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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  December 17, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. thank you for joining us this morning. let's talk to john collins with a look to the forecast. >> yesterday was a fun afternoon. it was not a lot of snow, but it may things slippery. in piles not stocuck or dressed of snow. the pavement was like teflon. it was so cold that it was slippery. this morning, the leftovers from this storm causing some icy conditions. you have to watch out for that. just a sampling of some of the snow around the area. not impressive numbers. inches at piney orchards.
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engine have that millington -- an inch and a half at millington. nor, not even half an inch of ark, not even half an inch of snow. the next snow is scheduled for sunday. we need to see what is happening on the streets and no traffic is flowing. here is kim dacey. >> the major roadways are mostly clear. it will be those side streets and ramps you want to watch for. they may not be as clear. we have some water main breaks to contend with. the same ones from yesterday. hyland ave is still closed. clinton street is your alternate. north avenue is another to watch for. one lane is closed in each direction. another one for the north, york and largely road -- york and
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rigidly road. greenspring avenue, the roads are mostly clear. this is 100. more snow with their. in the site traffic is getting by. use extra call -- use extra caution and leave more time to get to your destination. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. accumulations snow did cause a few problems in our area. water main brakes are create headaches in baltimore city and baltimore county. lowell melser it is live and northeast with the details. >> it is freezing out here and it is difficult for public works crews who have to work on east north avenue. it is a huge increase for folks who live around here and for those who have to work and go to the east side district courthouse, which is dust down the road.
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traffic was rerouted for several hours and it continues to be reported this morning. public works had to shut the water lines to do the work. that has affected hundreds of customers. inws worked in a break the county. this may be caused by contractors who made a mistake. >> it is the cold weather. it is that time of year. we have had a number of breaks. in east baltimore, we have this one. >> so a lot of folks on north avenue still without water at this hour. we're averaging to see if the court house is going to be close to that with the will open. it may not have water. liven baltimore, lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> i hope your doing well.
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i kentucky that the situation in baltimore county is not bad this want -- i can tell you that the situation and baltimore county is not bad this morning. things are very icy. you have to a lot of extra time. this is the first time we have seen any significant accumulation of snow and cold temperatures that we're into. the official start of winter is next week. yesterday was kind of eight mass.-- a mess. cars were spinning out on the sides of the roads. a very slippery around. and all the roads were sold yesterday. that did cause a bit of a problem. there was about an inch of accumulation. people were having a difficult time getting around on those sidestreets because of the snow that did accumulate on the streets.
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it was not plowed yesterday. today, we're snow-coated somewhat. we're going to see the mild temperatures -- the mildest temperatures that we've seen so far. mid-30s range. that is able better than yesterday when we were kept at bay with the cloud cover. the situation is some slush on the side roads. like a coating of ice on the side roads. take it easy. four-wheel-drive if you have it is probably a good deal. that is it for now. live and timonium, sandra shaw. >> thank you. evening commuters experienced quite a few delays last night. as you can see, roads were cleared for the most part. that was not the case for the vehicles. some trucks and got stuck. all in all, it was not too
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horrible. a low number of accidents were reported. the snow did not stop many from completing their tasks. the post office was crowded with people sending the packages. the home depot was crawling with people. shovels or the hot ticket item. if you enjoyed generous to your favorite songs, this next story is for you. a poll surveyed 3000 of lost and what our favorite road trip songs were. starting from the botto number bird."s "free "riders on the storm." "highway to hell." "take it easy."
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to number one road show was "on the road again." that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what's your favorite song to play in the car as you hit the road? you can share your response at, and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to 23 degrees on tv hill. a suspect is injured while in police custody. a pregnant teenager and her boyfriend are attacked on a seattle city bus. this is a live look at traffic. this is a 95 in the catonsville area. the roads are still sl
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>> good morning. kind of a slippery friday morning. we said that with caution. watch it when going out today.
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the temperature is right around 20 or 24 degrees, depending if you are in the city. look the radar. we still of some clouds overhead. we have some snow over ohio and new york state. new york state -- what the reason upper air a disturbance moving through ohio. that could produce some snow showers in the mounds. around baltimore, will see sunshine. there will be scattered clouds. we will try to make up to freezing for the high today. maybe a little better than that. more details on the weather coming up in just a few minutes. stick around. >> police in washington state said a pregnant teenager was beaten while on a seattle city bus. here is surveillance video. the confrontation started when one of the teenagers took an mp3 player. she approached them to get it
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back. several teenagers attacked her and her boyfriend. the girl was a cut near the eye. the baby was not hurt. five people have been arrested. a dinner out ends with an ohio man injured. two officers attempted to book a man for disorderly conduct. he ended up on the floor facedown unconscious and bleeding. he is now in intensive care. he was out for dinner when a manager complained about his behavior and said he had a knife. police were called and took him to the station. coming up, the morning's financial news in the bloomberg business report. federal rules that could hurt the credit card business. walmart polls one of its products off the shelves. we have the details. >> cold temperatures have caused several water main break is around the areas. we have the latest on them and it live look outside. for itchy dry skin.
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oh yeah, right in my eye. [ female announcer ] if it tastes like the holidays, we've got it. safeway. ingredients for life. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> these pesky water main break. >> it is because of the cold temperatures. i thought we would have more accidents on the road. sorry. it is my fault. you can blame me. we have just water main break you want to watch out for. one is on highland avenue. the alternate will be clinton's trip. another on north. that is where lowell melser is reporting live. that is down to one lane closed
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in each direction as they start to clean that up. another assault on york road blocking the right lane. we will give a live look outside. in the northwest corner of the beltway, greenspring avenue is pretty clear. the snow is pushed off to the side. use extra caution. more snow covered here. definitely leave extra time this morning so you don't have to rush. it might take you longer on the side streets. be aware of exit and entrance ramps. they could be icy in the cold temperatures this morning. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to kurt kronke of the mta system. good morning. >> we have a few bus delays and diversions. the eight and 91 buses are 15- minutes played. 23 bus using edmundson. 16 blessed is also by passing.
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-- the 16 bus is also by passing. the 21 bus is bypassing oga trope parkway -- ti parkway. i'm kurt kronke. now back to john collins. >> we do have a little disturbance out in ohio. some of it is lake effect snow. some is stirred-up piece of atmosphere. for western maryland. we will have some scattered clouds. we will see more sun than we saw yesterday. temperatures will hopefully get above freezing and hopefully melt this stuff. temperatures will still be well below normal for the season. let's look what happened as far as the numbers were concerned yesterday appeared it was only 25 for the high yesterday
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at the airport. the snow was less than 1/4 of an inch. -- the official snow total at the airport, 1.2 inches. it wasn't much snow. because of the conditions, the highways were unbearable yesterday afternoon. very slippery. this morning we could be left what could be wet pavement or icy. take it easy for a while. the visibility is limited at night. you cannot tell if it is ice on the road or it is wet from being assaulted down. to the west of the city, readings are in the teens. once you get to the metro area, readings or in the low 20s to the middle 20's. cambridge, 27 degrees. further away from the bay, the temperature is 20 right now.
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there is gray shadings, scattered clouds. the mounds are overcast. we see the streets of snow -- the mountains are overcast. this is the lake effect snow going through all higher right now. this thing is writing north. if anything, it will provide a few clouds. here's yesterday's storm off shore. a new development in the plains states. the storm will kind of come across here. it will start to redevelop in the gulf of mexico. the energy was transferred here. that is not good. it will pick up a lot of golf moisture. when the stars spinning up a modem for the southeast, it will pass by the mid atlantic on sunday or will be higher out to see? would have that situation a lot in this situation. today, just some scattered
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clouds. hopefully we will see a fair share of sun. west and northwest wind at about 7 to 12 miles per hour. the snow in the mountains to the west. by saturday morning, we start picking up some clouds as the new disturbance starts moving our way. it looks like on saturday will be relatively dry. by saturday night, watch the development. this one computer model keeps the storm off shore. we do see some clouds. these clouds could produce some showers. tickets further west, we could see more than that. it looks like it will be eight sunday event. we have a football game. 36 and dry today. saturday night, we are allowing for a chance for some snow showers. the further east to go, the chance will be higher. we have the football game in the afternoon. we will see what happens. temperatures around freezing on
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sunday. more snow shower activity on tuesday and wednesday. >> automaker, announced a recall, nearly 1.4 million on that fits -- honda fits are affected. this affects about 143,000 cars in the u.s. no accidents have been linked to that defect. walmart are calling heaters -- wal-mart is recalling heaters. there were sold in walmart. walmart has received 21 reports of instances, including 11 of property damage. you may return the product when it walmart store for a full refund.
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jane king has the bloomberg business report. good morning. happy friday. >> the federal reserve proposing rules that could cut down the charge transaction fees by 90%. this threatens the fastest- growing parts of the visa and mastercard business. mastercard has openly criticized the proposal saying it would ship costs to consumers. said it would create unintended consequences for consumers. if you do not want to brave the tax stores, you may want to shop online. you can place orders just before midnight on sunday night and still get delivery by christmas eve. amazon said this is the latest state to offer free shipping in time for christmas. the s&p 500 is not at its
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highest level. this comes after weekly jobless claims fell. housing starts increased. we have futures a pretty quiet, a little bit higher. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. back to you. >> what is on tap for your next report? >> baltimore city has had great success in having many tourists. >> i live in baltimore county. thank you. it is 23 degrees on tv hill. coming up, we'll get another look at your morning commute with traffic and weather together. don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what's your favorite song to play in the car as you hit the road? you can share your response at, and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to
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>> welcome back. we have some school closings to report to you. maybe it is the recession. maybe it is a nostalgia. some parents are going back to basics when it comes to gifts for their kids. >> it is a dizzying prospect. give time days away. you still have little once on your list. and the toy industry says by this, get that. that is the hottest thing this year. some parents say enough already. >> the video game think, i am so over it. >> parents are reaching back. playback and letting their
5:26 am
children leave them, passed the hype and hoopla to the retro. >> they are looking at things that they played with as a kid. many classics from the easy bake hula hoops. >> we have no video games and our house. i do not think it helps a child. >> the toy marketers are catching on. even the packaging is starting to look like it did 30 or 40 years ago. look at this, a black and white photo. >> that is the traditional package. >> some specialty stores have become bridges between the past and present. on the left, a doll from the original "star trek" series. the classic etch a sketch and
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the identical three issue, all selling like hotcakes. are these just parents saying, this will be cool because i like it? >> their kids like it to. >> some toys never lose their appeal. and their kids might enjoy them, too. >> it takes me back to my childhood. it's 23 degrees on tv hill. coming up -- >> water main break in the city and county, causing headaches for some. i love the story straight ahead. if she did not clear your sidewalk her driveway, but it will be i see today. icy today. be d
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning. welcome back. i'm mindy basara. we checked on weather and traffic. there are several school delays in closing. >> queen anne county schools have been closed. on the bottom of the screen, there is a crawl talking about the delays. we don't have much snow. i think it was a combination of the pavement surface was very cold. it was kind of like teflon. look like it was behaving like teflon. it iced up. very crowded very quickly in the early afternoon. i think it was the domino effect
5:31 am
into some major problems yesterday. this morning, watch out when you step outside because if you're stoop or your sidewalk could be icy. we do not get much snow. about an inch and a half in colombia. an inch in dundalk. up in hunt valley and westminster, an inch and a half. half inch in elkton. two inches in damascus. not impressive snow totals. but an impressive snarl of traffic. today is a much quieter day. still cold. we will check on the icy roads. >> i left toward the height of the snow. it took more than one hour to
5:32 am
get to 95. luckily, it is gone this morning. the major roadways are looking okayed this morning. use extra caution. leave extra time when you head out the door. there is an accident at eastern boulevard. the disabled vehicle is stopped on the medium. the side roads will be a slick. we have some water main breaks to contend with. one on highland avenue. clinton street will be your alternate. another at north. one lane closed in each direction. southbound york, another one to watch out for. this is the northwest corner of the beltway. things look open and good. these extra time. go slower this morning. this is 95 at 175. there is the report of an accident. it is a disabled vehicle that has moved off the shoulder.
5:33 am
that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back over to you. >> thank you. the snowfall affected many people in our area. a credit problems with some water main breaks in baltimore city and baltimore county. lowell melser is live with the details. >> there is not much traffic right now. the bad news is water main break said like this one here in the 20's are hundred block of east north avenue will make it difficult for some who need to travel on the roads it. the icy conditions are not helping. water main breaks become very popular when the temperature cools down. it is a big intervenes for people who live and work around here. water flow is now nothing more than a trickle. >> it is difficult for us to do business without water. that is why we had to wait around and hope things will get
5:34 am
better. >> this is one of several businesses without water. >> the area that this is impacting goes from bel air road to harford road. there are probably 500 structures along here because many of those structures are vacant. public works had to shut off water to repair a break. >> it is the cold weather. it is that time of year. we have had a number of breaks scattered throughout the city. over here in east baltimore, we have this one. >> traffic was rerouted for several hours. a small inconvenience for drivers. a big headache for business odours. >> we cannot supply the people like we should. we have to do it slurpee >> in the county, crews worked on another water main break. this one was caused by contractors mistake. crucifixes it over the weekend. it broke again yesterday -- crews fixed it over the weekend.
5:35 am
in the city, he is always in the -- he is patiently waiting for is water to come back on. >> i hope the water fixes so it will get better and we can make money. >> at this point, it is unclear when the water will be turned back on. we're waiting word to see whether service at the east side district court will be affected and if they have water or not. baltimore,in east lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> pierce sandra shaw with the latest conditions in timonium. >> here on york road. things are very quiet. this road is quiet. there is some black ice. he should put your car and four will drive over those patches or
5:36 am
take extra slow. i'm standing in some slush. we are right off york road. we have video of lansdowne. there were vehicles that were stranded on the side of the road. they spun out or had issues driving. no salt was put out yesterday. with the low temperatures and the temperature and is on the actual pavement, it made it an issue for people getting around. people with early dismissals trying to get home from work early. it was midday through afternoon snow event. there are driving in the snow. visibility is reduced. things are icing up because of the frigid temperatures. it has been well below normal all month. today it will be better. mid-30s. we're still now dealing with a coating of snow and ice. basically it is going to remain cold for quite a while. there is not a lot of relief in
5:37 am
sight. we could be dealing with more snow as we head into the weekend. take it easy. york road is moving smoothly. that is it for now. >> 23 degrees on tv hill. medical researchers take a step closer to a cure for pediatric brain cancer. that isn't in the medical alert. don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what's your favorite song to play in the car as you hit the road? you can share your response at, and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> things picking up on the roads out there. roads out there.
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>> good morning. it is a cold front morning. 24 is the temperature downtown. that is the view we see on our skycam. there wasn't enough snow -- you cannot sue the white on the roofs. it was not a significant show. we do have some school delays. check the bottom of your screen. eventually, schools will be held in a lot of cases. we expect for the bus stop forecast, partly cloudy skies. we're started with some suburban teens and temperatures in the mid 20's. will see more sunshine this afternoon. temperatures at or just above the freezing point. a non-snow day today as far as amazing falling from the sky. there is more snow in the forecast possibly for the weekend. dennis straight ahead. stick around. -- that is straight ahead.
5:41 am
>> researchers have -- they have analyzed tumor samples. they were able to identify 20% of mutations that lead to the disease. this could help experts develop new treatments for cancer. the drug use with chemotherapy will no longer be approved for the treatment of breast cancer. it is used for cases of colon, kidney, and brain cancer. it cuts off blood supply to the timber. the drug can extend survival in breast cancer patients. the survivor benefit is not as significant as once thought. patients had an increased risk for bleeding, high blood pressure, and heart failure. the risk for serious complications outweighs any potential benefits.
5:42 am
it is 23 degrees on tv hill. an update in the case against julian assange. the president gives his assessment on the status of the war in afghanistan. find out what he has to say. this is a live look over the baltimore area. no snow in the forecast today.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. we have a few water main breaks to watch shop for. south highland is closed. the ultimate will be clinton's trip. another water main break from yesterday north. one lane in each direction is .losed for the uppeat vehicle is stopped on the median in esses.
5:45 am
another water main break blocking one lane, the right lane. this is the west side of the beltway. greenspring avenue. things are moving fine here. the snow has been moved off the major roadways. leave extra time. this is 95 at 175. a disabled vehicle on southbound 95 right at 175. southbound traffic is picking up but moving freely. leave extra time for yourself this morning. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now for a final check on how the buses and trains are moving this morning, which turn to kurt kronke. >> happy friday. we're moving along nicely on the rails right now. metro subway is on time. we have a few bus delays and diversions. the eight bus is 15-minutes late. the 23 bus is using edmundson.
5:46 am
the 16 bus is bypassing 10th street. the brunswick lines are operating on time this morning. now back to john collins. good morning. >> thank you. we have a few scattered clouds out there this morning. there is a weather disturbance in the great lakes. it has kick some snow up and parts of ohio, pennsylvania, and new york state. it may contribute to some clotted yesterday in the area. we do expect more snow -- more sun than yesterday. we're done with the snowfall for a while. maybe a day or two. speaking of snowfall, this weekend, is a big anniversary for the big snow, the biggest single december snowfall on record in baltimore. happened on the 18th and 19th of
5:47 am
december. it was the first of three big ones that hit last winter. ellicott city, 23 inches. westminster, 18.8 inches. these are two-day totals. yesterday's storm was not even close to that. on the 19th, we don't have snow in the forecast. it looks like it could be a sizable storm. let's look to the temperatures. kind of lock the still win. one to 2 inches. it is frozen now in the area. watch for ice on the streets. edgewood, 22. 21 in westchester. in the teens in the mountains. discovering of clouds. still showers off toward northwest. skies are beginning to clear. clear skies to the south. here is the disturbance up in the great lakes.
5:48 am
here is yesterday's storm. well out to sea. follow this line down through texas and up into new mexico. look to this. a disturbance in the panhandle of texas. this will conduct redevelop of the gulf coast and then over the weekend start trolly up through the southeast and along the coast. the question, when we get to summit, is how close to the coast it will be. we're always having to deal with that. it will be critical as to whether we have snow or any significant snow in the sunny forecast. today, scattered clouds. 33 to 38 is the high temperature range. if you get a fair share of sun, it will be in the upper 30's. the future gas, we work our way toward the weekend. snow showers in the mountains today. we are looking for clearing.
5:49 am
the new storm developing and moisture beginning to come in. a pickup clouds. by saturday night, this computer model shows the storm far off shore. we could see some snow showers. other computer models have this thing closer to the coast. it could throw more significant snow further west. every 6 to 12 hours, the keep moving the storm east and then west. we have to hold our opinions on this next developing storm. we could snow in the -- we put snow in the sunday for a desperate there is a possibility. we're not sure how it will play on the details. 36 today and saturday. more clouds on sunday. monday it looks like a good day but blustery. more snow chances mid-week next we. >> all americans will be spirit a january 1 tax increase.
5:50 am
the tax-cut deal has been approved. they consider the estate tax too generous for the wealthy. jobless benefits will include a 2011 cut in social security taxes. president obama gives his assessment on the situation in afghanistan. he spoke in the white house briefing room yesterday saying progress in pakistan has not come fast enough. he plans to consider new working with pakistan to help that country combat terrorist per he said progress has been made. this will continue to be a difficult endeavor. the transition will begin early next year and conclude in 2014. julian assange is a free man this morning. the austrian prime minister has been advised that wikileaks did not commit any crimes in australia.
5:51 am
during a news conference, wikileaks did not commit any crimes does not mean she condones the actions of wikileaks it is 23 degrees on tv hill. so much more ahead on 11 news ahead. we will get one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> time to get to one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day p. this morning we asked -- what's your favorite song to play in the car as you hit the road? keep sending us those responses. we will post more of your answers on the front page of >> how about home sweet home? good morning. another purple from it around town as the ravens ready to take on the defending super bowl champions on sunday. joe flacco and the ravens moved the practice indoors because of thursday's snow. they get ready to take on a team that is playing really well. as well as any team in the league. the saints have not lost since the cleveland browns beat them
5:55 am
in new orleans. last year they won the super bowl, beat the colts. they wrapped it up on this interception by tracy porter. now joe flacco looking to build but monday's win over houston and beat the saints. >> we have played 13 games and our teams is kind of undecided. we know kind of team we are now. they are an aggressive defense. we know they are a good team. there are coming to our house. is going to be a good match appeared i do not know how much the super bowl plays into that at this time of year. >> it is a long time ago. game time, 1:00 p.m. on sunday. the ravens route will be sunday night at 11:30. james franklin could be the new head coach at vanderbilt. it is expected to be announced
5:56 am
later today. he would receive a $1 million bonus if he does not replace ralph friedgen as head coach. franklin is 38 years old and should be named vendor build's -- vanderbilt's head coach. it will be chilly out there. >> it will be cold. i cannot take another nail biter. >> i will pass that on. >> my bug pleasure -- my blood pressure and everything. to live. here's a look ahead. an investigation is underway into whether there is extra terrestrial life inside our own solar system. keith is laughing. a deer is rescued from icy waters. the dancing cop. >> this morning, temperatures running on the cold side.
5:57 am
we'll detail as we continue. >> we have a bad accident reported in harford county. we will give the live look outside of the major roid
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>> water main break in the city and county, giving headaches to some. i will have details. >> the new year will not bring higher taxes for millions of americans. the latest, coming up. >> baltimore county middle school student is attacked in the bathroom of the school by a man who walked in off the street. we dodged one snowstorm, more less. what about the weekend next the forecast as we continue. [captioning made possibl


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