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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  December 16, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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faces, but not drivers. >> it is certainly adding to the drive time for the commute. we do have live team coverage tonight. rob roblin is standing by in anne arundel county. it we begin tonight with tom tasselmyer and an 11 insta- weather plus alert. grex not a lot of it -- >> not a lot of snow, especially compared to last winter. it is the cold, the type of snow, and the timing. all of that plays into the way the snow impacts our region. we are showing a winter weather revisory in our area. statewide, it is in effect because the temperatures are in the twenties right now. the north of to the teens and the mountains. you combine that with a light coating of snow, just an inch or two.
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it is not a lot, an inch maybe in spots, two inches in some areas to our south. but it causes all of these the preconditions that we have been talking about. we have reporters all across the region. this note is -- that snow is winding down in some areas. in sheldon, still some light flurries in the area, but the critical thing will be the temperatures overnight. >> that snow has fallen a little bit, but is still quite cold. drivers are worried about the conditions because of the slick roads. here is that excellent work -- accident earlier today. baltimore police said they have
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responded to accidents all over the county. the luckily, none of those accidents were deadly. they're responding more to fender benders all over the area. these are due in part a largely because of the hazardous conditions on the roads. a lot of drivers are a little weary about heading out on the roads tonight. the'm more worried about the people driving. it is the people who are impatient that i am worried about. if the >> if you will be driving out and about in this weather, allow plenty of time to get around. some roads are slick, even though it has stopped snowing. coming up, i will talk to you more about how baltimore county has responded to all of the snow that has fallen today, to this first snowfall. rob roblin is standing by. >> we are in anne arundel
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county and i guess it stopped snowing an hour or so ago, but you can see that some more snow has started falling, just some light snow. it has been a steady kind of snow today. i guess we have an inch, a little more than an inch of snow on the ground here. >> it started coming down at about -- coming down at about 11:00 a.m. schear in it glen burnie. with little traffic, side streets became covered quickly. because of christmas, this glen burnie post office was busy as people were milling their christmas passes -- packages and dealing with the first snow of the season. >> a little early for that snow. >> i loved it. >> do you like it? >> no. >> keep it coming. >> i'm not too crazy about it.
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if it does what it did last year, i'm all about it. shutdown the whole state. >> i love it. it keeps all of the germs away. >> road crews went to work putting down salt. but some sections of the road would have a covering of snow as you were driving. others were perfectly clear. >> as fast as we can put snow shovels out they are gone. >> good for business, huh? >> good for business. >> we have an extra in case one breaks. >> this is good for business. >> we brought a lot of the snow shovels and scrapers out. >> good for business? >> absolutely. a call for snow is good for business.
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>> one guy at the home depot bought eight snow shovels. he is planning to do some juggling. -- to do some shoveling. it is going to be very cold tonight and into tomorrow morning, so there will be some slick spots on the road. >> we had not even needed to 30 degrees today and it just gets colder. we will have a few more flurries, snow showers. we could have a bit more on top of this. we're looking for lows tonight in the teens. even if there is a little coating of snow in your area and they put a little ice on it, or rather, some salt on it, it could ice up.
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the morning rush-hour might involve some slippery conditions. these cold temperatures will hang around for a while. there's the possibility of another coastal storm over the weekend. >> from western maryland to the eastern shore, viewers are helping as cover this winter storm. this was sent from a west baltimore home. here's another one from western baltimore. this is from sandy. we would like to show your pictures and video. just go to and click on ulocal. >> a student was attacked in a school bathroom, a man who police say sneaked into the school. david is in towson and he has the very latest. >> school officials initially
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stopped the suspect, who gave them a plausible explanation of why he was there. several baltimore county police officers remained, at least through the early dismissal of students because of the snowstorm. around 8:30 a.m., a male student was attacked by an adult male who managed to sneak into the bathroom next to the office. >> that could have been my son or my nephew goes here. >> police say the ruckus caused by and trying to fight off his attacker is what alerted the police. it corrects -- >> if he is past the office, shot one should say, hey, what are you doing? -- someone should say, hey, what are you doing?
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according to do it -- to police staff, the man gave them a plausible explanation for why he was there. supposedly, he was looking for his little brother. >> why shouldn't he have to show id to show he is related to someone in there? >> that is disturbing. they have had a problem at the school. a month or so ago there was a lock down and we came in the evening to pick up the kids. >> the middle school referred are questions to the baltimore county school officials, who did not read -- return the call. >> tonight in east baltimore, a man is in the hospital after a group of men stormed his home and shot him. it was reported around 650 -- 615 last night in the 3700 block of anne arundel avenue.
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there is no word on his condition right now, but the search for his attackers continues. >> the president's tax-cut agree note -- agreement with the gop may have passed the senate, but tonight is on hold with the house. two democrats that are opposed to the bill are slowing down the legislative process -- process. they argue giving tax breaks to the wealthy will not help the economy, while supporters argue the opposite. if they cannot find a compromise by new year's day, taxes will go up. senators have yet to begin to debate and the deadline is midnight saturday. >> at the stroke of midnight on saturday, the government will run out of money unless congress passes a $1.2 trillion spending bill with $8 billion in year
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marks. -- in earmarks. money for the agron boat research center and -- for the edgar allan poe research center and for wine grapes. >> the last time i checked, the people growing grapes are doing fairly well financially. of senatorsthe same the victor who were criticizing earmarks javier marks in the bill. that is the height of hypocrisy. -- half year marks in the bill. that is the height of hypocrisy. >> the white house said that it's not an option and it is not likely to happen.
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>> there will be a lot of nearly -- wailing and gnashing of teeth and the system will start turning and we will hold a lead pass another $trillion in spending. >> if the bill were to be read on the senate floor, that is a process that could take more than 48 hours. >> still ahead, the toys you buy this holiday could affect their development. >> and we are hearing from the man who prevented this violent situation is -- from getting any worse. we will hear from that man and why he says he is not a hero. >> slippery roads remain out there. the forecast, coming up.
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>> president obama is optimistic about the war in afghanistan, but there is still a difficult and potentially long road ahead. the white house talked about the results of this war review today, giving some insight into
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when troops may be coming home. christian doctrine has more from washington. -- cristian bilgrien has more from washington. >> things are still on track to begin. troops in july of 2011. it is harder, however, out to nail down what all hundred thousand of the u.s. troops currently fighting there are coming home. >> one year after president obama ordered another additional 30,000 troops to afghanistan, the white house touted progress. >> because of the service of our troops and the billions on the ground, we are on track to achieve our goals. >> they will begin to withdraw next july. but the time for a full pullout is still uncertain. >> the president made clear that it will be conditions based. the five-page unclassified
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summary of the war review admits progress has not been fast enough in pakistan and outlining vast challenges ahead. the end of what has been the deadliest year it for the u.s. forces since the war began. >> i want to be clear, this continues to be a very difficult endeavor. >> a new poll shows a record 60% of americans believe the war in afghanistan is not -- has not been worth fighting. >> i would ask how you feel about a continuing american commitment aimed at protecting your family? >> leaving the administration with continued efforts. >> today, republican leaders echoed that the war in afghanistan remains crucial to security. meanwhile, u.s. tax drive
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pakistan -- the u.s. continues to push pakistan. >> a new study shows that caffeine is not just a treat for adults. university researchers compared 200 children and found that 75% of kids had caffeine every day. children as young as five consumed a can of soda daley and older children age 8 to 12 at three cans of soda. there are no guidelines as to how much caffeine and jobs would have or its effects, however, researchers say that parents should -- a child caffeine or its effects, however, researchers say that parents should try to moderate it. growing problem among
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teens and young adults. people have described it as a ringing or chirping in their ears. the noise is usually more unnoticeable -- more noticeable when it is quiet. >> you can walk onto a college campus and pulled the plugs out of a person's years and say, let's do a hearing test. >> there are not any great treatments for it, and doctors say prevention is more important. do not listen to the volume past two-thirds capacity and do not listen to it more than two hours at a time. university researchers found that 18-month-old who were taught the names of objects while playing with significantly diverse shapes learned an average of 10 new words per month as opposed to those who
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played with similar toys, who learned only four new words per month. every year, thousands of children and that in emergency rooms with cuts, broken bones, and sometimes serious head injury. helmets should be a requirement when it comes to sledding, skiing, and snowboarding appeared even though the white stuff is not fighting, it is more dangerous than we realize. >> we have had children in peeled on objects when they were buried -- in pale on objects when they were buried in the snow. we usually advise parents not to allow children to go down the hill face first. >> feet first, parents. safe sliding out there. -- saige sliding out there.
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>> -- safe sledding out there. >> year is a lot of you from skyteam 11. -- here is a live in view of skyteam 11. everybody is trying to get home at the same time and is causing a very slow commute. my riding in normally to -- takes about 20 minutes. -- my right in normally takes about 20 minutes. this afternoon it took an hour and a half. we are not looking for any more snow, but it will not warm up on all. even some of the dree areas will treed areasof the treat will be slick still.
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the snowfall totals reported around our region are really in the half inch to maybe 2 inches in spots. a lot of folks have not been able to get out and measure it. this map was left over from last year. it was in the 20, 25 range. this is getting us ramped up for the winter season. about an inch of snow on the eastern shore over to central delaware. additionally, b.w.i. marshall, just for tenses number -- four tenths of snow. the temperature only meeting to the mid to low 20s today.
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-- only made it into the mid to low 20's today. 19 in hagerstown. that means not only tonight, but tomorrow morning's rush-hour maybe take -- impacted. when the skies clear, i think we will drop into the teens to around 20. a clear sky tomorrow and a good deal of sunshine. by tomorrow late morning/midday, we should be done with the treacherous conditions. if you look at the west coast, a big storm in the pacific northwest. parts of this storm have been pilaf -- peeling off. this is a very active jet stream.
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while one is living off the atlantic coast now, there's already another one serving to organize over the texas panhandle. that will come up with more moisture saturday night into sunday. this particular computer model keeps it out over the lentic -- the atlantic. other computer models shifted back over us. depending on how that storm comes up over us, that will determine how this plays out. right now, it is close enough for us to be impacted by it, but late saturday night we will pick up a chance for snow the
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wind chill will be in the low 20's. bundle up. there may be another store -- another storm coming in. >> still ahead, we will hear from the security guard who stopped a gun man from killing them-killing members of the florida school board. >> and need the person who essentially blames yeardley love for her own death. >> it is never to late to start saving for your child education.
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>> very high praise tonight for the officer that is credited for saving lives at the school board. >> he is the man that began -- that took down a gunman as he began shooting at the school board. but he refuses to be called a hero. because i'm not a hero, folks. i'm just -- >> i'm not a hero, folks. i just did my job. >> after a deranged and suicidal 56-year-old ex-con
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opened fire on board members to my jones burst into the room and opened fire on him. >> i saw that first shot and i knew the superintendent fell backwards and of a board members fell backwards and he and i engage in a gunbattle. i thought i had lost the superintendent. i thought i had let him down. >> the gun man died from a self- inflicted bullet to the head. he credits a deep and abiding faith for a successful outcome. >> if nobody believes in god, you need to watch that video. he had his arms wrapped around everyone of us. >> he will be christmas shopping tonight for some 600 underprivileged children. >> he seems like a super guy.
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the 50 years ago, a group of annapolis residents made is this -- made civil rights history. >> we will show you the annapolis 5. >> and we will try to the snowy conditions you are facing on your drive home. -- we will show you the snowy conditions you are facing on yourre
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>> aren't you glad you're not sitting in that traffic tonight? >> yes. >> this is a live look from skyteam 11 04 ruch 40 on the west side of baltimore. -- over on route 40 on the west side of baltimore. traffic is moving a little bit, but not much. it is jam packed. the winter weather has as under an alert because the icy conditions are making for a terrible commute. >> the snow started falling out around noon today. we have live team coverage with tom tasselmyer. he joins us live from the 11 insta-weather plus center. >> this note, as you mentioned -- the snow, as you mentioned, started falling around lunchtime today. the worst of the falling snow is done with, but the damage is done, as you might say.
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some fairly decent snow now showing up. there is some snow around snow hill. that will continue for another hour or so. here in baltimore, it is not worthy of faulting -- falling so that we are concerned with. around the beltway, not being -- not much being picked up on radar. as the sky to try to -- this guy tries to clear a little bit later on -- as the sky try to clear a little bit later on tonight, cold and icy conditions. you think folks are prepared for it out that way? >> i surely hope so it is a bit colder than it was when we first got out here. not a lot accumulated.
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it's still caused some frustration for drivers in this area. >> a lot of traffic. people moving really slow. karas not moving at all trying to get up the hill, especially the heavy trucks. other than that, i have just been trying to stay in front of it. >> the roads out here have been plowed. baltimore county has done a great job making sure that drivers have an easy time getting home this afternoon. the county told me they have been forced all of their equipment -- they have and forced all of their equipment, 300 pieces of equipment to be sure the roads are safe. they said they wanted to be prepared. this is the first snowfall of the season and they wanted to make sure that folks would be saved getting home. -- safe getting home. >> traffic is moving a little bit behind -- is moving a little
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bit, and that is certainly good news. we are watching the possibility of another storm coming this way for the weekend. more on that, plus the seven-day forecast in a couple of minutes. >> in addition to checking on the elderly neighbors you may have, you also want to be sure to take care of your pets in these freezing conditions. this is especially true for kittens, puppies, and other short hair animals. also, do not let them wander outside, they could go and me -- under the hoods of cars, which could be dangerous. also, do not leave out antifreeze and other chemicals. they could be sick if they ingest those chemicals. >> in new developments in the murder of europe the love of cockeysville, a popular lacrosse player at the university of virginia. her ex-boyfriend is charged with beating her to death.
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now a lawyer in virginia says not so fast. >> on the campus of uva, where prosecutors say lacrosse star george hugely brutally beat and killed yeardley love. his lawyer said she was on at iraq, described -- on aterol and that she may have been using more than her dosage. the drugs could have stopped her heart. >> i think it is disrespectful to her memory. >> friends say that cutely -- ly sometimes it got rough
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with her. on the night that she died, they got into a fight and he "shook love and her head repeatedly, hitting the wall, leaving her to die face down on a pillow in a pool of blood." substance abuse expert, michael campbell of seeing justice center said even though the -- of st. joseph's centers said even though the mixing of aterol and alcohol is not likely to kill someone. >> the mixing of the two is most likely to result in alcohol poisoning because they will drink more. >> they also -- hugely's lawyers
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also pointed out that she was drunk the night that she died. hupy is still behind bars as he gets ready to face love's family in court. >> this is a complete shock. i had just put out the word that we have gone through all of our pencils for the year. >> i guess it was a shock. the teacher got more than just pencils. pencils.
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start with cookie dough. add sugar. then hershey's kisses milk chocolates. [ son giggles ] [ female announcer ] fun. easy. [ child ] wow. [ female announcer ] at with cinnabon cinnamon have such a sweet and delicious aroma that my family can't wait to get their hands on them. enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls. >> wikileaks founder julien a -- julian assange is out on bail. he denies the allegations that he is of the two female -- that
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he assaulted two female employees in sweden. he is also being investigated by u.s. officials after his website to these thousands of classified documents. >> and it and i would teacher struggling for a lack of supplies got the surprise of her school year when she issued a call for markers and pencils. she received a $5,000 donation last year toward the school and then another one the following year and then a $45,000 check. students there say they are happy. >> we do not know who you are and everything, but what you have given as it is completely new possibilities. -- what you have given us is completely new possibilities. >> we are just t.d.. it is so exciting. >> the school plans to use the money to turn their classroom
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into an art gallery, featuring students work. >> it is nice to be nice. >> it is. >> jillette, a poll that gives internet users more control over their privacy. -- still ahead, a poll that gives internet users more control over their privacy. >> and bringing the civil rights history up to life in annapolis. i am tim tooten live in the newsroom. that story, just ahead. >> and the weather is slowing things down on the roadways out there.
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>> 50 years ago, a small group of annapolis residents are known as the annapolis 5. >> tim tooten is live in the newsroom with the story. it sounds like a fascinating group of people. >> it is a couple of businessmen and two local school teachers and one thing they had in common was the effort to achieve freedom. >> the day was in 1960. it was a friday. >> it is in what was once the
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procedures lows annapolis hotel. it used to be the site of a segregated restaurant. >> on that day in and out bliss, five students conducted -- >> here is what the history books tell us, the annapolis five showed up at the restaurant and the owner refused to serve them and then had them arrested. those events set off a local protest. "] ♪ ['we shall overcome >> those who took time to relive the local strouble seem to be the most affected. >> it actually means a big deal -- to relive the local event seemed to be most affected. >> it actually means a great
5:47 pm
deal. >> it gives me pride to reenact this. >> some local african americans believe what took place here helps to shed light on the sacrifices by groups like the annapolis 5. >> i recommend people who made it possible for me to live where i live, work where i went live, to patronize and do what i want to do. -- work wear riot do, and to patronize and do what i want to do. -- work where i do, and to patronize and do what i want to do. >> they hope it leaves a legacy for other generations. >> we are teaching them history. we're teaching them about what happened here >> we are told there is one surviving member of the annapolis 5. she could not make today's event. >> we continue to follow
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conditions from today's winter storm. it is an absolute nightmare going westbound. >> starting at mount holly and vans and avenue -- evan soson avenue, is a nightmare. there is one tractor trailer that is stuck and then when there is another tractor trevett that is stuck. the traffic from this location is backed up all the way in to downtown baltimore. nobody is going anywhere. the salt trucks are trying to get here because of the traffic. hilton parkway is between norton avenue and the parkway are shut down because of sheets of ice. >> it does look pretty rough out
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there. not because of the heavy snows that you have mentioned. it is just a light coating of snow. the potential is there, even in the morning. it is not going to lighten up, even overnight. what is left behind will stay with us through the night. there will be some slippery conditions on ice, heading into cumberland, oakland, and out into garrett county. the snow that we had here today is pretty much on the lower eastern shore and off the coast. that is where the steady shores -- steady snow showers are falling at this hour. the snowfall totals will not be i poppers because last year we were so used to seeing these in the 50 to 20 inch range. you're talking about a light coating of this note to the north and an inch or two to the west. -- of this note to the north and
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enter to to the west. kent county in delaware, and advisory remains in effect from southern jersey of to philly. an advisory for a light coating of snow and slippery conditions. the temperatures will fall pretty quickly overnight. 18 in oakland, 21 in westminster and 20 in chestertown. the winds will stay like overnight and the light coating of snow will cool the temperatures even further. the temperatures are looking pretty cool tonight. 14 to 21, as the preconditions with light winds at 5 to 10. tomorrow, i think we will get above freezing. of sunshine, above freezing temperatures. that light coating of snow will probably be gone tomorrow afternoon. it is all because of a fast
5:51 pm
moving area of low pressure that is going through the carolinas as we speak. it is part of the pacific storm that is moving its way to the southwest. this will maybe make the turn of the coast saturday night. there may be some snug -- some sunshine early in the day on saturday. just depending on how far off shore, that will determine what are we can't turns out to be. if it stays off the coast -- what our weekend turns out to be. if it stays off because, then we may just have a few flurries. if it is further west, it may be over our region. for our region is about 30% to 40% chance that it hits us. it is a 60% to 70% that it stays out in the ocean. the gusty winds following the storm keeping temperatures below normal writing to the middle of next week.
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>> in tonight's consumer alert, it is never too early to start saving for college. 11 news reporter can days he has more on the college plans of maryland. >> their older son is not even two yet, but they are already saving for his college education. >> realizing how much college costs and how much more is going to cost, it became apparent that we needed to start now and make it part of our budget. >> there are two programs to choose from. the investment program allows parents to take any time and in any amount they want. the other is a pre college trust. >> then they know in the future
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they will have full state tuition and mandatory fees covered for their child at any non-public college. or they can apply year because the average tuition at a prague -- or they can apply that year's average tuition at a private or out of state college. >> it helps give him peace of mind if his kids went to college. >> we knew that no matter what would happen, what the circumstances might be, that the education would be paid for and no debt would be there for us. and also, no college loans for them as well. the >> and you do not have to be a parent to enroll. grandparents can saved, too. -- can save, to appear in >> what better gift to give your child and a gift of education? >> you can enroll in the program through april 4.
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>> enrolling in that program has another benefit to my your payments will reduce your taxable income each year by $125 per child. >> at 11 insta-weather plus alert remains in effect with alert remains in effect with live team coverage coming up at
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by exxon the ravens took the
5:57 pm
field by storm and jennifer franciotti was there. >> they lined up early at the stadium, members of the ravens fan club wore purple. everyone was excited about the day's adventure, a tour of nfl headquarters and tickets to lombardy on broadway. >> i wanted to see the headquarters and support the ravens. >> they were given breakfast and schoen "the blindside." >> i am excited because it is the ravens and going to nyc mentoring nfl headquarters. to come today, i'm an algebra teacher, but i put in for a personal business days so i did not have to lie about where i was going. >> while purple is for women, there were some guys -- >> i came here for marshawn.
5:58 pm
she is a real raven's fan and -- i came here for marcia. she is a real raven's fan and a lot of her friends could not go. i said i would go with you. >> here is where the ladies got a sneak peek at the new nfl apparel line for women. >> we wanted to show them that this is out there, this is where you can get it, this is how you can wear it. it is not just for game day. >> the grant few tours, but have been wowed by the ravens female fan base. >> to have 80 fans jump on a bus and come up to our offices, that is impressive. for them to see what we do on a daily basis and consider its exciting, that is interesting. >> this is it, the commissioners board room. >> this is like the cathedral of the nfl. we are all in here right now, some of the biggest names in nfl
5:59 pm
have sat here and made some important decisions. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime offer synergy and i'm so thrilled to be here. >> amazing to see, but no time to waste. up next from a tractor broadway troupe packed city sidewalks at christmastime to see lombardy. >> and by the way, jennifer had a blast. here is what is coming of new at 6:00 p.m. >> in baltimore county middle school -- middle school student is attacked in the doctor by an adult who sneaked in the building. >> a winter weather revisory remains in effect. >> and i will have a look at the cinelli conditions in his first snowfall of the season. -- a look at the cinelli conditions --


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