extra time needed, especially on the southbound harrisburg expressway as you approach the beltway. two left lanes closed, one light rain squeezing by. this is due to an overturned tractor-trailer t. happened around 11:30 last night, and they're still working to clear it. right now, even though the
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right lane is getting by very slowly at the scene, take york road as your alternate. first, columbia road at april journey. we have an accident. we also have one northbound 95 right at 175. if you are heading out on northbound 295 at 216, another accident to avoid. let's give you a live view of the accident scene on the harrisburg expressway. coming toward us is southbound traffic. it is really jammed up. warren road shows a delay as well as it stretches back to that area. it's going to take you lots of time to travel southbound on the harrisburg expressway this morning. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> sarah, thank you. a baltimore police officer opened fire on three suspects reportedly to prevent a robbery. >> happened just before 8:30 last night at the family dollar store in the 2000 block of harford road. 11 news reporter kim dacey is live at baltimore city police headquarters this morning with the latest. good morning, kim. >> good morning, mindy. police say the robbery was stopped by a good samaritan who acted quickly. they say that citizen was outside the family dollar store on harford road last night when
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they saw three armed and masked men go into the store. they ran for help into a nearby wendy's, where there was a city school police officer in uniform. that officer rushed to the store. the suspect saw the officer and ran outside the store, where a confrontation occurred. >> one of those suspects engaged the police officer. we have some initial reporting that he may have fired a shot at the officer. homicide is looking for shell casings. that's yet to be confirmed. >> police say the officer shot one of the suspects. he is expected to survive. the other two suspects got away on foot, and police are still searching for them. meanwhile, that city school police officer has been placed on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. reporting live at police headquarters, kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you, kim. a man in harford county is behind bars this mortgage, charge would in the shooting death of a 16-year-old. mycal jones jr. is charged with first degree murder in the death of shakir wingate. police say wingate was at his
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1-year-old twin sister's birthday party saturday when and he his girlfriend, who is pregnant, went out to his parked car. we're told that's when jones shot wingate in the front seat. wingate says he was shot 10 times. >> i mean, he had enemies, and he had people who didn't like him, but him getting shot 10 times, that's just ridiculous. >> he's not going to have his father. little baby girl. he didn't want to hurt nobody. he never hurt anybody. >> a short time after the shooting, someone spotted mycal jones running to his house nearby. police say they arrested him after questioning. it's believed the two had an ongoing feud. meanwhile, police in westminster are still trying to piece together the stabbing death of a 40-year-old man. neighbors heard a lot of commotion in steven hobson's apartment. he was asked for help, and he looked in and saw hobson bleeding. police say they have interviewed residents in the building. hobson lived by himself and was unemployed.
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>> jury deliberations will resume today in the murder trial for three men accused of killing former baltimore city councilman thomas. they're acupesed of robbing the haven lounge in 2008 and firing the shot that killed harris. prosecutors say d.n.a. links the three to the crime, but the defense is hopeful the jury will consider additional d.n.a. found on evidence that did not belong to any of the suspects. 11 news i-team has been following the harris trial, and we will have the very latest tonight on 11 news at 5:00 p.m. well, all sports activities have been temporarily suspended at a harford county school following the sudden death of a basketball player. devonte bundley, a freshman at harford community college, collapsed during the first day of basketball practice. he was rushed to a local hospital, but died. bundley was a 2010 graduate of harford technical high school. in washington today, the united states supreme court begins its fall term with a brand-new justice, elena kagan. >> kate amara is live with more on what to expect this term.
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good morning, kate. >> good morning, mindy. good morning, stan. some of the more controversial cases were actually at the beginning of the docket for this term, and they include the issues of illegal immigration, free speech, and privacy rights. the new term of the united states supreme court starts today with a new face on the bench, justice elena kagan. at the top of the docket for kagan and her countertarts -- >> you crossed the line! now god is your enemy! >> a free speech challenge over anti-gay protests at military funerals. albert snyder sue the westborough baptist church for picketing his son's funeral in march 2006. matthew, a marine, was killed in iraq. >> we have to have some respect. for the families whose children, whose wives, whose husbands have gven their life. >> the court will also hear arguments over a california law banning the sale of violent video games for children, as well as a challenge to an arizona law penalizing
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companies that hire illegal immigrants. >> federal government says we have the immigration laws, arizona kind of throws up its hands and says, yes, but you're not enforcing them. >> this new term marks a historic first for the supreme court, three women serving at the same time. so what can we expect from justice kagan? >> she's probably going to be a reliably liberal bloc vote, not a radical. she'll probably basically take the place of john paul stevens, just as president obama planned. >> it's property to add that the westborough case, matthew snyder's funeral, took place in westminster. because of her previous job as solicitor general, justice elena kagan has recused herself from 24 of the 51 cases the court has already agreed to hear. live in washington this morning, i'm kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. mindy, back to you. >> kate, what happens today? how does the court begin its term? >> well, today the justices are expected to hear arguments on a bankruptcy case and also an appeal from criminal defendants who are seeking shorter prison
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terms. and according to the associated press, mindy, the justices were actually start this day by denying many of the 2,000 appeals that have been adding up over the last few months. it's probably going to come as a blow to people who filed those appeals, but you can only hear so many cases each term. >> this is true. kate amara live in washington, thank you. and that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. which case would you like the supreme court to resolve this term? email your response to again, that's >> well, it's one of the fiercest reevel are yous in the nfl, and yesterday's battle between the ravens and steelers was yet another down to the wire showdown. it was a day of first in heinz field in pittsburgh yesterday, as ravens quarterback joe flacco connected with t.j. houshmandzadeh with under a minute to go in regulation for the game-winning t.d. it was the steelers' first loss of the season. it was also the first win in pittsburgh for joe flacco and head coach john harbaugh, and
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pro bowler and future hall of famer ray lewis stalled the possible pittsburgh comeback by intercepting a pass from charlie batch, the ravens' first takeway of the season. the final score, baltimore ravens 17, pittsburgh steelers 14. up next, the denver broncos this sunday at m&t bank stadium. that was a win we had to have. >> and it was so entertaining. >> it really was. >> really exciting. >> the time now, 6:09, 50 degrees on tv hill. coming up -- the morning's financial news in the bloomberg business report. >> also ahead, verizon is expected to offer payouts to some of its customers. we'll explain why. >> give yourself extra time this morning, some rain to talk about, but better news as we head into next weekend. >> that rain making for a fast i've morning commute. we have a problem on the haring burst express ware -- harrisburg expressway. e plus presents:
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>> welcome back. the time is 12 minutes after 6:00. a rainy start for us on this monday morning. it's a little chilly as well. temperatures are in the low 50's right now. 52 officially at the maryland science center. so yes, i've been saying it all morning. give yourself a couple of extra minutes if you can. obviously this is not heavy rain, but still enough to slow down the drive time. light to moderate rain coming through baltimore city and around the beltway at the present time. light rain in the western suburbs. and now it does break up a little bits in the eastern shore counties, and this is the good part of this storm t. won't be a steady rain. it will come through in little bands or waves, so you might get a break in the precipitation as we head
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through the morning and into this afternoon. but take an umbrella, because even if it's not raining at your house right now, eventually this will catch up for you. let's take a wider view. this is a storm system coming up the coast, kind of look a nor -- nor'easter, but it is fairly potent, spreading rain through pennsylvania, new jersey, and new york state. then with the cloud cover and rain and the northeast wind, it's going to be difficult to get the temperatures to move. right now, upper 40's and low 50's. we might be able to sneak into the upper 50's this afternoon. just to give you some perspective, the average high is 72. going to be way below the mark. it is chilly right now, so take a light jacket with you, along with the umbrella. we have an area of low pressure at the surface coming up the coast, but there's an area of low pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere that's out in the ohio valley right now. and this is the one that's going to stick around and bother us for the next couple of days. this one will zip off the coast, but this is going to stall and park itself right over the midatlantic region. so for the next three days, we have a chance for showers in
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the forecast. rain showers likely today off and on. the high temperatures between 55 and 60. overnight tonight, showers again possible. low temperatures will drop back into the upper 40's. sun sets this evening at 6:44. seven-day forecast, tuesday and wednesday, we're going to drop that chance for rain down to 30%, but still, the temperatures will be stuck in the 50's, i believe. upper 50's both days. and then we'll break out of this. right now, looks look a nice weekend coming up. we'll be in the 60's on thursday, maybe the upper 70's on saturday and sunday with sunshine, and that is certainly something to look forward to. that's the seven-day forecast. let's send it over to sarah now, see what's happening on the roads. >> good morning, everyone. busy start for motorists southbound on the harrisburg expressway. we have an accident there approaching the beltway. it's been there since last night at around 11:30, an overturned tractor-trailer. right now they are making a little bit of progress. the left lane closed only, so two right lanes do get by. bad part is all the volume coming into play, and you can see we're jammed approaching that scene. take a look at other problems.
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liberty road at patterson avenue, an accident. another one at wilkins avenue and brunswick street on the south side of the city. northbound on 95 right at 216, an accident. and you can see as we give you a live view of traffic, the biggest problem is on the faceburg expressway. let's switch over and show you that traffic is barely moving southbound. as we switch over to a live view of traffic at warren road, stretches back to prior to warren road, it is barely moving. take york road as your alternate. going to be a while before they're able to clear that lane. >> thank you, sarah. an 81-year-old man is being acused of killing his 94-year-old roommate at a southern california nursing home. investigators arrested william mcdougal after finding the body of his roommate at the nursing home in the laguna hills area friday night. they say mcdougal took a metal bar from his closet and repeatedly hit the other man. they're looking for a motive and claim mcdougal doesn't have a criminal record. he's being held without bail. police in boulder, colorado, are once again looking into the
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death of 6-year-old jonbenet ramsey. the young beauty queen was strangled in december 1996. her body was found hidden in the family's home. now an advisory committee has recommended that investigators conduct a new round of interviews in the case. boulder police would not reveal any details, but one newspaper reports the ramsey family confirmed have contacted the older brother, burke. burke was 9 years old at the time of the homicide. >> in the morning's consumer alert, some current and former verizon wireless customers could be in for some cash. the company posted a stament on its website, saying it would credit customers who are who were improperly charged for inadvertent web access. the f.c.c. questioned the fees last year after customers claimed they were charged for use after accidentally pulling up the internet. most customers will receive a credit of $2 to $6 on their october or november bills or they'll get a check in the bail. constellation energy is a stock
6:17 am
to watch today. kmart is making charges to its layaway programs. and sales of big-screen tv's to expected to fall flat. 11 news reporter jane king has those stories and more in the bloomberg business report. >> just when it seems everyone is running out to buy a big-screen tv, sales are now expected to slow down. "l.a. times" says so many households already own hdtv's that now there's a surplus on the market. forecasters protect sales to be flat this year compared to last year, even as prices have been on the decline. and the research firm display search says prices for hdtv's will drop about 8 percent percent this year. friday stocks did end higher. reports showing growth in personal income and spending overshadowed some dismal numbers that showed manufacturing expanding at the slowest pace in 10 months. and gains for hunt valley-based tesco technologies helping giving a boost to the maryland index. keep an eye on constellation energy. a french company called e.d.f. may seek to sell its stake in constellation's nuclear plants
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and it's been approached by potential buyers. in these tough economic times, kmart says it will expand its layaway program this year. it will allow customers to select their items and make biweekly payments over 10 to 12 weeks, an increase from eight weeks. kmart is also making more items eligible for layaway, and that includes washers and dryers. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news, for wbal-tv 11 news. >> yesterday target became the largest retailer to sell the new ipad. they're following electronics retailer best buy, which has been selling the ipad since its lanche in april. but the expanded availability. ipad comes as its competition is about to heat up. 11 news reporter marc barger explains. >> and we call it the ipad. >> and apple has sold more than three million ipads so far this year. >> the ipad is so far in front right now, it's going to take time. >> but a vast array of tablet computer competitors is ready to give chase.
6:19 am
>> everyone needs a great playbook. >> last week, blackberry introduced its playbook tablet computer. it won't be out till early next year, and the price has not been announced, but the playbook is smaller, thinner, and lighter than ipad with capabilities the front-runner lacks, including dual cameras and flash video. >> i think black per a building it as a business tool and consumer tool at the same time. >> samsung is expected to get a jump on the playbook with its galaxy tablet, possibly by halloween. no price yet, but it's the same size as the playbook, also with flash capabilities, as well as dual cameras. it's based on google's an droids operating system that's increasingly popular with smart phones. >> google says it's not really, you know, ideal for tab lets, but people are forcing it in there anyway, and i have no doubt that google is working furious on the a tablet-ready version of android. >> dell's streak tablet also uses android and is already on the market for about $300. it's four inches smaller than the nine-inch ipad, but offers
6:20 am
cameras and phone service exclusively through at&t. >> oh, it's a phone? oh, i'm sold. >> miss are you sounds hewlett-packard's entre, the slate. the windows 7-powered tablet was previewed back in january am it's expected to be released in time for christmas shopping. but with a major head start in sales, apple's tablet competitors have a lot of ground to make up. marc barger, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 6:20, it's 50 degrees on tv hill. another check on weather and traffic is straight ahead. >> don't forget to email your answer to our water cooler question of the day. which case would you like the supreme court to resolve this term? email your response to >> here's a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. eaks to send jo.
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eaks to send jo. i think we need tax breaks to send kids to college. so i worked for a $2,500 tax credit to help pay for college.
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fought to get pell grants expanded and insisted that college loans go directly to kids instead of through banks. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message. because it's not about the next election, it's about the next generation. right? yeah!!! >> unfortunately, a bit of a mess out there, a lot of weather-related problems. we'll start with the harris bug expressway. southbound you're at 9 miles per hour on average from warren road all the way down to the beltway. that's due to an earlier accident. all lanes are now open, but it's going to take a while for that to filter out. let's check on other accident location says. will ber at this road at patterson avenue, wilkins avenue and brunswick. and then drive times, 14 minutes on the outer loop west side, so volume picking up there. 12 minutes on the northeast outer loop. six minutes travel southbound
6:24 am
95 from the 895 split to the fort mchenry. here's i've live view of the earlier accident scene. all of the flashing lights is confined to the shoulder and still a very slow pace. live view of traffic, not moving at all at warren road. take york road as your alternate. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> good morning, everyone. we're going to deal with the rain, at least off and on, through the day today. here's a picture of live h.d. doppler radar, and you can see the rain showers extend from the western suburbs of baltimore out into the mountains and these showers are moving in this direction here. so perhaps a little bit of a break coming up around the beltway within the next 15 or 20 minutes. let's take a look at the forecast, off and on rain showers, not a steady rain, but off and on all the way through this evening. it's going to be chilly with a high temperature of only 58 degrees. when we come back, we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast, but first, here's the man with the good news on a rainy monday morning, keith mills. >> tony, thanks so much. john harbaugh said it was the biggest win he's ever been a part of, and who are we to
6:25 am
argue, huh? certainly one of the best the ravens fans have watched in the last 15 years. 17-14, the ravens come back to beat the steelers in pittsburgh and absolutely stun the steelers and their fans. second quarter, willis mcgahee, check out the move here and check out the block from number 77, matt birk. fourth quarter, fourth and goal from the steeler 3, joe flacco to anquan boldin. william gay gets a hand in, did you think it was over? ah, the ravens get it back. joe flacco, unflappable. to t.j. houshmandzadeh. there's the game winner. 17-14 ravens. houshmandzadeh talked about the first t.d. catch of his young ravens career. >> i came to baltimore to make a lot of plays. that's just not that -- you know, not to sound cocky, but that's what i'm supposed to do. i should be that guy every time, and that's just how i
6:26 am
feel. you know, it feels good to make a play, you know, considering what has been going on, but i feel like that's what i'm supposed to do. >> i think the most significant part of the play was the fact that they picked up our pressures. i think heap maybe came across from the strong side and pecked up our pressure and gave flacco an opportunity to slide to his right and deliver a ball. i think that he wants the significant element. >> yeah, todd heap actually blocked troy polamalu on that play. ray rice blocked lawrence timmons. the result, an 18-yard touchdown pass. 3-1, ravens record. the orioles lost their 96th game to end the season, but it's the last 50 games under buck showalter that have the fans actually looking forward to next year. the birds lost their season finale to the tigers. nick markakis, broken bat and all, to right field. brennan boesch scoops it up. in the fifth, ferguson, who really finished strong this
6:27 am
year, couldn't protect a two-run lead yesterday as brandon inge muscles up and hits a home run. 4-, it the tigers win. the orioles finished 32-23 under buck since august 1. now, back to the ravens. there were certain moments degree a season, particularly if up to the been a championship, where you look back and say, that was the key, yesterday i think was one of those moments. >> without a doubt. >> no question. >> what a moment. >> it really was awesome. >> thank you, keith. >> all righty. gee, i'm so solved in sports, i -- ok. >> i'll take it. the time is 6:27, 50 degrees on tv hill. >> that was go on stood. you distracted me, keith. >> much more to come this morning in the second half-hour of 11 news today. >> a police-involved shooting lands one man in the hospital and two others on the run. i'm kim dacey. i've got details straight ahead. >> and you can see the weather is an usual out there. it's going to be for your morning commute as well. some jammed conditions on southbound 83. we'll tell you why, coming up. tony? >> let's face it, the rest of
6:28 am
the news is just boring today. i mean, come on. all right, we're going to talk about the rain this morning and give you good news in the seven-day forecast as we head seven-day forecast as we head into the weekend.
6:29 am
bob ehrlich's real record on energy. lobbyists helped write utility regulations. we got stuck with a 72% rate hike. but martin o'malley got tough on bge, forcing them to pay back $2 billion to consumers. and what's bob ehrlich been doing the past four years? he got paid $2.5 million at a lobbying firm, a firm representing special interests and casinos right here in maryland. that's bob ehrlich-- a 72% increase for us and $2.5 million from special interests for himself. nice work, bob.
6:30 am
>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thanks for joining us. meteorologist town pann has a quick look at the forecast for us. hi, tony. >> good morning. a rainy start on this monday morning. give yourself a few extra minutes. the rain is going to be with us off and on through the day. it won't be stead, but off and on through this evening. it's going to be breezy and chilly with a high temperature of only 58 degrees. when we come back, we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast. i think that will make you smile. that's about five minutes from now. >> thank you, tony. the search continues for two armed robbery suspects, while a third is hospitalized, shot by a city school police officer. >> it all happened during the attempted robbery of a family dollar store in the 2000 block of harford road last night. 11 news reporter kim dacey is live at city police headquarters with more details. good morning, kim. >> good morning, sam. police say the robbery happened just before 8:30 last night and was foiled by the quick action
6:31 am
of a good samaritan. baltimore police say three masked gunmen walked into the family dollar store in the 2000 block of harford road just before 8:30 last night. police say a witness outside the store saw it and ran to get help. >> there was a baltimore city school police officer next door at the windsy's restaurant. a citizen came up to the officer and said the store was being robbed. the officer went to the store. >> police say the gunmen saw the officer approached and ran outside. an initial report states one of the suspects fired a shot at the officer. police are still investigating that claim, but are sure of what happened next. >> the officer feared a defensive shot toward the suspect. that suspect went down. he was shot once. >> that suspect is expected to survive. the other two suspects fled on foot. police are still looking for them, but they don't have a good description since they were wearing masks. but police are praising the good samaritan who acted quickly to stop the robbery. >> brave, courageous work on
6:32 am
the part of the citizens, saw a store being robbed, we want to summons help. >> the city school police officer has been placed on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. reporting live at police headquarters, kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> kim, thank you. three people are taken to the hospital after a home catches fire in east baltimore. happened sunday morning in east baltimore in the 300 block of north robinson street. several people are now without a home this morning. the case is under investigation. >> if you're traveling to europe this week, listen up. the government is warning american travelers to be on the lookout for potential terrorist attacks there, like the one in india two years ago that killed dozens of innocent people. 11 news reporter tracie potts has the latest from washington. >> europe is under a travel alert this morning. the state department says al qaeda and other terrorists may be planning attacks, like the deadly 2008 bombings and shootings in mumbai, india.
6:33 am
>> it does make me nervous. >> the government says don't stay home, just be alert around european trains, airports, and tourist attractions. intelligence officials believe eight germans and two british brothers hiding in pakistan may be planning an attack sanctioned by osama bin laden himself. >> pakistani side is acting on following up the leads that have been given to pakistan, and that will make europe and the united states safer, so we hope. >> great britain, where the terror alert is severe, raised its warning for france and germany. >> a little concerned, but i'm sure they've heightened the security. >> the government decided against the stronger warning, which would likely cause more travelers to change their plans. >> if you start changing the way you live in your life, then they start to win. >> the state department's advice, protect yourself and use common sense. for now, this alert remains in effect until the end of january. from washington, i'm tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news.
6:34 am
>> private security firms, including the north carolina contractor formerly known as blackwater, will soon have to shut down operations in afghanistan. the afghanistan government says it has begun the process of eliminating the security firms in its country. a presidential spokesperson said that the first group includes virginia-based n.c.l. holdings l.l.c., and new mexico-based four horsemen international. it's also reported that many firms have already turned in their weapons, some of them voluntarily. >> medical modules are now on site with a 33 miners are trapped in chile. the modules will be used to treat the men at the site immediately after they are rescued. emergency crews hope to free the men in mid to late october, earlier than the original goal of late november. doctors say the workers have started exercising to prepare for their ride back to the surface. the men have been trapped since august 5. >> good morning to you. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. right now we're dealing with some very heavy delays
6:35 am
southbound on the harrisburg expressway. now they stretch back all the way down to the beltway, 7 miles per hour on average through that stretch. all of this due to an earlier overturned tractor-trailer. it happened last night. it's been cleared, so all lanes are open approaching the beltway, but this is what we're left with, unfortunately. take york road as your alternate. but delays there as well. definitely plan for some extra time if you take the harrisburg expressway. pulaski highway, a new accident, 34 miles per hour according to our speed sensor, so starting to see delays form there. west side delays in place, 12 miles per hour right around liberty. speaking of liberty road right around patterson avenue, watch for an accident at that intersection. let's give you a live view of the earlier delays, starting to filter out at the bottom end of the harrisburg expressway, but even heavier traveling around warren road. as i said, back to where the delays begin heading southbound down toward the beltway. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. now tony has a check on your
6:36 am
forecast. >> good morning, everyone. a rainy, cool start for us on this monday, and there's a little bit of a breeze as well. h.d. doppler radar is showing light to moderate rain in western baltimore county, howard and carroll counties. these showers are actually moving this direction, so there could be a little break in the action around the beltway within the next 15 or 20 minutes, and that might help a little bit with the drive time. switch over, take a look at the seven-day forecast. off and on showers during the day today. the high temperature only 58. only a 30% chance for showers on tuesday and wednesday, but the temperatures are going to stay in the 50's. we'll finally break out of this pattern, and this is the part of the seven-day that will make you smile. look at the weekend, sunshine with temperatures in the upper 70's. something to look forward to down the road for sure. >> that looks good, thanks, tony. 6:36, 50 degrees on tv hill. coming up -- a look at yesterday's race for the cure. >> also, students in florida try to break a world record in an unusual way. details coming up. >> and we are still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. which case would you like the
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ahhh, now i'm comfortable- and energy efficient! i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us.
6:39 am
>> thousands of people took over hunt valley to raise money for komen maryland. the race for the cure included a 5-k race and family fun walk. 75% of proceeds are distributed to local programs to raise awareness and provide services for breast cancer patients. the remaining is distributed nationwide. meanwhile, a new york chapter of the multiple sclerosis society held a charity bike race in manhattan. yesterday some 5,000 psych he willists gathered to bike. 350, 50, or 100-mile cours through new york to raise money
6:40 am
and awareness for m.s. officials estimate the event raised more than $3 million for m.s. treatment and research. >> a very large group of college students in florida went for a world record. the university of central florida was one of 10 college campuses trying to set a world record for the most people to slip down a water slide. the ultimate slip and slide, if you will. it was part of a campaign for the razor, so the slide was -- added a little extra lubricant with shaving gel. hundreds of students started leaning up yesterday for a chance to join the fun. no word yet on any of those 10 teams broke the world record set by my brother and i back in 1960. we dent use shaving cream, it was pretty bumpy. >> oh, man. i think college kids will do just about anything. >> if there's a record, they'll go. there you go. 6:40, 50 degrees on tv hill. >> and we'll look at your morning commute, unfortunately, not too pretty on the harrisburg expressway.
6:41 am
>> and plenty of natural water to slide on this morning. unfortunately, it's slowing down the drive time. we'll take a look at h.d. doppler radar, check the forecast, right after this short break. 50 degrees at the top of the hour at b.w.i.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> here's a look at some of our top stories. a teen is charged in the shooting death of a 16-year-old. mycal jones, who is 16, is charged with first degree murder in the death of 16-year-old shakir wingate. wingate attended joppatowne high school. he was at his twin sister's birthday party saturday night when he and his girlfriend, who is pregnant, went out to his parked car. we're told that's when jones shot wingate in the front seat. wingate's family say he was shot 10 times. police believe the two had an ongoing feud. the united states supreme court will begun a new term today with a new justice and three women on the bench for the first time. justice elena kagan will join the high court after being confirmed back in august. she replaces john paul steevepes, who retired. free speech cases top the high court's agenda. justices will look at provocative anti-gay protests at military funerals, a california law banning the sale of violent video games to children, and a number of other cases. one of the issues going before the supreme court this term
6:45 am
will concern the military funeral protest. you may recall the outrage as it followed the 2006 funeral of lance corporal matthew snyder, who was killed in roque. his funeral in westminster was interrupted by a group from the westborough baptist church, who claim all u.s. war deaths are god's punishment for the military's tolerance of gay service members. and that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. which case would you like the u.s. supreme court to resolve this term? email your response to switching gears now, while brute strength is important when you're dragging a humvee, mat reason corps is invest nag program to strengthen both mind and body. >> it's relying on centuries old fighting techniques to prepare marines to handle unexpected challenges in combat and beyond. alicia dean has that story. >> tools of the trade for teaching a new generation of recruits. >> there is a difference in the marines of today and the marines of past generations.
6:46 am
they are much more technologically advanced, computer-savvy, you know, video games, those kind of things where older generations such as myself, everything we did was outside. everything was physical. >> that difference means many recruits are lacking basic skills essential to being successful war fighters in the future. >> we give them all over the country. some of them have never been involved in a fight. some of them don't even know how to delfer a proper punch or kick. >> the marine corps is capitalizing on the cach at the of martial arts to give more seasoned marines to protect and defend, to keep up with changing missions around the world. >> you could do hand to hand combat or maybe you find yourself one of these days providing humanitarian aid, and you're providing security, and somebody is trying to get to the food. you need to stop that person without necessarily taking their life. >> instructors say pushing people goes through intense
6:47 am
training, offers benefits that trump winning a fight. >> putting them under sustained stress when they go through the program can help translate into combat where they are constantly at that high pace, so it gets these young marines into that mindset and into those situations where they can now deal with the stress of appropriately and still be able to make those good, ethical decisions when they're in combat. >> easy to have that mental toughness to keep going, even when your body says, hey, i'm ready to give up. you keep pushing yourself, hey, don't give up, you still got a family to go home to. >> patience and perseverance learned on the mat, translating to larger lessons on the battlefield and in life. >> that was alicia dean reporting. new regulations require every marine to earn at least a greenbelt in the martial arts program. instructors are also adding suicide prevention message toss their crack cocaine lum as an added measure to help marines deal with stress and mental illness.
6:48 am
>> good morning once again. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. very heavy delays southbound on 83. that extends all the way down to the beltway due to an earlier tractor-trailer accident. 12 miles per hour, according to our speed sensors, so you are definitely in the road there. york road is your alternate, but delays there as well. pulaski highway, an accident, apparently a vehicle knocked down a pole, so traffic lights are out at that intersection. and if you are going to head out at liberty road and patterson avenue, another crash being cleared in the city. 11 miles per hour on the west side. those delays forming quickly, and it's backing up traffic on southbound 795 coming down toward the beltway. wilkins avenue at brunswick street, watch for a crash, and one coming in on the inner loop at hollands ferry road, so definitely our fair share of problems out there. delays falling into place quickly, the rain certainly contributing this morning to added volume and delays. we'll see what's going on on the harrisburg expressway. warren road, going away from us
6:49 am
is southbound traffic, and unfortunately, that's the pace of things all the way down to the beltway. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. tony, over to you. >> good morning, everyone. i think the rain is going to stay with us off and on throughout the day today. off and on is the key phrase there. it won't be a steady rain. you can see these little bands already setting up here, and the rain is actually moving from the east to the west, so we have some light rain in the western suburbs right now, western baltimore county, carroll and howard counties. and then you get a little break coming in from the east, so there could be at least a half-hour or 45 minutes around the beltway over the next 15 or 20 minutes, and maybe that will help. but the showers will continue to slow things down in the western suburbs, interstate 70, and if you're coming down 83, there will be rain over the next 15 or 20 minutes. let's take a wider view of this storm system here. it's starting to deepen off the coast of the delmarva here. still, i think we can call it the nor'easter, winds are swinging out of the northeast, bringing in the atlantic moisture and dropping the
6:50 am
temperatures. right now, upper 40's and low 50's, and it's going to be difficult to move with that northeast wind and the cloud cover hanging around today, so maybe we'll sneak into the upper 50's this afternoon. just to give you a little perspective, the average high temperature is 72, so going to be way below the mark there. right now, upper 40's and low 50's. take a jacket with you along with the umbrella, and again, give yourself as much extra time as you can. we have this area of low pressure off the coast. that will continue to move away from us, and things will improve early tonight, at least a little bit. but then there's an area in the upper levels of the atmosphere. that will not move. it will inch its way over toward the coast over the next few days, so we're going to have to keep the chance in the forecast tomorrow and probably wednesday as well before things clear up at the end of the week. so rain showers likely today, off and on at least. otherwise cloudy and cool, and it will be a little breezy as well. winds at 10 to 15. high temperatures between 55
6:51 am
and 60. overnight tonight, rain showers likely. low temperatures will drop back into the upper 40's. sun sets this evening at 6:44. and we'll keep a chance for showers in the picture tuesday and wednesday, but drop the percentage down to 30%, so won't be as steady, all-day type rain tuesday and wednesday. high temperatures will stay the same, upper 50's both days. and then finally things will start to break occupy thursday, we'll make it into the upper 60's. right now it looks good with sunshine and temperatures back into the mid to upper 70's. so certainly something to look forward to there. over to the news desk. >> a baltimore police officer opens fire on three suspects during an attempted robbery. 11 news reporter kim dacey joins us live from police headquarters with more on that. good morning, kim. >> good morning, mindy. police say it happened just before 8:30 last night in the family dollar store in the 2000 block of harford road. police say a citizen was outside that store and saw three armed and masked men go inside. they ran for help into a
6:52 am
nearby's windy -- wendy's, where there was a school city police officer in uniform. the suspects saw the officer and ran outside the store, where a confrontation occurred. an initial report shows a suspect fired at the officer, but police haven't quermed that yet. they do say the officer then shot one of the suspects. he is expected to survive. the two other suspects got away on foot. meanwhile, that school city's police officer has been placed on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. reporting live at police headquarters, kim dacey days. >> kim, thank you. some of the sandbags are down and were blowing her way there. coming up today on "oprah," lisa ling goes one-on-one with an ape. and then the smallest horse and a bionic flipper. it's two different animals. that's today at 4:00 on
6:53 am
"oprah." but for a look at what's coming up next on the "today" show, here's matt lauer. >> good morning. coming up on a monday here on "today," the state department issues an alert to americans traveling to europe amid concerns over potential terror attacks there. we're going to have the latest on that story. also ahead, new images of those trapped miners in chile. wait until you see what they do with their time underground as they wait to be rescued. plus, we'll talk to the father who stormed on to his daughter's school bus to confront her alleged bullies. we'll also hear from that man's daughter for the very first time. and what your family needs to know to survive a house fire at night. we've got that information and much more ahead as we get started on a monday morning right here on "today." >> 6:53, 50 degrees on tv hill. >> just ahead, another look at weather and traffic together before you go out to start your day.
6:54 am
four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> light rain falling, and it always causes problems. >> overnight, we've been dealing with an accident southbound on the harrisburg expressway. all lanes are open, but you can see the impact it's having this morning. delays all the way down to the beltway. 16 miles per hour on average through that stretch. you also are going to find delays around the intersection of pulaski highway and rossville boulevard. there's an accident there with a downed pole. traffic lights out at that intersection, so be extra careful. 23 miles per hour according to our speed sensor approaching whiteman. 14 miles per hour on average
6:57 am
approaching 795 down towards edmondson. that's backing up traffic on southbound 795. another accident at inner loop at hollands ferry. live look at the harrisburg expressway to show you the pace of things. >> as nasty as it is this morning, there is light at the end of the tunnel. >> by the end of the week, you'll be smiling, the weather will be nice. at least for right now, off and on rain showers will be with us through this evening, so not a steady rain, but off and on. the high temperature only 58. we're going to drop the chance of rain down to 30% tomorrow and wednesday. at the he happened of the week, yeah, there's the good stuff, sunshine with temperatures in the upper 70's. when you get in your car this morning, tune in to 1090 to get weather and traffic on the 5's all day. >> thank you for joining us. >> we're back with a live update at 7:25.
6:58 am
my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able
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