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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  December 16, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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snow, and some freezing temperatures, a perfect mix for traffic nightmares all up and down the state. this december snow is the big story tonight. it was not commuters who were affected only. >> water woes. crews are dealing with at least two serious issues tonight, one in baltimore county and the other and baltimore city. we are live in east baltimore were a water main broke earlier tonight. have officials says it is the weather ? >> officials think it might be the weather, along with old pipes and so forth. folks in this area have not had water for several hours, but crews have been able to stop the water from gushing into the streets. crews are still out here trying to repair that and get water back to several homes and businesses on this block. water flow at the tyrone's
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chicken is a trickle. >> it is difficult to do business without water. that is why we had to hope that things would get better. >> it is one of several businesses along north avenue without water. >> the area that this is impacting goes from -- to harford road. there are 500 structures. >> a lot of those structures are vacant. >> this cold weather. it is that time of year. we have a number of breaks scattered throughout the city. >> traffic was rerouted while crews tried to stop water from gushing out onto the road. a big headache for business owners. >> we cannot supply the people like we should. we have to do is lower than we usually do. >> crews worked on another water
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main break. this one was caused by contractors mistake. crucifix it over the weekend, but it broke again this afternoon -- crews fixed it over the weekend, but it broke again this afternoon. employees are patiently waited for their water to come back on. >> i hope we can do business and make money. >> >> in addition to a lot of the businesses that to not have water, the district courthouse, they also do not have water. officials say that crews will be working throughout the night to get water restored. no word on whether it will be up and running, but they hope to have it by tomorrow morning. >> and as for the snow, it did not matter much where you work. you probably encountered serious traffic delays. traffic 11 was seeing all around the region. the roads were clear for the
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most part, but not clear of vehicles. there were trucks that out stock but all in all, major roads were moving too slow for serious accidents. >> traffic was effected on i-95. time lapse video. an hour and a health of video 7:00 p.m.37 p.m0 and traffic was steady, but it began to taper off a little bit later in the evening. so how bad was it on the ground? it did officials did a good job of making sure things did not get too bad? >> arkansas reporter was out and about trying to answer those questions -- our reporter was out at about trying to answer those questions. the question tonight is, how are the roads at this hour? >> they seems to have things pretty well under control. 400 tons of salt on
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roadways in the last few hours. the concern tonight is about black ice. they are asking drivers to be cautious tonight and into tomorrow morning. the snow fell, the temperatures dropped, and it read havoc on the road. >> i saw some skidding. i saw one accident. >> baltimore city crews worked hard to keep roadways clear with salt trucks. by rush-hour, premier roadways became first priorities, walt sidestreets stayed snow-covered. >> traffic became heavy or people started leaving work earlier, so traffic became heavy which was challenging for a. >> there were numerous spinouts all over the city as drivers slipped. several drivers got stuck here on cold spring lane at 4:30 p.m.
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route 40 at mt. holly. traffic backed up there because so many drivers attempted to use it as an alternate route. conditions improved considerably following the after-work commute. >> i just came up cold springs, and they have been pretty good so far. i had to stop going down hill, and it was not a problem. >> as of 7:30 p.m., officials reported 106 trucks onth the road. crews will work throughout the night to get ready for the morning rush hour. >> if you do not need to travel, do not. we are preparing. throughout the night, conditions can worsen. we want to be prepared. >> a couple of side notes for the morning. afternoon activities for baltimore city schools were canceled this afternoon, but things seem to be on schedule for tomorrow morning. bus routes, there been some
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changes because of the cleanup tonight. if you want some information, go to our website and go to the mpa information listed on >> well, the snow did not stop many people in anne arundel county with the holidays in drawing closer -- the post office in glen burnie was crowded. that was not the only air and on the agenda for many. home depot was crawling with people, people trying to get the needed supplies -- shovels, ice melt. in landsdowne, 11 news was on the scene. it made being outside more difficult. by 5:00 p.m., it had stopped falling, much to the relief of folks in the area. how much snow did we get? >> we will head over to our
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chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer for that answer. >> not like the blockbuster storms of last year. this was of fast-moving system. 12 hours ago, the snow was spreading across the region. out to sea. left behind, a one to two inch coating. lighter amounts to the north and east up into northern delaware. the problem is the cold. it is nine degrees in frederick at this hour. more on the potential icy morning and a potential storm coming our way for the weekend. >> once the flakes hit, our viewers began sending as images. here is a shot of a car that skidded off the road. we get video of the accident earlier in the day. even though the snow has stopped, you can upload your images by logging on to our website,
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>> now to the war in afghanistan. the president admits there is a lot to be done before troops can come home. >> that comes on the heels of a report that gave insights on when the troops should be able to come home. we have more from washington. >> it seems things are still on track to begin pulling out troops from afghanistan in july, 2011. it is harder to nail down when all 100,000 troops will come home. one year after president obama ordered 30,000 more troops to afghanistan, the white house touted progress. >> thanks to our troops and civilians on the ground, we are on track. >>goals like disrupting the taliban.
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the timeline for a full pullout is still uncertain. >> it will be conditions based. in terms of what that line looks like beyond july, 2011, i think the answer is, we do not know. >> the on classified summary of the war review described gains as fragile, admitting that progress has not been fast enough in pakistan and outlining challenges ahead at the end of the deadliest year for u.s. forces since the war began. >> this continues to be a very difficult endeavor. >> a new poll shows a record 60% of americans now say the war in afghanistan has not been worth fighting. >> the question i would ask is, how do you feel about a continuing american commitment that is aimed at protecting you and your family? >> leaving the administration defending continued efforts, vowing not to waver, even as
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some aid groups predict violence will only increase in afghanistan in the coming year. republican leaders echoed the white house that the war remains crucial to u.s. security. the president talked about his upcoming trip to pakistan as one way the administration continues to work on cooperation in the region. >> the army doctor disobeyed ordered to deploy to afghanistan and questioned the president's ability to be commander in chief, was sentenced to six months in military prison. he will be dismissed from the army. tax cuts are on hold tonight as time runs out for congress to lock in the current rates. angry liberals are slowing down the progress. they want to see how a post they are to the president's compromise. republicans say it will -- the
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continues.forth >> this contradicts everything that democrats have been fighting for. >> create jobs, focus on economic growth. >> if the house and senate cannot agree, everyone's taxes will go up on your stay. at this hour, we're being told of vote is expected sometime after midnight. >> shouting >> disagreements and our government do not end like this. the members of ukraine's parliament went at it thtoday. when the dust settled, several people had to be taken to the hospital. >> wikileaks founder julian assange was released on bail today. supporters raised the cash necessary to post his bail.
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prosecutors lost an appeal to keep him in prison. he is wont -- wanted in sweden over allegations of sexual crimes. for now, he remains in england, fighting extradition in a 10- bedroom mansion. we have an ill-timed recall to tell you about. >> we have new developments in the murder of yeardley love. >> a baltimore county middle school student is attacked in the bathroom by a man. >> an update on the way word year that found itself in a sticky situation earlier today. >> a snowstorm is off the coast and out of here, but the icy conditions continue. 22 degrees at b.w.i. >> we will head out west to check-in on the tonight show. >> jay?
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>> rob, marianne, jason seagal on the progress. the host of "top gear."
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>> new developments in the murder case of yeardley love. attorneys for her accused killer and ex-boyfriend want to switch the blame from their client to the victim. they want to delve into love's personal records. they claim she was over using the adhd ddrug aderol. they claim that the drug may have stopped her heart. >> that is transparent. the fact they cannot find anything more substantial is telling. >> dying from mixing aderol and alcohol is highly unlikely. how did a romance make it to a middle school -- how did a man naked to the middle school in and attacked a student?
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-- a man make it to a middle school and attack a student? >> baltimore county police officers remained at the middle school at least through the early dismissal of students because of the snowstorm. around 8:30 a.m., a male student was attacked by an adult male who managed to sneak into a boys' bathroom. many parents are furious. >> that could have been my son and a bathroom this morning or my nephew. i am very concerned. >> the child yelling and the rockets caused by him fighting off his offender alerted the police resources officer and a staff member who prevented the assault. >> you have to see them walk through there. every time i go to that school, they tell me go to the office. >> according to a source familiar with the investigation, the suspect was confronted by a police resource
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officer when he entered the building. the man gave them a plausible explanation of why he was there, saying he was looking for his little brother. >> why could not any adult coming in at show i.d.? to show that they are related to someone in there. >> a source familiar with the investigation says the suspect fought with the resource officer and attempted to escape arrest. >> that is disturbing. they have had a problem at this school a mother so ago. we came in the evening to pick up the kids. >> police will detail charges and released the name of the suspect after he has seen a bail commissioner. >> we begin tonight consumer alert with the recall from honda. nearly 1.4 million honda fits are being recalled tonight. they need to fix why ring. i-- wiring.
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no accidents have been linked to the defect. >> walmart announced today it is pulling 2 million electric heaters off store shelves due to fire and burned hazards. that recall affected models sold at walmart between december, 2001, just last year. there were 21 reports of fire damage and physical injury. consumers are urged to stop using that heaters immediately. the flo pro and comfort essential. all were sold between late 2001 and just this past year. if you have an effective model, you can return it to any walmart for a full refund. >> what kind of fans to the minnesota vikings have? so determined to see their vikings play, scores of people showed up outside of the tcf bank today with shovels. the crowd was helping to clear
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the snow from the field so the vikings can play monday night. the metrodome is not exactly game ready, thanks to more tears in the roof. no word on when repairs may be completed. >> for many of you who were with us earlier today you may have seen the way were deer that got stuck in icy water. tonight, we are happy to tell you that the deer made it back into its natural habitat. the animal wandered into some ice and falling to the department of natural resources. area firefighters pitched in to help chop up the ice so that the deer could find its way to dry land. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> quick hitting area of low pressure tracks right across the region into the evening rush hour. since it was moving so fast and was not loaded with must snow, only andat
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two.inche or 1/2 inch in delaware. a couple of inches around frederick, domestic. parts of northern virginia had a couple of inches. as of late afternoon, b.w.i. reported less than 1/20 minutes. i think that will be updated -- it reported less than 1/2 inches. look at how cold it is and the state compared to the average -- 46 is normal. the snow is off the coast. things are starting to quiet down across the mid-atlantic. the skies are clear. there is a fast temperature drop. in frederick, it is 7 degrees. contrast that to 27 in sikes bville.
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it will be cold in the morning, which means that slippery conditions will persist in sunrise. 14 to 21 around our region on average. watch out for slick roadways and porch steps. we could get above freezing tomorrow with sunshine. a few flurries in the mountains tomorrow, around 20 degrees. we should see abundant sunshine east of them out across the chesapeake bay, where we will get into the middle or upper 30's on the lower eastern shore. today's snow maker is moving away. a new storm is already taking shape. coming out of new mexico now. it could turn up the eastern seaboard. you'll see that unfolding un insta-weather plus futurecast. snow in norfolk on
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saturday. look at this computer model. parts of the eastern shore is part of the snow band. a lot of rain, a lot of moisture offshore. the shift to the west of that trend continues, that snow will be pushed back towards baltimore sunday afternoon along with wind and cold weather. a coastal storm, not quite sure of the track, but the threat is continuing to hold in place. 36 tomorrow, mid 30's saturday. a chance -- 30% or 40% -- from late saturday and sunday, a possibility of accumulating snow. a high of 32 on sunday. that will be followed by windy and cold weather. winter begins on tuesday evening. >> as the ravens get set to take on the new orleans saints on sunday, it may surprise you that
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>> now 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> the ravens have a few different scenarios where they could clinch a spot this week in the playoffs. they share one thing in common -- the ravens have to beat the saints.
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a tall challenge. the saints have a great offense and a much better defense than most people realize. they have the sixth best defense in the nfl. they are also reading super bowl champions. this year's team takes a lot more of the focus than last year's super bowl victory. >> i think there was a year we played 13 games, and our teams were decided and we knew what kind of team we are now. we have an aggressive defense. we know they are a good team. they will come into our house. it will be a good match up. i do not know how much the super bowl is playing into that at this time of the year. >> of bud grant might approve. everyone else will freeze. minnesota will have to play this week's monday night game outdoors. a fourth panel on the metrodome
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collapse today. minnesota plans to honor its 50 greatest players of all time. their 50 coldest players, too. the nfl spokesman claimed that the bears and the vikings will play at the stadium on monday night. the forecast for monday -- high of 20 degrees, low of 90 degrees. yes, they have snow in the forecast. bud grant never lets his players wear gloves or sick and he did venture is when they play outdoors. -- or sit on heated benches when they play outdoors. the terps sold 7000 of the 10,000 tickets for the military bowl december 29. it does not rank up with oregon
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fans traveling to arizona for the title game, but a good showing of fans will make it more bearable to play in a bowl game 10 miles from campus. the orioles will come out with its season with a rebuilding. the boston red sox continued to lead the division in deals. they added bobby jenks to its bull pen. the former white sox closer -- they signed him. they signed matt alvers today. social media sites make it too easy for desperate former athletes to tweak themselves -- tweet themselves back into the majors. jose canseco has tweeted
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requests for a tryout. he posted this video of this latest batting cage session. a 46 year-old steroid whistle- blower does not have much appeal. he does not seem to understand that. tom tasselmyer will save the 7 tom tasselmyer will save the 7 day s [ male announcer ] the face of hunger in this country is all around us. 1 in 6 americans live in hunger. at bank of america, we've created the gift for opportunity fund to support feeding america
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and the boys & girls clubs' efforts to provide hunger-relief. and we invite our customers, associates and communities to help. every dollar you contribute this season can be matched, dollar for dollar. together we can make twice the difference to help support those in need. ♪
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>> that is our news. have a
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