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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  December 13, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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stunned by the case that has unfolded. >> this was not him. >> you think he was trapped. >> i just do not think he it was him. >> the mother of antonio martinez says her son was brainwashed by religion. he has left his family and friends in a state of shock and -- and disbelief.ef the fbi claims he was planning a bomb attack. but there was no real bomb. he was nabbed in a government sting. his lawyer made it clear that in trotman will be the defense strategy. -- entrapment will be the defense strategy. >> the arguments we will be
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making today, we put forward the best position we could. >> but the government argued the plot was real. the prosecutors said martinez admitted to the plot and told investigators he parked the vehicle right in front of the recruiting center to do what he thought was maximum harm. the prosecutors said it was all on tape. if you look at the tape of the army of the device, there is no remorse, no nervousness. he is about to kill people with a powerful car bomb. he will remain in detention. the entrapment argument, she said, is one for another day. >> federal prosecutors say martinez can also be seen on that tape grinning broadly, as they described it, as he drove what he thought was the real bomber to its final position. -- the real bomb to its final
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position. >> police are searching for the man who robbed and abducted a pharmaceutical representative today. the victim was snatched in the 2000 block of west pratt street around 9:00 a.m. this morning after he stopped at a local drugstore. >> the driver for it for this -- pharmaceutical company with delivery narcotics to our pharmacy when he was abducted by three suspects. he was placed in the back of his vehicle and transported to a secondary location. at that location, the suspects withdrew all of the narcotics from the truck and transported into their own vehicle and fled the scene. >> the victim was not injured. the suspects are still on the run. >> this morning, some of us were greeted with snow showers. what is next? let's check in right now with our meteorologist sandra shaw. >> the easiest answer to that is frigid cold, also adding in some wind and maybe even some more so
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-- snow showers. if we will keep you to see that very bitter northwest flow as the night progresses. our overnight tonight will be near the 20-degree range. thes take a look at computer and i can tell you what it feels like right now. right now, the wind chill is 19 downtown, 13 at the airport, 10 in westminster, and throughout the day tomorrow it will feel like the teens. we could even be dealing with some single-digit windchill factor tomorrow. >> this morning, two people were killed by a court -- carbon monoxide poisoning and now 11 police officers are recovering after they were overcome by this unit. sheldon has been following the case. he joins us with the latest. >> because of the carbon monoxide leak is still unknown.
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the county officials say it is the property owners' response ability to get a hired professional and year to see what the problem -- in here to see what the problem is. until we find out what happened, no one will be staying in this home on mykleby road. -- on kolding road. -- colby road. >> i believe they have issued a correction noticed that the home cannot be occupied until a master plumber comes back to take a look at what is going on there. >> a huge carbon monoxide leak in the home killed two people sunday morning, 11 others were rushed to the hospital, including two children and three police officers. >> it is surprising to me. it is breathtaking. >> the victims' names have not been released, but a family
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friend has identified them. >> they were great people. they worked hard and tried to send money to their families and do everything is possible. >> friends say the men are from guatemala and were staying with co-workers at the home. the honor of the home was home sunday morning and treated for carbon monoxide poisoning -- the owner of the home was treatehome sunday morning and was treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. >> the number-one lesson we can learn from this tragedy is that every single resident, whether it is a home or town house or apartment to be equipped with carbon monoxide alarms. >> the other people that got sick during that carbon monoxide leak yesterday have been released from the hospital. sedan -- today they are staying with nearby friends just a couple of houses down from where this happened. coming up at 6:00 p.m., we will
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hear from one of the women who escaped from the home yesterday. >> sheldon, thank you. four people were killed this past weekend after -- including two children after a fire ravaged their home in cecil county. it happened just before 2:00 a.m. early saturday morning. the adults were in their 20's and the children were eight years and four months old. one man was able to escape with minor burns. >> 83 alarm fire yesterday at a storage facility in south baltimore -- a three alarm fire yesterday at a storage facility in south baltimore. david has a live update. >> the damage is estimated to be $140,000. for one south baltimore man who uses this facility, what is lost is priceless. paul martin is on a lonely,
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heart wrenching search for family treasures. he is speaking through this of the ashes of debris that used to be the very personal things he kept in safekeeping for the past year. items devoured by a three-alarm fire over the weekend. >> it was all her christmas dove, stuff we have had for years to be put it where is safe. now it is all gone. but a lifetime of memories that once filled a storage bin can now fit into a small creek. >> it is just a few -- into a small greacrate. >> it is just a few pictures out of a whole storage container. >> watching paul seemingly nimbly collecting pieces of his life is deceiving. he confides using constant physical pain and there is no relief. -- he is in constant physical
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pain and there is no relief. he has a medical condition that is a block in his spinal cord. surgeons cut out a piece of this goal to make room for a spinal cords of his brain can't -- a piece of his skull to make room for his spinal cord so his brain can't interact with it. -- can interact with it. he had won eureka moment. he even called out loud that he found a treasure. cruxes was given to mice is -- given to me by my sister back in 1987. -- >> this was given to me by my sister. >> and arson detective is now assigned to this fire. coming up at 6:00 p.m., not all storage facilities provide or even require that your possessions being injured. >> -- be insured.
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>> more than 100 ? were rescued from -- more than 100 dogs were rescued from a home that caught on fire. because of the fire is still under investigation. and tonight, please release the names of four people at the center of a dogfighting investigation. donte birth, jessica dena ahman mckelvin fuller and offer dorsey are all charged with narcotics and the intent to distribute. investigators found thousands of dollars in cash in a drug. friday -- drug raid friday night. they also found six dogs, b $9 and appeared to be used -- to having been used for -- they also found six dogs, beaten and malnourished. >> the last time the ravens travel to houston divide was the
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rookie campaign for joe flacco and john harbaugh ended when well. gerrie sandusky has more -- and it went well. gerrie sandusky has more from texas. >> last time they had to do a work around because of hurricane ike and they are back in houston and it is another work around as ravens try to work around the playoffs nafud they'd put themselves in last week against the steelers. -- the playoffs snafued they put themselves in last week against the steelers. this is a playoff game because one more loss and they are out of the playoffs. >> they put themselves in a tough spot as far as the a.f.c. south is concerned. but you're absolutely right, december is when you're playing your best football. >> we talked a couple of players when we got here and they had different opinions. rice said this is as big as
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stage as there is in the regular season. chris carter says you have to play that game for that games merits. what do you think? >> i think you have to have a lot of merit to that. monday night is a great opportunity to go out there and show your peers what you are all about. you have to realize that you have to get out there and you cannot do anything that would mess up your team's chances. >> in houston, jerry sandusky, wbal tebo -- tv 11 news. >> still to come, but doctors are noticing a rise in patients with brain tumors who are seeking alternative treatments. details in tonight's medical alert. -- we will have new details in tonight's medical alert. a new state-of-the-art
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fitness facility is now open and ready to go. >> thousands of seniors in maryland are struggling to pay for their prescription drugs, but assistance for that just went up in maryland. how you can take advantage, comi
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>> a new state-of-the-art fitness facility is open at the training center. it will serve for employees as well as fire officials and police officers. it was open to honor the harry and janette weinberg foundation for making the haj center possible. >> we depend on the police and firemen to be the best of the best and they need to be able to be trained and physically fit. and they need to have the conditioning that will help them stay the best. >> the new gymnasium features a variety of equipment including drive mills and punching bags. -- treadmills and punching bags. >> a surprising new study suggests that parents have actually very little influence on their children's diet. researchers found that children ate the same percentage of recommended calories and fat as their parents only about 20% of the time. that is possibly because
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children only share one or two meals a day with their parents and parents may feed their children different meals to save money. the other possibility is the increasing influence of advertising that has more children making their own food choices. researchers for brain cancer are now trying an alternative therapy. they studied over 600 adults with incurable brain cancer in germany and found that over 40% of them use homeopathic remedies. vitamin supplements or psychological therapy as a form of treatment. the majority of patients were happy with the type of treatment they had chosen, but we're looking for something else to add to it. genetic sickle cell disease is a very painful and dangerous and pregnancy can make it worse. it is definitely considered a high-risk pregnancy. managing is tonight's woman's doctor. >> latorsha is holding a one- month old son, jr..
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she and his father are glad that the risky present -- pregnancy because shep risky has sickle cell. >> the fetus has a high rate of miscarriage, high rates of preterm births, high rates that the baby does not get enough oxygen inside and they do not grow as well. there are many risks associated, as well as a higher incidence of death to the mother. >> obviously, not a pregnancy to undertake lightly. and natasha has already lost one pregnancy at 36 weeks. >> i actually had to stay in the hospital. the couple of weeks toward the end. >> the woman with sickle cell should see your doctor before attempting probity. >> they should be placed on higher doses of folic acid. they should take good care of themselves and try to reduce the incidence of their circling.
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>> and even though natasha had to be hospitalized, she got what she wanted, a beautiful, healthy baby. >> he is a beautiful baby. i'm glad for that. he is so beautiful. he is armed little miracle baby, i like to call him. -- he is our little miracle baby i like to call him. >> a woman with sickle cell should see her ob/gyn, a hematologist, and a manager to get the best outcome possible. we had an interesting conversation with dr. ott as about why the name of sickle cell has changed and what it means for women. that is at 8 -- that is at >> i hope you manage to stay warm today. we had some freezing rain and a
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bit of snow activity. even some snow at ocean city today. right now, some of flurries and a little bit of snow showers and trying to roll down from the great lakes. it is lake-effect snow at this point. tomorrow, about a 20% chance of seeing inferiority about. but the real story for the next several days -- of seeing a flurry or two. but the real story for the next several days will be places like birmingham, alabama down into the teens. 20 degrees for an overnight low even in orlando. 29 downtown. 28 in parkton and 30 over and eastern. but it feels so much worse out there because of these blustery winds. the wind is at 20 m.p.h. at b.w.i. marshall, 19 parkton, and 22 downtown. 13 is the wind chill at b.w.i.
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marshall. 19 downtown. nine in westminster. out in western maryland where there is a winter storm warning, - 3. very gusty winds in excess of 30 miles per hour, but the revisory range would be about 40 miles. -- the advisory range would be about 40 miles. we are dealing with a really interesting situation with the jet stream. although frigid canadian air continues to filter in. in addition we have high pressure trying to filter in. out in the west coast in places like phoenix and l.a., at record highs. l.a. was 83 degrees yesterday. this was the trudy -- to the dividing line -- this was the
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true dividing line. northwest winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour with higher gusts of downtown. as we break into tomorrow, the temperature will hover writer around 30 in baltimore. with the winter storm, 22 degrees forecast for the mountains. snow throughout the day. the good news is that it is just a chance of flurries. cloudy skies and a high of about 31. northwest winds at 50 to 20 miles per hour. 33 at ocean city. a little bit more sunshine on wednesday, a high 34. on sunday when the ravens are at home again, a slight chance of rain and 38. they have the roof either way, so it should not affect the game too much. >> it should not affect our win.
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still to come, police have a warning for business owners being approached by health inspectors. >> and the nfl had to do a mad scramble to do a location for the -- to find a location for the vikings after a heavy snow caused a stadium to collapse. >> our first big test for president obama and the republicans' tax deal. the stories coming up next.
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>> businesses should be. anyone claiming to be from the health department. that is from the baltimore county police department and the environment of resource management. businesses have gotten bcalls from people claiming to be health inspectors, and they ask for their information, but they are using it fraudulently. we have posted some tips at our website, click on consumer. >> voting on president obama new political strategy to cut deals with republicans.
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>> today's senate test for the president and his tax deal with the republicans was whether he got enough democrats like max baucus. >> if we do not act, taxes will go up. >> the tax deal would keep income tax rate at where they are now, no hikes for the wealthy, and no tax on estates of to $10 million. house democrats vowed to fight that. >> literally, it boils down to $25 billion for 6600 families. >> but barack obama is insisting that the recovery will be held by people getting bigger paychecks. >> they are more likely to spend, more likely to be confident about the direction of the economy. >> 69% said they support his move to work with republicans.
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>> i think you're seeing the president acknowledging, ok, we've got today midcourse correction. the question is, how fast will the rest of the party do that? >> the only thing that unites botharties right now is that they want something for nothing, that they want free lunch. >> the compromise's estimated cost is $850 billion. >> still to come, a look at top stories, including the deadly accident in anne arundel county. >> prescription drug just went up in maryland, but thousands of seniors do not know about it. how you can take a vintage. >> we will take you behind the
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scenes of the national archives and show you how you work -- how they're coping with the mansion -- with a massive backlo
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>> you are watching wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd with stan stovall, donna hamilton, your insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd continues now. >> new tonight at 5:30 p.m., help is on the way for people may be having a hard time paying for their medications. paying for prescription drugs is a struggle for many mayor lenders. -- for mary marylanders.
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george takes us to one of the workshops designed to sign seniors up. >> cliff is like a lot of senior citizens. >> half the time they would not fill the prescriptions anymore because i had to pay $1,000 up front and i did not have that kind of money. >> his medicare part d slipped into the so-called doughnut hole. he has not been able to afford drugs for three months. garko cannot sleep. nervousness, anxiety -- >> i cannot sleep, nervousness, anxiety. >> this workshop is hosted by the maryland drug assistance program. prescription drug resistance in the state has gone up, but thousands who are eligible are not taking advantage of it during the current enrollment time frame.
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>> we are planning to reach out to thousands of others who would qualify, but have not come to a workshop yet. >> for seniors who are eligible, in 2011, the program will pay up to $35 per month in premiums. in addition to 95% coverage. it did not take long forklift to know he is eligible and it will get these bills by -- for cliff to know he is eligible and it will -- and he will get its bills by january 1. you can also call and sign up over the phone. >> police have yet to identify a woman who was shot yesterday on this city's west side. she was found early yesterday morning in the 1400 block of north franklin town road. officers say she had been shot several times. she was taken to shock trauma
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where she died. police are searching for a suspect and a motive. >> police are investigating a deadly accident in edgewater. 19-year-old jennifer suit was driving when she crossed the center line and hit a stone post. she was pronounced dead at the scene. speed was a factor in the crash and she was not wearing a steep -- a seat belt. 11 people were overcome by a carbon monoxide. officers were overcome when they entered the home. two men were found dead inside the basement. residents say that home they were singing has problems with the furnace. a man accused of setting off a fake car bomb outside a recruiting station in catonsville last week went before a federal judge. 21-year-old antonio martinez admitted to trying to set off the device, but his attorneys argue this is entrapment.
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the charges are so serious he will remain in detention. the nfl had to scramble to find a place for the giants-vikings game. check out what happened. this is incredible video from inside the mall of america dome in minneapolis. the inflatable roof collapsed. look at the snow come down on the field. nearly 2 feet of snow was on the roof and it snowed four hours before yesterday's game. they moved the game to tonight in detroit. several panels on the far graaff -- fiber glass roof structure. luckily, no one was hurt and workers removed the snow from around a roof today. and a cheap shot at a dolphins- jets game. officials say the conditioning coach deliberately tripped a rookie and he went down at the sideline.
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he issued a statement yesterday that said he made a mistake yesterday to relapsing judgment. -- that showed a total lapse in judgment. no kidding. but the federal agency in charge of safeguarding and preserving the nation's most important documents as they seem monumental backlog. government auditors say two- thirds of the national archives holdings have yet to be preserved. donna kidd has more -- sally kidd has more. >> they have numbers coming in and limited staff to deal with them. susan page has been working to preserve thousands of rail line maps dating back to the 20th- century. >> we planned to be working on this project for many years to come and we would like to be able to accomplish a certain number each year. >> but she says progress is slow
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due to staff limitations and -- r four years of work >> it as -- we have treated about 1000. >> with 8000 to go. 6000 are waiting to be preserved or processed. the government accountability office says the number of documents waiting for preservation has grown to some 2.6 million cubic feet, an increase of 200,000 materials in one year. and there are just 18 staff members assigned to tackle the load. >> we are looking toward reducing the backlog, but as we add new records, that also adds to the needs of our holdings. >> the archives hopes to cut the backlog to 50% by 2016. but the gao says that goal is out of reach. >> unless they actually do the type of risk assessment that
5:36 pm
would consider those needs in that area and develop a litigation strategy, and a strategy for how they are going to address that. we do have questions as to their ability to actually accomplish that. >> and data management problems extend across the entire federal government. the gao says almost 80% of agencies face a moderate to high risk that records will be unlawfully destr. >> there is on large amount of electronic records that need to be preserved and the archivists say those records are still being developed. >> still ahead, how does a man in handcuffs take off in a police car? >> and a disturbing story. a teenager in california goes on a stabbing attack against the two children. >> and don king was pulled aside and the cleveland airport.
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>> a 14-year-old boy is behind bars, accused of brutally stabbing a 13-year-old girl and
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her 18-month-old brother. police say the toddler will cut when the boy was sexually assaulting the girl and that is when he attacked both of them. amazingly, she was able to escape with her little brother. authorities found that teenage boy asleep in her home and think he is acquainted with the girl's older brother. >> yesterday, police handcuffed and man and placed him that -- placed him in the back of a police cruiser after being arrested for abusing his girlfriend. somehow he managed to get his hands in front of him and took off with the police car. he is still on the loose. was stopped at the
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airport because he had ammunition in his bag. he was in cleveland for his wife's funeral. he was allowed to surrender the ammunition and continue his trip. one local universities doing its part to help those in need this holiday season. >> tens of thousands of packages being stored every hour. we will take a behind-the-scenes of defects have on their busiest day in history. he >> it is -- it is not the snow that is for the going to be the story. it is going to be the cold as we prepare for one of the coldest night of the season. right now, the wind chill is 13 and the winds are gusting out of the west at 20 to 30 miles per hour.
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>> david corn it has unveiled
5:43 pm
his plans for the slots facility at the anne arundel mall. and j. miller is outside the federal courthouse as the man accused of trying to blow up a recruitment center makes an appearance.
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cuts in major winter storm continues its trek across the states, forcing 30 states to post alerts of one form or another. >> many areas are now bracing for a few days and frigid temperatures. >> the same system that made a mess in the midwest over the weekend deep -- dipped into the deep south by monday, making travel treacherous in north
5:45 pm
carolina, where not even news vans were immune. raised in indiana were hazardous, to. the same in kentucky. 10 inches were on the ground near lexington. the interstates were not clear in tennessee. this was interstate 40 near nashville where nearly a foot fell sunday night. very little activity outdoors. even birmingham had a rare sight of snow falling monday morning. back in the midwest, city buses were running again in minneapolis as residents braced for the burdo cold. -- bruegel cold. >> it is not to fun to walk around in. >> under the weight of all that snow, the dramatic tear in the -- and the collapse of the metrodome might also terry's a hole in the city's budget because the vikings have been threatening to move unless a new stadium has -- is built.
5:46 pm
in detroit, the weather is just as bad, but fans lined up this morning for free tickets anyway. >> we've got lots of blankets. we are good. >> tell me what your drive was like. >> it was a blizzard. it was horrible. >> we are still a week away from winters start and a water main break turned this home in kansas city into an ice castle. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. -- sandra shaw. >> it is suddenly colder than normal here, but when you put in perspective their duty with -12 and when children and twenties -- they're dealing with the -12 wind chill and temperatures in the '20s-20's.
5:47 pm
our actual temperature will be just under 20 degrees for the overnight low. right now, this cloud cover rolling in, we did see some of wintry precipitation. just a trace amount recorded out at the airport. there was even snow today in trace amounts at ocean city. hawkings were very volatile. there is about a 20 to 30% chance of flurries as we head into tomorrow as well. the headline of the day, 29 is the actual temperature. 27 at the airport. only 21 in westminster. but the vikings win makes it feel worse. the winds are in excess -- the winds make it feel worse. these winds are in excess of 30
5:48 pm
miles per hour. that plunges the wind chill had 13 degrees at the airport. 15 parkton. 18 in easton. one of the coldest nights of the year on tap tonight, but thankfully we are not dealing with blizzard conditions like in western maryland. in allegheny county there is a storm warning. and a high wind advisory of 40 miles per hour likely around hagerstown. overnight tonight, breezy and cold, 17 in the outlying areas. 25 downtown at best. this is a huge arctic blast as the jet stream's dip well into basically, south florida. dilka raton will dip to about freezing tonight, central florida to about 20.
5:49 pm
in texas where the ravens are tonight, it is really not an issue. about 39 for an overnight low. in contrast we're dealing with record highs out in places like phoenix and the low 80's. our normal high for this time of the year is 47, so we are well off the market low pressure -- we are well off the mark. we have low pressure that will bring in this system and then high pressure will bring out the sun if we can get through the next 24 hours. for us, and the site variably to mostly cloudy, wind gusts in excess of 30 miles per hour and a height only of 31 degrees. the extended forecast shows more sunshine on wednesday and 34.
5:50 pm
a gradual warming up into the upper 30's by the end of the week. still a chance of a flurry each day. maybe shourd or 24 the ravens on sunday. 38 is the high. -- radiation hour or two for the -- may be a shower or two for the ravens on sunday. 38 is the height. >> almost 2 million passengers travelled through the airport this october. this figure was a 7.2% increase over october 2009. southwest airways -- southwest airlines was the largest carrier. if you plan to fly this holiday season, keep the credit card handy. all of those fees their x -- all of the extra fees they are charging are not likely to go
5:51 pm
away anytime soon. we already know the fees grossed nearly $1.7 billion for the airlines in the first half of the year. maybe we just should not take luggage any more. >> ultimately, i think the airlines realize that they will hit a feeling in how much money they can derive from baggage fees. >> if that happens, travel experts expect the airlines to resort to other fees. with less than two weeks to go before christmas, the deadline to ship those packages is very quickly approaching. today is the busiest shipping day of the year for fedex, as millions drop off their packages to be sent around the world. >> mountains and miles of rolling, rolling conveyor belts
5:52 pm
today, carrying the most cargo every in the history of fedex. >> 60 million packages drop -- 16 million packages throughout the company. >> high-speed scanners are sorting 30,000 packages every hours. >> it will be busy all the way through christmas. we expect high volume next week as well. >> a lot of that business is coming from shoppers pointing and clicking to find the perfect present. this has been the busiest holiday ever for online retailers. cyber sellers have taken in almost $22 billion, up 22% from last year. and last week was the busiest of the season. shoppers are thinking outside the box, while shippers are making sure the boxes delivered on time. >> if you have a package that needs to be delivered before the
5:53 pm
holidays and you do not want to be any rush charges, you will need to have it on one of these belts by the end of the week. >> did you know this holiday season you can get top -- top dollar holiday gift cards for less than top dollar prices? there are some that will sell them for less than face value. if the card you buy has an amount left on it, you could use the card to make purchases from the retailer. marketers are looking for a way for you to enjoy your next the book. they're offering them for free in exchange for viewing the book. e-book business made close to $1 billion this year.
5:54 pm
but it is causing publishers to rethink their formerly negative view of e-books. >> tauzin university is kicking off its annual -- towson university skin off its annual food drive and toy drive. the university welcomes donations from the community and drop-off boxes are located in every building on campus through thursday. coming up, a possible temporary facility to house lots. officials gathered in annapolis to talk about it. details on that, new at 6:00 p.m. and prince william and kate middleton release their royal engagement photos.
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>> prince william and kate middleton release their official engagement photos over the weekend. they chose a photographer close to the prince's family for the honor. >> it meanwhile, they are still dealing with the attack on his father, prince charles and his stepmother's card last week. >> they are in love. "the prince of cuddles" one british headline read.
5:58 pm
>> the reason why they look so happy is because they are. >> for much of their courtship for eight years, they're rarely seen touching, even hand in hand. it was these touching photos of diana before her death that led him to choose this photographer. released this weekend, the portraits mark a stark contrast to the jarring images of prince charles and camilla, their car attacked by protestors last week. anarchist groups are already threatening to disrupt the fault -- the royal wedding, which is just four months away if these photos are any indication, he and kate may be willing to share a little more of their private side, too. as for security, police said that one of the protesters was able to jab at tamela through that open window with a stick --
5:59 pm
job camilla through that open window with a stick. >> that is all for us at 5:00 p.m. >> here's a look at what is coming up new at 6:00 p.m. >> 83-alarm fire in a south baltimore business -- a three- alarm fire in it south of baltimore business that touches more than just your heart. " jayne miller. prosecutors say you should see the tape. new details emerged about the alleged bomb plot to set off a car bomb in catonsville. >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. in hd. >> tonight, we are of live with revelations from the man accused of trying to blow up a baltimore military grouping center. new details about the man who tried to set off a car bomb last week in catonsville. week in catonsville.


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