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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  December 17, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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schleigh is being held on $1 million bail. parents are asking themselves how this could happen. he blended in with other shouldn't going into the middle school thursday morning he snuck into a boys' bathroom, even after a teacher told him to sign into the main office. he hid in a stall for 30 minutes before he attacked a boy of his liking. he asked to see the boys genitals, but the boy refused. he then kicked a boy between the legs. as he assaulted the boy, he shoved a bluestocking to his mouth in order to stop him from killing from hell. -- stop him from yelling for help. >> the victim was able to fight his way out of the bathroom and yelling for help. it drew the attention of the school resource officer. >> jamie pruitt had to chase down and tackle schleigh to the
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ground. >> the victim said he found the strength to fight back when he thought of his mother and sister. he could not believe something like this was happening to him. he is now fearful of going into the bathroom at school. but parents now fear that security at the school is lacking. >> people posing as students do not have an id card. i could ask you for your id card and guess what. if you cannot produce it, you have to go. i like that idea. >> the middle school announced a new security procedures, two main things. number one, when staff members are confronted with someone who they think is out of place, they have to escort them to the main office. no. 2, visitors have to show id and would be to less to why they are there. >> we have some breaking news
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aout of and the arrival county. >> -- out of anne arundel county. >> a vehicle has crashed into a liquor store. police are handling the situation. >> funeral services have been scheduled for the family killed in a house fire earlier this week. six members of the family, including three children, died early tuesday morning when a fire ravaged their home on the 2300 block of homewood avenue. services will be held this thursday at the empowerment couple located at 4217 primrose avenue. a weight has been scheduled for tenee and services will be at 11:00 a.m. -- a wake has been scheduled for 10:00 a.m. services will be at 11:00 a.m. >> we will check in with the
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army urologist -- with our meteorologist. >> if you're heading up into the mountains, there are still snow showers that way. to the south, there is rain spreading to parts of tennessee and showers along the gulf coast. those are signs of a storm that is in west texas and forecasted to go along the coast and tracked northeast. but will it come up the coast or move out to sea? computer models have been different on this. some of them bring them -- some of them bring the storm in closer and others way out to sea. the most likely scenario is that it will miss us to the south and east. we will take a closer look at this and detailed the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> several people were taken into custody after they ran a baltimore county police cruiser. it happened at 1:30 p.m. investigators say that the suspects were on the officers
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radar when they noticed the vehicle driven by the suspect happened to be stolen. the officers lost sight of the vehicle, but then they noticed it turning into the school before crashing into the officers. fortunately, nobody was hurt. >> state investigators have raided the home of a political consultant. that happened today. it is the latest twist in the investigation of the election they robocalls that encouraged voters to stay home. we first broke the story today on 11 news at noon. >> this has the potential to piece together the puzzle of who else may have been involved or where in the robocalls campaign. investigators with the state prosecutor's office left the home of political consultants julia's henson. -- julius henson.
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later this afternoon, investigators seized evidence from a downtown office. sources say that it is an office that he used during the election season. the execution of the warrant in both locations raises questions about the election there robocalls. it targeted democrats in baltimore and prince george's county. >> we want everyone to know that governor o'malley and president obama had been successful. >> the call went out all the polls were still open, but suggested there was no need to go vote. >> our goals have been met. how are poles were correct. we are ok. everything is fine. the only thing left is to watch it on tv tonight. congratulations and thank you. >> henson took responsibility for the calls in a statement three days after the election. the attorney general filed a
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civil complaint against him. he was a consultant of barbed ehrlich's campaign. ehrlich has consistently dodged questions about the calls. two days later, last friday, he stormed out of our building when we tried to follow up. search once typically seek documents and telephone records. the budget search warrants -- search warrants typically seek documents and telephone records. henson has repeatedly said that he did nothing illegal. >> you can read analysis and see the transcripts from the call on our website. >> commercial property owners are suing the state.
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they want the state center project stopped. >> we heard from the state attorney general's office this afternoon. they said they are reviewing the lawsuit and expressed confidence that the process followed state law. >> is all lawful. >> a group of prominent downtown property owners are in a tug-of- war with the state over the $1.5 billion state center project. their lawsuit contends that the state's center was not competitively bid, that it is a blatant misuse of taxpayer dollars that will have an immediate devastating financial impact on baltimore's business district and damage to the city's tax base. >> i believe in competition. no one in the business district should be protected from competition. >> exhibit a, there's no paper trail documenting a competitive bidding process or how the state originalcchose to the
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developers. when to drop out, these state chose another group of bell peppers. -- a group of developers. >they do not know if the taxpayers are getting the best tax benefit of their tax dollars. if you do not know, you can never tell whether there had been a better bid. >> it includes turning into a mass transportation hub, complete with a retail businesses, residences, and businesses. the project moves 18 business is currently leasing space to there. it has a 20% vacancy rate. the state will pay $38 per square foot. the average user $20 per square foot. >> the blight moves out of the core of downtown. we will have empty storefronts.
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we will have and the buildings. >> the lawsuit points out that the state will fund a $30 million broadside. the city of baltimore is working on a proposal to kick in 314th? the increment financing -- 314 tax increment financing dollars. this review of the project says that there is a lack of large blocks of space and its goal, they say, is to consolidate agencies, not spread them around. 33 -- the minorities -- the minority businesses have hit 33% stake in it. >> it is now a done deal. the president has signed the tax cut bill.
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>> president obama says the new tax law is a substantial victory for middle-class families. with a stroke of the pen, president obama signed a sweeping package into law to stop taxes from going up after the new year. >> they will protect the middle class, grow our economy, and will create jobs for the american people. >> despite disappointment from some democrats, he was able to agree with some republicans. >> i am glad that we were able to come to some agreement on stopping all the tax hikes. >> the yays 277. >> the measure extends the bush era tax cuts for two more years. >> what this does is keeps tax levels at the same levels that they are now.
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for most americans, they will see no change. >> the lot that people at all income levels. key provisions include an extension of long-term unemployment benefits, and $1,000 child tax credit, and other bridge for college students, low-to-middle-income individuals, and businesses. there is also a cut in the social security payroll tax. >> the payroll tax holiday is to get money into the hands of people who are likely to spend it. everyone with income below 7000, this amounts to get a 2% raise after taxes. >> and what happens after the controversial state tax? that is still in. people can pass their est. on to heirs and not pay taxes on it. -- their estate on to heirs and not pay taxes on it. >> there is possible big news
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regarding ralph friedgen and the ravens defense is taking a lot of heat for taking third quarter leads. >> a storm is developing to our south. we will see how it impacts our weather here in maryland and the rest of the mid-atlantic. right now, it is a chilly 26 degrees at bwi marshall.
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>> winter does not officially begin until tuesday. yesterday was a dress rehearsal for the state. kevin gannon has announced his new snow fighter plan current he is confident they are prepared to tackle winter weather this year. >> there will be 166 snow routes that are drivers can clear
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within 18 hours to 20 hours of a storm. >> 318 snow plows will be staffed by 400 workers. the county has set up a website for residents. you can find a link on our website >> there is no snow to worry about today. we will keep a close eye on a storm to the south. next week, there are a couple of additional chances for storms to bring us some snow reconditions as we head toward the official beginning of winter next tuesday. it felt wintry today. it is below freezing in many areas already tonight. it will be really chilly overnight with temperatures dropping into the 20's north and west. their market -- there are also 20's on the eastern shore. the snow showers have been a
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little persistent coming in off of the lakes and into the mountains. east of the mountains, we have seen a clearing trend, which i think will hold for the most part. there could be some high-thin clouds pushing through. that means we will be in for more unseasonably cold temperatures. 16 degrees to 23 degrees for the low. you forget any sent to more, it will be early in the day. the path of the storm is important. it is a seven track star. it can get some more moisture out of the gulf. as it makes its way to the south carolina coast, will it turn up the eastern seaboard or head out to sea? there is an offshore tracts that keeps that storm to our south and east. we have more specific storms coming in. one of them is slamming into the west coast tonight. the forecast is 5 feet to 7 feet
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of snow in the the the sierra nevada. it will pummel the higher mountains out there with higher snow. once it moves east, it may bring us another couple of snow showers next week. the sudden storm that is approaching us now could head out to sea. it looks like a miss for us on sunday, although there might be a few flurries to our peace. temperatures are expected to stay below normal. 33 degrees to 38 degrees tomorrow with a variable wind. it will be mostly cloudy around western maryland tomorrow with a high of 25. i around chesapeake, it will be 35 degrees with some cloud cover. on sunday and monday, when the storm is offshore, the wind will start to kick in again. if we get snow in maryland over the weekend, the lower eastern shore would be a good spot for
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it. as the storms off the coast on sunday, places like bethany and ocean city and pocomoke city could have a chance of light snow or flurries on city. there is a 20% chance of flurries on the eastern shore on sunday. if you're going to the ravens game, plan on cold conditions and even kind of breezy. temperatures could get into the mid-30's in the afternoon, but the wind will bring it down into the 20's. the winter solstice is at 6:38 p.m. on tuesday. there may be a another -- be another snow-maker in time for christmas eve for a period >> after going -- christmas eve friday.
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>> maryland is asking friedgen to retire and accept a buyout. kevin anderson said today he would not address whether friedgen was guaranteed to return next season. he guided his team to an amazing turnaround after going 2-10 last season. he was named acc coach of the year. mike leach would be the leading candidate to replace friedgen if he is forced into retirement. other names are tie willingham and michael oxley. the terps had lost their offensive coordinator. he was introduced at a press conference today. he is ready for the challenge. >> i am not a 6-5 guy. i am not a 7-5 guy. there will be very high expectations from day one. i am not want to tell you it will happen next year.
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we will work for everything in our power to get there. >> if there ravens speak the same song on sunday, they will not automatically clinch a playoff spot, but you feel pretty good about the odds. despite a nine-4 record, folks are focusing on what is going wrong instead of what is going right. ken kameron and his office were on a roll. but they could night keep it going in the second half and the defense could not hold that 21- pointed vantage, blowing leads in a fourth quarter, which is a recurring theme for the ravens. ray lewis is not losing sleep over it. >> if you can pull out figures in a hostile environment like that, i know a lot of teams would love to trade spots with where we are right now. that is what i preach about, this journey that we are on the
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. >> in one hour, we will have more on the ravens and sainz. -- ravens and saints. even though the purple and black are not perfect, it could be a lot worse. your favorite team could be the redskins, where the losing and drama never seems to end. the latest drama is the benching of donovan mcnabb. he will not start sunday against the cowboys. instead, it will be rex grossman. mcnabb has done a career high 13 interceptions, compared to 14 touchdowns. shanahan also told mcnabb "i can i guarantee him that he will be back next season. " shanahan says he wants to find is. where rex grossman hint the last time he was replaced, grossman was a disaster.
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mcnabb had no comment on the bench in today. all of a sudden, the struggling defense and not seem so bad.
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>> after a recall announced yesterday, honda has issued another recall. details at 11:00 p.m. and we have more on a man charged with sneaking into a baltimore county school and sexually assaulting a student.
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>> a big storm on the coast is saying to our south and the spin that means that our chances for snow is just 20%. we will look it up for guest tonight and see if the track changes at all. it will stay cold through the weekend. if you're heading into -- if you're heading to the ravens game on sunday, expect wind chill into 20 degrees. >> thank you for joining us. we'll see you back your tonight at 11:00 p.m.
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