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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  December 14, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the fire trucks are gone and all that remains is the degree from the four houses affected by this fire. the on board at home in the middle is where the six people died, three adults and three children, well done in this community and will be sorely missed in a fire many are calling one of the worst that they can remember. >> fire officials say it was just before 5:00 a.m. when the fire broke out in the number of homes in the 2300 block of,what avenue. is believe it started in the and unit, 2311, which was occupied and read to 230, 2307, and 2305. everyone was accounted for except for six people living in 2309. they all died. >> i have no words to say right now. i am in shock. >> darrell lost two of his
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children. they have been identified as eleanor and richard satterfield, their daughter, and their children, amari, dareon, and daylon. >> family is what we have right now. we just have to hold on. that is all we can do. we have to keep each other close. >> relatives of the victims had a harder time coming to grips with the tragedy. >> to burn up in a fire, that is so heinous to hear. we can just hope and pray for the togetherness, the unity, and the oneness for the family. >> and the firefighters were left traumatized by what they found. >> to be confronted with six lives lost is very devastating for our fire fighters to confront that. it is something we never look forward to. >> investigators are still
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looking into the cause and it is unknown whether any of the homes had working smoke detectors. it is not what is on the family's minds right now. >> they were beautiful children. to see six bodies to die in a fire around holidays is just overwhelming for me. >> 30 people were displaced by this fire and they are being helped by the red cross. officials say as far as the six people who died, the most likely died from smoke inhalation. the case is still under investigation as far as the cause. officials say with these six deaths, there have now been 18 deaths because of fire in the city. last year there were 19. live in east baltimore, lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> one firefighter is among four people recovering from a fire in the harford county in an apartment county in -- on franklin street. a volunteer firefighter was able to rescue one person and two had
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to jump from a second-floor apartment. that fire is also under investigation. >> in other news, one of the juveniles convicted of manslaughter in the may 2009 death of 14-year-old christopher jones will remain in a juvenile detention center in michigan. david collins is live in the newsroom with more on today's ruling. >> the judge of knowledge that the teenager has made significant steps in the right direction but believes he still has a lot of work to do in the best place to accomplish that is where he is. the circuit judge declared the teenager was not ready. he was the number of two teenage boys responsible for the may 2009 death of a 14-year-old christopher jones. he lost his bid to be released from a michigan juvenile detention center. the defendant was 14 at the time and initially committed -- will be committed until he is 21. >> christopher is not coming
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back. he is a child. inevitably he will be released one day from jail. it is best that he is rehabilitated. i think the judge made a great decision. >> christopher was attacked by a grant of teenagers while riding his bicycle home. the juvenile punched him in the left temple. his co-defendant hit him in the right side the head. they thought they had said something negative about him. an autopsy determined that the assault caused the death. they say he has matured since then. >> he has made a remarkable amount of progress. he has matured a lot and gained a lot of insight that is a typical. >> by telephone, the teenagers the purpose said he is ready to return to a less restrictive environment. they still want intense counseling and a structured program of activities available. testimony revealed the douville
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had a falling out and got into a verbal confrontation. despite repeated warnings, he became a negative influence on others. >> i do not think he has matured enough. i think under the right circumstances that he could find himself in the same situation again. >> the purpose of knowledge teenage to work on anchor management, coping, and communication skills but considers him a good role model. the teenager told the judge that he wants to give back the community and wants to become a model citizen. he wrote a letter of apology to the jones family. it has not been sent because a civil lawsuit is pending. [unintelligible] >> the judge asked the therapist to tell them how he reacted to the court ruling. he wants to be kept up-to-date on the use's progress and open the door to another hearing. reporting live from annapolis, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> the body -- the mother of the body found in boston says her son was afraid of heights. 60-year-old delvonte tisdale had never flown. -- 16-year-old delvonte tisdale had never flown. his body was found in massachusetts last month. they believe he was living with his father in charlotte, n.c., and had stowed away in the will will-- wheel well of an airplane. the sole survivor of the medevac crash is suing. the two who died in the crash were being flown to a hospital following an accident. the ntsb has concluded that a combination of factors caused the crash including outdated weather information. city police are investigating a school bus crash that happened
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just before 8:00 a.m. this morning on martin luther king boulevard. the suv somehow slammed into the bus. luckily no one was hurt. so far, no charges have been filed. >> there is a big chill in the air preparing for a worst-case scenario as the conditions appear to be sticking around. we will check on the very latest with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> winds are gusting over 40 miles per hour at times driving the wind chills down into the single digits and bringing in some flurries across central and eastern maryland. the snow showers will wind down, but overall it is only in the single digits in garrett county. 23 in baltimore, 26 of ocean city. you can see the teens showing of the. the winds are still gusting close to 30 miles per hour and it feels a whole lot colder than the thermometer is indicating which will be the theme tonight. the wind chill is a major
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factor. even a little snow in the forecast. more on that in just a few minutes. >> decisions on capitol hill. tonight, lawmakers are poised to hold another vote on the parent -- on the president's compromise package. nikole killion has the very latest from capitol hill. >> they are still meeting some resistance in the house. in the senate come around two basis passage. >> when we get down to the bottom line, do we pass this bill or not? >> after the tax deal passed a procedural vote on monday, 83- 15, it moved on to debate. >> like a passionate that those making over $1 million do not need a tax break? yes, i do. >> this would prevent taxes from going up in january by keeping the bashoor tax that's in place for two more years and extend
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unemployment benefits in several tax credits. lawmakers remain split along party lines over the estate tax on inheritance is worth $5 million or more. >> $5 million is not a lot of money. for a small business, a family farm, a cooperative, it is not a lot of money. that is the lifeblood of a lot of families. it adds $20 billion over two years and it will do absolutely nothing to generate economic growth. >> in the house, they're considering changes to the provision would signal that they will not hold up the bill. the president has been making calls to rank-and-file members. >> we have had some good conversations and i think we are on a path towards getting this agreement through the house and ultimately to the president's desk. >> house democrats me tonight to discuss the tax package behind closed doors, but some are already conceding they will not bite. in washington, nikole killion,
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wbal-tv 11 years. >> the former orioles manager is very much alive. >> this set some oriole fans into morning, coming up. >> buying more time to come up with a teacher evaluation plan, plus big money for math and science. i am tim tooten live in the newsroom. that story coming up of. >> i and gerry sandusky. a lot of bloodshot eyes, but a lot of bloodshot eyes, but plenty of wary after
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>> in late tonight's "education alert," maryland officials have more time to develop their teacher evaluation system. the state was in jeopardy
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losing to order $50 million over concerns about how they would grade teachers. tim tooten joins us live with an update on it. >> it has to do with money promised to the state from the race to the top program. the controversy was over what percentage of teachers evaluation will be based on student performance. the state board of education got word they will get a six month extension from the governor to work on the value ration system. 35% of the evaluation should be based on student progress, but the state in the race to the top education based on performance should be based on the 50% of student performance. >> that number is frightening to a lot of people. it is spreading now because they do not want the measure, it is frightening because they're not sure how much control they have over, for instance, test scores. >> at think an additional six months of the people time to
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focus on what the real issues are and not be distracted so much by the fear and incorrect facts that are out there and allow them to do their work on a teacher effectiveness and student growth. >> they believe the extra time to blow up evacuation plan for principles as well. maryland's top businesses showed up at the meeting for a big check. norstrom grumman gave them a check for beefing up science, technology, and mathematics programs. the to order to thousand dollar grant will help build a pipeline of the graduates that will work here in maryland. northrop grumman has been a longtime partner in the state education programs. live in the newsroom, tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> four orioles manager is still
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very much alive. "texas democrats have become the baltimore orioles of politics." they say some more in have been and richards is comparing the team -- ann richards and wea ver are comparing the teams they left behind. while richards is dead, he is still very much alive. >> most of the nation experiencing cold temperature all the way down to the gulf coast. 34 degrees in miami. 20 degrees in jacksonville, fla., and 15 degrees in atlanta. that is pretty cold air prefer to the south. 27 below zero this morning at international falls, minnesota. we were not quite that cold, but well below normal.
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46 is the normal high and we only hit 28 today. 18 short of a typical 40 the day of december. are our actual low temperatures have been held up a bit the past two nights by the strong wind in the atmosphere at the winds diminish a little over night. there may be a couple of degrees colder, but that is not the main theme here. the when the combining with the cold temperature is where the wind chill comes into play and it feels like it is in the single digits. those in the late-effect snows we have seen are beginning to wind down and you could almost see the clouds being wiped out. this is inching in from the west and is beginning to compress the air that produces the heavy showers. this high pressure will diminish a little bit, but on the east side of the mountains, is quite breezy and will remain so tonight. these have been wind gusts over the past hour. 30 miles per hour up in parts of central carroll county where it is only 21 degrees.
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25 in easton, and single digit cold. factor in the when did it feel like it is below zero in allegany and garrett counties. the wind chill is 9 at bwi marshall. it will be called the night with clear partly cloudy skies. sometimes these patches of clouds could produce a flurry. the emphasis is on the wind and cold. 15-22 is what the thermometer's will register with a 15-25 mile per hour wind. you can almost see the cold air pushing off of the coast taking a pair of of the atlantic. the coldest is coming straight out of the hudson bay area and driving all the way deep into the south. on the border of this cold air mass, the package over the rockies, the area of low pressure is likely to form tomorrow and rapidly move across our area thursday. behind that, a bigger part of the pacific storm is likely to come in next week and which could produce an even stronger storm.
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tomorrow, like today, a mix of windy and cold. thursday, some snow in the western maryland mountains by noon. from late morning to noon, we could see some light snow here. friday, it will clear out and saturday we will keep our eyes to the south. this may try to come up the coast during the second half of the weekend. tomorrow, 30-35 degrees, so way below normal and feeling colder with winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour. the snow flurries will wind down in the deer creek tomorrow. loaded 30's around the bay. still quite windy on the lower eastern shore tomorrow. the seven-day forecast has a chance for a light snow from the middle of the day thursday, dry on friday, but still cooler than normal. a 40% chance late saturday as the storm develops on the coast which will keep it cold and windy into monday and tuesday of next week. >> now, 11 sports with gerry
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sandusky. >> with the from the ravens training facility where today it is the land of the bleary-eyed the coaches. the plane touched down at 5:00 a.m. this morning and coaches went straight to work on the game plan for sunday's showdown with the world champion, superbowl winning in new orleans saints. is that correct of a turnaround. while we talk about the wind last night in houston, they have to start thinking about the next team up which is the saints sunday at home. what a wild wind last night in houston. let's pick this up in the second recorder. this sketch was a stressful but manages to get both feet down. the ravens had a 14-0 lead that would grow drop the first half. with 1.5 minutes remaining, it is a flacco to mason again.
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this time, a great judgment by mason and this puts the ravens in a commanding position, 21-0. the big leagues do not a lender. the final minute of the half, going to the highest profile receiver in the game, johnson. how he got this wide open on a 46-yard touchdown reception remains a head-scratcher, but closes the margin 21-7, ravens at the half. they get to kick to start the second half. the rookie had yet to break one. this one, part david copperfield, how people's the magic trick of staying on his speed is unbelievable. he turns this great move that the 30 yard line into a 103-yard kick return for a special teams touchdown. that is the first for the ravens this season and cut the ravens
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in front 28-7. in the fourth quarter, the ravens up by eight. the shot goes to you know who, johnson, a touchdown reception. suddenly, the texans are within two points of the ravens. here comes the two-point conversion. this time is jones pulling down the game-tying reception two- point conversion. it is good, all tied at 28. the ravens' offense sputtered and had to punt the ball. after five straight scoring drives, a colossal mistake. jostled motion -- josh wilson, superhero, intercept the ball. the ravens come home from houston with their playoff hopes a very much alive after a wild sex and come back. the ravens survive the road trip and their playoff hopes stay alive. >> there is a lot of joy when
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you pick me -- when you see josh pick that ball up and go into the end zone. you do not like to have these games when you are up like that. you do not like to have these types of games when you are up like we were. it is pretty big for us right now. >> thank you, gerry. a lot more to come tonight including the final look.
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>> here is what we are working on for 11 news. it is bitter cold. are you taking the necessary precautions to keep you and your family safe? we continue to follow the deadly fire this morning in east baltimore and what officials are now saying. we look at those stories and more when you join us
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>> and your seven-day forecast will stay cold. another storm possible saturday night into sunday. welcome to the baltimore, st.. >> when the saints come marching in. >> thank you for joining us. captioned by the national captioning institute
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