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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  May 2, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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positively identified, and later buried at sea. we have live coverage beginning in washington. >> america kills osama bin laden. this paper at the pentagon, where 184 died on 9/11. >> just a good day to be a united states marine and an american citizen. >> the commander-in-chief echo that today. >> as their -- as a nation, there is nothing we cannot do. >> u.s. intelligence had learned of this mansion in pakistan near the capital, islamabad. video finally revealed the terrorist was there. bin laden fought back and was shot, as the white house followed the action in real time. >> minutes past like days, and the president was very concerned about the security of our personnel. >> no seals were hurt. they blew up the bad chopper and
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left with the body. dna samples, photographs, positive id. the navy says the al qaeda founder got a proper muslim burial at sea, and president obama addressed the nation. >> the death of bin laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation's efforts to defeat al qaeda. >> people came to the white house and to ground zero in new york, a victory celebration at ohio state university. even harsher obama critics offered praise. >> president obama and his national security team acted on the intelligence when it came in and they deserve a lot of credit. >> as the nation celebrates, law-enforcement tonight is on extra alert. moment that al mode qaeda has to avenge. >> how did the world's most
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wanted man i in plain sight? not in a cave, not in the mounds, but in a mansion. officials at the white house said the pakistan military has a lot of explaining to do. >> the death of osama bin laden inspired a lot of people to visit the pentagon memorial where it a third plane slammed into the americas symbol of military might on september 11. >> there is a sense of relief here at the pentagon memorial. many visitors say they have a feeling of mournful satisfaction. high-school students from blackfoot, idaho, laid wreaths at the pentagon memorial park. this now hallowed ground was claimed in remember it's of the september 11 attack on the pentagon, america symbol of military might. the inscription in black granite at the memorial interests also
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says the parties in honor of the 184 people whose lives were lost, their families, and to all who sacrificed that we may live in freedom. stewart took a victory lap through the memorial. he says there are days when you need to wave the flag, and this is one of them. the symbolic head of all this has now received his reward. though in a sense, he got off easy, compared to what so many other people have suffered. iraq's military veteran ray mcallister walked slowly through the memorial, it deeply reflecting on what the death of osama bin laden means to surviving family members. >> i am attempting to honor those who died here in the families of those who are surviving, and how those families may feel today. >> for many, there pentagon visit became a religious experience. those facing for the building represent those killed inside the pentagon. the ones facing away were on the
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plane. all the names of the deceased are etched in front of the seat. each contains a reflecting pool. the sound of trickling water at serenity. >> it is a beautiful place to sit in contemplation and think about what these people were doing the last day of their life. >> there is general agreement here that bin laden's death closes only one chapter. they say it is not over, because america is still being threatened. >> analysts say the man most likely to succeed obama is ayman al-zawahri. both of them supported the guerrillas fighting the soviets in afghanistan. analysts have described zawahri as his closest mentor. he was described as the brain to
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the terror masterminds body. bin laden change the lives of almost everyone in the u.s. what happens now? does anything changed? jayne miller continues our live team coverage from bwi marshall airport. >> the fact is that we have all learned to live our lives in the teen years and go on with our lives since 9/11, so bin laden's death may not change much, though hugely symbolic. airport security has increasingly tightened since 9/11, as first the hijackers, then others, it zeroed in on commercial aviation as a prime terrorist target. >> the u.s. is definitely safer, although the key watchword now is vigilance. obviously there is a concern about the remaining terrorist
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infrastructure seeking retribution for this. we have to keep our guard up. >> it became our new normal, the unprecedented announcement by then mayor martin o'malley in 2001 alerting the public to of a plot to carry out an anthrax attack in baltimore. it never happened. and 2005, authorities closed down the harbor tunnel because of chatter about a plot. the law-enforcement official says such precautions must remain in place. >> it is law enforcement as usual, trying to be vigilant, relying on the federal government and our partners to supply locals with intelligence. greg some say the biggest impact of bin laden's death will be in the arab world, gripped by a pro-democracy movement that is shaking up the status quo. >> does it emboldened people into feeling a little more secure in participating in this
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populist democratic movements, or does it result in an anti- american backlash where his killing is used as a son of retribution on the part of people in the arab world? >> law enforcement experts expect the next few days to bring the most heightened concern about retaliation. jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> as you know, hundreds of firefighters lost their lives in the wake of the september 11 attacks trying to rescue others. to date we spoke with their colleagues in baltimore county. they all say they are happy to finally see justice served. >> i think it is long overdue. >> i just did a 42-mile ride, in new york, the five-borough tour. i heard the news last night and
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it is a kind of ratifying day to a certain degree. >> 343 new york city firefighters and paramedics were killed in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks. nearly 3000 others lost their lives in the attacks, and any surviving family members are reacting with a wide range of emotions. lisa robinson spoke with some of them today. >> they all seem to have mixed reactions. as you can imagine, this event has stirred up feelings they have been able to manage for almost 10 years. >> kathleen is talking about her brother, daniel mcneill. he was on the 100th floor of tower no. 2 when osama bin laden is terrorist organization struck the world trade center. at the young age of 29, he was already the vice-president of an investment-banking firm.
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>> he had an infectious sense of enthusiasm. when he was around, he just cheer you up. >> kathleen and her mother say they will never get over their loss, but the killing of osama bin laden gives them something. >> closure, relief, justice. i think i feel like justice has been done, but no closure. >> i do think of him every day. i tried to move on, but i do think there are things that remind you. things like this remind you. >> john wesley is still healing from the loss of his fiancee, sarah clark. the maryland teacher was on flight 77, the airliner the terrorist crashed into the pentagon on 9/11. >> i think the commander-in- chief should be congratulated for just maintaining the security necessary to get this done. it really shows that we have
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come along way in terms of security in this country since 9/11. >> wesley remains concerned about the potential danger to the united states, now that the government has taken bin laden out of commission. >> i just know that there are going to be some responses to this, and i don't want us to celebrate too much. i think the best way to celebrate is to become vigilant. if you see something, say something. now we are going to have to have our eyes and ears on the ground in our own communities. >> family members say they are concerned about what the 10th anniversary of the attacks might bring. they say they are not going to dwell on it, they are moving forward, with the maryland 911 memorial to be revealed at the same time next year. >> reactions of the news spread
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very quickly on line. we want to know your thoughts. does osama bin laden said death changed the landscape of national security? you can vote on see the newspaper headlines across the globe, a timeline since 9/11. >> this second day of may, 2011, featuring a bit of transition from lots of clouds and what conditions to wrap up the weekend to slightly drier, warmer conditions. we had a little bit of late day sunshine. the clouds are not producing a bunch of rain. the showers and sprinkle in the morning gave way to dry weather in the afternoon. a slight chance for a shower this evening, but mostly dry. temperatures and 80's across
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central and southern virginia. that is the warm front moving in our direction. it will be a lot warmer tomorrow, with the risk of a thunderstorm coming back into the picture. >> you can add one more candidate to the race for baltimore mayor. plus, another endorsement for stephanie rawlings-blake. >> like mother, like daughter. we will explain the family connection when it comes to health. >> i think we can all agree this is a good day for america. our country has kept its commitment to see that justice is done. >> the president says the world is safer and a better place now that osama bin laden has been killed. live team coverage continues at 5 o
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>> it's official, frank conaway has found his candidacy for baltimore mayor. he outlined his campaign plans and says he has the most ordinary citizen experience, calling most of baltimore's recent mayor's elitist. another endorsement for mayor stephanie rawlings lake.
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u.s. senator barbara mikulski became the second member to support her election bid. >> i am endorsing stephanie because i think she has leadership, no how, dedication, and integrity. >> murkowski says mayor stephanie rawlings-blake understands the need for good schools and communities. congressman in logic cummings also announced his support for the mayor's bid for reelection. -- congressman in elijah cummings. >> did you know it is melanoma monday? skin cancer is the most common cancer in this country and also the most preventable. students from kindergarten to eighth grade presented their winning posters at a ceremony today that illustrated how to reduce your risk of skin cancer. it stands to reason that parents
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are health conscious, children will be, too. and you study shows that connection really is true, especially the link between mothers and daughters. >> abby and her teenage daughter isabel or both health conscious. abbey because she tested positive for a gene last year, resulting in a hysterectomy. and you study says the mother- daughter relationship is key in choosing a life style -- and new study says the relationship is key in choosing a life style. >> for abby and isabel, that is certainly true. they run races together. >> i think my mom definitely tries to eat healthy and large portion size, and it rubs off on us. when she eats out, she makes sure she is eating something that is healthy, not fried. >> we try to plan meals together
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for the week. >> you must be proud to hear her say things like that. >> we spend a lot of time together. it is a whole family affair. >> it can be hard to change your habits if your whole family and your home environment is not trying to change. it is a good idea to get everyone involved. >> for years, moms have said it and science has proved it is true. when babies sleep a lot, it means they are going through a growth spurt. parents kept records throughout the baby's first year. results found measurable growth spurts right after times when babies took longer naps and slept longer. the research says hormones released during those times may be responsible for growth. >> there is a slight risk of a
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little bit of rain falling overnight, but it looks like most areas will stay dry, especially to the south and east of baltimore. a little cluster of showers showing signs of weakening and falling apart in southwestern pennsylvania on this track toward central or eastern pennsylvania. for the most part, dry weather today. that means the pollen tech -- pollen count continues in a higher range. the total count is 647. 82 degrees down toward richmond, 81 at roanoke. we will have a warm day here tomorrow. we are right on the edge of that warm front now. that is helping to trigger the scattered showers up to the north. westminster and frederick hitting the upper 70's. college park is in the low 80's now. it will be an unseasonably mild
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early may night. most tonight from 57-64 with that slight chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm. otherwise, most cloudy and mild. the sun goes down after 8:00 in the evening, 8:01. there is the front to our west. another warm front along the coast bringing that warm air up from the south. it is trickery more heavy showers and possibly severe thunderstorms -- triggering more heavy showers and possibly severe thunderstorms. this one does not look quite as intense as last week's slow moving front. it will still bring some showers and storms and it is quite chilly behind it. cold weather, too birchers' only in the 30's across parts of wisconsin and the upper peninsula of michigan.
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in contrast to last week -- last week system, we don't have that strong jet stream riding along the system. a little bit a shower activity moving through, then the slow moving front approaches. we will get a mix of clouds and sunshine and it will warm into the 80's. tomorrow night, a showers and storms. wednesday morning looks kind of wet, gradually tapering off into the afternoon and evening. skype should begin to clear up with some sunshine returning for thursday, but it will be color. 79-84 tomorrow, southwest winds at 10 miles an hour, and that's what -- a thunderstorm chance is holding off until the evening hours. small craft advisory on the bay for tuesday. show hours are likely throughout the day at the creek. it holds off until the evening around the bay with some sun and clouds mixed. it looks like a dry day on the
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lower eastern shore with the rain holding off until tomorrow night around snow hill and ocean city. only 59 on wednesday, with that rain cooling things off. 69 with a couple of scattered showers again on friday and some unsettled weather into the weekend with highs in the 70's. >> still ahead, a gruesome discovery inside a howard county home. >> that discovery left a young boy without a father, and the families shattered by the news. >> the latest on the tornadoes across the south, coming up. [ male announcer ] want a better way to track what you spend?
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>> people in the south are still reeling from the effects of last week's devastating tornadoes. more than 300 people were killed across the southeast. >> nowhere was harder hit than tuscaloosa, alabama. jay gray has the latest on cleanup efforts. >> the clean up and recovery continues across the south today. >> i have been in it for four days now, and i still shake my head. >> firefighters would normally go door to door here, but most of the doors are gone now.
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in some areas there are windows, but for the most part, they must push through the rubble to check on the welfare and safety of the survivors. >> something like this come there is nothing you really cannot do. >> a handshake, a hug. that support mean so much right now to so many. the attack late last week was so swift. >> if it lasted 10 seconds, i would not even give it that long. >> the cruel irony now is that it will take years to recover. timothy king and his family were somehow able to walk away from this mess. >> it is beyond comprehension that we are able to just walk out of here. i have still yet to figure it out. it is the grace of god, that is it.
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>> they must lean on that faith now as they struggle to deal with what has been left behind. with their lives splintered and spread for miles, the resolve for many here is unshaken. >> the spirit of people is what is amazing. they will rebuild and make it better than it was. >> most understand that things will never be exactly the same. >> the only thing that matters is, as long as you can look your loved ones in the eye and they can look at you and you can still hold them, that is it. nothing else matters. >> it is perspective that comes with the pain of all they have lost, a paint that will take years to work through, just like the recovery here. >> you look at those pictures and you just cannot believe the devastation. >> still ahead, we continue to follow the day's big story,
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osama bin laden killed by u.s. forces. >> americans all across the country reacted to the news. we'll have live team coverage continuing new at 5:30. military families react to bin laden's death. curtis: welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio. gecko: and the next caller is doug from chico. doug: oh...hey there hey...! gecko: you sound like a happy man. doug: yeah yeah! i saved so much by insuring my motorcycle and rv with geico, i wrote a song about it. gecko: alright, let's hear it! curtis: yeah jam session! doug: one, two... ♪ (singing) i got my motorcycle ♪ ♪ and my rv now i got more money. ♪ vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> live, local, late-breaking.
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>> the headlines that people around wall have been waiting 10 years to seek common is that public enemy number one, osama bin laden, is dead. the mastermind of the 9/11 terror attacks was killed by special forces last night in pakistan. >> lowell melser joins us live in the studio with reaction from families. >> i would definitely say bin laden's death holds mixed emotions for families who have lost a loved one fighting either in afghanistan or iraq. we talked to tracy miller who lost her marine son back in november of 2004. she tells us the death of bin laden really does not change much for her and her family because her son is still gone. >> he wanted to make the world a better place. >> that was tracy miller just days after her son, a sniper and
5:31 pm
team leader, was killed in a fire fight back on november 14 of 2004. his primary goal, along with his fellow marines, was to end the war on terror, a war that was fuelled by osama bin laden. >> i thought this day would come along time ago. >> almost six and a half years later, bin laden is dead, and miller says the wave of emotions came over her sunday night when she found out. >> i cannot believe it at first. i thought maybe it was a spoof, and then i realized it was real. >> she said she wondered if it would have been better for all of the people killed during 9/11 if bin laden had been kept alive. >> i am glad that we found him. i thought if there would be a way to bring him to justice somehow, it would be better than
5:32 pm
him being killed. >> then there is her personal situation, still dealing with the grief over her son. one might think bin laden's death would help bring her and her family some closure. miller says the really, in fact, not at all. >> i have not had a chance to see how he would have grown older or to have seen any of the children he might have had. i have not had him as part of my life. >> in light of bin laden's death, miller and other military members and the family will be performing the telling project this weekend at towson university. highlights the impact of four on families and the struggle veterans have transitioning back to civilian life. we have provided some links on our website for more information at >> people also gathered at the
5:33 pm
field and shanks bill, pa., where passengers on board a hijacked plane sacrificed themselves and brought that airliner down. >> this overlooked to the field is where the family members of the victims first gathered on september 11. it is also where the first pictures of the crash site were taken. today it filled up once again so people could see and feel a connection to the world news. nearly every september since the field became hallowed ground, the kiedel family has come to pay their respects. they did not plan this trip, they just had to be here. >> may now the families can actually put their loved ones and to rest, knowing that the mastermind behind it all is no longer around.
5:34 pm
>> carolyn anderson lives just a few miles away. she remembers her house shaking when the flight went down. >> we never thought anything like this would happen this close to home. >> a group of veterans recovering from brain injuries visited the site. a mother called her son, a navy seal, to tell her where she was standing. donna and her husband took a detour on the way home to texas. >> it would be almost criminal not to come here when you are only 80 miles from it. >> she looked at the field and rebelled at the military's masterstroke of killing osama bin laden. -- reveled at the military's masterstroke.
5:35 pm
>> a note left on the fence said it, justice is done. you did not die in vain. the devil is dead. god bless america. >> the national park service is putting together a permanent memorial at the crash site that will be dedicated on september 10. >> the maryland congressional delegation is also reacting to news of osama bin laden death. we spoke to the ranking member of the house committee on intelligence. >> this sends a great message to the world, to terrorists, to al qaeda, that if you are going to come and attack the united states of america, we are going to find you and bring you to justice. >> while today's news does send that message, there are also fears in washington that al qaeda might look to strike back quickly. kate amar joins us live from the pentagon with more on the security concerns. >> u.s. officials say that
5:36 pm
america is saber because bin laden is dead, but still not in the clear. tonight, this country is at a heightened alert. >> in the near term, we may see an acceleration of plots against our country. cracks on the day after osama bin laden was killed, u.s. officials warned of the threat of retaliation is real. security concerns for americans at home and abroad. whigs and there is always the potential for terrorist groups to try to strike out and avenge an operation like this. >> the state department put u.s. embassies on alert and issued a worldwide travel warning for u.s. citizens. across the country, communities are stepping up security, including here in washington d.c. according to homeland security secretary to janet napolitano, there are no plans to raise the terror alert level, but in a
5:37 pm
statement she said our security posture will continue to protect the american people from a bombing threat picture, both in the coming days and beyond. threats that are of most concern, homegrown terrorists, a lone wolf, and -- >> i am worried about the potential of a dirty bomb being exploded in an urban area or a cyber attack. >> senator collins and her colleagues are urging americans to do their part, to be on alert, and if they see something, say something. >> did senator collins discussed the next debt to be taken here in the united states? >> she said what her committee will be concentrating on, they will try to better understand the radicalization process. she said we must continue to evolve and enhance our security
5:38 pm
and intelligence gathering measures, and she said we must have a our nation's security agencies continue to work together. >> you can see the compound where osama bin laden was found, but a warning that some of the images may be graphic. we have posted the photos on our website, >> still ahead, more reaction to the death of osama bin laden, plus look at the day's top stories. >> pope john paul is now one step closer to sainthood. >> three new engines and a pneumatic unit for the baltimore county fire department. that story, coming up.
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>> through the state-filled work of agencies such as catholic charities and the generosity of god's people, the catholic church is able to meet the needs of our older sisters and brothers by providing such assistance as housing and other support services to seniors in need. the catholic church believes in the dignity of every person. our doors and our hearts are always open.
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>> the late joan -- the late pope john paul ii were one step closer to sainthood. he will need another miracle retreated to him to be declared a saint.
5:42 pm
celebrations included as -- a procession to the basilica. althouse the report showed there was no trauma to najib abdullah, but they did find drugs on him. there was also a warrant out for his arrest. >> he had been in the dark. i had to turn the lights on. when he came out, his hands were gripping like this, like he had been holding onto his father. >> it is unclear how long they were in the home, but police say it appears abdullah braga when doug to get into the home. the 5-year-old is with his mother. two men are recovering after being stabbed over the weekend. the fight was caught on self on camera around 10:00 saturday
5:43 pm
night. both victims are expected to survive. a third person was injured. four people were arrested for disorderly conduct but no arrests of four connected to the stabbing. >> breaking news in anne arundel county. >> northbound 97 north of 100 and cromwell, accident with rollover at this location. personal injury at this location. the anne arundel fared apartment is on scene and at the anne arundel police department along with state the lead -- state police are trying to deal with the traffic. only the right shoulder is able to get through at this location. >> still had tonight, we'll take a closer look at the summer job market. >> especially for teenagers and recent college graduates, will young people be able to find work this summer?
5:44 pm
>> showers and thunderstorms to the west as another front moves this way. we will see how that impacts the forecast, coming up. 73 at
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>> here is a look at what we are working on for 11 news at 6:00. americans continue to react to the death of osama bin laden. what his death means to the families who have lost loved ones to terror. what has to change to make sure your next airline flight is a. we'll have these stories and muto
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>> many spontaneous rallies were started by young people. this was the scene at ohio state university, where an estimated group of 1000 students celebrated by splashing in the campus found, yelling, and many of them took off their shirts. and those are fans at the mets- phillies game showing their patriotic side during last night's game. they began chanting "usa" during the last part of the game. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the almanac shows a little bit of a warm-up, and for the first time this year, the normal high has hit 70 degrees. it is must be getting up to around 70 now on the second day
5:48 pm
of matt. -- on the second day of may. nothing in the rain gauges today. 74 at the airport, 75 at the inner harbor. the record high was 88 degrees. the pollen count is not in the very high range but back into the high levels. the account for -- the total pollen count is 647, so allergy season is well underway. we have about 20% chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm tonight, but most areas will stay dry. 82 in richmond, 80 in charlotte, and 81 down in atlanta.
5:49 pm
all of that war is coming up on a southerly breeze and temperatures will not cool much tonight overall. the normal low is about 47 and we will be well above that with just a slight risk of an isolated shower. tomorrow we will be firmly entrenched in that warmer air to the south. another front will be approaching, with a better chance for a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow night and wednesday morning. warmer temperatures ahead of the front with the chance for a thunderstorm, and then showers become likely tuesday night into wednesday. cooler temperatures with clouds and showers on wednesday, and then the skies should clear up nicely going into thursday as temperatures fell back to normal levels. 79-84, about 01-day warmup with the humidity factored in. on the bay, winds will be brisk,
5:50 pm
out of the south. there is a small craft advisory up until later in the day. the rain holds off until the evening around the bay, 82 degrees and probably will not reach the coast until much later tomorrow night. essentially a dry and warm tuesday on the lower eastern shore. a pretty big temperature drop behind that front. 50's 4 highs on wednesday. sunshine and 67 on thursday, sunshine friday. only a 20% chance of an east brigitte evening shower on friday. -- of an evening shower on friday. >> college students are using a social media in the battle against unemployment. southwest airlines plans to tie up loose ends on his purchase of eritrean today. the company says the deal will
5:51 pm
allow the airline giant to offer flights at lower fares. critics say they are afraid southwest will actually raise their rates. the merger is the third among large u.s. airlines in the last three years. a recent study says teenagers could have a tough time finding jobs this summer. the study projects the summer employment rate -- unemployment rate to be around 25%. the report says the slow recovery of the job market and a lack of federal funding is responsible. with graduation just around the corner for thousands of college students, experts say they are also facing a tough job market in the real world. we have a look at how college grads are using social networking to create their own employment opportunities.
5:52 pm
>> the beginning of your career can be a daunting time. the job market has changed, and jobs are scarce. it has never been more important to think about jobs of the future, but what are they? social media is much more than just the way to connect with friends and family. facebook has of finding jobs here page. twitter shows actual job listings across the country. >> social media strategist and marketers, social media communications coordinator. >> also, the mobile media industry. >> a recently got a smart phone,
5:53 pm
and has made my life so much easier. >> that is thanks to applications. the hot jobs of tomorrow, mobile application developer. >> experts encourage students to continue where potential jobs will be decades in the future. still ahead, we continue to follow the death of 9/11 terrorist mastermind osama bin laden. >> tonight, reaction from those who locked -- who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks. >> new fire equipment for the baltimore county fire department. that story, coming up.
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5:56 pm
sex some good news tonight for baltimore county firefighters. -- >> some good news tonight for baltimore county firefighters. >> the new equipment is state of the art and specifically designed to fight fires in baltimore county. they cut the ceremonial ribbon and made it official. three new trucks and a medic unit will be going to different fire stations in southeast baltimore county. >> we want to give our firefighters and the mt folks
5:57 pm
the latest equipment. it is not just new equipment, it has the latest technology, which is good. a couple of these units are efficient because they have a multi functions. >> this truck has the latest technology and is actually two trucks in 1. >> this peace could be an engine or a ladder truck as well as the first responder vehicle. >> they cannot wordlessly control the latter apparatus -- wirelessly control the ladder apparatus. >> it is hard to judge the distance from looking out 75 feet. >> of this equipment represents a big investment in baltimore county, but one that is important to protect the public. >> this is investing in basic services.
5:58 pm
the money we spend for this equipment is millions of dollars, but it is well worth it because we will use it to save lives. >> the new equipment was put into service following today's ceremony. >> here is a look at what is coming at new at 6:00. >> new details about the secret military operation that took out bin laden. >> we also big changes after 9/11, so now what, now that bin laden is gone? >> those who lost loved ones on 9/11 tell us how bin laden's death has affected them. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00.
5:59 pm
>> we waited for this day, when this man could be brought to justice. that has been done now. but again, we must remain forever vigilant. >> nearly 10 years after the september 11 attacks, the reported mastermind behind it all was killed at a compound in pakistan. after the announcement of the death of osama bin laden, the pentagon says the al qaeda leader has been buried at sea. >> the president's administration says the u.s. used multiple methods to positively identify bin laden before he was buried. >> we are learning new details about the fire fight that led to the killing of bin laden. earlier at the white house, the president called this a good day for america. u.s. counterterrorism officials say the elite team that stormed the comd


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