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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  May 8, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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use scotts turf builder plus 2. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> hello and welcome to 11 news sunday morninge. happy mother's day. >> our top story in a moment. but we get the mother's day forecast. >> bring it on. >> it will break out in a couple of hours.
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it doesn't look very nice right now. happy mother's day to both of you. we started out with a little cloud cover this morning. we'll get sunshine to break through soon. it's not a great day today, even a slight chance for sprinkles or showers. but it will get better as we go into the afternoon. let's look at the current conditions. cloudy skies at the airport. 57 degrees, northwest wind at 3. forecast for today, mixture of clouds and some sunshine, going to keep a 20% chance for rain shower or sprinkle. i think youk get by without your umbrella. >> you'll like the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, tony. and our big story this morning is a new strategy that's promising to beef up security at a local light rail station known to be plagued by crime. >> an emergency blue light key of course hoping to help reduce petty crime. >> take the early 90s in light rail stop has been a source of
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contention for people who live near by. >> the crime. there was the recently attempted murder mugging of a 56-year-old man returning a library book. there's a lot of petty theft going on. and we just want to nip this in the bud. >> they just want to feel safe in their community and their concerns have been heard. the mt hanch as add add 15 kwluret cameras. anne arundel county also purchased this post to help. a legal agreement has established the protocol for quick response if this blue light is activated. >> this system is a warning system communication between the mta, the state, and anne arundel county. the police officers will be the first responders. so it's a way of acting quickly to reduce the incidents of crime. >> but residents aren't satisfied. >> it's a good step. but the problem is the crime doesn't happen at the station. the crime happens in the neighborhood around it. you see a lot of suspicious characters hanging around the
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library which is right near the station. you see people in the neighborhood who we know don't belong here. >> yard signs up and down sum up how most people feel. they want the light rail stop out of their backyard for good. >> we're not going to be quiet until we have a final e result. >> the mta will host another public hearing on may 17 at 5:00. >> two students are in the hospital after being hit bay car. it happened just after 2:00 saturday afternoon. police say a white shelve let impala hit the students. police believe the driver may be drunk. the 21-year-old man suffered a head injury. and 18-year-old woman is also in stable condition. that driver was taken into custody and charging are pending. family and friends of felicia barnes gathered to say their final fair well as she was laid to rest. a service was held for the
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honor student in georgia saturday. her body was pulled from the river last month nearly four months after she was last seen outside of a family member's home. her death has been ruled a homicide. memorial service for barnes has been set for saturday at the mount pleasant church here in baltimore. >> they may not be willing to release images of his body but this morning the pentagon has released some new eye opening footage of osama bin laden. it's home videos of the al qaeda leader part of an intelligence treasure trove seized during the raid that resulted in his death. >> last glimpses of osama bin laden. including an unreleased message to the american people apparently taped last october or november. this new video was seized during the raithat killed the terror chief and released saturday by the pentagon. officials say it is the single
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largest collection of senior terrorist materialr uncovered. the audio has been removed because u.s. officials don't want to spread bin laden's message. the most striking scenes, bin laden watching himself on television. notice here his beard is gray. that's the way u.s. officials say he looked when his compound was raided. in this practice video, his beard is dyed dark again. an intelligence official also points out the alm war in the background was found in his compound. hinting that is where this message may have been taped. a last look at bin laden but not the final word. >> for more on osama bin laden, log on to our website we have a slide show of pictures showing inside the terrorist leader's compound. there's a link on top of the home page. >> a 26-year-old army man was
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buried yesterday with full military honors but this is not a soldier from a current military conflict. as 11 news deborah tells us this is a moment more than 60 years in the making. >> the remains arrived with a quiet dignity. killed in 1945 in germany, finally brought home to brothers who have waited and waited for him. >> i can't describe to you how i feel. this is one of the best moments of my life. this is my brother. bringing him home. >> a funeral service was held and attended by family, friends, and today's soldiers. the u.s. servicemen who had been interred and reinterred as an unknown soldier was at last a family member laid to rest. >> very long time coming. 66 years. but since we've been working on it it's been three years. and there's still 74,000 world war ii veterans that are
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unidentified. but for our family, you know. i always felt like uncle buddy was with us because they talked about him all the time. >> modern forensic technology made this possible. but a family's persistance proved just as relevant as the science itselfor >> this gave them closure. we knew how important this was and they were an inspiration. >> the time is 9:09. 55 degrees. from the pearl necklace worn by maria carry. >> and bge delays rate hibes. what this means for the constellation merger. >> and it looks a little murky out there. but we have better news in the forecast. forecast. we'll gi
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>> welcome back. the time is 10 after 9:00. we will a little cloud cover. there have been a few reports of sprinkles in the suburbs. 57 at the airport. it's 61 downtown. and you might want to take a light jacket to start the day. as soon as we get the clouds to break up, the temperatureless jump up nicely. it's ah in west ministers in jeartsville. watching a little disturbance passing by south and west to us. it is producing rain across portions of virginia. a couple sprinkles trying to develop. most of the activity has been in the western suburbs and along with that we have some cloud cover around here. but you notice there are some breaks in the clouds across southern pennsylvania and that's the direction of movement from northwest to southeast. so those breaks will be heading down into maryland here in the next few hours. so a mixture of clouds and sunshine today. a 30% chance for a rain shower. most of the activity will be west of us.
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the high temperatures upper 60s and low 670s. sunset this evening at 8:06. variable winds. wave height a foot or less. don't have to worry about lightning today. temperatures in the low 60s. 61. the forecast for tonight clearing, chilly, but temperatures drop back into the 40's and there could be a little fog developing late tonight as well. kind of like what happened last night. we had a great stretch of weather coming up through the beginning of the week. high pressure is going to work its way in and that will be the dominating factor. there will be some rain up in new england and rain out in the midwest. but in between those two systems we should wind up with some good stuff here over the next couple of days. so just a slight chance for shower today. make it up to 71 and then sunshine all the way through the middle of the week. the high temperatures will be in the low to mid 70s. above average. as we head into the weekend put a chance for a few showers and thunderstorms. but even then only a 30% chance with temperatures in the 70s
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all the way through saturday. >> the ravens came out of the n.f.l. lockout to support one of their own and race for a good cause. >> it's a special kind of strength in faith so thank you o.j. for that. >> thousands joined ravens head coach for the fifth annual fiesta 5 k raising money for lou garing's disease. they ran to support former ravens line backer oj brig gant. >> it has a special meaning for us and everybody out here has a family member good friend or colleague who has had this disease. >> despite his battle, oj spends many days at ravens' headquarters. he also has his own foundation. if you would like to donate we placed a link on our website. take a look at these works of art. the 13th annual race. you see the pink poodle and
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bumble bee were just a few of the wacky veckeds that traveled the 15 mile route. >> think what we could have come up with. >> you need a good life jacket. >> absolutely. >> all right. howard county executive ken is our quay guest. find out what's going on in the county and the importance of his recent trip to washington. >> and tickets to the grand prism are selling out. what this means for the city in the sunday business report. >> a look at some events going on around town this mother's day.
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>> welcome back. time for our sunday business report with jimmy of the baltimore business journal. >> good morning. >> let's start with bje the parent company constellation energy just merged. what does this mean for the rate hikes. >> they were asking to raise the rates for distribution and they're going to put that on the back burner. they're say it's because they don't want to overburden busy regulators for two things for the merger and for the rates but i think it's probably just good business sense to say we're not going to raise your rights right before the merger. so they're trying to set the table to smooth it out and so they've had other merger attempts be disrupted because they were trying to raise rates at the same time. so i think they learned their lesson. >> once that goes through, jobs
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would be a big thing. >> they're saying it's going to be a net positive but these never are a net positive for the city that has a company being acquired. but there's going to be some construction, they're talking about getting new building. so there may be some short-term gains and jobs but i think long term it probably will be a net loss. >> bad news on the job front for solo cup company. >> they announced 40 jobs going away. now they're saying they're corporate jobs but 101 jobs could be eliminated or moved to other parts of the city or to their corporate headquarters in illinois. >> all right. good news though for baltimore and the grand pri coming our way. ticket sales are doing well. >> they've done good. they sold out of their 300 v.i.p. seats and all their luxury seats, 36 of those selling for up to $27,000 are
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sold out. so everything is progressing well for them. the closer it gets, the better the news comes and the last thing they're waiting for is a title sponsor be in the $1 million to $2 million range. >> if you work in the right building you might have a -- >> right. but if you have a good angle or a good view you might want to wait. >> yeah. just slated $4 until in state funding what does this go for? >> they're going to start planning for their expanding their research capabilities and be a $256 billion building. if they get that approved it will add about 120 jobs and $146 million a year. it will be huge for the west side of baltimore and further their goal of becoming the state's main research institution. >> so mostly good news for us. >> appreciate it. nice to see you as well. >> do april showers bring may
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flowers? coming up your sunday gardnemplet >> we have three nice samples of plants. i call this the thriller. >> then i've got the thriller. >> and we kind of put them together and see what we can do with those. >> sounds like a plan for mother's day. >> coming up in just a minute. [ male announcer ] big news for allergy sufferers. prescription strength allegra is now available without a prescription. same exact medicine, same full prescription strength. allegra. now without a prescription.
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mother's day. >> it is. >> or any time. birthdays, whatever. >> you've got that absolutely right. one of the cool things about now is mother's day happens to hit our last frost date in most of maryland. so you can bring your tomatoes out now and cucumber plants and get that ready to go but your annual flowers, things like impatience and those thing that is are tender, even your tropical plants. >> what about these hanging baskets? they're quite popular. you see them on porches, they're terrific. portable. >> very nice. and usually they'll have one plant in them and for full sun or part shade or whatever it might be. this plant could handle about half day sun but also full. >> a lot of porches will get morning or afternoon but -- >> exactly. >> wrong side of the house half the day. >> right. but a lot of folks will have some plants out in the middle of the sun. >> these are wonderful.
9:24 am
ferns are betty for the shady areas. impatience for the shady areas. >> now, this is a pre-built one that you can get at the store and there's another idea if you want a container it's pre-built. >> there you go. if you have some at the end of your porch and want a quick fix, this is a great way to go. you can keep it in that basket, just take the hook off. it does get a little color with it and you want to change it out and see if you want to put something else in. so both of these go from sun to part shade. we like to call that the thriller. we usually have a lot in our things and we have all three components. >> kind of like mod lar gardening. >> it is. >> what about the basics? if you want to build one yourself, i mean, you can buy them pre-built but the basics are some sort of framework. >> exactly. some kind of framework,
9:25 am
plastic, fiber, moss or coco moss. what's great about these is they drain very well and they offer some disease resistance. fill them up with potting mix. do not use top soil, garden soil. use something that's going to drain real well. >> that real light wathe stuff. >> and a lot of the baskets behind us are pet nas so look for something that's hanging. >> there is a variety that does, it sends out long runners. meant to spread out. >> these are just great for that and a lot of great colors. but people will have these hanging a little lower so what we used to call our thriller, a tall plant, medium, and a falling over plant. >> the spiller. >> right. >> so a thriller, filler, and spiller. >> i get the sense from looking at this the more you jam in there, the better it looks. >> it's nice about that too and if you lose one there's plenty of plants to take its place.
9:26 am
the biggest thing, well, two things. water when ever they're dry. >> they need a lot. >> hot weather. maybe twice a day. >> absolutely. >> because with this kind of material they dry out quickly. >> that's really what's great about this. on the flip side because they're using that much water they're going to need fertilizer. >> so i usually fertilize mine in the summer about once a week and go for it. that's nice time released fertilizer because then i add a water solyubble fertilizer. >> because it leaches out quickly when you're doing that watering. >> and if you don't overstuff it, it's that much more demained. >> there's a lot of roots in this pot. >> thanks for the ideas for mother's day. next sunday we'll be back with more. we'll see you then. >> if you have a gardening question, send it to sunday gardener wbaltv. you can also go on our website. and the time is 9:26. we're minutes away from sunday
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q&a with howard county executive. and celebrity inspired gifts for your mom that will not break the bank. >> we have a few sprinkles out there this morning and a little cloud cover. but better news in the forecast. we'll show you the seven-day in just a minute. stay with us. promise me low prices.
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>> welcome back to 11 news sunday morning. thank you very much for joining us. >> we'll take another look outside with tony. >> good morning, everyone. and happy mother's day to the both of you. we're starting out with a little cloud cover and few sprinkles in some neighborhoods. nothing of any consequence. 57 at the airport, 55 in westminster. take a light jacket but doy expect the clouds to break up and we'll get sunshine and that will help. we'll put that 20% in for a rain shower. no big deal. the high temperatures upper 60s. we do have plenty of sunshine. stay with us. >> time now for our sunday morning q&a. joining us ken alman. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> you just submitted your proposed budget. some papers called it one of the most optimistic budgets to be offered by maryland county this year.
9:30 am
>> first, let me just take a moment to wish everyone happy mother's day and especially my beautiful wife who is at home waiting for us to get back. with our budget actually what the baltimore sun said about being optimistic was one of the best compliments because that's really what we've tried to do in howard county. even though we'd tough times, but we tried to stay focused on the positive. and this is the first year where we're able to move some things forward. we're able to move forward on environmental nishtiffers and be focused on storm water and put in more investment there. so we're starting to see the flicker of hope in the distance that the economy is beginning to come back. >> even with this $1.5 billion plan you anticipate an increase in county generated revenue. where is that coming from? or income tax. our unemployment rate is higher than we would like it to be but it's coming down. people are getting raises and income tax revenue is coming in stronger than we thought it would be. >> you still have a fortunate
9:31 am
county because you're located between washington and d.c. and you have one of the highest income levels around. >> we do. i think we're very blessed to have the location, the quality of life, the great schools, people want to live there and also what's going on at fort mead with the cyber command and the number of jobs coming to the region. we're in a glood place. >> how do you think you fared in annapolis and as someone who represents other counties, how did other jurisdictioning do? >> as president of the maryland association of counties, it was a great session. it was tough, but it could have been a lot worse. the governor did not put in the shift of teacher pensions to local governments which would have been a huge burden that frankly couldn't have been met by many counties. so it was a tough time. we still lost a lot of transportation funding. but it could have been a lot worse. >> when you -- let's go back to what's happening in howard county. nobody is getting a raise. you're covering the basics, eat cade and those things but and you're not going to have any furlough. >> last two years we furloughed this year we're not.
9:32 am
we're starting to come out of this. and in tough times that's what you do. you hold positions vacant, you furlough folks and when you start coming out of it you're able not to do those things. i'm very pleased. >> let's talk about, let me go to an e-mail from our viewers. we have been inundated with this particular question. you recently taken a position against the planned csx international site in hanyorro say it will not cover at this location or your watch. how do you plan on keeping this from happening if the governor and csx support this site? >> there are four sites that they're looking at for intermodal facility to help the port of baltimore. i support the port of baltimore. it's important for the jobs there and also for the region but i said from day one to csx and to m d.o.t. that they had to show that whatever site they picked didn't have a negative impact on existing communities. so far they haven't shown that. i don't believe it will go to elk ridge because of the impact on the existing communities. there's another site that we're hoping they take a longer look
9:33 am
at in jessup. the good thing about that site is there are no residential units very close to it. a lot of ware houses, a lot of industrial. so we think it's a betor fit. >> tell me about what you did at the white house. you were at the white house. >> sure. i was pleased to be asked as a group of 65 county leaders from across the country to go spend a day at the white house with much of the cabinet, the vice president and it was a lot of give and take about frankly they appreciate what counties do. they set policy and we're the ones who implement on the ground. discussion about homeland security, infrastructure. it was good give and take. i'm glad the administration appreciates the role that counties play. >> it's interesting that you were there last week given the whole situation osama bin laden we're talking about increased security in so many ways. howard county is right in the middle of a major security enclave that you want to make sure you protect. >> absolutely. and i must say i'm very proud and especially the sun has an article this morning about the
9:34 am
role that nsa played in the search and killing of osama bin laden. so we're in the heart of a very important national security interest for our nation. >> people forget all the bedroom communities that we have that are related to national security from the fort mead, nsa, and other places that are working on defense issues. >> absolutely. and the cyber command that's being stood up, we look at what happened in the killing of osama bin laden, it was all about intelligence data. much of which happens at fort mead. we're very pleased. and it means jobs for the future. >> what are you going to do for mother's day? >> we're going to have a great day, we'restill going to have a great day. we're going to have a great dinner and my daughter lily, my 5-year-old is joining us here this morning in the studio. so we've got some nice things planned for mother's day. so happy mother's day. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> and don't go away we'll be right back. first here's david gregory with a look at what's coming up.
9:35 am
>> good morning. coming up a special edition of meet the press. the u.s. and the world after swin osama bin laden. the national security adviser tom done lynne pro-plus the perspective of the mayor of new york rudy juliani and former secretary of security. then the roundtable weighs in, what it means for the president and the 2012 campaign. it's all coming up this morning. curtis: welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio. gecko: hello clarence from stevens point.
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>> welcome back. a little cloud cover out there this morning. not a big deal. 57 at the airport. a little chilly. you might want to take a light jacket.
9:38 am
i think the clouds will break up and we'll get some sunshine. that will help with the temperatures. right now it is chilly. 61 downtown but only 57 in parkton and 56. watching a little disturbance in the upper levels passing by to our south and west. even few sprinkles in southern maryland and out in the western suburbs of baltimore. nothing of any consequence if you're watching us out there and you've got a couple sprinkles in your neighborhood it won't last long because this whole thing is moving quickly. you can already see the clouds breaking up in southern pennsylvania and it's moving from the northwest to the southeast. so all of that clearing will be working its way down towards baltimore over the next couple of hours. so we expect improving conditions as we go through the morning. so a mixture of sunshine and clouds. keep a slight chance of rain showers in the forecast even this afternoon because the atmosphere is unstable. upper 60s and low 70s. the average high temperature is 71. if you're going to take the boat out it will be a good one. variable winds, 10 knots.
9:39 am
you might see a few sprinkles. the bay water temperatures are now in the 60s. 61 at the thomas point light. as we head through the evening hours the sky will gradually clear. chilly tonight. a little fog will probably develop. the temperatures are going to drop back into the 40's. now, during the day tomorrow we'll start the workweek with nice weather. high pressure in control. but there's a lot of stuff happening around us. there's an area of low pressure off the new england coast tomorrow and rain out in the midwest. but right in between we should wind up with decent weather and that will be the case for the next several days. this is a pretty good seven-day forecast. 72 tomorrow, 73 tuesday, 76 on wednesday. and we're going to keep the sunshine through the middle portion of the week. the next chance for rain is going to hold off until we head into the beginning of the weekend with slight chance for showers and thunderstorms on friday. the high near 76. and maybe increase the chance for rain a little bit on saturday and sunday. butover all that's a good seven-day forecast. >> thank so much tony and
9:40 am
hundreds of motsers were treated to an early mother's day celebration. the solution and lunching was held -- salute and lungen was held so people could buy gifts as well. if schools job band performed and students of calvin, red mar elementary culinary program cooked all the food for the moms. for all of you not only do we want to eat well today but we want to look good as well. and that's why susan of shop for sparkles joins us. >> thank you very much. it's wonderful to be here. >> this is such a great idea. so many of us look at celebrities and think if only we could buy what they're wearing and it's too expensive. but you have some really cheap options. >> we found great things. i find celebrity photos and match them and put them on the site. if you ever have a favorite look, we probably have something from that person. >> she's a mom and also moth tore be. >> we started this, all the photos are going to be of the
9:41 am
celebrities with their children, kind of in light of mother's day. so she's wearing a fabulous pink scarf and bright really in this spring. so we have this great match. it's we have actually three versions of this scarf but it's the same for $17. and you can have a little metallic one or this one has fringe. there are different options. >> and all at the same price. >> we see terry out a lot with her daughter. >> you rarely see her photographed without emerson. they look in venice or somewhere. but she's wearing a great pendnt neck last. we have one similar. it's $19. and this is great because long necklaceses are really in and this you can wear long or short. so but long necklace with a longer dress like she was wearing are very in. >> and speaking of necklaces, she wears one something like this. >> this is pre-twins. >> she just had her babies.
9:42 am
>> i'm excited to find out what they are names are. but sher's wearing a great pearl necklaces. er time we get one on the site it's a hot item. i like this one particularly because each layer of perls is a little different. so i'm wearl it. gives it a little something rather than just your pearl necklace. >> how much is this? >> $19, also comes with matching earrings. >> and an easy way to dress up an outfit. >> we named this lucy. looked fine with that, too. >> these are beautiful. >> on the picture of angie harman sitting poolside with her kids having a great time doing the family thing and a great pair of sun glasses and we found really similar. these are a pair of tortoise glasses. >> i have to try those on. >> they're great. >> $45. hand made with crystals. and our spring is going to save
9:43 am
you 20%. >> we have to talk about that code. we'll talk about that in just a moment. lastly we have gwyneth who has been all over the place with this cook book business and her daughter apple and carrying a little purple bag with gold hardware which i just love. >> isn't that cute. it just adds something. but this is an easy bag to carry. only delshes 49. >> it's amazing how colorful bags have become. i'm seeing yellow, green, people are not afraid to experiment with color. >> well, you know, they're inexpensive why not get one for every outfit. i have one of those containers that you pull in and out. but this has a whole bunch of compartments. >> love it. and it looks like it's got a comfortable strap as well. >> $47. and you go on the website and spring 20 is the code. today and tomorrow for those of you who don't have a computer. >> absolutely. go to shop for
9:44 am
with the promo code spring 20 and you'll get that 20% off discount. and we honor the special women in our lives today on our website. you can share pictures of your mom. click on you local. also the five gifts she doesn't want and how to avoid getting obher noist. all on thank you very much for being with us. don't go away. up next we're in the kitchen for special sunday brunch with mom in mind. first, a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> and welcome back. it's time for sunday brunch. of course the mother's day edition. and joining us is kevin miller from wide spread concierge. >> thank you very much. very i'm going to ask you a couple questions because every time i'm interested in what the business is all about. what do you do there? >> for example, deliver dry cleaning. we have a green cleaning division also. any service, anything that has to do with your home that you don't want to do. >> cleaning services, anything. we have a lot of contractors. >> now you just started a catering dwigse to go with widespread. >> we're called copper kitchen catering. federal hill. right in the heart of federal hill. excellent. >> and you can attest to the quality of their food because he's been here many times
9:48 am
cooking great stuff. what are you going to do? >> goes until december believe it or not. rock fish is gorgeous. we're doing their crispy skin for mom tonight. i just salt and pepper the top side of the flesh. you don't want to salt the skin because it will start to reduce the moisture. you want to press it down lightly. keep it on that side until it's entirely crispy which takes longer than you think. >> and do you have to apply a little pressure? >> you do because the fish will tend to buckle. and then you won't get the crispy skin all over. we have asparagus is amazing this year. it's been a great season for aspare gus. local farmers market. we get this from albright farms in maryland. they have a five day a week, they're a beautiful farm. the asparagus is absolutely gorgeous. tossing it with lump crab. >> great to support the farmers. >> and of course in butter. >> just a little butter. and the herbs are beautiful as i said mention again i love
9:49 am
this lemontime especially with a fish dish because you get the lemonny flavor. but i like what you're doing. >> it doesn't take a lot. it doesn't. i just made this simple mustard vingret that's also on the web site. >> in case you were wondering what was in it you can go to our website, and check out the recipe there. or you can send us a self-addressed stamped envelope. now, are you going to finish this in the oven once you blacken the other side? >> depending on the thicks in of the fish, this is a little thicker so you shoud finish this. put it in like a 350 oven for three or four minutes. it doesn't take long. you don't want to overcook the rock fish. you don't want to undercook it either. it's not fashe you want to eat rare. a lot of chefs will do it by just pressing. >> it should be resilient. >> it should bounce back a little bit. >> we're going to plate the
9:50 am
final product in just a few minutes. we'll be right back with this and the seven-day forecast. stay with us. >> coming up in sports, the orioles put up just kind of a stinker yesterday at camden yards but elsewhere in major league baseball, an absolute gem. gem. stories stra your lawn is a living, breathing thing.
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>> first and foremost of course, happy mother's day, mom, you're the best. want to go back to saturday now for a minute and talk about the orioles which is if not so great. they had a nice stretch about a week ago, now they've gone right back to where they were having lost five out of six. on the mound facing even. 1-0 game. guthrie said he had very good
9:53 am
stuff yesterday, just made a couple of mits takes and those were crushed. that one by evan, three-run shot with two outs. 4-0. here we go in the fifth i. go outs. mention camden yards. 7-0 just like that on another mistake. we go to the 7th. the orioles finally get on the board. maybe he's coming out of his frankly season-long slump. he had three hits on the day drove in two runs. but this went pretty well summed up here. it did not matter. sam fold taken away a two-run homer. rough afternoon for the birds despite a beautiful day. orioles lose 8-2. try to avoid the sweep later today. meanwhile, we go to toronto. justin on the hill. he had just lost a perfect game but keeps a no hitter and gets a double play there. we're in the ninth inning.
9:54 am
8-0. cooling on the sideline, eric on the bench. doesn't matter. he's been here before already with one no hitter. still ahead, and make it two. striking out to end the game 12 on the day for verlander and he faced the minimum 27 batters. 9-0 the victory. his second career no hitter. interesting, the second loss five days in major league baseball. as far as the kentucky derby, oh, my goodness, animal kingdom did a very nice job in the 19 horse field trained by local trainer graham motion. we'll talk about that all the next couple of weeks getting ready. for the preakness in two weeks. happy mother's day. >> all right. let's take one more look at the forecast. a 20% chance for a rain shower. not a big deal. the sun will break through the clouds. 71 for a high temperature then great weather early next week. temperatures in the low 70s. we're here with kevin miller. and the new catering is copper
9:55 am
kitchen. and we're making some rock fish for mom here. >> for those of you crispy skin, this is an amazing way. you get the whole tex tur. you have to make sure the scales are on. >> it's not appetizing to get a mouthful of scales. >> yeah. >> but it's so beautiful on the market now. all the super markets use a reputable fish market. >> absolutely. >> so the fish is done here. what do we do? >> we're going to place this up on this bed of fresh local asparagus that we get from albright farms and jumbo lump crab. >> i made a simple mustard vingret. this is a simple dish you can do for mom. >> i lover it. >> great stuff. other than the fact there's a little butter in there. >> a little butter. >> now, we have to say kevin thanks for coming in. lisa wants to say something to her mother. mom, why are you calling her during the show? her mom called her and she saw her on tv and called her any
9:56 am
how. >> happy mother's day mom. >> happy mother's day. >> to both of you, too. >> thank you. >> meet the press is next with rudy july ni. >>
9:57 am
>> the sale of constellation energy to exxon corporation signals the loss of baltimore's last fortune 500 company. once the deal is finalized the locally founded utility company will be head quartrd in chicago. over the last two decades, several major companies were either sold and merged making baltimore a branch office and not the headquarters. economists have long subscribed to the fact that big corporations are important to the economic viability and self-image of a town. in addition to mergers and acquisitions, two local companies were dropped from the list as a result of falling revenue. baltimore has a long history of actively engaged companies that have been vital to the life of the city. the good news is they have indicated that the jobs will
9:58 am
stay here and in this economy maintaining jobs is even more crucial than headquarters. it will take a joint effort to keep and grow existing businesses and attract new business to the city. baltimore still has the look and feel of a big city with world renowned medical facilities and serves as home to cutting edge companies. the future of baltimore may look different but there are signs that it can be bright.
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