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tv   11 News  NBC  October 10, 2010 11:30pm-11:55pm EDT

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>> al: that's the action next
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sunday night. meanwhile, at the 20 yard line, 49ers defense trying to get the ball back and begins with a nice play right there. it's smith. san francisco takes its first time-out. so it will be second down and 13. the postgame report is coming up. andrea will have an interview. bob, tony and mike florio wrap up the game. cris and i look ahead to a good one next week, colts/redskins. >> cris: we have one here tonight. the 49ers this time brought everybody. safeties, linebackers and everybody. they are selling out to play the run. they are going to put the ball in kevin kolb's hand and say if you don't want us to get the ball back kevin kolb is going to have to be the one to beat us. it will be man coverage. probably no safety help on this one.
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somebody is going to have to make a play on the outside. >> al: swing it out. look at that move. that gains another five yards. he fakes clements out. >> cris: why did he go down? that is the ball game. he picks up that first down and i slides to the ground! >> al: he is mad at himself. >> cris: so are a lot of eagle fans. you don't slide on that play. that is ridiculous. ball game! put it in the win column right here! what is that? >> al: i don't know. is it the rib? who knows. >> cris: it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter.
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you never do that in that situation. even if you're a quarterback, you don't do that in that situation! >> al: the 49ers will use their time-out. third and two. kolb will throw and that will be battled in the air and incomplete! >> cris: unbelievable. >> al: that is the perfect play for the san francisco defense. not only do they stop them, they don't have to use their last time-out. >> cris: unbelievable. a big sellout blitz. you got your safety on the outside and one-on-one coverage. against celek. perfectly done. lesean mccoy may have made one of the biggest mistakes i've seen this season. unbelievable. >> al: ginn sets up at the 25 yard line. rocca's kick.
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it's a beauty. ginn at the 21 yard line. gets by the first man but steps out of bounds at the 32 yard line. niners down by a field goal and have one time-out left. >> cris: here is the story line. alex smith scrambling to avoid the blitz. one of the worst plays he could have made. had he a chance to throw the hot read and misses it. singletary chews him out. he comes back with a beautiful drive. then he gets another. he has been perfect since singletary almost took him out of the game. singletary, for once, not a knee-jerk reaction. he did the right thing. this is the guy that practiced all week and now he has a chance to win the game. >> al: 49ers put brian westbrook in the game, wide left. that would be over the moon if he is the hero.
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from the 32 yard line. 4x1. on the left side. then you got it caught by morgan. that is going to wind up as a loss and waste several seconds. >> cris: they thought they were going to blitz on that play. i think that alex smith got up there and started doing all of this audible and they backed out and he had the wrong play. >> al: down to a minute. second and 14. fires over the middle. caught by davis! to the 45 yard line! smith has to spike the ball. come on. save the time-out. get up here! >> cris: stewart bradley cannot cover him. don't be afraid to come back to it again. stewart bradley is not a turn and run middle linebacker. he is running with his back to one of the great players in the game in vernon davis. take advantage of it. >> al: quintin mikell is hurt and stop the clock for an injury time-out. >> cris: vernon davis down the
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middle. you see stewart bradley doing the best he can but that is not what he does. he is not a run and chase guy. might have to change coverage here because if they stay in that, that is the ball i would keep throwing all day. >> al: mikell has to come off for at least one play. a rookie from ohio state is now in the secondary. something should not escape the 49ers at this point. after the injury time-out, the ball is at the 44 yard line. a break for the 49ers. they save a down because of the quintin mikell injury instead of having to spike the ball at first and ten. pressure. >> cris: oh, boy. wow.
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frank gore might have scored. >> al: the pressure that time -- >> cris: oh, my goodness! >> al: juqua parker came in there and forced that whole issue. >> cris: frank gore looked and he sneaks out. look at that. there is one defender and one blocker down the field. the perfect call. the ball just deflected. >> al: second down and ten. smith. throwing. down the sideline! too high for gore. third down and ten. 36 seconds and one time-out left. >> cris: oh, boy. alex smith, mike singletary. it is on the line here. you know, al, this is one of
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those moments and you know it. you're 0-4. you've got to win a game. alex smith, you've got to prove that you can joe montana and steve young-like win in these situations and here it is. >> al: nedney warming up on the sideline. his longest ever in the stadium is 53. pick up the rush. wobbly pass and 25 yard line, a penalty marker at the philadelphia 47 yard line. this might be a hold on troughard lindley. walt anderson. huddling with just about everybody on the crew right now. >> cris: joe staley, if i'm not
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mistaken, got beat on an inside move, grabbed his man. i think that is going to be the call. i'm just not sure. >> al: well, the eagles are exhausting right now. two flags. one at the 50 yard line and now there is one at the 47 yard line. >> referee: already two fouls. holding number 74 of the offense. that penalty is declined. the result of the play was an interception and after the play personal foul, unnecessary roughness, number 15 of the offense. 15-yard penalty will be enforced. first down. >> al: two fouls and a pick and 0-5 on the horizon. >> cris: there is joe staley. trent cole, remember, had to come back in. he had an injury. but then it was trevor laws, i
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believe. that is called a hook cross stunt and it worked a lot. i'll try to talk about this a little bit. you'll see the inside tackle come out into the tackle and then take a direct line into the quarterback. it's an old trick but a good trick. and it worked to perfection right there. >> al: that interception for lindley, the rookie out of the kentucky, a fourth round draft choice this year. he has just cemented the ball game for the philadelphia eagles who are 3-0 on the road. 0-2 at home. san francisco stays here. they get oakland next week. and andy reid has become a coolish night will leave town. that will be a much nicer plane ride into the night. >> cris: mike singletary, i am sure he is thinking what does it take to get a win. it all fell into place but at
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the end of the game, they could not make the plays again. >> al: blown out twice. the 49ers have suffered three excruciating losses. up next, the gillette postgame report. .
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good night for philadelphia sports fans. the phils win on the road in cincinnati to sweep their first round playoff against the reds and eagles on the road to san francisco and send the niners 0-5 with a win. andrea kremer is on the field with lesean mccoy and kevin kolb. andrea? >> andrea: thank you very much, bob. kevin, the first time all season you guys have scored on your opening drive. what was the approach going against the aggressive 49ers defense? >> we knew they were going to come out with a give it all you got mentality so we wanted to match them and they scored and we had to do the same thing. they kept battles and we wish it wasn't that close at the end but glad to come out with a "w."
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>> three sacks of you in the and a half. what adjustments did you make? >> i had to get the ball quicker and help the offense out a little bit. we battled all night. i thaw thought a good team victory and 25 is down to take it pretty good as well. >> andrea: andy reid said when hikal back is healthy he is back as the starter. >> i wanted to help us win tonight. obviously, we got that done. i don't care about it. i just have to play my game. i'm glad to come out of here with a "w." >> andrea: thanks for your time. lesean, how did you manage to play with the cracked rib tonight? >> it was tough. but due to the great trainers we got in philadelphia, helped me out and credit to my teammates helping me out. >> andrea: on the last drive, you went down before the first down. what happened there? >> i was trying to be a smart player. i thought i had a first down pip i wanted to get a first down and
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get down and don't cause any fumble or anything like that but turned out i didn't get it. >> andrea: what about kevin kolb? how would you assess his performance tonight in relief of michael vick? >> for me and the rest of the teammates, we are not surprised. kevin is an authentic quarterback and at the beginning of the year he was our starter and our leader and things haven't changed. it happens we have two great quarterbacks with michael vick and kevin kolb. we are 100% behind them and i support kevin. >> andrea: bob, an interesting decision for andy reid. eagles host atlanta and you know how much michael vick wants to play. >> we know what the newspapers will be talking about in addition to the phillies moving on to the nlcs, they will be talking about the quarterback situation but not as much edge to it because the eagles come out of here with a win. let's talk about it with tony dungy at 30 rock. your assessment of kevin kolb's play. >> i thought kevin played really well. he did the things that they had
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to do to win. he only made one major mistake. got the ball to all of his receivers. you could see why andy reid likes this guy. i think if michael vick is healthy, playing against atlanta next week, andy will go with that incentive and he'll get michael back in the lineup. >> the 49ers came in desperate. even though their division is weak and winnable. no team has ever gone 0-5 to start the season in any format, any divisional setup and gone on to make the playoffs. they had to win this game at home. they didn't get it done. what is your bottom line on alex smith tonight? >> alex smith played much like he has played his whole career. he did a lot of good things those last two drives to get back in shape to win this ball game. that was great but the big mistakes at the wrong time. that is the killer and been the killer in his career. i think what the niners are going to have to do is use the rest of this season to determine if alex smith can really be the quarterback for them.
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they didn't go after donovan mcnabb in the off-season because they thought smith was the answer. they are going to have to assess that and see where they are. >> the 49ers aren't the only team with quarterback questions. a lot of teams have situations that are not settled. what is your assessment of the overall quality of play at that position in the league? >> you've seen each the big named quarterbacks, the pro bowl quarterbacks making mistakes to lose ballgames. carson palmer today made a couple of critical throws for interceptions. you had just even drew brees who just didn't play his type of game. not really getting things done and moving the football the way they are capable of. and the ball is in the quarterback's hands so much, they determine so much of their team's success and failure, i think you're going to see these quarterbacks have to come through and start playing a little bit better football to be consistent in the middle of the year. >> tony, thanks a lot. we shift to mike florio, the subject is another quarterback
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but a different situation. mike, you and peter king and others have been reporting all day on the ongoing situation in the brett favre situation when he was with the jets in 2008. what is the update? >> well, bob, i agree with what peter king said during "football night in america." this is a situation that could be wrapped up by the end of the money and would be be surprising if the nfl were to ultimately suspend brett favre for something that would turn out to be an isolated dissented. here is why the nfl needs to be concerned about this situation. this is an incident arising out of and relating to a workplace. and when have you a workplace involved you have potential liability issues for the teams, for the league, and the message that the players need to take away from this entire situation and it's important one. the women that you encounter in the workplace, you can't interact with them the same way that you would meet a woman in a nightclub. that is the key take-away point and hopefully every player learns that going forward. >> the negotiations between the players union and the owners
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regarding the collective bargaining agreement anything new? >> a perception that this thing is just going to linger into 2011, maybe get revolved in march and maybe resolved in august and maybe have a work stoppage. the union strategy has been first to try to convince the nfl that the current labor deal is a good one. that has been scrapped. that is not working. now what the union is trying to do is to put as much pressure as possible on the league to get to the bargaining table. "the washington post" reported recently that a collusion case will be filed based upon the lack of activity and free agency this past year. the union believes this is the kind of thing that can maybe get the nfl to finally come to the table, try to get a deal done and if a deal can get done before the end the calendar year that would be good news for everybody. >> that would be good news. how about bad news for teams as you highlight the key injuries coming out of this weekend. >> very bad news for the packers who are playing nothing like the super bowl contender they were supposed to be and suffering three nor injuries.
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quarterback aaron rodgers has a concussion and once someone has been diagnose it issed with a concussion you never know when that clearance is coming to play again. linebacker clay matthews hamstring injuries and had two sacks before he left the game and different defense without him on the field. finley has a injury and mri tomorrow. sal calvin johnson of detroit lions with a showered injury and not believed to be serious. seneca wahl of cleveland browns left today with a ankle injury and mri tomorrow. look for the browns to bring in a veteran quarterback if they have bad news on the mri. >> mike florio, information machine! thanks. you can check out more from mike on all of the latest nfl news and notes. back to al and cris to wrap things up from san francisco after this. . it's the fusion proglide challenge. woow! hey man, how ya doin'? how's your shave? kinda like tuggin' and
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this is the play of the game. >> here is the game-winning play by trevor laws. ordinarily, you're playing just outside pass rush so as anthony davis steps back to get that, the loop fools hanel comes here and takes a straight line to the quarterback. it's called a pick up. and for a young offensive tackle, maybe you don't see it so often, but there it was. a hit on alex smith. game-winning interception. and for the 49ers, the beat goes on. >> the beat goes on and for the eagles a big game for them because it's a competitive and tough division. very few cream puffs and no cream puffs in the league any more. i'm convinced of that. they go to 3-2 and atlanta next
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week, if vick can play i think it's clear he can play. but if he can't that is as deep as a team can be at quarterback. >> yeah. and you are sort of in between here, too. you know? you don't want to get mike vick hurt again, so you've got a guy in kevin kolb who is playing well. why not let mike vick get really healthy, although you've got the personal stuff that is going to make it tough. >> the funny thing is, too, a lot of times through the years, you would say if a team has two quarterbacks, they have no quarterbacks? that is not true in philadelphia, though. they have two pretty good quarterbacks. >> they do, indeed. impressive performance, it really was by kevin kolb tonight. >> we are peyton manning next week. indianapolis goes to washington. that was a big win for washington today against green bay. green bay started out hot. then all of the injuries began to occur especially the one to matthews. they won the game in overtime. all of a sudden, washington is a contender. >> and washington is proving they are tough to beat. they are in washington. and let's face it. the colts didn't exactly light it up today against


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