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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  May 1, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news atsunday morning. >> hello and welcome. >> i am lisa robinson. first, and the account side with john collins. >> one hour or so ago, there was a lot more sun. now we are beginning to get a
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thicker cloud development. but we look to the hd doppler radar, an indication that there may be some sprinkles here in town. it would be just to the north end of town. the clouds are thick enough that there may be a couple of sprinkles in there. i do not think there is enough to whet the pavement, but that is in carroll county and that in pennsylvania there is some activity out in hagerstown. it is not very significant. the big change will be not as much sun as yesterday. i will detail the forecast in just a second. >> in heart wrenching story of howard county where a gruesome discovery leaves a 5-year-old boy without a father. it damages the morning a young father found dead inside a closet with his son by his side. sheldon dutes has more. >> news of najib abdullah's
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death was to much to bear. he was last seen tuesday night leaving a relative's home after a domestic incident. >> he was in an altercation with his father. >> this man's deceased grandfather used to live here. he stopped by to do some cleaning. >> when i opened the door, there was a terrible smell. i went and got my father and we went around looking for a dead animal. when i kicked the door in and the kid jumped out, and was unbelievable. >> the little boy asked for help and kept saying, "i did my daddy is dead." when he came out his hands gripping like he had been holding on to his father. he had been dead for several days. >> police say it appears that
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abdullah broke a window to get in. >> the police went through every single room except for the clause that would not open all the way. >> if anybody knows anything, please call and let us know so we can get some closure on what really happened. >> sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the five have in year-old boy was taken to the hospital and treated for dehydration. a neighbor from 44-year-old loman's body on tulip court. he died of from trauma that could have resulted from an explosion. >> i was just worried about getting my family out. >> the neighbors heard a loud
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bang wednesday night. they said there were no signs of explosive material or devices. >> police are investigating a deadly crash involving a scooter. 91-year-old man was hit friday afternoon on hammond lanes and it is unclear who was at fault. so far, no charges have been filed. and in baltimore city, police are investigating a shooting in northwest baltimore that happened just after 3:00 p.m. and police found a man with multiple gunshot wounds. no word on his identity or condition. >> firefighters spent part of the day informing residents of fire safety after a 57-year-old man was killed after flames engulfed a home on west lexington street. two other people were rescued. >> today we are going door-to- door in the neighborhood and a meeting with the residents just
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to let them know that there has been an unfortunate loss of life in their community due to expire. we are speaking with them and providing basic fire safety tips on it how to keep this from happening in their homes. >> chief cartwright says many fires are the result of people leaving stoves unintended and overloaded circuits. >> and their strike killed one of the sons of gaddafi. they can confirm one of his sons have been killed. also dead are three grandchildren. >> we did not believe that there is a solution that includes him or any members of this family. the only solution is for him to depart. >> the strike came hours after he called for a cease-fire in
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the negotiations in what rebels called it a publicity stunt. pop john paul ii is one step away from sainthood. he was beatified today in st. peter's square. experts say there will be a pause in john paul's journey to sainthood, possibly of a few years, while the catholic church completes the process. >> this is an important day, not just for catholic people but for everyone in the world. >> 16 heads of state and fibril families attended the ceremony. in baltimore, they will mark the beatification with a special mass at the basilica. there will be a eucharist a procession at 11:45 a.m. from the basilica to the prayer garden. you can watch the beatification ceremony on our website,
9:08 am, as well as pictures and learn the top 10 things about sainthood. >> president barack obama next comedy with the early campaigning at the press house -- white house press correspondents dinner. "saturday night live" seth myers was the host. >> may i say for is. as you looked that day community than more beautiful tonight. 0-- as beautiful you looked that day, you look more beautiful tonight. [laughter] mr. president, you have aged a bit. you lookedl ik like the guy from the old spice commercials. now you look like louis gosset, jr.
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maybe you should start smoking again. >> he and a lot of his jokes that those who might be running for president in 2012. >> the time is 9:00 08, 40 degrees. running short on ideas to what to get your mother? we will look at some local gift ideas for that special lady. >> one maryland teacher recognized for her extraordinary effort. more details in this morning's education alert. >> the storm system out west pushing clouds our way today and eventually a chance of rain. the insta-weather +
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>> at your 11 insta-weather + forecast with john collins. >> the clouds have taken up a little bit. we take a look at the hd doppler radar. just north of the city, on the left edge of your screen, there
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is some rain dipping down. the elevation indicates it is mostly up in the clouds. the people up there may be getting a couple of sprinkles. there are some showers north of hagerstown. most of the action is in pennsylvania. it is all part of a storm system that will produce some big storms in places they have already had it, out west of us, for the next couple of days. let's take a look at the sky picture. no rain here in town. inner harbor is 59. his 74% humidity with the barometer rising. at the moment, the wind is calm. they will move southeasterly during the day today but continue to be light. let's take a look at some of the
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temperatures. a 59 in easton, 57 annapolis, on the boardwalk 60 xie, alton 66. -- elkton 66. the blue shading there, they have had the clouds. here are the clouds moving in. west of the day, overcast with hardly any grain. most of this is out to the west. heavier clouds in kentucky and west virginia. there may be 80 lightning strikes in west virginia. this warm front is coming in which will attempt to bring more moisture and more clouds. the really strong storms today will be out ahead of this storm friends.
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a slight to moderate risk for some severe weather today. the ranch hands is not very high today, but we do have a risk for an afternoon or evening sure. now thunder are lightening and there could be some then that spots in the cloud, but more cloud began yesterday. 65-69 for the highest temperature today. some short activity, a lot of clouds come and the main chance for rain really hold off until monday night and into tuesday which will be ahead of this front that comes in. 68 today and tomorrow with the chance for rain, that will scatter today in the more intense tomorrow. in light shower activity. monday night into tuesday, tapering off wednesday morning we could see some storms. temperatures will be mostly in the 60's this week than drier weather thursday and friday.
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>> in this morning's educational large, and officials are investigating why some college application materials were not submitted to the proper schools. baltimore's western high school recently found out about the mishap and told students in a letter on friday. it is unclear how many applications were not received. they will personally contact the schools that did not receive the materials. a maryland schoolteacher is the national teacher of the year. it was announced early this morning. michelle shearer is a chemistry teacher at urbana high school. she spoke with our 11 news education reporter tim tooten when she was named a finalist. the superintendent sees this as another factor in the maryland educational cap. >> and maryland teacher will be the national teacher of the year. it is exciting. they will be representing teachers from across this
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country at a time when everyone is focused on education. >> michelle shearer, the educational future of the year, will be honored at a ceremony with president obama. she is fluent in american sign language. >> still had, our q&a this morning. >> and saturn vice -- insider advice on how to keep a hold of your house. here is that events going on in the area.
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>> welcome back. it is time for the sunday morning business report. more than five dozen homes foreclosed on in the maryland this year, 2100 last month. if you are faced with tough financial decisions, what do you do? a bankruptcy, a short sale, foreclosure? we had a guest to help you figure it out. thank you for coming in. there is all kinds of financial advisor out there. you come at this from a legal standpoint. what are some things people need to consider when may be losing their homes? >> there are a couple of options. one is a property short sale which will be a negotiated sale of an amount less than necessary to satisfy the liens.
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if that is not an option, you can look into bankruptcy. >> what is the short sale the corporate for? >> if the only problem is your mortgage debt, and you might consider a short sale. there will be a deficiency claim because you are not paying off the full amount of the lien. if the lender will forgive, you may end up with a tax liability. the lender will issue a 1099 for the disputed income. you should consult your tax professional about that. >> and then there is bankruptcy. are you seeing more and more of these? >> that is certainly my main focus in my job. i do a lot of bankruptcy work. i see a lot of people with problems in foreclosures coming to see what their options are. yes, bankruptcy is an available option. >> does allow people to keep their homes?
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>> in many cases it well. you could pay it back over time with a chapter 13. if your current on your mortgage, you can even choose chapter 7 and retain your house. ofthen there's the option just letting it go. >> yes. you need to look at the numbers and see if whether it is a viable option. if you're not able to make the payments, you need to have the discussion and understand you may have to let the house go. >> there are indications in all of those. >> there are. a short sale and bankruptcy are with the calling-credit in france and will appear on your credit report for -- dava negate credit inference. it will appear on your credit report for 7-10 years. >> how can people get in touch or e-mail you? >> 443-567- --
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my email is listed on the web. thank you for having me. >> do not go away. coming up, your sunday gardening. >> we could feed a whole city with this stuff. coming up on your sunday gardiner, we will talk about switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. but trying to grow grass from seed in tough areas like deep shade, along the driveway,
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>> good morning and welcome to your sunday gardener.
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i am john collins. you do not have to worry quite as much about the super chilly weather. for another week, he might have to make sure we do not get any frost. >> most of these are cold weather tolerance. i can probably already start put out some coriander and others. >> this is a raised bed. the beauty of these, what, is that they are all over the place now. it is very commonplace to see these. you do not have to hammer step in the ground. what i like about them, really, is that you can cull the soil. you are stuck with what is in your yard. this you can control. >> there is plenty of space and in here, some air, and it
9:26 am
happened to get some the in there, you can pull it out. >> it is easier to control and you can get in more planters. >> we have some red leaf, green leaves, and i can pick them whenever. >> you can just keep growing when you turn it back. these new shoots coming up, you can leave that grow. >> he can probably get three or four cuts of lettuce in one crop which is great. >> as big as this is, this will hold two cubic feet of potting soil and underneath 3 gallons of water. >> you have a reservoir of water here so you do not have to water every day, except perhaps in the
9:27 am
hottest weather, but it is regulated. >> and we have an overflow. >> you cannot over water. and -- i like that. you put on a shower cap. that gives out excess water and leaves. >> and it warms the soil. beans, tomatoes, squash, it gets going all that much faster. i have two tomato plants and right now is great. every couple of days you checked, and you really cannot overdo it. >> if you do not like it here, you can move it down. >> it is very affordable.
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>> if you have a gardening question, send it in to your sunday gardener -- you can also go to our website, >> 9:28 and 40 degrees on her television held. what are you getting your mom next week? >> the maryland jockey club president is standing by with what is new this year. >> i am out of breath from just doing the vegetable stuff, but nonetheless and you may have felt they sprinkle. we will talk of the forecast coming up in just a minute.
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[ dog ] i am an iams dog. ♪ woof. >> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news asunday morning. >> welcome back. thank you for joining s. >> let's take another look downside with john. >> most of the readings in the 50's with more clouds in the area. no signs of breaking out of. they are moving in and thickening of the. there is an indication on radar that they are trying to produce some rain just north of the city.
9:31 am
parts of the carroll and northern baltimore county. the clouds have picked up. some of the moisture coming out of the clouds may actually make it to the ground. sprinkles of the maryland line and a couple of light chars between hagerstown and cumberland. >> it is time now for sunday morning "q&a" and joining us is the president's of the maryland jockey club, tom chuckas. this is a very crazy time for you. >> in two weeks, we put on the premier event. beenyear's campaign has unusually successful. >> it is focused for the 21-35
9:32 am
year-old demographic. it is trendy. i get more free press than i could afford to buy. >> it is a little strange. >> it is different. >> may 7th there will be a concert on the infield? >> it is derby day. we are opening up the in field and the plain white t's will be playing. >> then we have the preakness five k benefiting the susan g. or the cure. fro >> last year we had 140 runners and we are at 350 this year. >> of the a lot of money will be raised.
9:33 am
and judging by the race's dialed in, it seems like dialed in looks good. >> it depends, but dialed in looks good, has the edge. he won the florida. $5,000 to the trainer and horses if they win the preakness. >> watery expecting this year? >> we consider this the people's race. people come for a multitude of reasons. one thing which focus on is in the infield. we have changed it a big deal. we have six bands. the headliner is bruno mars and train. we stopped the byob policy.
9:34 am
they do need to bring their alcohol and in and we monitor. we've had some issues, we have changed things around, we have listened to, we want to make it much more efficient and easy for the customer, but this is a day that anyone who wants to come because of racing or anything else can have an exciting day. >> no one wants to see the preakness ago. the community gets a major facelift. that goes back to normal. what is being done to address that and to sustain all lows upgrades? >> $60 million in the economic intact -- impact which is the super bowl of the super bowl for maryland. there are some issues around
9:35 am
pimlico and preakness week. it is almost like mardi gras. the problem is and how do we sustain this? we have issues on one side with racing. we have made sure that the racing schedule will continue. we have worked with the citizens, the washington community comment to see what kind of investments we can make and maintain this through the year. >> anything else people should know leading up to the race in terms of getting prepared. >> i suggested you were going to come, call in now. the infield is going very well. six bands for $40 on the infield. you cannot beat. >> it has been great talking to you. thank you.
9:36 am
tom chuckas, the president of the maryland jockey club. we will have the county executive next week. e-mail your questions in to here is david gregory with a look at what is coming up on "meet the press." >> an assessment of the political race. joining me, the independent mayor of new york city, michael bloomberg, the governor, and former senior white house adviser and now the campaign strategist, david axelrod. then the view from marco rubio from florida and my review of the white hou
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>> york 11 insta-weather + forecast john collins. >> started out with a nice sunrise. the clouds have now drifted in. here is the radar motion from the past three hours. if you look at carroll county on the last couple of friends, some sprinkles trying to make it to the ground. best of it is evaporated before it actually makes it to the ground because the air is pretty dry. there are some showers between cumber landing in hagerstown. it is very light.
9:40 am
55 at bwi marshall, 59 at the inner harbor. the barometer is rising and the wind is calm. the temperatures are roughly the same as they were yesterday. the warm front is coming in and temperature rise we will be the same as today. on the boardwalk, 63. frederick 55. a little cooler in the mountains. they have had the thick cloud that all live long. they will not warmup quite as much. here is the satellite picture. the clouds are now crossing the bay and you can see some sunlight coming through.
9:41 am
here is the warm front out to the west. quite a bit more moisture. the really big storms and this is all ahead of the cold front. as the front comes in, we will see the small chance for a share or two. here is the radar forecast. and the accumulation forecast for the next 24 hours has us in the lightest category around the day. you get down around 0.3 inch of rain in western maryland and heavier in the river valley. we will set partly cloudy this morning with more of the "partly" and more "cloudy" this afternoon. we could see some sunbreaks this afternoon. southeast wind that 5-10 miles
9:42 am
per hour. the wind is very quiet on the day to day. the futurecast shows that monday night into tuesday, it sure is the range chance going way up. rain chances body today. thunderstorms, monday night into tuesday. >> mother's day is almost here. mike is here with some great gifts and ideas from some local stores. >> green spring station house is one of the largest collections of local boutiques. i have brought a bunch of stuff to think about for mother's day. first, this is a spot in a package. -- spa in a package with a robe,
9:43 am
candle, etc. >> i would also like a spa package. >> this is a keen idea. i think of something my mom would never buy for herself. it is a beach bag with a cover- up from bare necessities, fill this in with something they would like like a crossword puzzle book. this is a film festival in a box. you can vote on these shorts. >> that's different. >> these are for summer. you think your feet would sweat, but it makes it go away. they are better. these are only $30. >> wow.
9:44 am
>> you love to give uggs for christmas, so why not? this is a local. we have the forget me not. this is a new store at green spring and if my husband is watching, this is a good one. for a mother-to-be, this is a collection of onesies, bibs, hats. great gift. there is a yellow. scarves are so in. $28 for those. then another local idea for a dad and kid would be to go to the creamery and pick out some chocolates, marinades, etc.
9:45 am
finally for grandma, we have lotto. >> lots of great ideas. >> be creative. i wore this from fresh. she is out of new york. they can pick out something great. >> yes, we all want peace adnd quiet, btut we also want a little something something. coming up next, in the kitchen. here are last night's lottery numbers. i'm done with all these lists.
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going going gone. get it? it's funny. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen going going gone event. hurry in, and for a limited time while they last get a 2011 jetta for $179 a month. visit today. >> welcome back. it is time for sunday brunch. good to see. we have crabcakes earlier and out hamburgers. state workers. >> it is prime ground sirloin and this is in conjunction with the event we have a coming up the day after mother's day.
9:49 am
>> what is the event? >> it is for a foundation that we are partnering with for a second year in a row to do a benefit at morton's monday. >> ray race, ken cameron, and some other players we know about. >> last year we had flacco. we are looking for a great turnout. >> how does this work? >> u.s start with prime ground sirloin. and this is the two-fisted burger with bacon and horseradish.
9:50 am
a little tangy. we take the meat and add some tomato juice, egg, and salt and pepper. ngs it alligns i together. >> i don't do it very often. i would try to rush the burger. how do you do it? >> i start in a medium warm pan. i flipped this as we started. >> take your time. >> everyone likes a different temperature. i would recommend doing it in the oven. >> take your time. >> cooking should be relaxing.
9:51 am
>> having a good time. a things special with the prize? >> we but some seasoning salt on them and they are just delicious and crispy. >> so what you are saying is to keep it simple? that really looks wonderful. >> thank you. >> earlier today we had the crabcakes. and now we have a two-fisted burger with bacon. >> everyone's and while it is good to splurge. >> john, thank you. good luck for your aventis and on mother's day. if your interested in the recipe, you can check it out on our website,, or send us a self addressed stamped envelope.
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stick around. we will be right back. >> coming up in sports, the orioles wrapup april. >> coming up in sports, the ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] however they come into the world, pampers believes every baby should be swaddled in the comfort and security of our softest diaper ever. ♪ pampers swaddlers. our softest protection for every little miracle.
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>> 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> the orioles, what they're doing this year, they're not playing spectacular but they are playing well. they are not giving away games as they had done so often in the past. last night, they had when given to them by the chicago white sox. this is giving up a home run. his first of the year. 2-0 lead. look at that play at short.
9:55 am
starts the double play with roberts. doing a great time filling in. with 5 innings, no runs but leaves the bases loaded. nd only gives up one iwith a sac fly. eout fromn a strikou second. loaded for vlad guerrero. oriols win 6-2. they go 12-13 and are 3.5 back from first. much better than last year. trying to knock off johns hopkins.
9:56 am
in the fourth quarter, for the goal. back comes loyala. big blast from the top with that. loyola with another chance. sawyer lets it go just wide. it would have counted, but it did not. for 46 out of 49, johns hopkins narcs of loyola. i am pete gilbert. we will see you back again at 6:00. >> are you ready? >> that is a two-fisted burger. >> that could feed like 10 people. >> that is a meal in itself. then you have the fries.
9:57 am
let's get this over with with the forecast. >> more cloudy than yesterday and maybe a shower. it will not ruin the day. a high of 68. a lot more rain in the forecast for monday night and tuesday and wednesday. we could see some thunder interactivity. temperatures all week long and mostly be in the 60's and the best days of the thursday and friday. >> that is it for now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> follow breaking news and weather anytime on stay connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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