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tv   11 News  NBC  October 24, 2010 11:30pm-11:55pm EDT

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randy moss, but too far gone. then he throws to the end zone! and that is the way, in all if that ball had been a little
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a little push there he put on tramon williams. that would have been asking too much. hobbling back to the locker say can't wait to see the >> al: yeah, right.
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but that's a huge win for green an excruciating loss for who is just coming off a p.u.p. list. he probably knows everybody in the building. >> cris: you just cannot understate the significance with the green bay packers. a team that had lost 3 out of 4. if minnesota had come into their place and stolen one and, all of a sudden, you're looking at the minnesota vikings at .500, it is game on. but that one helped the cause for the packers right there. now they move to 4-3 and the vikings still stuck on two wins. >> al: bittersweet. melancholy, perfect ending for the fans.
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after brett favre and all that has gone on in his world, off the field, on the field, physically. next stop is new england. green bay to new york. green bay will go there 4-3. as brett limps off the field, the vikings are now 2-4. equaling their loss total for all of last season. >> cris: you don't know how the fans all feel about it, but i think you have a pretty good idea of how the green bay players feel about him. >> al: yep.
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a glorious end to number 4 in this stadium. >> cris: you never know. could be a playoff game between these two. stranger things have happened. >> al: another reconnaissance mission next year, but i doubt that. >> cris: no, i don't think that is happening again. i think, if anything, brett may have questioned a few times this year already whether or not it was the right decision or not. >> al: high drama tonight at lambeau. 28-24, green bay over minnesota. coming up next, it will be the gillette postgame report. . last play, last gasp. incomplete. 28-24. . last play, last gasp. incomplete. 28-24. . last play, last gasp.
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incomplete. 28-24. .
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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perhaps appropriately at lambeau field, the packers beat the vikings and brett favre by four. down on the field, andrea kremer is joined by two of the heroes tonight for green bay, one from either side of the ball. aaron rodgers and clay matthews are with andrea. >> andrea: thank you very much, bob. who said the green bay packers couldn't win a close game? fourth and 15, clay matthews, what was that final play like? >> it was tough. you know, it's a tough effort. they were marching down the field. we gutted it out and got one last shot at him. real big. we're not tied up for first in the division. feeling good where we are at and we want to keep the numt. >> andrea: you said you want to be the face of this defense. what kind of statement did the defense make tonight, especially after such heartbreaking losses? >> real big statement. i think we had three interceptions. got after them a little bit. obviously, adrian did a great job running the ball but i think we made a statement tonight.
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you know, we're looking forward to continue this hopefully the success we're having and move forward. >> clay, thanks a lot. appreciate your time. aaron rodgers, what was it like watching that final drive? >> it's tough. you know what? you've seen them do it so many times. i got to give credit to our defense. three turnovers today. big stop there at the end. just special night. >> andrea: one of the knocks on you and on the whole team has been you can't win the close games. what was the difference tonight? >> we have been tag a lot of flak in the media this week and i give a lot of credit to our coaching staff. we had a great game plan today. i made a kuchl mistakes. we executed the way we wanted. give credit to the defense. they were on the field a long time tonight and did a nice job against a good offense. >> andrea: it seemed miscommunication with your receivers back on the back shoulder throws. what was going on and how did you overcome it? >> they have a great defense. got to give them credit. just a couple times, you know, things we talked about didn't really get executed out there on the field.
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we'll get back to the film room tomorrow and get ready for a tough team next week. >> andrea: after two heartbreaking overtime losses, you said we need a win for our confidence. what does this do for the team? >> it's huge. i mean, it's a great night. the crowd was electric. we needed this win. you know, we've been really struggling. you know, it's a long season. nine games left but we had to have this one. >> andrea: final thing. what about the performance of your left tackle chad clifton against jared allen tonight? >> last year, 14 sacks. tonight, no sacks. give a lot of credit to those guys up front. >> andrea: thanks for your time, aaron. appreciate it. aaron rodgers said they have five tough games coming up starting with the jets next week. >> all right, andrea. perhaps inevitably, right to the end. even in victory, aaron rodgers asked about brett favre, but he understands it's part of what comes with this territory and he handles it with grace. the packers now tie the bears atop the division at 4-3, while
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the vikings are digging themselves at hole at 2-4. let's bring in tony dungy from new york with his react slun to tonight's game, like so many of them and every one of them that involves brett favre goes right down to the final possession. >> no, it really does. we talked about it in the pregame show. i'm like aaron rodgers. i'm used to seeing those brett favre comeback drives to win these games in the fourth quarter. this year, they have not been able to do it. had one that looked like it was going to get into percy harve i'm. didn't get it. but you see the interceptions just the off-target throws and this is -- this is what we're used to seeing brett favre do. make these plays, rather than these balls that just don't quite make it happen. the bad throws, the bad decisions. i think he is just pressing too, too much. >> you look around the nfc, as the packers with the win go to 4-3, that ties them with the bears in the division, there really isn't any standout team in the nfc. in the afc, you know, the
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steelers won a close one today as did the patriots, they have only lost once. the colts are the defending conference champions and always strong. in the nfc, what is going on? is any team going to assert itself, do you think? >> we have to wait to see who that is going to be. you look at the teams from last year that we thought and they are not getting great quarterback play. dallas, new orleans, chicago, and that really is the problem with some of these teams. and, surprisingly in the nfc, you just look at the loss column, two losses is the mark right now. and tampa and seattle are teams that you wouldn't think of, but they are up there with only two losses. so it's really influx in the nfc. somebody has got to get some consistent play and one of these quarterbacks is going to get their team going. it may be the giants in eli manning. they are the ones that are showing signs of it. >> tony, thanks a lot and talk to you next week. we turn to mike florio of pro football talk on among the topics tomorrow on
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your monday ten-back in the steelers/dolphins game we saw a situation toward the end of the game, here it is. we're taking a look at it on video. the apparent ben roethlisberger fumble was reviewed. but the ball was not awarded to the dolphins because there wasn't any conclusive evidence that miami had recovered the ball in the end zone. it was initially ruled a touchdown. they reviewed that. they saw that he had lost control before he broke the plane so they put the ball back at the 1. but meanwhile a lot of dolphin fans are feeling, hey, we got jobbed here. >> that is right. bob, we've seen numerous occasions the past several years when a bad outcome via the complication of the nfl rules the nfl will look at it in the off-season and change it in the embarrassing situation. i think what the nfl needs to do here. you have that two-pronged approach that there was a fumble that wasn't called on the field. first is there conclusive evidence was there a fumble? yes, in this case conclusive evidence there was a fumble but is there conclusive evidence it
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was recovered by the defensive team? why do we need to have that rirmted when the officials are there to see who came up with the ball? i think if the officials understand that, the teams understand that, the nfl can get rid of that second requirement for conclusive evidence of recovery by video and just trust what the officials on the field determine as to who came up with the football. >> mike, earlier this evening, i spoke with the new supervisor of officials for the nfl, carl johnson. he said that the officials made no mistake in this instance. this is the way the rule is applied. so you're talking about a possible off-season adjustment. i guess it would be a case of especially near the goal line, play it on out, do what you would normal do. you wouldn't need to consult a video. you just get to the bottom of the scrum, find out who was the ball, like they always do, or at least in smo situations on a fumble, make that determination and then sort the rest of it out on review, if necessary. >> that's right, bob. a few years ago the review was there was no review of a situation like this and it drove folks crazy you could see it was clearly it was a fumble on the
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video but the official would point down to the ground and no replay review at all. this is one of the twists put into the rule that allows that play to be reviewed. i don't know why we need to have that conclusive evidence of recovery when you have officials there who can figure out the defensive team got the ball. >> not to spend too much time on this but a final point. it was just outside two minutes so that rule about fumbling forward in the last two minutes would not have applied. and it wasn't fourth down where the offense cannot intentionally fumble the ball forward and then recover it. so had the dolphins recovered the ball, it would have been theirs and had the steelers recovered it, it's my understanding it would have been a touchdown, correct? >> well, that's right. but from the steelers perspective because the play was killed, it couldn't have been recovered at a point farther down the field. it would have to come back to the point where that fumble occurred, if the finding was that it was, in fact, a fumble. >> on to another topic. eric mangini may have improved his standing today with the browns stunner over the saints. as we approach the halfway point, are there any other
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coaches who should be concerned about their job security in season? >> well, bob, in season, the time to watch is when that bye week comes and in jacksonville, they have got one more game at dallas before their bye week and even though they are 3-4, coach jack del rio's team has lost the games by 25, 25, 27 and today at kansasty city by 22. even if he makes it through the bye week, he is going to be in serious jeopardy of losing his job when the season ends. in san francisco the 49ers lost to the panthers on the road and 1-6 and go to london. if they lose and fall to seven they are into their bye week. even though mike singletary has gotten a vote of confidence and if they fall to 1-7 and they are out of it in the nfc west you could see a change in the bye week. >> the latest key injuries, mike? >> aaron smith, the steelers defensive ends, very underrated
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player but a key part of that defense and expected to be loss for the season. he was lost for the year last year had a big impact on the defense. max hall, rookie quarterback of the cardinals, concussion. he will get his job back. when will he pass the test administered by the league to determine return from concussion. usle russell okung also has an injury. >> check out mike with his monday ten-back at with his latest news and notes. we come back to al michaels and cris collinsworth after this. . this has worked for the last decade. do you think you could do any better? besides the mach 3? mhm. no. i'd like to challenge that. introducing the revolutionary new fusion proglide. -wow. -it just glides. -feels smoother. [ host ] now fusion proglide has been engineered with gillette's thinnest blades ever. so it glides for less tug and pull. 8 out of every 10 guys prefer
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this is the play of the game. >> al: you would figure a lot of action in the end zone tonight and a lot of controversial action. number one, had you this that made the score 14-7 as andrew qaurless makes the catch, but minnesota didn't challenge. could have. probably would have had it overturned but that made it 14-7. then on the other side, you had this pass to shiancoe in the end zone. they ruled this incomplete
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because they said that the ball, when it was on the ground, helped -- replay overturned it -- it had the makings of the ball being possessed by shiancoe because he was able to use the ground in the process. whatever that means. meanwhile, you had favre throwing this pass to harvin which looked like it was going to be another brett miracle in lambeau, but harvin was clearly out of bounds. a lot of action in the replay booth. a lot of action on the field. it was a pretty good ball game. >> cris: it was great fun. let's give a little credit to aaron rodgers. he sort of had the ghost of brett favre hanging over him in the head-to-head megs last year. brett went 2-0. aaron rodgers did enough in this one to come away with a win and i'm sure that takes a little pressure off of him in this sitting. >> al: green bay goes to new york. feeling a lot better. would have lost their third in a row if minnesota wins tonight
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and would have been 3-4 and down minnesota in the head-to-head and they did win a close game which was essential for them tonight. >> cris: there is no way to finish off this game without giving some credit to chad clifton and this offensive line. 14 sacks a season ago. they didn't have those guys playing in those games. but to come out and pitch a shutout against these pass rushers and the flip side of that is i think the minnesota vikings now have to take a look, what happened to that vaunted pass rush of a year ago? >> al: minnesota might have to take a look at a lof of stuff. the ongoing investigation on brett favre has not been settled. if they go to new england next week, which is going to be tough and you lose and you're 2-5, and the team is built to win this year. it's an older veteran team. at what point, at what what point do you begin to say we're looking at the next year? >> probably when you're finally and officially eliminated, but you do have to look at the
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possibility of a brett favre suspension added into that very tough schedule to come. so there is a lot of things on the plate for the vikings. >> al: yeah. consternation in minnesota. >> cris: but a lot of happy people here. >> al: you bet. under a full moon. speaking of a full moon. see you next week in new orleans. halloween. pittsburgh against the saints. "football night in america" gets started at 7:00 eastern and 4:00 pacific. until then, al michaels and cris collinsworth and andrea kremer and our entire crew saying good night from lambeau field in green bay. . -- captions by vitac --
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>> rudy giuliani on the campaign trail for robert ehrlich. why he thinks that ehrlich is why he thinks that ehrlich is down in every
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