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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  December 13, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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hd. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> we begin tonight with the breaking news of harford county. >> a fire broke out just after 8:00 an apartment building on franklin. a volunteer firefighter was able to rescue one person. two others and jumped from a second-floor apartment. three people were taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions. we will bring you an update as soon as more information becomes available. now to our other big story tonight. abuzz our investigation in baltimore city. >> investigators are looking for three people who kidnapped a pharmaceutical delivery driver and got away with a truck full of drugs. >> it all started at 9:00 this morning outside of this downtown pharmacy at the corner of harmison and west pratt.
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a delivery driver was approached as he was attempting to drop off. the men echidna to the driver, put him in the back of his own truck and drove off -- the men kidnapped the driver, put him in the back of his own truck and drove off. this is a video of investigators at the scene this morning. the suspect's transfer the drugs to their vehicle and left the victim behind. >> we assume they will sell them on the street. obviously, these are narcotics, dangerous substances. if you sell them without consent -- without going to the medical process, people get hurt. >> the fbi and the dea are helping with the investigation. the suspect got away with a variety of drugs with a significant street value. police say they have no information. the suspects were armed and the victim was not injured. anyone with information is asked to call baltimore city allows.
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some renters of a baltimore storage facilities spent the day digging through charred along belongings. we caught up with one man who spoke of his devastating loss. >> of thick, black smoke limited visibility to zero. firefighters used their hands to probe for doors. fire erupted shortly before 6:00 a.m. sunday at u-store storage facility in south baltimore. >> there were no reports of injuries. the cause is not yet known. >> damage is estimated exit $140,000. what paul martoin lost is priceless. this operation does not provide insurance like others to do
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through a third party. it is up to renters to ensure their own property. >> all of our christmas stuff, stuf we had three years. and it's all gone now. >> a lifetime of memories that filled the storage bin it can now fit into a storage crate. >> a few pictures that are left. my kids first years. my son's first shoes. a few pictures out of a whole storage container full of stuff. >> watching him collecting pieces of his life is deceiving. he is in constant physical pain and there is no relief. in the past two years, paul has undergone three brain surgeries into spinal cord surgery. he has a medical condition that is a block in his spinal cord. surgeons cut out a piece of this call to make room for the spinal cord so his brain can interact.
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he feels blessed. >> life goes on. people out there lost more than a. >> paul unearthed something dear to his heart. >> this was given to me by my sister-in-law who died from cancer for our first christmas in 1987. my theory of life is -- if you worry about it for 15 minutes, then give it to the lord after that. >> fire investigators are still trying to determine what sparked a fire at a mobile home. it killed four people, including two children. flames broke out saturday morning. one man was able to escape with minor burns. >> four dogs were killed and more than 100 rescued after flames crept through a breeder's home for the remore were more tn 600 dogs there.
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a raid uncovered causes of dollars in cash and six dogs beaten and malnourished. jessica dean and alfred dorsey have been charged with possession of narcotics with intent to distribute. no word if they will face animal-related charges. >> they continue to investigate a carbon monoxide leak in pikesville. baltimore county police responded to the hall and the 4100 block a colby road after a neighbor called on sunday morning saying someone might be dead. >> they were great people, worked hard, try to send money to the family. >> three county officers were overcome when they entered the home. they are investigating to see if the hall was a rental that would have -- would not have required a working carbon monoxide
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detector. >> we have new details about the alleged plot to blow up a military recruiting center. it comes from a detention hearing for 21 year-old antonio martinez. jay miller has more from fedearl ral court. >> it's not him. >> you said he was trapped. >> the mother of suspect antonio martinez today say your son was brainwashed by his religion. he could not have intended to do any harm. antonio martinez he was accused of plotting to set off a car bomb outside of the military recruitment center last wednesday. he said it was a counterattack to what he believes is america's war on islam. there was no real bomb. antonio martinez was nabbed in a a government sting. what we have is a governors --
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government sting, the lawyer said in court. the government induced him to be involved and it adds that was the design of the government. all of this was the creation of the government. >> the arguments we are making today were decided to make, support the best position we could with regard to what he should not be detained. >> the government argued the plot was a real. prosecutors revealed that he admitted to the plot and told investigators he parked the vehicle right in front of the recruiting center to do what he thought would be maximum harm. prosecutors say it is on tape. if you look at the tapes of him are in the device, it is like everyday routine. there is no nervousness. he is about to kill people with a powerful car bomb. the judge determined that the charges were so serious he will remain in detention. the entrapment argument, she said, is one for another day. prosecutors say the day before the bomb was to go off, he sent
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a facebook message claiming he would be victorious. he also said that he knew that he would face two options -- one, be successful. two, get locked up. >> if you or someone you know has medicare and slipped into that dreaded doughnut hole, now is the time to sign up for additional coverage. it pays up to $35 per month in premiums for eligible seniors. in addition, 95% doughnut hole coverage. counselors will be at five locations this week to enrolled thousands who are eligible. we have listed the locations of our website, a federal judge in virginia has struck down a key provision of that health care reform law. the ruling said the individual mandate which requires americans to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. virginia challenge that loss in its conflicts with a state law saying that residents cannot be
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forced to buy health insurance. the obama administration is expected to file an appeal. in a watched procedural vote, the senate today voted to move forward on 2011 tax rates. >> for president obama is new political strategy of cutting deals with republicans -- steve handles man has the very latest. >> it is a good sign for the president and his tax deal with republicans. and the vote to move toward in the senate, he got enough democrats like max baucus. >> if we do not act, taxes will go up. this proves that both parties can in fact work together, to grow our economy and look out for the american people. i recognize that folks on both sides are unhappy with certain parts of the package. >> the deal would keep all income tax rates what they are now -- no fight for the top bracket. and wealthy families we get a big break on inheritance. no tax on the states up to $10 million, and then just 35%.
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house democrats vowed to fight back. >> if it boils down to $25 billion for 6000 families. >> in a wash posed-abc poll, 69 percent said they support the obama compromise. >> and i think you are seeing the present acknowledgeing, we have got to do a midcourse correction. the question is how fast will the rest of the party do that. >> deficit hawks faulted both sides. >> the only thing that unites both parties right now is that they want something for nothing. >> exactly. >> they want a free lunch. >> congress estimates the tax compromise would cost $858 billion. >> liberals say tax the rich mor. conservatives say spend less. what congress is doing now is neither.
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michael steele is telling the rnc he is running for reelection. they will vote next month on whether to give him a second in the hatwo year term. >> the aclu filed a federal lawsuit saying the pentagon has failed to turn over records documenting sexual harassment in the military. claims that tens of thousands of service members have reported some form of assault. while the military denies a posttraumatic stress related to sexual trauma. a new court challenge to "don't ask don't tell". three veterans have now said the government. they want them and to openly game trips to be declared unconstitutional and they want to be -- they want the ban to openly gay troops to be declared unconstitutional. >> a popular grocery chain has
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filed for bankruptcy. >> we will tell you how this home ended up looking like an igloo. >> plus, a lucrative quarter for airlines. find out what is and tooling the billion dollar business. >> a year from now, there could be 2000 slot machines up and running in anne arundel county. >> we are tracking snow showers from gaithersburg the dow around frederick tonight. and looks like we will get more tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. freezing. 22 degrees at the airport. >> more ahead. a check on the "tonight snow." >> we have mark wahlburg, plus olivia wilde and music from up some good
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i think there are eggnog people and non-eggnog people. and which are you? i'm a fish. on a tree. [ female announcer ] if it tastes like the holidays, we've got it. safeway. ingredients for life. >> prince william and his fiancee have released their official engagement photographs. the couple chose the same photographer who shot some of the most famous photographs of princess diana. the couple is set to wed in
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april. >> in tonight's consumer alert, the parent company of super fresh has filed for chapter 11. a &p filed chapter 11 yesterday, listing $3.20 billion in debt. the company owns 15 super fresh stores in the baltimore area, all of which are expected to stay open. >> bwi says the number of passengers in october increase over last year. nearly 2 million travelers made their way through that airport. it is a 7.2% increase over last year. passenger traffic at bwi has increased 16 of the past 17 months. despite complaints, it turns out increased baggage fees were not enough to stop passengers from flying. according to the federal bureau of and the transportation, airlines have grossed more than $2.50 billion this year, up 23%
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from the previous year. >> the airlines realize that they will hit a ceiling and how much money they can derive from vegas fees. >> if that happens, experts expect the airlines to resort to other fees. >> a plan to bring a temporary casino to anne arundel mills mall got the green light from the commission this afternoon. the cornish company presented their plan to get the casino up and running before the permanent facility is ready. kim joins us from the news room with details. >> to the hearing was about the implementation of slots across the state, how existing casinos are doing and the status of projects in the works, including the one in anne arundel county that is on course to become the largest casino in the state. a casino could be coming to anne arundel county sooner than expected. the cornish company presented its plan to open a temporary 2000 slot machine facility within a year.
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the commission gave its blessing to the project. >> we would have liked to have been underway prior to this. but we hope you can move forward expeditiously without further delay. >> the temporary facility is actually the first phase of the permanent casino at anne arundel mills mall. building a parking garage first and converting that into a full- service casino. it will operate that way for a year until stage two is finished third . as soon as we can get the revenue flowing quicker to the states, and it seemed to be a logical way to do the project. >> the was also a glimmer of hope to bring a slot parlor to baltimore city. the chairman indicated he wants to reopen bidding on the project, but he needs to meet with city officials about what terms and conditions of the city wants bidders to submit and
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exactly what land is available. >> we have said clearly that we would like to have all of those lots, all of those parcels that the city owns be clearly identified, the requirements be clearly identified. >> the commission says it will continue to work to bring these casinos to maryland. >> as we try to achieve the goal of the state of maryland and that is to move these facilities for as soon as possible -- f orward as soon as possible and generate income for the state. >> as for cornish, they have a few more steps before it becomes official tour they hope to start construction for phase one after the new year. but that temporary casino opening in late 2011. >> now to this blast of winter weather. it's still battering parts of our country tonight. folks in rochester, minnesota,
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spent most of their day digging out from more than 16 inches that fell over the weekend. schools were closed. chris took hours to clear one parking lot. -- crews tooks hours to clear one parking lot. the roof of the metrodome collapsed. it prompted the nfl to cancel yesterday's game between the vikings and the giants. that game is now being played in detroit. they are trying to figure out how long it will take to repair, and it is unclear what the team will do about next week's scheduled game. >> 16 inches in minnesota. wimps. what you get when you add a water main break freezing temperatures and then subtract a homeowner. here is an answer. you get a frozen house. water covered this home after a weekend water main break in kansas city.
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the owner was away. he returned to an ice-coated home. a blow torch was used to thought it out -- to thaw it out. just like an igloo, it may take a little while for the ice to melt. lake michigan -- high winds caused water to flood the shoreline. if you live in chicago, do not try this at home. one good thing about the waves -- surf's up, dude. if you are brave enough. in the cold. >> now, your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with sandra shaw. >> that was impressive as surfing on lake michigan. there is some lake effect snow that had its origins in the great lakes.
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it is rotating through the area. nothing in baltimore, but you can see the line from frederick down to gaithersburg. a little bit of light snow out there are currently tonight. there is a potential for some around york and a little bit down around ocean city. so we run the risk of seeing these showers with a lake effect snow is filtering through tonight and maybe tomorrow morning into the rest of the week. let's take a look what we are eraturewise. 23 degrees downtown. 22 at the airport. the average low as 29. it is 18 and westminster. what makes it feel so bad is the wind. we are dealing with on average winds in the 20-23 miles per hour. but the cost could get up to 45 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon -- the gusts could get
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miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. high pressure to our west. the contrast well kick in the winds. it only feels like 2 in westminster. the coldest air so far. the official start of winter is not until next week. the deal is and we have this extreme tip and the jet stream dissecting down into florida and hitting around assault florida. the cold is filtering to the teethdeep south. atlanta, places that do not really see that this early are dealing with it. not a great day in the masimov. there is a winter storm warning. -- not a great day in the mountains. 20% chance of a flurry.
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33 in ocean city. 7 day forecast . more sunshine on wednesday, but still quite windy. into the upper 30's by friday and saturday. it will bring in some snow showers on sunday with a high of 38 degrees. >> we will check on that ravens and a look at the vikings without brett favre. >> maryland lottery. let yourself play. tonight's jackpot has an estimated annuity of $3 million. your numbers for this monday, december 13 are -- 8, 39, 22, k24, 31, and 16 -- 8, 39, 22,
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>> now 11 sports with pete
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gilbert. >> questions about what direction the ravens offense would go. the first half of the sea son delivered -- 28-20. inside a five minutes to play. david reid opened up the second half with a kickoff return. joe flacco, 180 yards passing. they move ahead of the jets in the wild-card race. the double header thanks to the collapse and minnesota. the metrodome roof collapsed sunday morning. even more deflating is the likely end of an era for brett favre. yeah, and everyone had to go to detroit to play the game. brett favre just a spectator.
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eli manning was one when his streak began. manning, great throw. 14-3, giants in front. up the middle. scoop that. a 48-yard touchdown. the vikings offered no offense. giants. he is innocent -- and suspended for the remainder of the season. he has been suspended. carol limped off the field. malosey apologized in a press conference saying that he would
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accept any punishment that comes. the orioles make it official. they re-signed him to a one- year, $3 million deal with an option for a second. he is the first japanese born player for the orioles. a 2.86 e.r.a. he might take the role of closer again. word that cliff lee, the most saw after free agent may be heading to the philadelphia phillies. they have a tentative deal in place. that's good news. >> sandra is up next with a
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>> it is a good thing that winter is not here yet heard. >> i do not even think we will see a high of freezing tomorrow morning. tomorrow, the wind chill is in the single digits. in westminster, the wind chill is to right now. the wind chill is a nine at the airport. a gradual warming up into the upper 30's by the end of the week. >> it is just the wind. the tonight show, jay leno, is coming your way next. >> good night, everybody. [ male announcer ] the face of hunger in this country is all around us.
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1 in 6 americans live in hunger. at bank of america, we've created the gift for opportunity fund to support feeding america and the boys & girls clubs' efforts to provide hunger-relief. and we invite our customers, associates and communities to help. every dollar you contribute this season can be matched, dollar for dollar. together we can make twice the difference to help support those in need. ♪


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