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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  October 12, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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and thunderstorms. not a steady rain. but a little bit can affect the drive time. let's look at the h.d. doppler. the bulk of the rain is north of us in southern pennsylvania heading to philadelphia. there are a few showers near baltimore. so we will see a chance of a shower. 30% to 40%. high around 77 degrees. when we come back we will look at the seven-day forecast to see what is on tap the rest of the workweek but first good morning to sarah. >> good morning, dealing with a couple of water main this at harford and joppa road in parkville. argonne at alameda are in effect until early next week so watch for that closure near loch raven. you can see we are at 45 miles an hour on the north side around the harrisburg expressway.
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overall we are smooth to the west side. i-70 good and rest of the roads good. we are 11 minutes on outer loop, southbound 95, 11 minutes. 95 north of 195 north and southbound traffic great there. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." back to you. >> our big story, governor martin o'malley and former governor bob ehrlich went head to head in their first televised debate. >> first they seemed cordial but then it turned negative. kim dacey has the report. >> good morning. it was an nourish debate because both candidates have already served one term as governor forcing each to defend his own record while attack being his opponent's. governor o'malley and bob ehrliches started out answering matter of factually but then it grew heated.
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both laid out similar priorities creating jobs, cutting khraoeult. each accused the other of failing to deliver. o'malley touted a college tuition freeze which ehrlich dismissed. ehrlich painted o'malley as an enemy of small business and o'malley cited initiatives to grow emerging industries in the state. >> we have 216,000 marylanders out of work. the tax foundation rate us one of the worst business environments in the country. >> we are there because of the hostile regulatory environment, largest tax increase in maryland history. interest groups controlling state government. job creation is the issue. >> what will move us forward are things lake increasing the biotech tax credit, creating the invest maryland fund which allows us to get more venture capital into businesses and start-ups that are happening in
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maryland. we have yetted over 33,000 net new jobs. that is not me saying that. we have to continue to create jobs because we have a deep hole to climb out of. >> a professor of kphaeubgss at towson university believes both took to party lines but there were no bombshells. the next televised debate is thursday in washington. >> continuing this morning's commitment 2010 coverage election day is three weeks from today but in dozens of states voters are casting ballots. kate amara joins us live in our washington bureau with more. >> good morning. maryland is one of the states. this means many candidates are pulling out all the stops to get their supporters to vote. >> from former president bill
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clinton in west virginia to republican senator scott brown in connecticut. mid term congressional candidates are calling in big names to push voters to the polls. with 37 states now offering some type of early voting -- >> it is easier. >> they have more opportunities and more time to cast a ballot. >> it gives them that flexibility of saying whether they want to go to be part of election day or whether they want to really look at their books and study the initiatives and do it at home. >> according to the u.s. election assistance commission 32 of the 37 states allow early voting in person with some starting mid september. >> they are seeing the percentage of people voting before election day going way up. >> for campaigns the trend can be expensive. candidates have to ramp up and more time means more ads, more calls. >> voter turnout and sustaining
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the message and popularity the last several weeks is more important. >> but the early voting trend hasn't translated into higher turnout so far. apparently most early voters are already strong party supporters. the people most likely to turn out for a mid term election. >> how does early voting impact local jurisdictions? is it good or bad? >> well, election reform advocates seem to think it is good. they say it can help states and jurisdictions reduce costs because they don't need as much equipment to handle large crowds on election day. last election year in baltimore city we saw those very, very long lines of people waiting to vote. >> kate amara live in washington. thank you. we want to remind you that our commit 2010 coverage continues any time online at
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we have candidate profiles and all of the fact check reports and a complete voters guide and all the resources you need to be informed. that is at click on politics. >> in other news, police in anne arundel county are investigating a shooting at a party in severn. a man was injured sunday morning. several shots were fired before he was found stumbling into the streets when they say two vehicles sped away. he was taken to shock trauma where he is in serious condition. skyteam 11 captured the scene of a crash in west baltimore. this collision the result of a chase. it was about 3:00 yesterday afternoon in the 3400 of west north avenue. the stolen vehicle struck several occupied vehicles and sent them up in flames. one person was taken into custody. no one was hurt. while most schools are working to keep cell phones out of the classroom one in oklahoma is trying to encourage students to
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read. 1,500 sixth and seventh graders received phones as part of a project. the students read books and complete tests on computers. if they pass minister minutes are added to their phones. they are then being compared to a control group who didn't receive cell phones. some experts believe the program is equal to bribing kids and results will be short-lived. that brings us to our watercooler@wbaltv.cwater cooler question of the day. do you think it is good motivation or bribery? e-mail us at >> 62 degrees on tv hill. republican congressional candidates face criticism over his part in a world war ii reenactment. >> the man facing charges in the fort hood shootings is expected in court later. this is 95 north of 195 and catonsville. more when we
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. >> low 60's in the suburbs today and a little bit of rain to start. not a lot. we will look at h.d. doppler and we see rain up and down the i-95 corridor. heaviest is near philadelphia and should stay there. but light rain to start. the forecast we will see a 30% to 40% chance of shower or thunderstorm. mixture of concludes and sun with a high near 77.
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we will look at the forecast for the rest of the week when we come back. >> covering the nation, an army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 at fort hood is expected in court today. it will mark the beginning of a hearing in military court. owes accused of opening fire on the texas base last november killing 13 and wounding 32 others. the hearings are expected to last three weeks and will include testimony from victims. a republican congressional candidate in ohio encounters criticism over his decision to wear a nazi uniform. he did it for reenactsment saying it was to educate the purpose but the image is one some find startling. he insists he doesn't support the nazis or their actions against jews and he calls the criticism a carefully crafted and time character nation to turn attention from the real issues in ohio.
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>> for many years i was an i feel reenactor in. genres. many different time periods on many sides of the equation. and to say that i support any of the things that nazi germany did is ridiculous. >> he faces nancy catcher in the general election. you have been sitting here patiently. >> thank you so much. 62 degrees on tv hill. chivalry lives. coming up, there is a reason why i was not reading this. >> bloomberg is coming up. >> we are checking the morning commute. a couple of early morning problems, nothing affecting major roads. major roads. we we plus presents:
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>> i will see if i can speak better now. >> we. your pain. we will check the roads with a couple of things to watch for. harford road at joppa a water main break in parkville and essex community college we have fire department activity. meantime, all lanes are closed on argonne driver between alameda and loch raven due to water main repairs until next week. use cold spring.
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45 miles an hour on the outer loop north side. harrisburg expressway south there 61 miles an hour. no problems from the maryland line to the beltway. on the j.f.x. smooth ride into town. this is a shot of things westbound at 29 running and problem free at 95 just north of 195 down that you howard county. no problems getting to the capital beltway. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." now let's get the latest on the buss a-- on the buses and train. >> we are looking very good on the light rail met rewith no delays and marc trains on time on penn, camden and brunswick lines. three, eight and 30 buses 10 to 15 minutes late and 10 bus diverting at green and baltimore and lucerne and those among the diversions. now back to tony pann. >> good morning, everyone.
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fairly quiet this morning. there is a little bit of light rain, probably not enough to affect the drive time yet but we see a line of light showers up and down the 95 corridor, mostly sprinkles. heaviest rain is near philadelphia so just give yourself a couple of extra minutes to start. we will take a wider view and most of the heavier rain up into new jersey and toward new york and firm. scattered showers in pennsylvania. there are a few breaks as the system passes by to the north. we will get a little bit of sunshine to mix with the clouds. so i think the temperatures will be above average. yesterday we were in the 80's, today upper 70's. the average high is 69 so still above the mark. we have the area of low pressure passing through pennsylvania and the cold front will drag through this afternoon and into early tonight. so we will keep a chance of a thunderstorm in the forecast for later on. behind that things should settle down. we are in the low 60's at 63 at
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the airport. 59 in tawneytown and 60 in rising sun in cecil county. today we will say variable cloudy with a chance of shower or thunderstorm. mid to upper 70's. sunrise at 7:13. partly cloudy tonight. chance of a shower early tonight but it will clear as we head through the rest of the night dropping back into the low to mid 50's. seven-day forecast, chilly and wet at the end of the week. tomorrow partly cloudy, up to 68 but a chance of rain thursday with a high of 61. we will stay in the 50's friday and breezy with rain showers. it should clear up over the weekend for those of you who will run in the baltimore marathon. it will be chilly but dry object saturday with a high near 65 degre degrees.
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>> in our consumer alert the long expected messenger between tv and internet is getting closer to being realized. the first of what is expected to be a wave of tv's that will search the internet hit stores today. >> if the web is so smart and our tv's are so fun to watch why do we have to choose? the way google has it picked out viewers won't have to. >>ing google tv. >> people will be able to watch shows they search for on google and they can go on the internet while they are watching television and see it on one screen. >> some tv's offer access to specific online favorites such as netflix and youtube but after dominating internet search, being a force in smart phones google looks to bring the internet to the television. >> right on your tv screen you type in what you are looking for, anything that you are looking for and google tv will find it. >> if it catches on it will
5:20 am
change the way business is done in ways we are not fully aware of yet. >> it is available through a set top box called review that also works seamlessly with dish network. but the services is being offered as a factory installed option exclusively on a new line of soapy tv's -- sony tv's. next year other manufacturers may join in. >> months ago tv sets -- most tv sets will be internet ready that will connect you to the web and will enable you to watch shows that are streamed over the web. >> it means couch potatoes cover even more raoeeason to stay rig where they are. >> sony is formally introducing the tv's at a best buy store in new york city today. stan, looks like it might catch
5:21 am
on. pandora's box is opening more options as drivers hit the roads and consumers have a bigger voice in big business than you might think. we have the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. we are shaping up for a lower start to trading today. we did in the dow manage to hold on to the 11,000 level ending slightly higher, quiet day of trading yesterday. that is on speculation the federal reserve may pump more cash into the economy. call in a victory for gas followers. g they will keep the logo after negative comments on the gap facebook. gap says it missed the opportunity to engage with the online community. as the mortgage mess intensifies title insurers are getting into it. the american land title association says that title insurers, banks and regulators are in talks to create warranties.
5:22 am
lendsers assure they have followed proper procedures before selling foreclosed homes. watch for a decision on these new warranties by the end of the week. expect pandora to get more of a foodhold in the auto industry. it will ship cars with pandora voice controls. mercedes is promoting the service in its vehicles. it may attract more advertising dollars as it reaches more listeners during heavy commuting hours. that is business at the new york stock exchange. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. back to you. >> we will see you back here at 6:15. >> it is 5:22. coming up we will get another look at the commute with traffic and weather together.
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>> the baltimore running festival is saturday and we are checking out some of the runners taking part. >> dozens of police officers are expected to be in attendance but we are not talking about traffic control. they will be running. sandra shaw has more on the chief of the patrol, john skinner. >> chief of patrol colonel john skinner is set being the pace. >> we started the campaign to get officers running in the baltimore marathon. we have about 60 police officers that are participating in the baltimore marathon and running different legs within the race. >> on this damp rainy day colonel skinner and his colleagues tackle a 20 miler. >> we wanted to energize the police department to use it to encourage physical fitness. >> he is taking the camaraderie further with baltimore's sister city in greece. the sister city committee
5:26 am
selected him to run in the 2010 athens marathon. >> for me it is an amazing opportunity to represent the city of baltimore, the police department and my family. >> the october 31 race is historic marking the 2,500th anniversary of the greek messenger in 490 b.c. running 26.2 miles from the battle of marathon to the battlefield in greece. colonel skinner battled all the challenges but the regimen is something unique. >> this has been a lot of time commitment to get conditioned up to that level. >> 35-plus miles a week and cross training and interval training. >> the perform goal to -- the personal goal is to finish. it is all about showing your internal determination to finish. >> we are sponsoring the baltimore running festival. watch this saturday october 16
5:27 am
starting at 7:55 a.m. gerry sandusky and kate amara will follow the leaders from start to finish and we will showcase live bands and cheer leaders. if you want to track a runner go to also later in the program we will check back in with sandra as she shows us some of the gear the runners will use. >> 5:27 and 62 degrees on tv hill. in the next half hour -- >> the issues of taxes and affordable college education took center stage at the gubernatorial debate last night. i have more on that in a live report. >> i'm tony pann. we have a little bit of light rain to contend with. we will look at the h.d. doppler and check the seven-day forecast. >> we are watching to see if the rain impacts the rush.
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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "11 news today." >> thanks for joining us. let's check the weather and traffic. >> good morning. >> rain on the way? >> a little bit. it shouldn't cause a big problem but even a little bit usually does so give yourself a few extra minutes. you can see light rain up and down 95 through baltimore city and cecil county toward philadelphia and light rain around the pennsylvania line and northern baltimore county. so give yourself a few extra minutes. the forecast today 30% to 40% chance that you will run into a shower or thunderstorm. still mild compared to how it should be this time of year with a high near 77. yesterday we were in the 80's, today the 70's and continue to step it down the rest of the week. >> we will be down with the 20's soon. >> keep going. >> the morning commute pretty
5:31 am
good. we have a couple of things and if it is raining in our area give yourself extra time. harford road at joppa water main breaking repaired but sounds like the lanes are open. essex community college fire activity near rossville. argonne drive shut down between alameda and raven with water main repairs. north side a little sluggish. 46 miles an hour around harrisburg expressway outer loop. 58 on the west side moving well south on the j.f.x. southbound 95 near 32 around 50 miles an hour. some volume building there. i-70 at 29 east and westbound no delays in this area. everything running smoothly. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." back to you. >> our big story, commitment 2010 and first televised debate for governor.
5:32 am
at first they seemed cordial but it became heated. kim dacey is live with our report. >> good morning. during the debate governor o'malley and former governor ehrlich butted heads on a number of issues including taxes and an affordable college education. governor o'malley squared off against former governor bob ehrlich in the pair's first televised debate of 2010. both laid out similar priorities creating jobs, cutting crime and an affordable education. each accused other of failing to deliver. ehrlich painted o'malley as an own my of small businesses -- enemy of small businesses. >> we have 216,000 marylanders out of work. the tax foundation and rating groups rate us one of the worst business environments in the country. >> we are there because of the hostile regulatory environment. interest groups controlling the
5:33 am
agenda of state government. job creation is the issue. >> o'malley fired back citing initiatives to grow emerging industries in the state. >> what will manufacture us forward are things lake increasing the biotech tax credit, creating the invest maryland fund to get more venture capital into businesses and start-ups. we have created over 33,000 net new jobs. that is not me saying that. that is the bureau of labor statistics. we have to continue to create jobs because we have a deep hole to coliseum out of. >> it was an unusual debate in that each has served a term as governor. >> i have never done that irresponsible blanket pledge but i will pledge not to raise property taxes like you did, governor, when you were governor in easier times. i will pledge not to jack up college tuition by 40%. i will pledge not to increase by
5:34 am
300% the annual filing fees for every small business. >> o'malley touted a college tuition freeze which ehrlich dismissed. >> the total cost of education at college park has increased 35%. you like to talk about fees from 16,000 to 22,000. those fees have skyrocketed. you show a difference between tuition and fees. >> a professor of rhetoric and communications at towson whose political views lean right believes both took to party lines but there were no bombshells. the next televised debate is thursday in washington. reporting live on federal hill, kim dacey. wbal tv 11 news. >> a new program in baltimore is helping people get by in tough times. the earn benefits project is funded by catholic charities and helping people like sandra miller whose husband lost his
5:35 am
job and are struggling to help ends meet. >> only been seeing clients about six weeks and we have served 86 households and 172 individuals and many of them are children. so we are doing a lot of outreach and education as well as connecting people to benefits that they need. >> the program helps people determine if they qualify for services like medical assistance and food staffs. for more go to and click on local news. >> covering the world, they have been called 33 living miracles. we are hours from the first attempt to rescue the trapped miners in khraoel. it will be the most intricate and successful underground rescue ever attempted. we have the latest. >> today teams conducted a test. the escape capsule traveled 20 feet inside the pipe without a
5:36 am
problem. so they went a step further and sent it down the shaft within feet of the trapped miners. >> we didn't send it down because we can risk that somebody could jump in. >> his mood reveals the level of confidence. the only reason they are not under way is some of the equipment is still being anchored into a slab. celebrations began saturday when the shaft was completed and an american team drilled down almost a half mile through some of the hardest rock on earth. >> we are so happy to have the chance to come here. having the chance to come here and make a difference with our technology, we are very thankful and extremely happy it worked. >> soon the escape pod will be hooked up to a heavy duty winch. the capsule then travels down the shaft for the first 183 feet inside that pipe. past that driven simply by
5:37 am
gravity it slides down the rock walls 1,857 feet through slight s turns. the trip up is expected to take no more than 15 minutes. who comes up first? the list remains secret tonight. what we do know is the men down below were fighting for position, each wanted to be last, a sign of their brotherhood developed over the last two-plus months. >> that is remarkable. >> i think they are doing rock, paper, scissors to figure out who is coming up? >> probably not. >> had to ask. coming up, new moms in baltimore have the chance to help save other lives. >> it is the first embryonic human stem cell clinical trial. that is next in the medical alert. >> e-mail us your answer to our water cooler question of the day. do you think a plan to reward students with cell phone minutes for reading is good motivation or bribery?
5:38 am
e-mail your response to >> water main break repairs in parkville and the city to watch for. we will have the closures and check for delays.
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> beautiful shot downtown there, 68 degrees at the maryland science center. low 60's in the suburbs. a little late rain this morning -- light rain. we can see it around baltimore city and beltway and up 95. a little light rain around the pennsylvania line. nothing of any significance but you may want to give yourself a couple of extra minutes. today we will have a 30% to 40% chance that you will run into a shower or thunderstorm. the high this afternoon around
5:41 am
77. when we come back we will check the seven-day forecast to see what is going on. >> >> women who give birth at mercy medical center have the opportunity to donate their baby's cord blood for free. it is known to be rich in steamies which can -- stem cells which can treat other diseases. the center is partnering with community services of new jer y jersey. it will increase the number of african-american blood donors who are underrepresented in the donor population. >> for the first time in the u.s. doctors have started a clinical trial using embryonic stem cells on haouls. it will enroll patients who recently suffered a spinal cord injury. steamies that have been stipulated to turn into nerve cells will be injected. it is testing whether there therapy is safe. it is not designed to test whether the therapy works.
5:42 am
embryonic stem cells have been a topic of debate and subject to funding restrictions. the company conducting the trial did not use federal funds. >> it is now 5:41, 62 degrees on tv hill. later on pete gilbert joins with us how the ravens are looking to beat the patriots. >> baltimore marathon is this saturday and we are live at falls road talking about all the different tricks and equipment the runners will use on saturday. >> here is a live look over the downtown area. rain is on the way. a closer look at weather and a closer look at weather and traffic when we
5:43 am
5:44 am
bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. but he increased state spending by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% increase in college tuition. and now he's made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them... except for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increase class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leader... we can trust. >> hopefully you are doing well this morning. major roads look pretty good aside from the fact some are a little rewet. a water main break near harford
5:45 am
at joppa in parkville and some fire activity in rosedale along ross dale at the essex community college. 51 miles an hour out of the northeast on 95 to the beltway. argonne drive shut down from alameda to loch raven boulevard due to water main repairs. use cold spring. rest of the major roads fine including 95 through howard county. 55 miles an hour at 32. harford road good, top side of the beltway no problems. smooth ride over to a live view of the harg expressw expressway-harrisburg expressway. now let's get the latest on the buses and trains. >> we have a delay on camden of marc train 8:4115 minutes late. penn and brunswick on schedule the we have the buses three, eight and 30 10 to 15 minute
5:46 am
delay. back to tony pann. >> we have a little bit of late rain to contend with and we will check the doppler but first we will say good morning to sandra shaw. this weekend is the baltimore running festival and she has a few tips if we're going to participate. >> it is a big year because it is the 10-year anniversary of the festival and we have the people who have done it all 10 years. you have some who have done it the last several or maybe the first year. the equipment is big deal when you talk about 26.2 miles. i'm here sheriff at falls road -- i'm live here at falls road running store. the shoes are essential. this would be a very light shoe that the kenyans will be running at. >> they are ever so you would have a curved shoe and it would lend itself to them rolling over
5:47 am
and forward and having a very fast turnover with their legs >> you don't suggest somebody say this is my first marathon and run in them? >> no, no, no. the shock absorption in a bigger shoe would pay off in the longer distances. after 20 miles you are better off with cushion and support. >> they are clocking so fast. >> they are also light in body built. a six-foot person will way 135 as opposed to 180 like me. >> talking about extra support these are all brooks shoes. they are good for people who run on the inside of their feet. >> this probably the classic motion control show with the most support and supportability. it is a big guy shoe and keeps the foot from collapsing in which will happen in the latter part. you will get fatigued and your body will kind of fall apart.
5:48 am
it will help the big guy. >> you want shoes that you know you are comfortable in for 26 miles. you don't want to necessarily get new shoes, do you? >> no. marathoners are probably set at this point. we will berobably working with the people that lost baggage an airlines. >> that is terrible. we will talk a little weather. we will look at the h.d. doppler. there are some strong storms to the north but over maryland a little line is from california to the chesapeake bay near jarrettsville and parts of the eastern shore. eastern that intermittent as far as the rainfall today. more rain is expected. fortunately right now the forecast is looking ok for saturday, tony. that is essential. >> it is. it will be a little chilly but should be ok. we know you will be there doing television. will you run the marathon? >> no, i'm going to be in the lead car so i will be driving.
5:49 am
that is terrible. so i will be doing live reports from the lead vehicle and hopefully i will be seeing the kennia kennians sprint. it will be a fun year. you will be at the half marathon mark? >> yes, if i were to do either one i would prefer the car like you are doing. we have a lot of rain to talk about between now and then but i think it will clear up over the weekend. here is the system we are talking about this morning. most of the heavy rain is north of us through portions of new jersey up to new york city, even a few breaks near maryland. so if we get a little sunshine going today i think we will warm up into the 70's, maybe up to 76 or 77. not summer-like but still above average. we have to get through the cold front. that will come by late in the afternoon and this evening so we will have a 30% to 40% chance of shower or thunderstorm up until 7:00 or 8:00. then after that i think it will clear up tonight.
5:50 am
currently low 60's, 63 at the airport but upper 50's near the pennsylvania line. we should make it in the 70's. a range between 74 and 79. variable clouds with a chance of shower or thunderstorm. sunrise at 7:13. overnight a chance of a few showers this evening and it should clear up. temperatures will drop into the upper 40's and low 50's. tomorrow high pressure takes control. wednesday will be a pretty decent day, cooler but should stay dry. then it will get active again at the end of the week. 68 tomorrow with partly cloudy skies. good chance of rain thursday and it will be chilly with a high of 61. scattered showers, windy friday, highs only in the upper 50's. but we should clear up over the weekend. saturday for the running festival 65 but chilly in the morning with temperatures dropping perhaps into the lower end of the 40's >> >> tony has his lawn chair ready
5:51 am
to go. it is 5:50 and 62 degrees. much more ahead on "11 news today." >> a look at one of your answers to would your water cooler question of the day. >> here is a look at hass night's win -- last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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5:53 am
>> time to get to one of your
5:54 am
answers to our water cooler question of the day. do you think a plan to award students with minutes for cell phone reading is good motivation? >> one says my daughter loves to read. my son would rather eat liver or sardines. any tactic to encourage reading is helpful. once they are more successful with homework and testing it will grow without the need for rewards hopefully during the process they will discover a book or two that will inspire them and keep them reading. keep e-mailing us at we will read more the next hour and post all of them on the front page. >> time it for savoring the win other the broncos is gone. safe to think they will see a similar over that they saw from denver. denver coach josh mcdaniels brought the broncos over from
5:55 am
new england. the ravens want to use versatility. keep the patriots guessing. cameron used the passing judiciously against the broncos. they will make the big play and that is fine but at their best they love to run the clock by running the ball. the more they have possession the more tom brady is on the sideline admiring his haircut. they feel confident they can move the ball in multiple ways. >> we have an identity. we are rough, tough, disciplined, smart. we play hard. i think we are good decision makers thaft is what we are building toward. run or pass, who cares? the idea is to do whatever you need to do from one week to the next. i'm not sure why anybody wants to say you are a running team. that means you are one-dimensional. that is the next thing somebody will say. >> baseball playoffs roll on but will do so without bobby cox.
5:56 am
retiring at season end they fought the good fight against san francisco but the giants end cox's career. he went out with the tomahawk chop. 29 years a manager. one world series title. looked like the braves could force a game five. brian mccann, can do. they took a 2-1 lead but in the seventh with it 2-2 cody ross bases loaded a single to left. buster posey scores. great throw and nails him at the plate. top nine last collapsor atlanta. chopper to third can't get past juan uribe. giants win 3-2 and win the series 3-1. face the phillies. monday night football brett favre for the vikings returning to face the jets. he was horrible the first half but very good the second half but it ended with the jets coming out on top 29-20.
5:57 am
>> a lot of drama with him lately. >> that is polite. >> here is a look ahead. >> why it is so important for a woman to control her weight during pregnancy. 6:19. >> huge crowd of enthusiastic women gathered for purple evening at m and t bank. >> a musician in china overcomes adversity by learning to play piano after losing both arms. >> we have a little bit of light retain. we will do that and check the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> a couple of water main breaks but otherwise doing well despite the rain. we will update any problems that come in coming up.
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