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tv   11 News Today  NBC  July 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> the inner harbor is gearing up for the big fourth of july celebrations. i have details in a live report. >> some pre fourth of july fireworks at the casey anthony corymb as the case goes to jury. the judge warned both sides. >> will we have clear skies for tonight's display? [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. i am lisa robinson. >> i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> what is going to be tonight? >> we have a chance for some of thunderstorms, 30%. that means there is a 7% chance there will not be thunderstorms.
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most of you will be fine. -- there is a 70% chance that the will not be any thunderstorms. the humidity is 87%. it should stay dry for most of the day. then we have the chance for some showers or thunderstorms. it will be a high with a high temperature around 90 -- it will be hot. now to the news desk. >> preparations are underway for the big fourth of july celebration in baltimore. >> kim dacey is live with details of what will be happening. >> celebrations have been going on for the fourth of july all weekend. the biggest celebration will be tonight here at the inner harbor. people are in town from all over the country to celebrate the nation's 235th birthday and catch the show. officials want you to see a
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professional show here or in another area instead of shooting off your own fireworks. 8,400 people nationwide were rushed to the hospital last year with injuries from fireworks. crews were hard at work at the inner harbor yesterday to make this the best fourth of july celebration baltimore has ever seen. the explosives sit on barges docked in curtis bay until showtime, when they'll shoot about 1,400 shells into the air. >> we have some new shells this year. we have jellyfish shells for the aquarium. and we have half-moons. >> the fireworks display at the inner harbor is scheduled to start at 9:30 tonight. we have information about other displays on our website, kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that brings us to our water
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cooler question of the day. what are your fourth of july plans? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> the casey anthony murder case should go to the jury. the prosecution will present its final rebuttal after a highly charged closing arguments on sunday. we have details from orlando. >> with pictures and video of caylee anthony, a web of lies that led to her death. >> kasich ethnic maintained her lie until they cannot be maintained a more. >> and provided a narrative of how they believe it happened. >> she knew at that night she would be the arms -- she would be in the arms of her boyfriend and that caylee would be dead. >> the defense attorney fired
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back. >> if you hate her, you'll start to look of this evidence in a different light. >> he said the family was dysfunctional that hid secrets. he challenged state witnesses, evidence, and every key element of the prosecution cost case. he challenged ashton, as well. >> objection. approach the bench. >> the outburst lead to a delay and an angry reprimand from the judge. >> you cannot trust this evidence. >> if it is difficult for you to find this truth, this case is not proven. >> the jury will begin their search for the truth. jay gray, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> baltimore police looking for a the person who shot a person in east baltimore and around 9:30 sunday morning. the victim was taken to hospital. the suspect fled on foot. no word on a possible motive. a man is recovering after being shot several times in northeast baltimore. police believe the victim was shot around 11:45 last night. the gunman is still at large. anyone with information is asked to call baltimore city police. a person opened fire outside a rosedale club early saturday morning. a man pulled out a gun and shot 36-year-old george bryant in the parking lot of the club baltimore on pulaski highway. the gunman fled.
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officers found it difficult to bring the chaos on the control. >> officers discovered a large group of people surrounding the victim. the officers tried to secure the scene. some people did not follow orders. one officer was assaulted. we do have one person in custody for that assault. >> anyone with information is asked to call baltimore county police. >> investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire in sparrows point. crews were called just before 4:00 a.m. on sunday morning at sparrows point. most of the damage was confined to the rear of the home. no word on the cause of the fire. no word on started a fire that killed one person in and around the county.
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rosella nolte had life- threatening injuries in after being trapped in edgewater. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. the name of the person who was killed has not been released. it was a lightning struck that triggered a fire in a church. the fire erupted on the roof of the century at the marvin united methodist church on wooddale road. one firefighter was hurt. the blaze did an estimated $15,000 in damage. >> a row home partially collapsed. this happened around 12:45 yesterday on south carlton streets. nobody was in the building at the time. no one was injured. the building was an unoccupied building.
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>> still ahead, violence in a tennessee hotel claims the life of a police officer. we will break down the seat will a comeback. >> some people will be able to get a meal at a drive-through window. >> good morning. i'm live in catonsville talking about the fourth of july celebration. i do the cooking, the shopping, shuttling the kids around. i pay the bills, and i want to know i'm getting
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but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. >> good morning.
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here is a live look outside. 70 degrees. it feels pretty humid. we have a few clouds in the sky. we have a chance for thunderstorms later into the day. we're focusing on the catonsville fourth of july celebration. we're talking about the parade, the hot dog-eating contest. this chair contest. show us your chair. people helped create these magnificent shares. we have betsy and hillary. good morning. telos about these chairs -- tell us about these chairs. >> this is a tradition in catonsville. we had 11 entranced this year. this is our first year.
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we did two and half weeks of online voting. our chairs were decided based on how much like they were able to raise. this is a local event. they were able to vote with money. >> how hard was it to choose the chairs? >> the community really spoke. online voting was a big success. it was hard. there was a dentist chair with a big mouth and tongue and that was a good one to. >> i want to get to each of these chairs. the spirity onwon competition. here we have second prize. this is made of recycled material. >> this is a box seat and is made of cardboard that was collected from recycling. >> you cannot sell it is in
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cardboard. -- you cannot tell it is cardboard. tell me about this one. >> where did you get your hair done? >> this is so baltimore. >> nothing better to celebrate our hair salon by having a giant beehive. our inspiration came when we dressed up as baltimore hons. >> you can see these chairs in the parade today. a lot going on to celebrate the fourth of july. we will check the weather. we have some sprinkles on hd doppler. nothing major happening this morning. the radar could get more active as we are calling for a chance of thunderstorms. tony will have more on the forecast. >> they are just getting started. lisa has a chair on her deck.
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she is upset they stole her idea. thank you. one of the most patriotic cities in the country. 69 in parkton. humidity it is up there. dew points in the upper 70's and low 70's. that will change tomorrow. today will be hot and steamy. we're watching low pressure, across the ohio valley. this will travel along a stalled front north of baltimore. this will spell a chance for some scattered thunderstorms later this afternoon. this front is the dividing line between the humid air mass and less mild stuff up in the great lakes. this will sink down to the south tomorrow. a mixture of sunshine and clouds. we have a 30% chance for some
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showers or storms later today. it should be ok if you take your boat out today. fairly quiet on the water. the fireworks displays between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. this evening. temperature will be around 80. it will be humid. 30% chance for a thunderstorm. chanceans there's a 70% it will be ok. tomorrow, less humid and still warm. scattered showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast wednesday afternoon into thursday. the weekend should be dry with temperatures into the low 90's by sunday. 6:15. we sent it over to lisa. >> i will take. a memphis police officer has
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been shot and killed after responding to a domestic dispute. this happened around 7:00 p.m. sunday evening at the doubletree hotel. a witness saw a man get off an elevator with a gun and he heard gunshots. one man was shot and killed. the officer responded to the scene and he was shot and killed, as well. a boy is one of two victims of a deadly shooting in a philadelphia home. five family members were shot inside a home. the three survivors have head wounds and are said to be in critical condition. no description of the shooter or possible motive. parts of the yellowstone river are tainted by tens of thousands of oil. crews are working to clean up the damage caused by a ruptured pipeline. they are trying to soak it
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up with berms and pads. they cannot use both because the river is raging right now. >> you have heard about cell bars and fast-food restaurants. how about a real bar? soncic restaurants will be selling beer and wine. starbucks is offering beer and wine in some locations. this is a way for a fast food stores to compete with other dining establishments. some say it could send the wrong message to young people. customers don't like the taste of the food. consumer reports conducted the first survey on restaurants like mcdonald's and taco bell. the big guys did not fare well against smaller chains like in
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and out and chick-fil-a. wall street is closed today in honor of the fourth of july holiday. we have the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. you might be hosting a barbecue today, or you might be doing some shopping. today is the last day for july fourth bargains for some retailers. retailers try to capitalize on american's urge to get their patriotism on. more than 20% of u.s. consumers have bought or will buy new patriotic merchandise. that is up from about 16% last year. more gas grills may be heating up, as well. the number of adults hosting cookings or attending picnics rising to more than 64%. that is up from about 62% last year. about 45% planning to attend fireworks or other community
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celebrations. americans expected to eat about 150 million hot dogs today. applegate is offering a year's supply of organic hot dogs to the winning posting about the best way to enjoy their products. markets are closed for the holiday. investors tomorrow will be gearing up for this friday's jobs report. there were plenty of fireworks on wall street last week. five winning days in a row for the stock market. dish network offering 99-cent movies through its dish cinema. that is the business. this is the bloomberg business report. >> this marks the beginning of the end of an era. the shuttle of landis is scheduled to lift off on friday with a crew of four. we look back at three decades
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of stunning achievement and tragic setbacks. >> ask anyone old enough to remember people 12, 1981, and chances are they do. >> the shuttle has cleared the tower of. >> columbia rocketed to space with a crew of two. >> i think we have something that will mean something to the country and the world. >> it landed safely in the california desert. today, atlantis is sitting on the pad. >> we want to make sure that the thousands and thousands of people that put their hands on a space shuttle are honored by this mission and the legacy of the space shuttle. >> the shuttle program has brought incredible triumph. the launch of the hubble telescope. the construction of the international space station. the hubble repair mission.
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but also tries to. the loss of challenger and colombia. and 14 ascots. lingering questions about spending 30 years has been worth the financial and scientific investment. >> it has been remarkable with what it has been able to accomplish. it has been stunning in terms of what we've learned from it. that knowledge will go into building the next vehicle. >> tens of thousands of workers are losing their jobs, many in florida. america will rely on the russian space program to carry astronauts into space. the head of nasa insists america is not beatingiving up its leadership. --i'm not about to let human >> this falls on chris ferguson. >> i hope we pull off to clean
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this mission that is possible because we want to finish on the strongest note. >> as america turns a page on space exploration. >> it should be exciting. >> amazing. 6:20. 71 degrees on tv hill. >> the orioles know who is going to represent them in the all- star game. that story, straight ahead. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. hope you have them.
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>> welcome back. we are off 20 quiet start on this fourth of july. we have some big thunderstorms last night. we have some clouds left behind. 71 at the airport. the forecast for today, a mixture of sunshine and clouds. a slight chance for thunderstorms late this afternoon and this in evening. we will check the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. here is the sports with pete gilbert. >> all-star selections announced on sunday for major league baseball. matt wieters earns his first trip. adam jones did not make the team but has a chance to do so as part of online voting.
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on sunday, the orioles tried to avoid a sweep at the hands of the atlanta braves. zach britton on the mound. he gets some help. julio lugo. makes the grab. zach britton it helps his own cause. he said he still hit pretty well. he still does. first career home run for zach britton. nick markakis went 5-5 on the day. 3-2. sixth inning. zach britton was knocked out of the game. two runs scored. look where that one came down. 5-4, orioles.
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he thought he had a home run. nick markakis makes them pay. the orioles avoid this week and get the victory, 5-4. they will kick off a series later today against the rangers. not a lot going on with the nfl. the nfl network had the players rank themselves. they went through the top 100. now we know the top 10. a pair of ravens made the list. ed reed, top ten. ray lewis was the highest voted
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defense supplier, no. four. a tribute to what he can still do on the field and for maybe what he means off the field. a mentor to anyone who'll listen. >> it is always an honor any time you are picked from your peers and you have an opportunity to display your talents. those are the people who you play for and you play against. when your legacy is done with this game, with all the great ones on the list. >> 6 ravens made the list. tom brady, number one agent peyton manning and number two. have a great fourth of july. >> 6:27. much more ahead. >> big plans for baltimore's fireworks display. i have a sneak peek, straight ahead. >> i am live in catonsville
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talking about their fourth of july celebration. i am with the town dummy. this is one part happening toda
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> i am lisa robinson. thank you for joining us this morning. tony pann has a quick look at today's forecast. >> good morning. we had some rain last night. it should be quiet for most of the day. late this afternoon, there will be some scattered showers and thunderstorms. some may affect the fireworks display. high temperature expected around 90 degrees. we will check the seven-day forecast momentarily. >> lawmakers have less than a month to reach an agreement on the debt ceiling before the government defaults on its loan. >> each party has drawn a line they refuse to cross. several key republicans are suggesting some possible ways to move forward. >> congress has less than a month to raise a couple samples
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redit limits - uncle sam's credit limit. democrat want to raise money. republicans are demanding massive cuts. some key republican lawmakers are suggesting possible ways to compromise on. >> jon kyl was in negotiations with the vice president. he said there were certain revenue raisers that perhaps we could work on. >> john mccain will not say what revenue raisers are. he says he and some other republicans are not opposed. it sounds all like what president obama and democrats have been asking for. thatblicans insist if r is code for tax increases, that is a deal breaker. jon corzine says this may have to happen. >> the problem with a mini deal is that we have a maxi problem.
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>> he blasted an idea that the u.s. constitution empowers the president to keep on spending even if uncle sam goes over the credit limit. brian moore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the 14th amendment says the debt of the government shall not be questioned. if lawmakers cannot reach an agreement, democrats hope president obama will use that clause to can see to pay the nation's debts. the inner harbor is gearing up for the fireworks display. kim dacey joins us live with more on what we can expect. >> it has been a weekend full of celebrations. tonight is supposed to be the grand finale here at the inner harbor and give all of baltimore's visitors a great show. >> baltimore! >> these folks from the midwest
6:34 am
are in town for a family reunion, just in time for the inner harbor fireworks show. >> we're going to show them that we have the best fireworks in the world. >> crews worked on sunday to get the artistic explosives in place. they sit on barges docked in curtis bay. about 1,400 shells will shoot into the air tonight. >> we have some new shells this year. we have jellyfish shells for the aquarium. and we have have half-moons. >> the show, weather permitting, begins at 9:30. some may opt for home-grown fireworks. if so, officials want you to be careful. it is estimated that 8,400 people nationwide were rushed to the hospital last year with injuries from fireworks. this weekend in washington state, a man went a bit too far. he is in serious condition after homemade fireworks exploded on his face and body. he was trying to make a super firework out of black powder, model rocket motors, and other
6:35 am
chemicals. he could face charges. this crew will let the professionals do the work so they can enjoy the true meaning of the fourth. >> freedom. that's what it means. bonding with family and friend and having a good time. >> the fireworks display here at the inner harbor is set for 9:30 tonight. for information on festivities around the region, you can visit our website, kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. it was a different type of fireworks that forced capitol police to clear the national mall. dangerous storms and lightning swept through the area. strong winds whipped through trees and bring down some branches. police made spectators leave the reversal during the storm. police directed people into the senate parking garage.
6:36 am
a cyclist was killed by falling tree limb. >> a house is all decked out for the fourth of july. hallmarks' set up these flags outside his home to pay tribute to the people who lost their lives during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. he has nearly 3000 flags in his yard. >> i was never in the service. i like to show my appreciation of the troops. in years past, we have done things for the truce. this year weary celebrating the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. a more traditional celebration went off with a bang in los angeles this weekend. fireworks began early for the crowd gathered at the hollywood bowl. the state's back to 1969.
6:37 am
hall and oates kicked off the celebration with a life concert. >> if you're looking for some more suburban celebrations come there is plenty of fun to be had in the catonsville area. ava marie joins us live to tell us what is going on in catonsville. >> it is full of excitement. we have family games coming up. a hot dog-eating contest. the parade and fireworks. let's get some excitement. we have the official town crier. >> oh, yay. me lords, me ladies. welcome to cannes so, maryland, july 4, 2011. -- welcome to catonsville. >> i wish i have those skills.
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i'm here with ms. peggy. she is a local celebrity and she will be in the parade. >> i have been at the same restaurant for 30 years. in catonsville. >> you have served just about everybody. >> at one point or another, on have waited on just about everybody. >> you memorized everybody's order. it never write anything down. ou do it?u doi >> memorization. te.we have patriotic pe i call this mannequin a dummy. i'm sorry. thisis matter can's --
6:39 am
mannequin' is here to protect the chair. you want to get a good seat for the parade. she is here to guard a chair. she keeps disappearing. we found here underneath the goals of the high school. >> people will be out celebrating in catonsville. we do have a chance for a thunderstorm said. temperatures will be steamy. close to 90 degrees. we will get a break from the storms heading into tuesday. storm chances could be increasing late in the week. >> i know who is moving that. mindy. >> she will never tell. >> 71 degrees on tv hill.
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this little guy seems to be putting on quite the underwater putting on quite the underwater acrobatic
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>> time for a cute animal segment. white tiger has given birth to quintuplets. five of the cubs are healthy. it is rare to see a white tiger have cobs that are also all white. we're feeding the mother a special dye to make sure she has enough nutrition. >> remember those dancing
6:43 am
hippos from the movie "fantasia"? it could have been from watching this. the this hippopotamus calf. this is an underwater ballet performance. he has over 2 million hits on youtube. so cute. >> it is cute. >> aw. >> as we ponder. 6:43. will take a look of the morning headlines coming up. >> it is easy underwater. things are quiet weather-wise. we'll talk about scattered thunderstorms later today. here's a look outside. warm and hazy. everyone degrees at the airport. stay tuned.
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>> welcome back. 6:44. police are investigating a stabbing in dundalk. this was an attempted robbery just about 10:00 p.m. last night. a man was rushed to bayview hospital. no word on the extent of his injuries. no word on who opened fire outside the rosedale club early saturday morning. a man pulled out a gun and shot 36-year-old george bryant on pulaski highway. the gunman fled the scene. police arrived and found it difficult to bring the chaos on the control. one officer was attacked.
6:47 am
he was treated and released. anyone with information is asked to call baltimore county police. after three years, the case of casey anthony is about to be handed over to the jury. closing arguments will wrap up this morning. casey anthony is accused of killing her daughter caylee. defense attorneys claim the child drowned in a family swimming pool and that casey and her family tried to hide the body. if convicted, casey could face the death penalty. >> good morning. i am alive in catonsville. we're getting ready for their fourth of july celebration. we have the town square and the patriot pete. we have a person very much involved in this event.
6:48 am
>> there are about 40 of us who work all year long. we have to raise $100,000 to put the parade on. there is money for insurance and office expenses. >> who else do we have here? >> george is another committee member. he is the grand marshal of this year. >> "kiss me, i am the grand marshal." >> behind us is the wine bin. that is one of many floats. we have 17 marching bands. >> what is the feeling of this town? >> my son said he enjoys the fourth of july more than christmas.
6:49 am
this is a big event. families come back home. it looks like the weather will cooperate. >> there's a chance for thunderstorms. it does feel like christmas morning. the look on everyone's faces is so excited. hopefully you will come out and enjoy this. let's check the weather. we're expecting a chance for thunderstorms. tony, does this feel like chris this morning to you? >> they are so patriotic. the parade will be huge. i'm sure you read fun talking to the characters in catonsville. thank you. right now things are dry. we had some big thunderstorms last night. we saw some video of severe storms in d.c.
6:50 am
things are pretty quiet right now. 71 at the airport. typically humid. the dew points are running in the upper 60's and low 70's. we don't expect any rain to start the day today. there is an area of low pressure that has developed in the midwest across the ohio river. this will travel along a fraud that has stalled all of the mason-dixon line into maryland. closer it gets, the better the chance for rain. the increase rain will comment tonight. it should be dry during the day with a mixture of clouds and sun china. -- and sunshine. it will be fine if you take your boat out today.
6:51 am
most of the fireworks displays take place between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. the temperature will be around 80 degrees. we have about a 30% chance for a shower. i don't think they will cancel the fireworks. scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible on wednesday. temperatures back into the low 90's by sunday. >> people all over the country are celebrating independence today. tracie potts has a tour of some of those celebrations. >> the fireworks industry expects to make $1 billion this holiday despite the drought that canceled many celebrations. in parts of central texas, sales are banned or restricted. >> it cut in to about 75% of it for this season, but we'll make it up next season.
6:52 am
>> georgetown, texas, will give it a try anyway. they have spotters and three firetrucks on standby. >> with the location we have, the green grass and the ball fields and our fallout zone is secured. we should have minimal to zero issues. >> sales are booming in south carolina, where people crossed state lines to buy what's not legal at home. >> meg and the kids, barbecuing. we're having regular, old- fashioned fun. >> over the weekend, thousands gathered in philadelphia's kens landing to remember. >> i think about our country and what we're going through at the present time and how we all have to chip in. >> ♪ all come to look for america ♪ >> near the u.s. capitol, rehearsals are underway for an all-star concert that will honor america's wounded warriors. >> understanding the struggle that our vets have to go through when they come back from war. >> and the freedom they fought
6:53 am
for. tonight the obamas are celebrating with military families at the white house. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> preparations are underway for the big fireworks display at baltimore's inner harbor. kim dacey joins us live squid details. >> celebrations have been going on for the fourth of july all weekend. the biggest celebration will be tonight here at the inner harbor. people are in town from all over the country to celebrate the nation's 235th birthday and catch the show. the lachute about 1400 shells into the air. fireworks are scheduled to start :30.t 9;3
6:54 am
there is more information on our website, >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what are your fourth of july plans? >> that is sad. >> we will post more of your answers on the front page of >> not bad. >> 6:54. >> one last check of the july 4th whether one a comeback --
6:55 am
when we come back.
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>> just a quick reminder for folks going out celebrating more than most. there is the tipsy taxi program. if you cannot drive and you should not drive, a cab will pick you up. it is free. >> a good program. >> anything over that, send the
6:58 am
bill to tony. >> there will be some scattered thunderstorms that may affect the fireworks display. only 30%. only 30%.
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