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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  December 14, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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houses affected by this fire. crews are out here boarding at these homes to keep people out. as you said, this was a horrible fire for firefighters. heavy winds made it difficult to battle this from the inside out. they had to battle this from the outside in, and in the end a three adults and three children would die from this fire. this is one of the worst in this city's history. >> i have no words to say. i am in shock. >> cordero who lost his two children, there is nothing -- afford carol, who lost his two children, there is nothing he can say. >> we have to hold onto what we have right now. all we can do is hold on and keep each other close. >> fire officials say it was just before 5:00 a.m. when the fire broke out on home what
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avenue in east baltimore. and is believed to that it started in the end unit, 2311, and spread to 2309, 2307, and 2305. they would find six bodies in 23 and nine, three adults and three children. they have been identified as eleanor and richard satterfield, their daughter, and her children. >> they were just beautiful children. for them to die in a fire around the holidays, it is overwhelming for me. >> family members cannot believe their loved ones are gone. firefighters also had a tough time with the situation once it was out. >> to be confronted with six lives lost is devastating. is very difficult for our firefighters to confront that.
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it is something we never look forward to. >> firefighters and investigators are looking into the cause. they did use space heaters in their home, but it is too early to speculate. it is unknown if any of the homes had working smoke detectors. >> to burn in a fire, that is so heinous. you can just hope and pray for the togetherness, the unity of the family right now. >> this neighborhood is certainly in morning. fire officials say the victims most likely died from smoke inhalation and burns. as the cause remains under investigation, they say that these six deaths, 80 below have died in the city this year because of fires. the red cross is helping the more than 30 displaced by this morning's fire. live in east baltimore, lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a harford county firefighter
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is all one recovering from a fire. this happened in the third floor unit on franklin street. this is in harvard degrees. a volunteer firefighter was able to rescue one person that two had to jump from the window. that fire also remains under investigation. the high wind and extreme cold temperatures can cause serious problems for firefighters and it is no better today. let's check in with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer in the weather center. >> we have been under a wind advisory for the good part of the day. the wind advisory has been cancelled, at least for our area. we may have some slight improvements, but do not expect dramatically warmer conditions. these clouds have produced a passing flurry during the day, but the emphasis has been on the wind and the cold. temperatures in the single digits in the mountains, then you factor in the wins gusting up to 33, 32 in easton,
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salzburg, and down by ocean city, it drives the wind chill into the single digits in our suburbs. the wind chill is 9 at bwi marshall. we are in for more cold tonight. the winds will continue to just over 35 miles per hour so the wind will be a factor all night long. there is the threat of some snow in our forecast and the details coming in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> bruns notes how you survive the cold, in london, it does not take much to visible -- disassembled the traffic. >> baltimore police are investigating a school bus accident in west baltimore. an suv crashed into a school bus just before 8:00 this morning at martin luther king boulevard and westergren street. no children on the boss and the cause is under investigation. the mother of the baltimore
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teenager whose body was found in the boston says her son was afraid of heights. genet washington tells of "the boston globe," that delvonte tisdale has never flown and did not like being in the tall buildings. his severely damaged body was found in massachusetts last month and investigators believe he was living with his father in charlotte, n.c., and may had stowed away in the wheel well of a plane. >> one of the juvenile is convicted of manslaughter in the death of 14-year-old christopher jones will remain in a detention center in michigan. david collins is live in annapolis with the latest. david? >> donna, the judge says they think they made significant steps in the right direction, but there is still a lot of work to do. and around the circuit judge court declared he is not ready.
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the boy is responsible for the death of christopher jones lost their bid to be released from a michigan juvenile detention center. the defendants, 14 at the time, was convicted to german out -- juvenile services until he turned 21. they say the judge made the right call. >> christopher is not coming back. he is a trial. inevitably, he will be released one day from jail. to the fullest, i think the judge made the right decision. >> christopher was attacked by a group of teenagers after making his way home from a community pool. his co-defendant hit him on the right side of the head. they thought he said something negative about them. as christopher tried to peddle a way, the assault caused the death. they say he has matured since then. >> he has made a remarkable amount of progress. he has matured quite a lot and has gained a lot of insight
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atypical of the average child offender. >> the teenager told the judge in open court that he wants to give back to the community, that he has learned his lesson. we have more on that 6:00. reporting live from annapolis, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tonight, house democrats are in literally screaming over the bill. it looks like the obama tax compromise will pass the senate tonight and probably have passed the house in time to keep your taxes from going up. steve handles man has the update from washington. >> there is rare unity on one set of congress. >> the senate overwhelmingly passed this package. >> members in both parties back -- back the obama tax compromise. >> we had to move before dawn this. >> will help economic growth. it will help job creation.
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democrats will get unemployment benefits extended and the social security tax cuts. almost unnoticed, the bill benefits corn growers, ethanol blunders, and farmers. nascar? things to friendly lawmakers. >> get a person with enough seniority, they can use their muscle to fit this in the bill when it is being drafted. >> house democrats are outraged over a bigger issue, a huge tax break for theheirs of the mega- rich. 35% tax and the old rate was 55% after the first $10 million. >> we are going to borrow $10 billion per year. all of us. to give 6000 families a tax break. they are already doing quite
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well, thank you very much. how many jobs will that create? 0. >> there will be a battle in the house. democratic leaders predicted the senate later tonight will pass the obama compromise tax bill. from capitol hill, wbal-tv 11 news. >> perhaps you saw the nail biter of a game between ravens and the houston texans. the ravens came out on top, but it was certainly no slam dunk. gerry sandusky is live with more. sorry about that next sports metaphor. that was bad. it could be a slam dunk. >> that was one of the most mixed games have ever seen. if you have ever been with someone who has survived a near- death experience and then wanted to celebrate life, that is how the ravens belt as they left reliant stadium holding onto a
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win that was shaky that was say the least, but it gives them a 9-4 record as they survived a near fatal collapse and take it 34-28 in overtime. of the ravens could not have done it much better in the first half building a 21-0 lead when joe flacco fines on a back corner fayed. the lead was 21-7 at halftime. a 28-7 in the second half, and read with care for 103 yards. 21 unanswered points by the texans. andrea johnson's two-point conversion was good. the ravens in dire need of a hero. it was josh wilson, the former seahawks, who steps into the role and takes this to the end zone and the game. the ravens survive winning 34- 28. there were all kinds of holes in this game, but it is a lot better to be 9-for-8-5 is close
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to the playoffs. -- 9-4 than 8-5 disclosed to the playoffs. >> it does not matter with the score is as long as we keep winning. >> jos will shun -- joshua wilson was the key player of the game. in december a playoff hunt, we have nine wins now. we have the world chance coming in and we will deflating them on a short week. it will be tough. -- we will be playing them on a short week. >> if you have been in a relationship with someone you love that you find maddening, that is the relationship the ravens have with this team. by this point, you have to get used to the point that this will be maddening, each and every week and will be even harder next week because the defending super bowl champions, the new orleans saints, arrive sunday afternoon.
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rod and donna. >> that will be a game to watch. make sure to check out what the executive sports producer said. in the and comic the results are the only thing that matters and that is why this team will head to the playoffs. you can buy that on the sports page on >> i apologize about what i said in the car driving home. still to come, housing for the silver fillings in your teeth? the jazz on what the fda says. >> first it was plastic bottles and cans, now concerns over bps in you rwallt. -- your wallet. >> some baltimore city students spending their holiday with the orioles. >> in of the changes promised in your evaluation may take time- out. i am tim
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>> students from samuel morris elementary had a chance to play with the orioles this afternoon. current and former players had their holiday party for kids at data and busters. students have free run of the arcadian were also treated to lunch and autographs.
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>> having them come around to different events that we are at, we look up to them. >> it is an honor to be asked to think you can in fact some of these young people's lives. especially this time of year to reward them and separate them from the norm. we take advantage of the opportunity that our country presents. >> santa claus looked an awful like -- lot like a bird. cracks in tonight's "medical alert," illicit drug use is up among teenagers. the national institutes of health in your report says the rate of marijuana use in the eighth graders went up to 16% from 14.5%. where teenagers are using ecstasy, marijuana, and heroin. marijuana was smoked more than
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cigarettes by 12th graders. first was plastic bottles and cans, now there are concerns about bpa on money. bpa from receipts is wiping off on cash. >> i would never think that a receipt, paper that i handle every day, all the long would trigger cancer. >> most receipts are now printed on lasers on thermal paper which is made with bisphenol a. they want the congress to pass a law preventing the use of bpa. house savor the silver fillings in your teeth. the fda says billings that contain mercury are not harmful, but a panel of experts have begun a two-day meeting. eric edwards has the details. >> this is an amalgam fillings.
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>> distance have been -- dentists have been using amalgam fillings for decades. mercury is a poison. the question is whether or not it poses a risk in a dental filling. this doctor is a spokesperson for the ata. cracks amalgam is not only safe and effective but it is an extremely important option that patients should have. they are often the cheapest and the longest lasting options. some blame them for health problems. she developed severe double vision and balance problems. >> i did not know what happened to me. >> doctors first thought she had multiple sclerosis or lupus. they then turned their attention to a recent filling she had had. >> mercury is still somewhere in the body, but i am 90% improved
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without having fillings in my teeth. >> she is telling her story to the fda during their meeting. eric edwards, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the fda will not be making any decisions, but they will talk about safe levels of mercury exposure. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> another windy and cold there across the mid-atlantic and leave baltimore, but we are not alone. most of the nation is rather chilly if not downright arctic. -27 at international falls, minnesota. then you travel south they did does not get a whole lot warmer. 5 degrees in paducah, ky. 20 degrees in jacksonville, fla., 36 in miami. 34 degrees in new orleans.
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we had some readings in the upper tina's. the cold crossing the lake deposited moisture in the lake. we see these little streams of snow that occasionally make it into central, eastern, and coastal maryland. that is producing a bit of a flurry here and there. temperatures have been well below normal. the mid to upper 40's would be typical. we are currently in the 20's. it is bitter cold out west. seven degrees. factor in the wind and at times they gusted over 40 miles per hour. the wind speed are still in the 25-35 mile per hour wind range. we will get even colder tonight. dangerous when is it you're going to be out and about tonight. it feels like 6 in westminster. nine at cambridge. checkout western maryland. below zero wind chills at this
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hour. tonight, skies will very from clear partly cloudy. the wind will be tested occasionally to 35 miles per hour with a steady 15-20 mile per hour wind with even a lifter work flurry or two in the clouds as they pass by. it feels closer to the low single digits or even near zero at times overnight. prepare for the arctic cold. this is because of low pressure in eastern canada. between these two, the strong winds are storing -- starring right out of the hudson bay delivering this cold into the atlantic. clear skies right now, but freeze warnings for tonight across much of florida. temperatures will really bottom out again tonight. on this stalled out boundaries, we expected area of low pressure to attract east and it will cut just to our south but perhaps bring is a chance for a period of light snow. tomorrow, we will see more snow than today, but still windy and cold.
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clouds increase tomorrow, and here the system is approaching us on thursday. late morning into the evening, there may be some of this is no passing through the mountains to the coast. we will have to watch and see. some of the computer models are achieving this further south, but it could be a threat for light snow late morning thursday into the evening rush hour before the system moves out. then we will catch a break between systems on friday with another storm perhaps approaching over the weekend. some stormy cold weather had. when the and cold like to dave 30-35 degrees. a chance for a light snow on thursday. sunny skies return on friday, but the clouds move back in on saturday. from late saturday and sunday, the threat for another round of snow. that would be interesting for the ravens in town on sunday. >> interesting would be one word for it. this is the only -- not the only place facing cold temperatures.
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we look at the deep freeze around the country. >> this story made national headlines. he will heal -- hear from the mother who helped to find her. >> this pet python after he was found. that would recover the nation is straight ahead.
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>> you may have heard of mighty python. this is a python named monte who polled quite a disappearing act. in the chaos of the crash, and the python disappeared. the pet owner's son had called in place for reinforcement to find him. >> i have some good news for you. we found monty. >> after some prodding, he was removed from the dashboard. as you can see. the honor is still recovering from the accident. >> a twist of fate in saving a kidnapped girl is like. a sanford sysco woman said she looked in the eyes and somehow the face was familiar. she knew that something was not right so she called the police.
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we now have more on the woman who spotted britney smith and stepped in to help. >> it tears come to your eyes because that could be your child, you know? >> teresa may have saved a 12- year-old britney smith's life. police across the country had been searching for smith and her accused kidnapper, jack easily, since september 3rd. they were last seen on store surveillance video in virginia after he killed smith's mother and kidnapped the girl. in the sanford sysco on friday, she went to pick up dog food at safeway. >> i usually go to the one in the noriega. for some reason, i went there. >> she saw two people panhandling. >> i looked at him for a second, but mainly her. the hair on my arms stood up. we never took our eyes off of
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each other. i could not look away. i knew she was young. >> she and her daughter knew that something was wrong. >> my daughter even said, "she is awfully young to be outside. so my daughter even notice that something was not quite right. >> she asked the clerk to call police. >> the situation did not look right. >> she was right. by the time she got the dog food, he was in a police car. she is grateful she listened to her intuition and that smith will be home for christmas. she knows the 12-year-old has a lot of pain to face. >> i am happy that she will at least be on to say goodbye to her mother. >> nbc news. >> what in an amazing story. he is expected to appear in court on tuesday for the beginning of the legal process to get him back to virginia to
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face charges. >> coming up, we look at the day's top stories. >> not only should you worry about teens driving, but cyber bullying, sexting, and the concerns about generation mobile. >> those concerned with the new teacher evaluation system may have more time to get this done. i am tim
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>> live, local, late breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news and the hd at 5:00 with stan stovall, donna hamilton, your chief meteorologist tom
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tasselmyer. your 5:00 news in hd continues now. >> in new tonight, maryland is giving itself extra time to come up with a new teacher evaluation system that is fair to teachers and students. this is good news for the state which is trying to hold on the to order $50 million in federal race to the top money. >> the action time will help them develop a teacher valuation system tied to student achievement. 11 news education reporter tim tooten is live in the newsroom with an update. >> as you know, this has been a hot topic. here is the issue. to get those hundreds of millions of dollars in the federal government, the state must come up with a teacher about the ration system that is both fair and legal. the question is whether or not it is being done. >> was turning into a numbers game, a question of how much of a student's progress should be counted toward a teacher's evaluation. state lawmakers say 35%, but the state board of education suggested 50%.
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in new jobs for educational effectiveness is trying to find a middle ground. >> that number is frightening to teachers, not because they do not want to be measured it. it is frightening because they're not sure how much control they have over, for instance, test scores. >> that is why members of the state board of education have asked for more time, until june, to report progress on a new teacher evaluation system. >> i think an additional six months will give people a chance to focus on what the real issues are and not be distracted so much by the fear and incorrect facts that are out there. it will allow the council to do their work on teacher effectiveness. >> the work is far from over. >> we are starting to meet with teachers groups and getting into the meat of this. we need time to develop a good product. >> the state school superintendent believes this will happen the and both in
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dollars and quality. >> this is very difficult work and there are no national models. we have to create this, as a few other states have to. we need this extension to ensure that we have a good product in the end. >> good for teachers and principals. >> maryland is playing to put some of the race to the top dollars to use in the new year. live in the newsroom, tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> demand president obama calls a true giant of american foreign policy has passed away. richard holbrooke died yesterday. he underwent emergency surgery over the weekend to repair a tear in his heart after collapsing on friday. he served under every democratic president after john kennedy. he was the president's special envoy to pakistan and afghanistan. he was 69 years old. >> here are some of the other top stories this fact -- this hour. six people including three children died in a devastating
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early morning fire. crews were called just before 5:00 to this row of homes. it was fully engulfed in flames. the high wind caused the fire to spread to three other homes. the cause is still under investigation. a firefighter is among four injured in harford county. the fire broke out around 8:15 in an apartment unit in haverty grace. two others jog from a second- floor apartment. no word on their condition and that fire is also under investigation. a nail biter of a game last night between the ravens and the houston texans. the ravens cannot on top, but it was not a easy win. in the fourth quarter, a two- point conversion by the texans tied the game and put it into overtime. the texan quarterback matt sharp felt the pressure and the game ended with josh wilson's interception and a touchdown.
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the final score was 34-28. >> teenagers can text with lightning speed. a new survey shows it teen-agers can average every one -- 1 text every 10 minutes while awake. technology can also bring with it some challenges to this new generation. christian doctrine has more on the meeting in washington today to try and tackle those issues. >> like most teenagers, he cannot imagine life without his cell phone. >> i send about 100 text messages per day. >> his mom is doing her best to manage life with it. >> he does not realize that when he puts on facebook, twitter, because in the long run this could hurt him. >> they are not alone in tackling the challenges of generation mobile. testing has skyrocketed from 30% to 54%.
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one in 3 cents more than 100 per day. >> i bet someone in the audience is text. right now. >> jane lynch joined a forum in navigating the new high-tech reality and talked about cyber bullying and sexting. >> 4% say they have sent a nearly nude order nude image of themselves. >> with the teenagers taught adults is that sometimes a good old-fashioned fact filled conversation still works. >> do not just tell us, "do not text and drive peak of 80 say that 80% of teen fatalities are due to distracted driving, we get it. >> the world is not likely to get any less high-tech. >> how many of you check the social networking? >> as mobile applications and the potential for problems grow.
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>> our parents keeping track of their teenagers? 64% report that they look at the contents of their children cell phones and half limit the number of times they can use a per day. in washington, wbal-tv 11 news. >> one army doctor who disobey orders to deploy to afghanistan entered a plea in the maryland court room. the details next. >> the case of deja vu as a car came barreling through a ghilding.
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>> an army doctor refusing to deploy to afghanistan entered a guilty plea in court. she called the orders illegally and question the president obama is the citizenship. in several youtube videos, she has been linked with others to questions the right. she faces dismissal from the army. >> the residents are looking for somewhere to live after a fire ravaged their north carolina apartment building. kreuz evacuated these apartments in charlotte after 10:00 a.m.
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this morning. it took firefighters several hours to get this under control. no reports of injuries. the red cross is helping those who need a place to stay. >> a frightening case of deja vu after the building was hit by two different cars on the same day. the first incident happened after an elderly woman mistakenly stepped on her accelerator. hours later, an elderly man also misstates his gas pedal in an -- his gas pedal for his break. oddly, no one was injured in either accident. >> a special honor for baltimore legend that louis. details straight ahead. >> this is a rescue dog. the local florist has helped to arrange these arrangements. i'm jennifer franciotti, and i will tell you how to help later on. >> some snow may be coming our way. i have the seven-day forecast coming your way. 23 at the airportrt
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>> i am ron daniels. here is what we are working on for 11 news at 6:00. a fire tortures -- a fire killed six. a ruling on one teenager accused of killing an anne arundel teenager. is
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>> if you think is called here, we have lots of company. a big cross section of the country is still in the bitter breeze. >> this is being blamed for more than one dozen deaths over the last two days. j. gray has the latest.
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>> this storm continues to cause problems for the massive system stretching from canada to the florida coast. in rural ontario, truck drivers are stalled out by the snow and restraint for 24 hours for help to fight through the severe condition. in buffalo, n.y., residents struggled to stay ahead of the draft. >> good thing it is early in the season. we can laugh about it now. >> the conditions are no laughing matter across the central states and much of the midwest with high winds, heavy snow, and ice turning roadways and parking lots or yet wrecking yards. in chicago, you had to bundle up to brave downtown. in the sunshine state, they could use more of the sun shine with temperatures more than 20 degrees below normal. this group of manatees huddled around a power plant for warm water. >> this is the coolest i have
5:46 pm
seen in december this early. >> farmers, ironically, coat their crops with i swiss insulate them from hard wind and cooler temperatures. -- they coat their crops with ice which insulate them. this is a frigid waiting game playing out across much of the country. wbal-tv 11 news. >> because of last year's unexpected the snowfall, stephanie -- mayor stephanie rawlings blake has issued in the blue initiative. they would reduce the number of hypothermia debts. they are leading the way to make sure the number goes down. the program runs from december 15th until march 15th. >> as part of the code blue program, we are opening shelters, emergency shelters, and we are extending the number of individuals that can be accommodated in the main shelter
5:47 pm
at guilford avenue. >> they are reminding people of the warning signs -- none hands and feet, extreme tired. >> york 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> when you put numbers on the cold we were just talking about, you see some really frigid temperatures especially to our north and west. -27 at international falls, nine in detroit. 11 in charleston, west virginia. 15 in charlotte, n.c., atlanta georgia was 15. nashville was 9 degrees to start the day. the low-end bwi marshall was 20. the wind helped to makes the atmosphere so the air temperature does not go as low, but the wind chill has remained a significant factor. but how far below normal we are. we only had 28 today and 27 at the inner harbor. almost 20 degrees below normal.
5:48 pm
it is certainly cold. a cold shot coming across the warmer lakes is causing these late-the fact is knows. it has been significant over the last week or so. you can see some breaks in the cloud cover here. cloud cover inching in which will shut off the lake-defect machine before the next cold shot arrives. 21 in frederick, 25 easton, 25 on the beach in ocean city. the new factor in the wind up to 30 miles per hour, so what it feels like when you get in on the strong wind gusts is in the single-digit and teens. seven degree wind chill in gaithersburg. 17 in downtown baltimore and below zero in oakland for most of today. 15-22 tonight with a gusts up to 35 miles per hour will make it feel the near zero degrees. some of the clouds being picked up from the brisk wind could
5:49 pm
still deposit a flurry or two, but high pressure is getting stronger so we should get more sun tomorrow, but it will still be breezy and cold. on this edge of the arctic front, a weak area of low pressure expected to embrace a rapidly east which will reassess my chance for snow on thursday and then a part of the bigger storm west will come out of the gulf coast region and we will have to watch a piece of that which could bring us a more substantial snow over the upcoming weekend. the cold hangs around and this could deliver some light snow. you can see some of that out of western maryland in the late morning on thursday then rapidly moving off of the coast thursday evening. a period of light snow likely thursday. friday, the skies will briefly clear. the moisture might surge back to the north friday -- saturday night into sunday. colder than normal tonight 30- 35, and when the. 15 tomorrow with flurries winding down. in deer creek to me should get
5:50 pm
more son in the afternoon tomorrow. freezing on the day and feeling much colder with the wind gusting the 30-35 miles per hour. saniora partly cloudy on the lower eastern shore. in delaware and maryland, you could still get gusts of the 50 miles per hour. a chance for a light snow on thursday. dry weather friday. the next storm will try to approach from the south saturday night, so we will have to watch and see. saturday night into sunday, we could have some accumulating snow, and when that leaves it will be windy and cold the next week. >> thank you thomas. helping homeless pets by shopping? the airlines are raking in the money from the new baggage fees. marianne banister has the details in tonight's's "consumer alert pico >> the nation's airlines have made it bags and bags of money off of your baggage. airlines make nearly $1.50 billion from baggage and
5:51 pm
reservation fees in the third quarter. the top 20 domestic airlines are on the same case. fliers trying to save money should take only one carry-on bag and do not change your cancel reservations. afraid to way to book a flight because the price might go up? one airline the to haul the reservation to lock in a price for one week. the new service is called fare lock and it will clost $5 for 3 days and $9 for a week. it includes domestic and international flights. a baltimore county flower shop hopes to raise money for area animal shelters by selling unique flower arrangements in the shape of pets. jennifer franciotti has more on petals for paws. >> charlie is more than a rescue dog. she is top dog here at this flower shop and is the inspiration behind a new line of
5:52 pm
floral arrangements called petals for pets. >> she is the inspiration for us every day. >> they decided to combine their love for animals and the passion for flowers with a fund-raiser for local animal shelters. every time they buy a basket, 20% of the purchase price goes to a local shelter. >> they cannot believe the flowers themselves can be made into the shapes of googles, katz, bears. the overall reaction has been tremendous. a person can call and designate any one of the three shelters we're working with whether it is the baltimore humane society or the spca. we will be happy to donate part of it back to each shelter. and >> it is a great program because people get something in return. >> andrew is the executive director of the baltimore humane society and say each month that they take in 50 new animals, cats and dogs like vinnie. he cautions giving pets as
5:53 pm
presents but says that the floral pets are a great idea. >> that is a perverse way to do it than you can see the floor of the arrangement on your counter and think you need a real one. >> she can make just about anything. >> any color you want, any type, if you want a scottish terrier, we can do it. >> anything can be customized. if you want a ravens outfit or at orioles out that, we can do it. >> they are hoping to hit a home run for other pets like vinne and charlie. jenny -- jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tonight, chrysler is recalling some of their vehicles. you can find the information by clicking on "consumer alert" on >> a portion of east eager street was named after matt
5:54 pm
lewis. he has taught thousands of young boys boxing and has mentored them into leaving a good life. he has included former heavyweight champions. he passed away on november 12th at the age of 92. >> he changed a lot of boys' lives. >> yes, he did. >> the latest on this morning's that the fire that killed six people. >> the victims included grandparents, a mother, and her three children. >> golden globe nominations are out and we have the latest on who made the list just ahead.
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>> often says the precursor to the magic -- academy awards, today' the golden globe nominations were announced. we have the wrap up of the major film nominees. ♪ >> it down about eight kings battled to overcome a speech impediment led the way at this morning's golden globe nomination. "the king's speech" earned nominations for best drama and best actor for colin firth. >> the chase for best drama also includes "the social networking" and "inception" as well as "black swan" and "the fighter." along with firth, jesse
5:58 pm
eisenberg, james franco, and ryan gosling for "blue valentine." williams, isostar, up for an award as well as natalie portman and nicole kidman. johnny depp ahas two nominations. his costar, angelina jolie, is nominated in "the tourist" as well as the film. the song and dance show "burlesque" is nominated. awards will be handed out jan. 16. >> here is in the get what is
5:59 pm
coming at 6:00. >> plans to secure some big education dollars. i am tim to live in the newsroom with that story coming up. -- i am hamid tooten live in the newsroom. >> details to ahead on the early release. >> tragedy in east baltimore after an early-morning fire killing six. three adults and three children. i am lowell melser with that story next. >> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00 in hd. >> tragedy strikes in baltimore. another raging fire in the city, this one with multiple lives lost. that is the big story tonight at 6:00. a fire kills the bill in the east baltimore. >> it happened at 5:00 this morning in east baltimore where we find lowell melser. >> this is just an incredibly sad story to tell you about, especially so close to the holidays. holidays.


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