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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  December 13, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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antonio martinez admitted to -- >> the government says that antonio martinez admitted to everything, while his lawyers say it is entrapment. >> new details came out because prosecutors wanted to make sure antonio martinez stays in jail. the mother of a suspect and to do martinez today said it her son has been brainwashed by his religion. he is accused of trying to set off a car bomb outside a military recruitment center in catonsville last wednesday. his motive, investigators say, to strike back at the u.s. for what he calls the war on islam. his mother says he could not have intended harm. >> this is not him. i just do not think this is him. >> in court, his lawyer raised the argument of entrapment. the bamann said the car last week was not real, but fake, --
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the bomb inside the car last week was not real, but fay, provided by the fbi agent. what we have, his lawyer said, is a government sting. all of this, he went on, was pitted the creation of the government. >> but the government argued the plot was real. they say martinez admitted to the plot and parked the vehicle right in front of the recruiting center to do what he thought would be maximum harm. prosecutors say it was all on tape. if you look at the tapes of him army and the device, it is like everyday routine -- armenia the device, it is like everyday routine. the judge ordered him to remain in detention. the charges, he said amar extraordinarily serious. the day before the bomb was to
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go off, martinez said a facebook message claiming they would be victorious. he also said they would face two options, one, be successful, or two, get locked up. >> police in baltimore are searching for the man who robbed and abducted a pharmaceutical rep. the victim was taken in the 2000 block of west pratt street this morning. he had stopped at a local drugstore. >> he was delivering narcotics to an area pharmacies when he was abducted by three suspects. he was placed in the back of his vehicle and transported to a secondary location. the suspects withdrew all of the narcotics from the truck and transfer it into their own vehicle and fled the scene. >> the b " -- the victim was later dropped off in south baltimore, unharmed. >> plans for a temporary spot
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facility next to the anne arundel mills mall. >> it is the first phase of a permit to sit -- facility at anne arundel mills mall. -- a permanent facility at anne arundel mills mall. the first phase would consist of a parking garage for the for a minute -- permanent facility. the floor of the ground would be temporarily converted into a casino with kate of slot machines. it would operate that way for about a year. >> so that we can get the revenue flowing quicker to the state and it seemed to be a logical way to approach the project. >> we certainly want to see the
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project move forward as soon as possible. >> they hope to begin construction on phase one shortly after the new year, with an opening set time in late 2011. >> 11 people, including three baltimore county police officers, are recovering after carbon monoxide poisoning a baltimore county home and that league lead -- left two people dead. -- of that leak left two people dead. >> the other people that got securing the carbon monoxide leak have been released from hospital. they are expected to stay at a neighboring home on the block with a friend. in the meantime, nobody will be staying in this home on kulbir road. -- colby road. >> health officials say it is still not safe after a major corporate monoxide leak. >> it may be 8 to 10 days before
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they can go get their things. >> on sunday morning, officials found an excessively high amount of carbon monoxide in the home. two men were found dead in the basement. seven others, including two children were hospitalized because of their exposure to the gas. three policemen were also treated. officials have not released the victims' names, but close friends have identified them. friends say the men are from guatemala and worked for the husband of the home. they were also staying at the home and were friends of the family. >> they were good people, you know, work hard and tried to send money to their families. >> government oxide is fuel
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combustion. -- carbon monoxide is a danger of fuel combustion. >> it is up to the homeowner to determine what the source of the problem is. >> the home's owner was home during the week and treated at the hospital. no carbon tomonoxide detectors were inside the home. county officials are saying this whole situation is a tragic reminder for all of us that ever went to that a carbon monoxide alarms in their home. -- everyone should have a carbon monoxide alarms in their home. >> in a number of people to date spent the day picking up the pieces of their lives lost in a three-alarm fire yesterday. >> it broke out in a storage facility. david collins joins us from south baltimore. he has more on the status of the
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investigation and because of the fire. >> they are still searching for the cause, however, the damage is known, $140,000. but the word price this comes to mind to one man who uses this facility. thick, black smoke limited visibility to almost zero. baltimore city firefighters use their hands to knock down the inferno. fire erupted at sure the before 6:00 a.m. sunday at this storage facility in south baltimore. >> because of this fire is not yet known. damages estimated at $140,000 to the building and its content. but paul martin is speaking to the saudi-is the degree that used to be very personal things that he stored in safe keeping for the -- is picking through the soggy remains that used
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to be very personal things that he's starting safekeeping for the past year. a lifetime of memories that once filled a storage bin can now fit into a small creek. >> it is just a few pictures that are left, and my son's first shoes. and like i said, a few pictures. >> watching paul seemingly nimbly collecting pieces of his life is deceiving. he confides he is in constant physical pain and there is no relief. in the past two years he has undergone three brain to read and two spinal cord surgery. he has a medical condition that is a block in his spinal cord. surgeons cut out a piece of his skull to make room for his spinal cord so his brain can interact with it.
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>> life goes on. i have lost more than this. >> he unearthed something dear to his heart and called out loud he found a treasure. >> this had been given to me and my wife and our first christmas back in 1987 by my sister-in-law who died of cancer. >> sums of storage facilities require customers to ensure their property. >> just a couple of hours before kickoff as the ravens prepared to win. >> and a federal judge in virginia has struck down a key provision of the obama health care law passed not too long ago. >> i miquel killion at the white house where the president is
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talking taxes and much more. >> and an arctic blast has seized the state of maryland, the entire east coast, for that matter. i will let you know what it looks like on the seven-day forecast. the actual temperature downtown is 27, for itchy dry skin. try cortizone 10 intensive healing. the strongest itch relief medicine now has three vitamins and seven moisturizers. feel the heal.
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>> a federal judge in virginia has struck down a key piece of the recently passed health care reform law. he said the individual mandate that requires americans to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. other lawsuits are pending and the obama administration is expected to file an appeal on
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that soon. meanwhile, president obama continues the sales pitch for his tax plan. the cracks and as the senate moved today, he disk -- >> and as the senate moved to vote today, he discussed that and other topics. >> i have been thinking it made sense for us to play russian roulette with the economy. >> in an interview, president obama defended his tax-cut deal with the republicans, even though he admits it is not perfect. >> i would have preferred to be able to tailor it so we do not have to give tax breaks to high income folks, but that is the only way republicans would agree to go forward. >> but he shrugged off criticism that he caved into gop demand. >> here is the challenge. republicans have made clear that without also giving tax breaks to those high income folks, which include me, by the way, and i do not think i need it --
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but if i do not do that, they will let lapse tax cuts for middle-class families. the cracks and he says that would have a devastating affect on the economy. >> the worst thing we could do for the economy right now is to see in a class families across america suddenly see their taxes go up by $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 per family. >> he says if congress passes the plan to extend the bush era cuts for the next two years, that is it. >> i am confident and i have not made an announcement yet, but if i ran for reelection what i can confidently say is that i would not extend the bush tax cuts for the well-to-do beyond this two- yeardeal. we are looking at a temperature range on average of
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about 35 degrees. the wind chill out for much of the afternoon made it did into the teens. a lot of clouds are building in and partly cloudy sky cover tonight. lake-effect snow showers continue to rotate down from the great lakes. we could see some of those as the night progresses. do not be surprised if we see some of what we saw this morning. the big deal would be the better the cold winds combined with lower than normal temperatures to give us when gills that are almost in a dangerous category. -- to give us wind chill that is almost in a dangerous category. bundle up because it is likely to be in the single digits. 21 of in westminster. 27 at the state line in parkton. the winds are still blowing consistently at about 22 miles per hour on average. we saw wind gusts of about 35
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miles per hour. just to the west of us, 40 miles per hour wind gusts in fredericksburg and hagerstown. it feels like 8 degrees, that is the wind chill factor in westminster. why in hagerstown. and -- five in hagerstown. and it gets really bad when you get over to oakland, - 5. there is no real relief anytime soon. as far as advisory's go, nothing in effect in central maryland. we have a winter storm warning and an advisory of issued for western maryland because throughout the day tomorrow they will see a pretty significant snow event and highs only in the 20's. 17 in the outlying areas of potentially tonight and about 20 downtown. why all of the bitter arctic cold? we have all of this air from canada and it is streaming far
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south because of the loh jet stream. the jet stream is down in south florida, so freezing potential will affect the citrus crops down there. things will continue to be below normal for the next couple of days. clear skies where the ravens are tonight. and to contrast that, 83, the record high in l.a. yesterday. also some high temperatures in phoenix. 22 and is known throughout the day in the mountains to bar. -- and snow throughout the day in the mountains tomorrow. 33 down in ocean city, windy and mostly cloudy there as well. mid 30's on wednesday with more sunshine. thursday, 39 or so. friday, 39. saturday, 39.
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still below normal, but a little bit better. on sunday, mostly cloudy with a high of 38. >> just a few hours from kickoff in houston and the ravens are looking to go 4-0 at night time against the taxes. houston has nearly 280 yards per game through the air. and how to stop the pass, the texans surely know how to do it themselves. >> for the second week in a row, the ravens find themselves in the national spotlight. the ravens coming after a week of their offense being under scrutiny. but it is the defense that could face a real pressure tonight because the houston texans have an explosive offense. this is one of the best offenses the ravens will run into this year. >> you try to be consistent and, to make a life does not
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matter if it is saturday -- sunday at 9:00 in the morning or monday night, you want to come prepared employ the same way every week. -- come prepared the same way every week. >> anyone who is involved in coverage to monterey johnson, kevin walker, matt shaw, a dangerous trio. especially when you consider they have the no. 1 running bacheback. >> base for the move the ball very efficiently down the football -- they certainly move the ball. fishleigh down a football field. and by the way, they're very good on -- moved the ball down the field. and by the way they're very good. >> thank you for the look ahead.
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now, quickly, a look behind. first from the meadowlands, tripped intentionally by a coach. he went down bank and had to leave the game for a while. a dirty, dirty play, and stupid. of course the cameras will catch it. no punishment will come before this player over his choice to immediately ask michael vick for his autograph right after the game. it is just embarrassing. brett favre will not start against the giants tonight, ending his consecutive game streak of 297. that is more than six years of starts more than other quarterbacks.
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the average 18-points and 10 rebounds, moving faster than that. walker is the first player to win that award this season.
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>> it just weeks after it goes
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through to develop anne arundel county slots, the developer speaks out. plus, how the
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>> we do not mind that it is cold. we mind that it is frigid. >> and it is really the wind. single-digit windchill to night. it will be awful at the bus stop
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tomorrow. >> how about that game? >> but there it will be about 39, but you might feel about 19 degrees overnight. for tomorrow, a high of about 31 at best. probably below freezing all day. a slight chance of a snow flurry or shower. and 34 on wednesday because we will see more sunshine. still in the mid 30's on thursday. friday, up to 39. same deal on saturday, but keep in mind the normal high is 47. sunday, taking on the new orleans saints, 38 degrees. maybe a little bit of snow. >> i cannot imagine new orleans coming up here and in doing that. >> thank you for joining us. [captioning made possible by
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