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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  February 19, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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animal cruelty incident in a week, this time it involves two teens and alleged dog fighting. details next... a deadly shooting at a baltimore county gas station leaves police on the hunt for the shooter. we could be a step closer to same-sex marriage in the state. and a family pet gets trapped in frigid waters. more on the resue as 11 news saturday morning starts right now! hello, welcome to 11 news saturday morning. i'm jennifer franciotti, lisa has the morning off. and i'm kerry cavanaugh. our top stories in just a moment, but first, we want to take a look outside with meteorologist john collins.
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>> and police are still searching for three other suspects and two dogs. anyone with information is asked to call metro crime stoppers. 1-866-7-lock-up. >> a night out at olympica restaurant turned into a terrible ordeal for a couple from west virginia. they were kidnapped. police cap tuferede -- captured the suspect. he's charged with kidnapping and assault. >> police have arrested a home owner's son. 43-year-old william boseman jr. they say he was a co-spirtor during the robbery of senior
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boseman. the younger was arrested in florida and is now aing extradition to florida. >> at the carroll gas station -- george lettis has more. >> a robbery gone wrong turns into the shooting of an employee at this carroll gas station in catonsville. >> i'm shocked. i don't know what else to say, but i'm shocked. >> it was just after 6:00 in the morning when two suspects approached the worker outside the station store sweeping up. co-workers and frequent customers identified the victim as boc sifment singh. >> just cleaning up. look what happened to him.
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definitely a good guy. my family is praying for thim. all the way. >> he got shot in the head. >> that's really awful. we are disturbed from the morning. i can't imagine what happened. >> the suspects took off with nothing. amazingly singh was still able to call police. >> he had a strong will to live. he was able to call for his own help and get the help he needed for him to provide the information to the dispatchers, to get people to his location to assist them. this is similar to carlos sant 0 rilla who was shot. hours later his son was born. the station installed cameras. >> it is amazing cameras are not a deterrent. >> george lettis, wbal-tv 11
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news. >> 11 news has learned that baltimore city states attorney has decided not to prosecute rape charges against the leader of a baltimore mentoring group. she was the c.e.o. of be more youth services. the team was part of a mentoring group. the incident aledly happened at his home on edgewood in baltimore. city police said they dropped charges after careful evaluation of evidence. >> same sex marriage bill has enough votes to survive in the senate. a senator that had been op the fence came out in support of the measure. david collins has the latest from annapolis. >> in some circles, he's the man of the hour. as you can see, he does warrant
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ln't want attention. >> you have my statement. i've said what my position is. >> being just as evasive about his stand on the issue, the senator declared he hadn't made up his mind. now he's not only supporting the same-sex marriage bill, but he's representing the 24th vote needed to get package in the senate. >> i are supporting the bill? >> my statement speaks for itself. >> the senator's statement says "i intend to vote for the bill." >> this is a system -- for force
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-- >> the knights of columbus and jc say they don't have to celebrate by renting a hall out. it does not compel churches and synagogues to recognize same-sex marriages or perform l marriages. there is little support to sustain a filibuster. >> even if the legislation makes it through both chambers and is signed by the governor, opponents are likely to petition it. >> the feelings are so strong, it will certainly be petitioned in referendum. the only hold up might be that the court's ruling in terms of peags that names have to be exactly the same as they are on the voter registration books.
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>> john collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> also in annapolis, governor martin o'malley has nominated his wife to a second term as baltimore district court judge. baltimore's first lady served as a judge in 2001. if approved by the senate, she would serve another 10 years. >> carl stokes will be our guest this morning on 11 news. if you have a question, send your questions to sundayquestions@ are >> sitting down at work, as we are now, could apparently lead to an early grave. details in medical alert. >> these four nurse sharks are just some of the animals rescued by a company called sea save. details coming up >> the midwest has already brn dealing with record amounts of snow this winter.
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forecasters say mother nature isn't done. what she has in store for the region. that's next. >> first a live picture outside. john has your insta-weather plus forecast. stay with us. "11 news saturday morning" is just getting started. "11 news saturday morning" is just getting started. hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> residents of the midwest may have rain. >> residents have been urged to be prepared. >> it is the next wave stemming from the back-to-back snowstorms -- spring's big thaw. residents are already preparing for the worst. filling and laying sandbags. this and the city still recovering. along river shore drive officials purchased homes and built this flood wall. n.o.a. shows the red river in minnesota and nearby minnesota and north dakota could bring flooding. analysts estimate in the coming weekends there could be heavy flooding in the plains. >> we're expecting serious flooding through much of minnesota this spring. in fact, no river is considered i fortune.
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>> ice jams causing river. flooded, and there were icebergs on our lot. >> they are urging residents to have an evacuation plan in case flooding occurs. >> now your forecast.
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look at new york. you don't see much lake-effect snow off lakeer yi. -- lake eerie. they still have ice on the lake. lake ontario has will open water and it's showing up with that snow that you see reaching into northern pennsylvania. if you are traveling into new york state today. be prepared for snow. 51 at the inner harbor. how midity way, way down. -- humidity way, way down. winds gusting to 44 miles per
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hour in the past hour. we've had gusts over 50 so far early this morning, and winds will strengthen during the day today. it's going to be a very, very windy day. we'll probably see tree damages and power outages thanks to trees whipping around. annapolis is 50. 46 camebridge. 54 at ocean city. edgewood 43. frederick 46. in the 30's in far-western maryland. cold air filtering in, we won't see much of a change in the temperatures. they won'tise all that much, they won't fall all that much during the day today. what we'll see here is essentially what we'll be experiencing during the day. the winds will keep us colder at times. satellite imaginary, you can see the remnants of that front. now it that is moved out over the water. there is snow. there is a disturbance up in canada helping generate some of that snow there.
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no major storms out to the west so far. here's what the map will look like this evening. a big area of high pressure coming in. that's the colder air reestablishing itself. nore typical air for this time of year. the storms out to the west coming off the pacific. eventually we'll have to deal with some of that unsettled weather, but not really in the immediate future. sunny and windy today. upper 40's to around 50's. west to northwest winds. gusting to 60. steady at 20 to 30 miles per hour. we have a wind warning in effect in the bink maided areas. that covers the metropolitan area advisories, blue shaded areas. we have a red fire warning which means afire danger because of the dry conditions in our area today. . even though the ground is soggy, we have had a lack of moisture
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in the immediate past. by late tomorrow into president's day, rain showers. maybe even snow mixed in tomorrow. that brain-snow mix on tuesday as well. tomorrow we spike back at 58. 45 on sunday. temperatures continue to go up and down. next week, in and out of the clouds and rain chances by the end of the week. >> this morning 750 hart ford county families in need will benefit from the maryland food bank's food drive. they have collected more than eight tons of food. the campaign's founder after the donations. >> it is so important the viewers say how can i help. it is as easy as going to your mail box, leaving a donation of food, the u.s. postal service will pick it up and take it to the maryland food bank. >> if you wish to donate, go to the store today. >> football season is over.
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next season is very much on the minds of fans. coming up, the latest on talks with the nfl and how it could affect the ravens. >> is your job killing you? it could be. we'll explain next in "medical alert."
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>> in "medical alert" a drug called tributilin used for premature birth has been taken off market. the f.d.a. says it could cause heart problems in babies. >> a new report reveals the most
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recent statistics about the health of americans. the c.d.c. comes from the national health statistics which compiles data from federal and state agencies. 1-4 adults older than 45 take cholesterol-lowering drugs. half of men and all women have taken nystatin. an increasing number of americans are delaying medical and dental care because of costs. the number of people that died in their homes in 2007 increased to almost 25%. >> is it your job killing you? we're not talking about your boss or even about how hard you're working. new research is suggesting that sitting all day can put you at a greater risk for heart disease. a study in the "american journal for epidimi oofment logy" were
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more likely to move than those that -- more likely to die thans than those that moved more. >> it is additional to gipt and move around more than 35 minutes you may be working out. >> doctors are high-stress jobs are 45% more likely to suffer heart disease. >> stretching before a run doesn't cause or prevent injuries. a study divided more than 1,000 regular runners into stretch and nonstretch groups. there was no difference in injuries between the groups, runners that is at this point -- the most significant factors were injury were higher b.m.i. and a history of chronic injury. >> don't go away. we have much more news coming up . first a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> it is a heart-wrenching scene for pet lovers to watch. a beloved pet trapped in the
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ice. >> it was late yesterday afternoon when a woman was walking her dog along the shore of the reservoir. for some reason, the dog ran out on the ice and fell through. it was after dark when baltimore down firefighters arrived on the scene. a dog, which looks like a yellow lap, had fallen through the ice and couldn't get out. >> they determined the dog was 100 feet from shore, had fallen through the ice. once i got back to the location, i could see the dog was standing up on its hind legs in 2.5 feet of runner. >> bio-rescue specialist tried to free the dog. >> i laid down and got to the dog. he was standing. his hind legs were on the bottom. >> as you can see from sky team 11, in a matter of moments, he was able to grab the dog and pull him out. the dog immediately ran back to
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his owner. >> i was able to grab his collar, and he took off. >> he was in good shape. >> for animals, just like people, being trapped in icy water can be fatal. >> the longer they are in the ice, the more they are at risk of their body temperature getting low. so yes, again, important, especially this time of year. even if there is ice anywhere in addition to having the low body temperature, they can injury themselves, just like slipping on the ice. >> a happy ending to what could have been a tragedy. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> joe is so brave to crawl out on the ice. earlier we had ice. >> i'm glad the dog is ok. that's great. >> 48 degrees on tv hill. governor o'malley was put on the hotseat again. see who had tough questions for
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the governor. that coming up. >> after a presidential resignation in cairo ended, other middle eastern countries are witnessing the same effects. >> it will not be agriculture warm today as it was over the past couple days. i think what you're going to notice is the wind will be strong. the insta-weather plus forecast just ahead.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning". thank you for joining us today. yesterday was gorgeous. flip-flops, kids running around. >> two days of spring, and we're right back into the hopper. actually, next week will be more like march. we are in the last half of february, so we can expect this kind of -- >> you mentioned rain or snow. if we get a vote, can we take rain? >> if we get a vote. we don't get a vote unfortunately. >> right now what we'll be following along with today is one not as warm as yesterday or the day before, and two, all that wind. current conditions outside, not carefully -- not terribly cold. very dry atmosphere.
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the winds gusting in the past hour to 4 miles per hour. it is 51 combrees degrees at the inner harbor. we have clear skies. the key here to the temperatures that we have now, they really won't change all that much during the day today. cold air coming in on these winds. we'll have downslope winds. we'll try to warm things up. we flatline on the temperatures. very gusty. we'll detail it coming up in a few minutes. >> when egypt, you know, shook all the dust off its back and woke up, it will inspire the rest of the arab world. >> a new sense of empowerment and pride, egyptians poured into the streets and celebrated. organizers called it the friday
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of victory and continuation. there is still many unmet demrands. among them the release of political prisoners, replacement of cabinet members put in place by mubarak, and lifting the state-of-emergency law which kept mubarak in power for three decades. sentiment sweeping across the middle east. this is jordan's capital city of iman. hundreds of anti-government protesters poured into the street demanding flill reform. they are urging king abdullah to honor the parliament. thousands gathered and demanded the prime minister to step down. the prime minister has reviewsed toll caul call for early elections in italy. >> 50 people injured after tear gas and gunfire broke out.
5:35 am
kristen dahlgren has more. >> soldiers in baw rain fired tear gas and -- bahrain fired and shot into a crowd of protesters. at least 50 people were injured, some with serious gun type wounds. >> whoever has blood type o positive or o negative, it is important to go to the ballad bank. we need blood. >> riot police tore down shelters and disbursed protesters in the square. an associated press cameraman said he saw warning shots fired from armored personnel carriers, and then the soldiers turned firearms on the crowd. it came just after friday prayers and a funeral for yesterday's victims. protesters demanded that the prime minister be replaced. after the thursday's killing,
5:36 am
the mood seems to have turned toward pulling down the entire government. the crown prince, known as a reformer, went on television to call for calm. the king has asked the crown prince to ask for a dialogue to resolve the crisis. kristen dahlgren, wbal-tv 11 news. >> there are also signs this morning that cad if i has been in control -- quadaffi could be the next forced to step down. there was a clash with security forces. >> we have been in touch with people in bengazi that told us about security forces beating demonstrators seriously. lots of injuries. >> security forces have killed 84 people. the government has closed access to the internet in the wake of those protests. stay with 11 news on the air and online at for all the developments in the middle east.
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>> coming up, the governor and lieutenant governor hold a town hall leadership with area students. those students weren't afraid to speak their minds.
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>> warm weather is on the way out, blowing in on strong northwest winds. it is not that winter like up here. up north, take a look at our live h.d. doppler radar. satellite combination up in northern pennsylvania, it is snowing. lake-effect snows. the effect of cold air running over primarily lake ontario there. a little bit of lake eerie. the eastern tip.
5:40 am
the snow will be part of their story today with colder temperatures. for us, too far south to be that cold, and we're not being affected by lake-effect snow. in fact, it is clear outside. let's look at the sky cam view with the clear skies and the cold temperatures. inner harbor, 51. not terribly cold, really. we won't change those numbers very much. cold air is coming in. look at those winds. west winds 21-44 in the past hour. the gust to 44. 21-30 is the average wind speed here. 74 was the high yesterday at the airport officially, and the record was -- i meant to say 74 was the high. the record was 75 back in 1976. just shord of the record high yesterday. you don't get many februarys in -- 70's in february. lows yesterday, 51 and 48. that's about where we are now.
5:41 am
it hasn't changed all night. right now, let's look at some of those temperatures. westminster 45. in the low to mid 30's out in far western maryland this morning. higher elevation out there. more snow on the ground as well. satellite combination. big area of low pressure over maine. the change in the pressure, the rapid change in pressure is accelerating winds coming in. you can see we're dry. at the you have storms to the west. storms to the west. we'll have to deal with this as we get into the early part of next week. our forecast today, the primary thing is the wind.
5:42 am
we have a high wind warning in the areas shaded in pink. other areas in blue, a wind advisory. we haven't had a lot of precipitation recently. insta-weather futurecast. we're high and dry for a while. we see some clouds. a little precipitation. there could be snow flakes in that. the chance for that sufficient stins. temperatures up and down. mix late in the day. then temperatures get colder. >> more than 500 maryland high school students excused from class to meet with governor o'malley. education was a main part of their conversation. tim tooten has that story.
5:43 am
>> it looked and sounded like a campaign rally. everything from the economy, the state's budget, and the challenge of improving public education. >> by twue we have fallen to ninth. today we're 11th in high school completion and 12th in college completion. >> students hand-picked by their parents to be here were not afraid to ask governor o'malley some tough questions. >> what kind of cuts do you believe you are trying to set. >> when the state board said we don't need to do this test anymore, we accepted that cut. >> there were concerns from students about how they will be affected by proposed budget cuts. >> our books are so pitiful we picked them up and they fell apart. >> maryland students are making progress. >> our state, because of you, our students take and pass more
5:44 am
a.p. tests than in any other state. >> they asked the governor to look into why a.p. courses remain among the few ack semiic choices for students. >> there is a lot of reading in a.p. or out of scompool work or an honors course which is no longer an honor's level. >> some students gave the governor high marks for trying to hold the line on educational spending. >> i agree with everything, trying to help out the education of the students scompevering. i think there is a big thing if we can do that. >> tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> coming up, it is the first awe quatic -- auquatic rescue shelter and it is here in maryland. >> negotiations with players. we'll have the latest. >> first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. [ alarm blares, indistinct conversations ]
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>> even if you are not a football fan, it would be hard to imagine a season without drew brees and some other players. >> yes, it would be. >> this past year the nfl generated $9 billion in revenue. owners and players disagree on how to divide future income. the league's current deal expires march 3. unless they reach a new deal by then, owners lock out players.
5:48 am
that means they will bar players from taking part in practices or games. no players, no football. no football, no revenue. >> that uncertainty will lead to a reduction potentially in revenue. when that revenue decreases, there will be less for us to share. that will make it harder to make an agreement. >> the labor tension grows out of two major areas. how to share the league's revenue and the number of games in the regular season. under the current agreement, team owners get $1 billion they don't share. of the remaneplange, 427% to -- players salaries have now doubled and average over $2 million apiece. the packers, the nfl's only publicly owned team have seen operating profits tumble 71% over the past three years.
5:49 am
owners believe these two trends put the league on path to financial crisis. >> everybody keeps talking about the health of the league because they keep seeing the ref news go up. they don't know expenses are rising at a higher rate than those revenues. and we have to get that right. we have to get that in check. nfl owners want a smaller portion of revenues going to player's salaries. that remains both the starting point and sticking point of these negotiations. the two sides canceled scheduled talks last week after a change in proposals say they remain billions apart in what the new sides want from a new labor deal. that leaves players feeling like fans and wondering when stadiums like m&t stadium will come back to life. >> we don't know when it is going to happen. we don't know when we will get it back. it might get done in march, it might not get done until the season. we'll see. >> to generate more revenue,
5:50 am
owners have proposed expanding the current format from 16 game to 18 game and trimming preseason. it would generate additional millions in sponsorship. players balk at a longer regular season fearing it will lead to more injuries and shorter careers. the man that leads the player's union, demari smith has filed multiple lawsuits against the nfl. smith has also lobbied contest -- congress in a fight against the owners. >> we have lobbied people that understand the effect of a lock-out on this business and on our country. our goals when we go to talk up in the hill are the same goals we have when we talk to fans -- understand the impact that football has economically. understand the impact football has on the lives of the people that watch the game, and never take it for granted.
5:51 am
>> nfl commissioner roger godel holds the opinion that a solution lies only in communication, not litigation. >> i have freak lent which -- frequently said this will get results at the negotiations table. we have to address the issues and find solutions. >> the ravens owner believes neither owners nor players should lobby fan approval. football fans, like the game itself, hinge on deal or no deal. >> i would tell both sides to just shut-up because -- we'll get it done if we stop playing the games and wasting time trying to information ourselves to win fans over. i don't think either one of our sides will win fans over. they just want to see football. >> the nfl has endured three
5:52 am
players strikes in the past. most recently 1987. it lasted 24 days. if the two sides don't come to an agreement by the end of march 3, the nfl will see it's first player lockout months after the nfl set a record of people watching super bowl 45. >> and of course, we'll continue to keep you updated. you can get the latest at and click on "sports." >> i hope they can come to an agreement. >> it's the first auquatic rescue shelter in the nation and it is here in maryland. >> why it was opened and why local pet shoths shops have increased the need for their services. >> plus, we're in for a windy day. the weekend forecast coming up.
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>> animal shelters rescue all kinds of creatures, but they usually don't accept sea
5:56 am
animals. kim dacey takes us inside the first shelter in the united states too take in marine life. >> sea save in glen burnie. >> people move, go to jail, get divorced. there are several reasons we end up with fish in buckets in the middle of the night, tanks full of things people can no longer care for or just want to find a good home for them. >> they take good care of the animals. the only exception is their nurse sharks. john said they usually end up with them because pet stores sell them del telling the owners they won't get bigger than their tanks, which is not true. >> the sharks are very affectionate. they get to be 14 feet long, which is too big for a personal aquarium. >> we don't feel that a shark
5:57 am
that big should be sold in a store. >> we're hoping to build a nurse shark city on the eastern shore where they will have a place to play. >> and they are hoping to save even more sea animals. they have partnered with city police to take in more animals they find. >> from now on they will bring them to us or we will go and get them. we will have a team that goes around the city and collects marine life. everybody gets upset when you do something to a puppy. when you get to know these creatures, they are just as smart as dogs and they deserve the same rights. >> in glen burnie, kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> kim dacey just pet a shark. i love that girl. to find out how you can adopt one of the animals from sea save, visit our web site at and click on "as seen on." too cool. >> she looked a little bit --
5:58 am
but hey, she did it. the time is 5:57 on tv hill. much more ahead on "11 news saturday morning." >> police uncover an alleged dog-fighting operation with two teenage boys at the helm. details ahead. >> and baltimore county police need your help. more on that investigation coming up. >> and you probably heard it overnight. all the strong gusty winds. that will continue all day today
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