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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  December 17, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we have new details and to the case that has parents absolutely outraged. a 21-year-old man was arrested, but not before sneaking into a local mill school and attacking a child. he is now facing a slew of charges, including assault. >> he was arrested moments after the incident. police say that, once inside the school, he hid in a bathroom stall and attacked it will-year- old boy. >> sean schleigh is being held on $1 million bail. parents are asking how this could happen. posing as a student with a backpack on, he blended in with other students going into the middle school thursday morning. he snuck into a boys' bathroom, even after a teacher told him to sign in at the main office. he hit that is stalled for 20
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minutes until he attacked a boy of his liking. he asked to see the boys genitals, but the boy refused. he then kicked the boy between the legs. he shoved a boost out into his mouth in an attempt to stop him from telling -- he shoved a blue sock into his mouth in an attempt to stop him from yelling. he wanted to have sex with the boy. >> he wanted to fight his way out the bathroom and manage to yell for help, which drew attention from the school resource officer. >> pruitt had to chase schleigh and then into the ground. the voices that he thought of his mother and sister which gave him the strength to fight. meantime, the parents fear that security at the school is lacking. students must carry id cards. >> people posing as students to
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not have that id card. if you are strange and i am a teacher, i can ask you for your id card, and guess what. you cannot produce it? you have to go. i like that idea. >> the middle school announced two new security rules. number one, staff members, it confronted by a person who seems out of place, they have to escort them to the main office and visitors must show id and give more detail as to why they are there. >> we have an update on the story we brought you earlier today. and suv lost control and slammed into a liquor store in an honorable. -- in an randall -- in anne arundel. amazingly, no one was hurt. several people are behind bars of their ramming into two baltimore county police cruisers. it happened around 1:30 p.m.
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police first spotted the car and quickly realized it was stolen. officers followed the car into the parking lot of a high school where two cruisers were rammed into. nobody was hurt. >> funeral services will be held next week for the family killed in a fire earlier this week in east baltimore. six members of the family died early tuesday morning. flames quickly consumed their home. services will be held wednesday at the empowerment temple at 10:00 a.m. the funeral is at 11:00 a.m. >> if you use the d.c. metro system, you may want to listen up. officials will start ran them that searches. officers will apply chemicals want to bags that can detect explosives. i shall not be open unless there is a positive signal from the chemicals or from a k-9 unit. similar procedures are already
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in place in both new york and boston. >> the maryland continues to cook the national trend when it comes to unemployment. while the unemployment rate nationally has wavered over the last few months, millage rate has held steady for the third straight month. our state has posted a 7.4% unemployment rate, still well below the national average. the new numbers also show that maryland has added more than 2100 jobs in the last month, 31,000 so far this year. overall, maryland is doubling the national job growth rate. mortgage company employees who signed off on foreclosures without following up on paperwork -- is down 14% from last november. while we are on the topic of money, it is a done deal.
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the president has signed a tax- cut deal. >> one of baltimore's shonn, mayor stephanie rawlings boy, was there. -- one of baltimore's own, mayor stephanie rawlings blake was there. >> it was a substantial victory for middle-class families. with a stroke of a pen, president obama signed a sweeping package into law, to stop taxes from going up after the new year. >> it will protect the middle class. it will protecgrow our economy appeared question the president hailed bipartisan agreement that he brokered with republicans. >> i was pleased that we were able to come to an agreement on stopping all of the tax hikes. >> the motion is agreed to. >> the deal is now a reality after clearing the senate this week and then the house. >> the yays are 277.
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>> the measure extends the bush era tax cuts for two more years pierre >> it keeps tackles that there same level as they are now. for most americans -- it keeps tax levels at the same level as they are now. >> key extensions include unemployment benefits, and 100,000 -- $1,000 child tax credit, and there is also in one beshear cut in the social security payroll tax, which means -- a one-year cut in the social security payroll tax, which means more money in your paycheck. >> for most workers, everyone with income below 107,000, this amounts to a 2% raise after taxes. >> what happened to the controversial estate tax? that is still in. it means that a person can pass their state. where's and will not be taxed on it it it is worth below $5 million.
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>> according to the tax policy center, the average savings for most americans in the new plan is about $2,800. here are some other components. it includes lower taxes on capital gains and dividends. it exempts millions from the alternative minimum tax and allows businesses to write off 100% of the capital investments next year. the savings and certainly could not come at a better time, considering that the bill on a holiday gifts could be coming very soon. >> many of you have not finished your holiday shopping yet. some have not even started. if you are among that group, there are some tips to make sure that your safety is a top priority. >> howard county police tonight are searching for an armed robber recently threatened a shopper at knifepoint. >> officials said that the woman was robbed at knife point near
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the columbia of mall. she was in a parking grosz when the suspect walked up to her and pulled out a knife. -- she was in a parking garages when the suspect walked up to her and pulled out in a. >> it is very unfortunate and we have to be aware, whether it is holiday shopping or not. >> as we head into the final push of the christmas holiday season, thieves are on the prowl to get your purchases. but a little common sense goes a long way. >> there is no sense losing your life over some packages or gifts or your purse or anything else. >> the director of training at the academy of public safety, he says that it's is no point to fight an armed robbery to do not have the training. >> unless you're properly trained to take that away, which you have to really experienced to be able to do that, do what the person says. >> he says it is also helpful to draw as much attention to yourself if a bad guy approaches you. >> scream and run, have other
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people notice what is going on. the criminal does not like the idea of noise around them and other people noticing them pierre >> but there is a lot you can do to prevent this from ever happening. experts say to park in well lighted areas, be aware of what is happening around you, and stay off your cell phone. you also want to hide your purchases. >> put them in your truck. if you do not have a truck, carry a blanket to conceal them. >> perhaps you are among the people who chose not to brave the cold and prefer to shop from the comforts of your own home. if you are, you have little less than an hour. over 1000 online retailers are offering free shipping. that is for another 53 and a half minutes. this is the third annual free shipping day. it is the largest one yet. they should have a free shopping day. that would be nice. >> i think it is a great idea. it will entice more buyers to
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shop online could to be able to adjust rebuild the economy, too. >> most retailers have guaranteed delivery by christmas eve. >> a potentially deadly defect, we will have details ahead. >> you could spread some much- needed christmas joy in this year. >> the settlement provides a significant measure of hope for many victims of bernard made off's horrific crimes. >> -- bernard madoff's horrific crimes. >> investigators ratchet up the investigation of the election day robocalls with targeting a political consultant. >> see how the storm will impact the mid-atlantic region. it is 23 degrees at bwi right
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now. >> we had to l.a. and jay leno. -- we head out to l.a. and jay leno. >> we have 01 wilson on the show owen wilsonwe have zero whe on the show tonight and the ross report.
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>> there is a glimmer of hope for those who lost millions in the burnie madoff ponzi scheme. one beneficiary has agreed to return $7.2 billion with the settlement. nearly half of the $20 billion loss from the victims have now been returned. >> he has agreed to forfeit to the united states a little over $7.2 billion, a figure that represents every last dollar of thepickhaur's profit of madoff's fraud.
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>> he has been sentenced to 150 years behind bars. the investigation into those election day robocalls, it took a new turn with a raid on a political consultants home. >> he has already admitted to be hit behind the call. but investigators are looking for more. >> political consultant julia's henson was home when investigators arrived today -- julius hansen was home today when investigators arrived. it is part of a criminal investigation to determine whether the calls violated maryland election law. questions probably falls into the category of misinformation that have flown around -- >> this probably falls into the category of misinformation that can float around on election day. >> we are calling to let everyone know that governor o'malley and president obama
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have been successful. >> the call targeted democratic voters in baltimore city and prince george county. it suggested there was no need to go vote. >> our goals have been met. the polls were correct and we are ok. everything is fine. the only thing left is to watch it on tv tonight. congratulations and thank you. >> hensen took responsibility for three days after the election appeared the following week, the attorney general filed a civil complaint against him. ehrlich has consistently dodge questions about the call. he told one paper that the calls were done out of his purview. today's later, last friday, he stormed out of our building when we tried to follow up. this afternoon, investigators also raided an office downtown, ticking away a computer and fax machine. sources say that it is an office hensen used during the election
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season. the state election law and play in this investigation makes it a crime to try to influence that someone's decision to vote through fraud. hensen has previously said that he has done nothing illegal. >> a potentially deadly defect has force and general motors to issue a recall. but talks are consumer alert. 10,000 crossover vehicles have been recalled. all of the affected models are from the year 2011. letters to owners are expected to roll out sometime next month. >> after honda announced a recall of more than 150 --
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another 35,000 vehicles. there is a potential corrosion problem of the suv suspension. the government has received dozens of complaints, but no reported injuries. honda says there is a way to know if your vehicle needs to be taken in. go to >> it has been or more -- we have had colder than normal temperatures. when you average of the month, it has been a chilly first 17 days of this december 2010. it is 36 degrees in the inner harbor. expect 20's again tomorrow morning.
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the average or the normal high temperature the normal average temperature is 38.4. last year, we were pretty close to that with temperatures and a real cold and snow hitting this time this cheap -- this time last year. but we are only averaging 31.8 degrees. that is almost 7 degrees below. we have had that little bit of snow tracks through. we are running colder and just as no yes last december. it was on this weekend last year when the first big snowstorm world through. it is 26 degrees in randallstown renown. it is very cold with some clear skies and light wind. out west, it is just as cold out there. expect a frigid start to the weekend, with mainly clear-to- partly-cloudy skies.
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any little bit of sun in the morning will not last too long because the next storm is rolling in. we have a big pressure in eastern canada. that is the reason we have been so cold. it is supplying air from central and northern canada for the past two and half weeks. that will continue to deliver the cold for the next few days. if you look at the wind flow, it is hard for storms in the gulf to work their way up the eastern seaboard. the one we had yesterday went west-to-east/ -- it looks like this will push off shore. we probably will miss out. another pacific storm is bringing heavy rain and snow to the sierra nevada and california. they could get up to 7 feet of snow up there. some of that might bring us another snow chance next week.
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tomorrow, we will see an area of low pressure near hoboken. then it will move off the coast. when the ravens are playing football in baltimore, there will be storm nearby, but it will be out or the atlantic. it will suck it will be assessed as it heads out to the open waters -- it looks like it will miss us as it heads out to the open waters. around the chesapeake, it will be a mix of clouds and son. if there will be snow from the coastal storm, it will likely hit the eastern shore. we missed out on that when passing by. it is just a 20% chance of light snow on the eastern shore. if you are going to the ravens game on sunday, the wind chill
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will be at 20 degrees. some snow is possible on tuesday afternoon to wednesday. and then maybe again on christmas eve day. >> thank you. with the holiday season in full swing, the salvation army is asking for your help. red kettles and the angel program are the groups of the season. the salvation army is asking anyone who can to contribute. the red kettles will be out until christmas eve. for more information on how you can help, you can go to our website, >> of the future of ralph friedgen could be in doubt. there is the latest on what is happening with of the fridge up next in sports.
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>> what is up america? the jackpot is estimated $123 million. to win, you must match these five goals. us see if we can make you a millionaire our first number is 26, followed by 46. up next, we have 11, followed by 20. the final white ball is 53. number ismega ball 12. good
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>> back in november, new maryland athletic director anderson said that rauf friedgen would be back next season. a month later, it looks like there has been a change of heart. friedgen will likely be asked to retire and expected by next week. and said today that he would not address whether friedgen was guaranteed to return next season. but he did say that announcement concerning the future of the program would be made next week. friedgen guided the turks to an 8-4 record after going 2-10 -- guided the terps to an 8-4
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2-10rd after going to last season. the hiring of jim's frankl and has jumped started this transition. franklin was introduced at a press conference in a while giving crops to maryland, taking a head coaching job with the group is something that he could not pass up. >> i did not have to take a job. i had a pretty good situation. it was when to take something really special to jump on board. i was blown away. >> two-thirds of the ravens backfield missed practice today. they are listed with the flu. todd heat has been officially
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ruled out with a pulled hamstring. after guiding the sense to their first-ever super bowl title, the ravens will certainly have their hands full with freeze. the ravens could easily say the things they will do to stop him. but he is a clear that the ravens cannot help but admire. >> just watching him play the game, you can tell that he understands the game, inside and out. and he loves to play the game. it is always good to see. i have always been a fan. i have great respect for him. >> it looks like to be donovan mcnabb verot in washington will be one and done. they have decided to bench him in favor of the rex grossman for
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sunday's game against dallas. mike shanahan says he wants to see woody has in grossman karen mcnabb will be the third string quarterback next six of they can also look at former reagan john back. -- former raven john back. -- former raven john beck. but mcnabb has not been the same in d.c. as he was in philadelphia. his quarterback rating is 77.1%, 25th best in the nfl. rex grossman filled in once before, october 31 against the lions. it was a disaster. grossman got sacked, the ball was picked up, and sue scored the clinching touchdown. last month, they signed mcnabb to a contract extension. but they could cut him before next season and not owe him any money.
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to thee his first trip garden this season. hard feelings? you bet. >> #6, lebron james. >> lebron was shard with boos. -- lebron was showered with boos. lookit what he does in the third quarter. his 30th career triple-double. the heat one, their 12th straight victory. straight victory.
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♪ on winters wings, decembers rear, ahha humbug faces come and dear ♪ ♪ then appears at perfect christmas time. ♪ ♪ a tiny tree, christmas, tinsel, the lights ♪
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♪ the star that sings, top your tiny tree, yeah ♪
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