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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  December 17, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> good afternoon. we begin with breaking news this minute. state investigators spent the morning gathering evidence at the home of a political consultant who has taken responsibility for making robo- calls on election day. he was on the payroll of the bob
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ehrlich campaign for governor. the calls targeted democratic voters in baltimore city and encouraged them to stay home. he is already the target of a civil complaint filed by the attorney general. there are concerns today that there are criminal violations of the election law. but ehrlich has repeatedly refused to comment on the controversy. our other big story this man is the weather. no more snow today, but how long will these know we got yesterday stick around? >> that snowe will stick around because we have becauscold temperatures. we have another storm coming in for the weekend. we are keeping an eye on it very
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carefully. this weekend is the first anniversary of baltimore's biggest december snowfall. just one year ago we gth the sa family, including three children were killed. if you would like to donate to help the family, you can find that information's on our website, there are new developments this afternoon in the murder case of a baltimore county native and university lacrosse player, yardley love . medical records show that she was overusing hghd. >> i think that they cannot rest
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their case on anything more substantial. >> lawyers are not commenting on the theory, but a substance abuse expert says the dying from mixing algol with the human growth hormone is -- alcohol with the human growth hormone is unlikely. a man has been arrested for trying to sexually assault a boy in a bathroom. the bathroom was located near the school's office. the attack was stopped by school officials before the boy was hurt. the man was confronted by school staff and an officer when he entered the building. he gave a plausible explanation for why he was there, saying he was looking for his little brother, but many parents are having a hard time understanding. >> why did they not ask him to show identification before he could get past them to show that
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he was related to somebody in there? >> we will have more on this story at 5:00. wikileaks' julian assange is out on bail in england. >> this may be one of the few areas in the western world where he is not a household name. he stepped out of this house confident and upbeat. >> it is great to smell the fresh air of london again. >> he thanked supporters and denied allegations of sexual misconduct. >> i hope to continue my work and continue to protest my innocence in this matter. >> in court, bail requirements were raised to $370,000 and the judge added more restrictive conditions including electronic
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monitoring so that authorities can track his movements. by night time, he was relaxing by his mother's side. >> it is not fun to spend time in solitary confinement. >> federal prosecutors are trying to form a case against him in the united states. he told me he is a less concerned about extradition to sweden and more concerned about possible extradition to the united states. >> coming up at on 11 news at noon, a teenager is attacked on a bus. and director blake edwards of and director blake edwards of
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>> police in washington state say a pregnant teenager was beaten while on a bus. the confrontation started when one of the teams took an mp 3 player from the 17-year-old pregnant girl. when she approached them to get it back, the teenagers punched and kicked her. the baby was not hurt.
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five people have been arrested. an ohio man has been critically injured. two officers were attempting to book him for disorderly conduct. he ended up on the the floor facedown, unconscious and bleeding. he is now in intensive care. a manager called about his behavior and said he had a knife. police were called, and started the confrontation. the director behind some of the most memorable comedies of the 1960's and 1970's has died. blake edwards is directed ken, breakfast at tiffany's and the pink panther series. he died of complications from pneumonia at the age of 88. he is survived by four c the su. on his final broadcast last night, he was joined by governor arnold schwarzenegger, regis philbin, and even a taped
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message from president obama. he recorded over 1000 shows for cnn. he has interviewed president, sports figures and even newscasters. he says he will continue to do radio and specials for cnn from time to time. coming c
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>> in our consumer alert, honda has recalled nearly 1.4 million honda fits. the recall affects about 143,000 cars in the united states. meanwhile, wal-mart is recalling electric heater is due to fire and burn hazards. the fire safety commission says four heaters sold at wal-mart stores since 2001 are affected. there have been 11 instances of property damage and four reports of injury from the heaters.
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you may return the items to any walmart for a full refund. you may do more online shopping today. thousands of merchants today are offering free shipping to their customers. it is only today and they can promise to deliver by christmas eve. the sale began at midnight and will end at midnight. to find out which companies are participating, go to free >> this afternoon, we will continue to see a few clouds and cold temperatures. there are snows in the ohio river valley. some of the clouds are spinning over the mountains and affecting us. it is not a major storm or anything like that, but very quickly on the radar, i want to show you what it looks like out west. those are the next two storms
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coming down the pike of the pacific ocean. one could hit this weekend. the other could come in the middle of next week. to tell us about all of this, a newly agreed meteorologist is here to tell us about all of these storms that are coming. >> surprise, surprise, another storm system is moving through. in the area surrounding the beltway, we are in the 30's right now. up to the north and west, they are inching into the 30's. it is going to be a little colder today than we initially thought and here is why. you can see the cloud cover moving over the mountains through west virginia. that is going to keep us in some of those colder temperatures. we thought it would be a little clearer once of the system that brought this note to the area moved out, but it does not look
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like it -- and the smell -- the snow to the area moved out, but it does not look like is going to be that way. winds are at 7-12 miles per hour. no relief from the gold which is unfortunate because i think we all need it at this point -- from the cold, of which is unfortunate, because i think we all need it at this point. i am going to turn around here and show you the low system that is developing. this is what everyone has in mind when it comes to snow or possible snow over the weekend. as it comes through, it will pickups -- pick up the moisture over the gulf of mexico. there could be more or less snow. if we are talking about more, if
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the storm hugs the coast it will get close enough where it will bring this note to the greater baltimore area and possibly -- snow to the greater baltimore area and possibly into the western part of maryland. otherwise, it could just be a coastal event. as you get further south of the system, it turns more into a rain event. right now, this is what we are looking at more than the first scenario. docking into saturday, about 1:00 in the afternoon, but clouds start to form and the system makes its way into our area. this is the system out here, and you can see a little bit of this cloud cover out year. with that cloud cover, we could see some snow showers, but nothing like we were expecting.
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here is the seventh day as far as i am looking at it. the rest of the day, 34, i would give it a little more cloudy than that. i think 34-35 is all we are going to see. saturday, again, in the evening, we will get a little bit above freezing and then dipping down into the 20s. right now, it is 50-50, but i think what future cast is showing us is part of a major snow -- as far as a major snow event, i do not think that is going to happen. there is another system we are monitoring as we head into tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you. the next time snowfalls, track get on we'll show you where the snow is and the intensity on your
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street. share photos and videos online as well. in this afternoon's medical alert, when it comes to prostate cancer, men are concerned about not recovering full bladder function. but with a combination of robotics and 3d, this delicate surgery is improving. >> i am very, very happy. >> this 47-year-old man had his prostate removed just five weeks ago. he is amazed by his own recovery. >> two weeks after the surgery, i was back to my normal life. >> the surgeon brought state of the art technology here. this is not your typical operating room. in fact, there is only one other like it in the country. think of it as a fantastic
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voyage in the 3 d. >> this looks more like a movie theater, an imax theater. >> this 110 inch screen displays what the surgeon sees in the consol where he controls the robot. doctors in training can now see real-time surgery in high definition 3 d. the special glasses make the picture crystal clear to them with added depth perception. >> it is more precise because you are not touching tissue that does not need to be touched. >> he was one of the first patients to feel the benefits. >> the incontinence, very minimal. i know worry about it. >> it is something most men
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facing the surgery to worry about. increasing precision can increase the odds of preserving important nernst and tissue. -- nerves and tissue. >> researchers at johns hopkins have deciphered the most common genetic code for brain cancer. they also found that children have fewer cancer causing changes in their genes then adults, which could help with treatments for cancer. a certain chemotherapy drug will no longer be approved to treat breast cancer. it will be used for:, kidney, and brain cancer -- colon, kidney and brain cancer. new data from four different studies shows that the survival benefit for breast cancer is not
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as significant as once thought and there is an increased chance of side effects such as bleeding and heart failure. the rest of serious complications outweighs the potential benefits. up next, your maryland lottery numbers. for itchy dry skin.
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december 22nd at 8:00 a.m.. we are moving right along topanga -- to the pick-4. 9, 7, 3, 0. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> i feel so honored to have to give meteorologist at the desk. >> i find it interesting that we on the storm coming uppe anniversary of the blockbuster. >> do we have to think about that? >> hopefully it will not be as bad. >> the feeling is it will not be as bad, but we have details. >> we think it will move in on
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the afternoon on sunday. there could be a little bit of snow during the game. we do not think at this point it will be much of an event. heading into next week, we are monitoring the clipper system you were talking about. but again, too early to tell whether anything will actually fall with that. >> look at how cold the temperatures are. >> terrible. >> unseasonably cold. >> we will have an update at 5:00 on the weekend weather. >> thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. have a great weekend.
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