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tv   11 News  NBC  October 10, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> live, local, late-breaking. >> is never easy in the nfl, but the baltimore ravens put on an impressive display this afternoon, leading the broncos and claiming the top spot in the
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afc north. good evening, i am debra winger. the ravens 31-17 victory over the denver broncos this afternoon gives baltimore fans and other reason to think they have a team that will play into february. gerry sandusky joins us live from m&t bank stadium with more. >> it is only the third time in ravens history that the team has gotten off to a 4-1 start. the last time they did it was the super bowl season in 2000, and another playoff season in 2006. the 31-17 win over the broncos is a good omen on a lot of fronts. the ravens running game for the ravens was the difference maker today. the second quarter, ray rice in for the touchdown, 14-0 lead. 133 yards rushing for the third year running back. can hamlin comes up with a fumble recovery. it would lead to ravens field
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goal and a 17-0 lead. an absolute hit of the year. brandon loyd, 42-yard touchdown pass. it gave the broncos their first points and added a 17-7 game at halftime. in the second half, the ravens broke out the running game and just pounded the ball at denver. willis mcgahee, 30-yard run, as the ravens of denver 31-17. john harbaugh very pleased with the intensity his team showed just one week after an emotional win in pittsburgh. >> our guys talked all week about following up the big win with the wind. that is really important. this was a big game for that reason. it gives us an opportunity to go to new england and the 1-0 this week. >> i had a chance to talk with a
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lot of fans. most of them say the only thing better with weather like -- other the only thing better than like this is getting the win. >> a perfect day. thanks to the ravens, the baltimore area is generally good mood. one friend told me earlier today, everyone is going to be very productive at work this week. we are hanging out with some very happy ravens fans, still tailgating out here. people still hanging out in the parking lot just to outside the stadium on the other side of 295. that tailgating food tastes all little better after the game. these fans should be happy, the ravens got it done against the broncos. they have the best record in the nfl at 4 and 1. >> that dominated on defense.
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denver never really got anything started. i never felt like we were going to lose today. >> we will see you in dallas. >> see you in dallas. some very confident ravens fans. dallas refers to the side of this year's super bowl. the way the ravens play today, the fans tonight and the rest of the week have some bragging rights. maybe we will see them in dallas, that is a big, bold prediction after week 5, but you never know. we are live outside m&t bank stadium. george lettis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> don't forget, gerry sandusky and pete gilbert are back here tonight with an extensive look at today's game. you can catch it after tonight sunday night football game right here on wbal-tv 11. it has been a violent weekend in
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baltimore, seven shootings, five of which turned deadly. an unidentified man was shot and later pronounced dead at shock trauma. shortly before 2:00, officers responded to warwick avenue where they found a 28-year-old shot in the arm and a 33-year- old shot several times. both victims were taken to local hospitals. we are told a 33-year-old later died. for others have been shot since early saturday morning and we are told 3 have died from their injuries. so far there has been no word on any possible motives or suspects, but city police tell us homicide detectives worked through the night and are also deploying additional units to address this outbreak of violence. no charges dog get in a stabbing at timonium fair grounds builder -- no charges filed yet in a stabbing at timonium fair
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grounds. a witness caught on cell phone video the police apprehending a suspect with a bloody t-shirt. oktoberfest was taking place at the fair grounds yesterday. police said they do believe alcohol may have played a factor. it is unclear what led to the fight. a georgia man is behind bars here in maryland, charged with kidnapping. police said 28-year-old victim called 911 to report that she and her two children had been kidnapped by her estranged husband. within an hour, police located the vehicle and arrested the suspect. in addition to kidnapping, he is also a truck with two counts of child abduction, false imprisonment, and is being held on $50,000 bond. today president obama went to philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, and looking for some low from democrats. a critical election is just over three weeks away.
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control of congress is up for grabs. it is the president's job to narrow the gap and get out the vote. >> 23 days before the congressional elections, president obama traveled to philadelphia, hoping to fire up the democratic party faithful. >> on november 2, i need you as fired up as you were in 2008. >> over the past week, thousands have turned out towards the president talk. the question is whether he can convince them to vote. it is the so-called enthusiasm gap. >> i think we are going to win, but you have to prove them wrong. >> democrats had narrowed the gap in recent weeks, but republicans are still poised to make major gains in -- major gains in house and senate. republicans -- we have laid over four trillion dollars on to the backs of our working emmys and
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small businesses in the last two years because of this agenda. people have had enough, and the democrats have not listened. >> a new poll shows that among voters who consider themselves very interested, only 40% of democrats to keep control of congress. bt to% want to give control to republicans. -- 52% want to give control to republicans. president obama was head of the class with a grade of c. >> in washington, brian moore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still ahead tonight, amazing video of a boulder that crashed straight into a home. plus, a blast near los angeles shuts down several streets. many people are out celebrating today, a day that occurs only once, and it is said to be very lucky. that story coming up. >> another nice day today.
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>> a month and a homeowner narrowly escaped injury when a huge boulder crashed into his home. the rock broke off from hill saturday and tumbled down, crashing right into it. heavy rain during the summer is said to have left rocks in the area unstable. there is no word on the amount damage done. everything came to a stop in california when the bomb squad was called to a hotel. police said initially that all the right of been an explosion in a car, but now they say it is a case of vandalism that happened at the same time someone set off a firecracker. streets were blocked for hours this morning at the claremont hotel.
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the car in question had a broken window and a hole in the door. if you have not checked the calendar, today is a momentous day that had people all over the
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>> there is something quite special about this sunday. today's date is 10-10-10. it is a perfect number for some and a lucky number as well. >> can you imagine a world without numbers? they are everywhere, but do numbers have a hidden meaning? >> i think some people are drawn to numbers or numerology. numbers are sort of mystical. they have many different meanings. a lot of people think that numbers will be able to predict what will happen in their lives. >> predicting what will happen on today's date has garnered a lot of attention. >> there has been a lot of hype about 10-10-10.
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they actually reduces to a universal bought -- universal 5. five is about love and expression. >> big events like weddings. >> we picked it because it was a unique number. >> it is just a memorable date that no one will forget. >> melissa and andy are just one of more than 32,000 couples are getting married today. >> it is the hugely popular wedding date. there are 500% more brides getting married this sunday and then there were last year on the same sunday. >> meanwhile, for those born on 10-10, the day has special meaning. >> it is not going to ever happen again. the odds are 100 million -- one
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in 100 million. you think about the significance of it all. >> help us capture this very momentous day. share your pictures on ulocal. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> you only have a few more hours to get those pictures in. take a look at our hd doppler radar. we do have a little cloud cover out there, just an isolated and producing some isolated shower activity. a couple of hours ago it was producing some lightning and thunder, but now as it passes frederick and is moving into western montgomery and howard county and parts of carroll county, is isolated shower activity is going to slide to the south of baltimore. other than that, a perfect day to day. let's look at the numbers we
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wound up with. 76 was the high at the airport, 72 at the inner harbor. typically this time of year, the average height is below 70. we are losing ground on summertime. the record high was the record -- 34 was the record low. some of the record lows are getting down toward freezing. we don't have that in the forecast. we have a cluster of upper 60's in the northeast corner of that state. the farther west and southwest to move, the warmer it gets. the rain activity in this area is riding along that front at this stage of the game. the satellite picture, a little trouble the past couple of hours. the cloud custecluster is now or
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here. everything else is just sunshine. here is that front stalled over the area was slightly cooler air off to the east and slightly warmer air in the southeastern u.s.. the real rain ochrrainmaker is r west. clouds and rain chances go up as we go further into the week. an isolated shower west of us this evening, 50-56 for the overnight low. tomorrow, we will see some sun in the morning and as we get into the afternoon and evening hours would pick up more clouds. maybe some thunder monday evening, most of the activity is expected north. i could translate this another way and say most of the day will be just fine tomorrow. the rain thread is very small. 79-83 for the high, are relatively mild day. above normal temperatures once again.
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a 1 foot shop on the bay, forecasters are still watching some unsettled weather out in the caribbean. the futurecast shows monday afternoon and evening, off to the north and northwest we see more activity. especially on tuesday, we get into some rain chances. that will be on again off again right into thursday. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. it is a washout. we have rain chances late monday and tuesday and again thursday into friday. 81 tomorrow, 73 on tuesday, near 70 the rest of the week. >> i am pete gilbert, live at m&t bank stadium. ray rice filing returns to the end zone. that i
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>> now, 11 sports. >> the ravens go to four and one in.h a 31-17 whe some of take a look at the highlights. it started out very well for the ravens until they got to the end of the first drive. a great crowd, perfect day, you could not ask for finer atmosphere than we had at m&t bank stadium today. joe flacco sending it upward, it gets carried 14 yards. a 58-yard pass play on that. the drive gets down to fourth and goal.
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for some reason the did -- the defensive tackle could not get open as a receiver. they would have to settle for no points on a 74 yard opening drive. >> one drive later is ray rice, working his way 18 yards. it would keep the drive alive and set up a ravens touchdown and 14-0 lead. thomas lights out on the return as he gets helicoptered. thomas fumbled the ball, sets up a field goal, 17-0 lead. brandon loyd, 42 yards for the touchdown. he got behind reagan's secretarravens secondary. >> ray rice into the end zone twice today, the first two
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touchdowns of the season for no. 27. he ran the ball and just looked so good. that put it away, ray with a 13- yard run there. willis mcgahee which weisfeld to get the end to the 1 yard line -- who twice failed to get into the 1 yard line gets redemption. ray rice back to the end zone, a place that is apparently hard to get to. >> it is hard to score touchdowns in the nfl, especially running the ball. the goal line is physical. those touchdown balls, i love to collect them. if i could share them with my defensive line, i would try to a ball.m of al we are just getting started. it is a long season. it was a great day to get the
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running game going, especially at home against denver. >> for the first time this year they won the turnover battle. >> pittsburg of today with the by -- off today with a buy. >> a 20-yard touchdown pass, and it is all tied at 21 each. bengals drive, carlson palmer moving them down the field. 31-yard return, and here comes the tampa bay buccaneers, 31 yards through the uprights. tampa bay beat cincinnati, 24- 21.
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>> very good for tampa bay on the road. baseball playoffs, and a victory today at game 4. the victory over texas. >> no home field advantage in that series, plenty of home field advantage for the ravens. much more tonight on ravens wrap up following the sunday night football game on nbc. stick around, john collins with stick around, john collins with the the woman 1 sync: i knew what bob ehrlich did as governor. man 1 sync: raised my property taxes 60 percent. woman 2 sync: let utilities hike our rates 72 percent. woman 1 sync: but i didn't know what he's done since he got fired as governor. man 2: ehrlich's raked in millions. man 3: he worked for a wall street bank that took 10 billion dollars from the bailout. woman 3: 10 billion of our money. woman 4: our money. woman 5 sync: and he worked for another bank that collapsed. man 4: costing tax payers 17 million. anncr: tell bob ehrlich big banks don't need help. middle class marylanders do. eaks to send jobs over seas.
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i think we need tax breaks to send kids to college. so i worked for a $2,500 tax credit to help pay for college. fought to get pell grants expanded and insisted that college loans go directly to kids instead of through banks. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message. because it's not about the next election, it's about the next generation. right? yeah!!! so who is "making stuff up"? the news media say it's bob ehrlich... with attacks that have been called "false" and "misleading." made up attacks bob ehrlich knows aren't true. but here's what's not made up. bob ehrlich's $3 billion in taxes and fees. the $2.5 million he got paid working at a lobbying firm. or the fact ehrlich worked for the casinos to put slots at arundel mills mall. now, bob...that's all true.
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>> we do have arrangements late in the day monday, but not a big one. most of it will be north of us. a higher range ends on tuesday and then again thursday and friday. >> a great weekend. thanks for joining us. nightly news is next. see back there tonight after the game. >> of breaking news and weather any time at and stay
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