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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  July 8, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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it's irresistible. experience this in your home with resolve deep clean powder. its moist powder penetrates deep, removing three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while also neutralizing odors at their source. it's a clean you can see, smell, and really enjoy. resolve deep clean powder. don't just vacuum clean, resolve clean. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> america continues to dream. space shuttle atlantis in orbit has happened after the final shuttle lifts off from cape canaveral. good afternoon. i am mindy basara. 30 years and three months after
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the first shuttle flight, space shuttle atlantis blasts off on a nasa's final shuttle launch. thousands packed cape canaveral to watch the flight takeoff. jay gray has more. >> 1, 0 and lift off. >> shuttle atlantis rushing towards space on a rendezvous with history. up until the last few minutes with the countdown, there were serious questions about whether the final flight what happened today. but as the clouds cleared, so did the concern of mission managers, allowing them to give the all-clear for one last launch. parts dropped with the countdown on hold at 31 seconds over concerns about a technical issue that was quickly resolved. >> we are going to go ahead and proceed. >> the final flight is our restocking mission of sorts, atlantis delivering spare parts and supplies and scientific instruments for future term ends on the international space station.
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on the ground, one last glimpse of an important an amazing chapter in american space exploration. j. gray, nbc news, kennedy space center. >> we have collected your best photographs of the shuttle launches over the years. you can see the u local pictures on >> we certainly had interesting weather yesterday. we finally got a good amount of rain around the area, much- needed rain, in some cases a little too much, with flooding and severe weather. we are set up again for that today. we are still in warm and humid air enters the front of west that will generate rain activity. we're getting rained just west of garrett county. a couple of spotty showers over the delmarva peninsula bread because of the potential for heavy weather here, we go to our main computer -- we have a flood
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watch in fact cover most of our viewing area, and frederick counties were all the way to the delmarva peninsula, now into pennsylvania as well. we are in a sleight-risk our marriage, defined as an arch that could have a severe storm activity to date -- sleight-risk area, defined as an area that could have severe storm activity today. we will talk about the details of today's forecast and the weekend ahead coming up in just a minute. >> we will check back with you in a bit. as we prepare for possible ground to of strong storms, people in baltimore county are picking up the pieces after last night's system did a hell of residence at been displaced and apartment buildings and -- 8 halethorpe residents have been displaced in apartment buildings and a dundalk have been damaged. >> you could not see outside because the rain was so thick. everything was everywhere.
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>> she is worried for herself and her children after severe storms thursday evening ripped partial roofs off the buildings in the apartment complex where she lives on four seasons court. the result, flooding and no power. >> i am just scared. we don't have lights, we don't have any electricity. >> heavy rain, a strong winds, it came through the dundalk area and knocked out power for a large vicinity. two permit buildings, 12 units affected. i want you -- in one building, we have the six units affected. >> it made a driving through heavy rain at challenge. one family in dundalk -- the weight of the rain caused the ceiling to collapse, blanketing a woman's bedroom. >> i see something, like a cloud, and then we hear it rained out, and that is one whole ceiling fai -- fell down. >> call it a legal challenge in
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the ever-changing nfl lockout, as an appeals court overruled the judge's order to lift the work stoppage. this gives the owners is like upper hand in the ongoing war between the nfl and the nfl players association. some pundits hold out hope that a deal could be struck as soon as early next week. both sides say progress is being made in the lockout, nearly 120 days in. federal other is seeking access to e-mail and facebook accounts -- federal authorities are seeking access to the mill and facebook accounts of phylicia barnes. the fbi involvement is apparently exploring a possible shot pornography aspect of the case to the child exploitation task force. they seek access to 3 e-mail accounts that include her first time, and her facebook account, as well as relatives and other men with possible ties a man will spend 13 years in jail for child pornography. he pleaded guilty to child pornography and related charges. he was arrested in a sting after
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agreeing to meet with detectives posing as the father of a 9- year-old boy. he will work closely with the boys and girls club. he was fired in 2006 when his wife reported that pornography to authorities. a man accused of murdering his pregnant fiancee and 4-year-old daughter is in the custody of baltimore county police. the 28-year-old has been sitting in the baltimore detention center on an unrelated drug charge. county police picked him up following his release. he's accused of shooting a woman and her daughter inside a motel last month. a man who brought it westminster bank is behind bars this noon, thanks to his family. westminster police say that the 29-year-old crop the bank on west main street shortly after noon thursday. . he had recently left a psychiatric facility and told his family that he had plans to rob a bank. his family was able to locate him and turn him into police. he is being held on $50,000 bond at the carroll county detention center. maryland voters will decide if illegal immigrants should
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receive in-state tuition. the board of elections has verified more than 50,000 signatures. supporters of the petition drive to include delegate at mcdonough, who want voters to overturn the law. >> the petition drive is over. we are going to have to fight the allies, the miss information, the frivolous lawsuits that might be coming by the opposition. a lot of out-of-state money, but regardless, when this goes on the ballot in november 2012, the people once again are going to end. >> the delegate said this was the most successful petition drive in state history. another endorsement for mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is causing one of her rivals to take on the city's religious leaders. following yesterday's endorsement of the mayor by the interdenominational alliance, catherine pugh issued a scathing response, saying that she and other candidates did not have an opportunity to present themselves in a forum and
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accusing the ministers of " backroom deal making and questionable behavior resulting in a tainted endorsement." the father dies after a fall at a baseball game. predicting miscarriages -- the new research testers are using. and prince william and catherine in los angeles.
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flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >> out of texas, a 39-year-old firefighter fell 20 feet attempting to catch a foul ball at rangers games it. he was conscious after the fall, but he died last night at the hospital. this is the second deadly fall at a major league stadiums this season. investigators in michigan have identified several people killed in a shooting rampage. the man shot and killed several people, including his own child and two ex-girlfriend. he held three people hostage inside an apartment before turning the gun on himself. british police are searching the newsroom of a second british tabloid as part of a widening investigation into a hacking scandal.
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the search is believed to be connected to the arrest of the former "news of the world" editor who served a jail term for hacking into phones. "news of the world" is shutting down after reports that it broke into the voicemail of war widows and try to police officers for information. in today's "medical alert," tips on how you can prevent infection. >> a lot of moisture in the air right now. there is a storm coming in from the west. a lot of moisture there, too. details coming up. is just partly cloudy. 88 at the inner harbor.
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>> prince william and his new bride, kate, are arrived in l.a.
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after nine days in canada. tracie potts is at the beverly hilton in los angeles, where the couple will kick off their trip with a short reception. >> thrilling and canadians in their cowboy attire -- >> and what about the fantastic white house? >> they opened at the calgary stampede before heading to los angeles. >> it is going to be like a postcard for los angeles. >> their every move was followed across canada. >> incredible. [laughter] >> kids at the art center anxiously await their few moments with royalty. >> it is fantastic that they are going to see the best place of los angeles that not a lot of people see. >> this painting is being sold to benefit charity, the first to
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show the prince, his wife and his mother, diana. >> they are very much of the people, which is why they are so beloved. >> security is tight. police are authorized to rest trespassers. -- arrest passers. but mostly, people are excited. >> it is really cool that they are coming here. >> we are waiting for them with open arms. >> l.a. is used to hollywood royalty, but not the real thing. >> powerful thunderstorms flooded streets throughout denver, colorado. the storms swept through central and southern colorado yesterday afternoon. it caused flooding in several areas. thankfully, no serious injuries have been reported. >> now your 11 insta-weather-
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plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> we had one or two inches, better than that in some cases, but not too much. look at the rate are now. here we are in baltimore. that is the beltway. at the airport, just a little shower, and that is the extent of it. most of the rain is in pennsylvania and just coming into garrett county off to the west. switching to a wider view, you will see this activity coming in. this one little cell popping up over the airport right now. a lot of rain here, lightning and thunder. this was moving in our direction. the weather is going to change. at the moment, we have partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 80's, a little cooler across portions of the day. then we got into the 70's near the west of maryland, even the 60's. part of that is rain, part of
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that is cloud cover holding the temperature down a little bit. more important, the dew points temperature, an expression of how much moisture is in the air. one at they are in the 70's, it is like the amazon jungles, very topical. for the most part, on the day, in the 70's, but in western maryland, two. temperatures dropped into the 60s. that is a little drier air trying to come in with this cold front out to the west. adding insult to injury, this is the pollen count. not bad. the total pollen count, moderate range. when we try out this weekend, the count will be going up just a bit. partly cloudy skies over our area, and this isolated little shower over the airport. the front is still to our north and west. these are the bigger thunderstorms out in west
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virginia. drier air is pushing in from the northwest, and the contrast between these two air masses, that is the trigger point. this is waiting to get things going, and it is all moving in. nice and dry, lower humidity, fairly comfortable temperatures. at the moment, we have quite a bit of sunshine out there. kind of humid at. athowers and storms in the forecast. 80 and 90 the high. again, we have a flood watch in effect, and the potential for severe weather. how much rain can we expect with this? computer models seem to indicate 1 in., 1.5, and then they have a bulls eye for baltimore right into it cecil county, where you can go over two inches of rain. that got a lot of rain yesterday. the insta-weather futurecast
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shows rain coming in this evening, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, may be one of the heaviest thunderstorm activity might be. by tomorrow morning, there still might be a lingering showers over ocean city. but the clouds are clearing and everything moves out and is set up for a good weekend. obviously, it's a little more action with a thunderstorm activity, at seven-day forecast. 88 tomorrow. a lot less humid. around 90 on sunday. more rain chances on monday and tuesday. >> interactive radar on takes you inside the storms. check the futurecast to see where it is going and see if your area is under the severe weather alert. in today's "medical alert," researchers have developed a tool that they is they can
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determine which women are likely to suffer a miscarriage. it monitors, to bleeding has occurred and predicted pregnancies that ended in miscarriage 77% of the time. the study included over 100 women between 6 and 10 weeks pregnant. summer is the season of the fund, and for many people that means swimming, but a painful infection can leave you high and dry. >> tilt your head this way. >> this specialist is treating his teenage patient for an outer ear infection known as swimmer'' ear. >> it caused it to drain out. >> swimming provides the perfect opportunity for water to get trapped inside the ear canal. if your child is spending a lot of time in the water this
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summer, here is a simple test parents can do if there is your pain. and that willear cause a significant amount of pain. >> swimming in untreated water is likely to cause an infection. clearing water out of the year canal can prevent it from setting in. dry your ears after swimming or showering. here is an easy thing you can do at home. >> put alcohol on a cotton ball and tell the child's head and slowly drip it into the year and raise up. >> he also recommends that blowing warm air from a dryer into your ear. if your ears become swollen or painful, you need to get to a doctor for prescription drugs. >> a lot of people think is a
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mild condition that goes away on its account. it does not. more than half of the reported infections are in adults. up next, your maryland lottery numbers, and another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast. first, a look at wall street. [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable.
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and we have a team coverage of today's launch of space shuttle atlantis from florida and right here in maryland. those stories and more when you join us at 5:00. and now your maryland lottery numbers. >> good afternoon, maryland. your pick 3 numbers are -- 5. 9, as printed on all -- the ball. and 3. in a moment, the pick four game, but first, the keynote sprinkler is on. from now until august 7, you could double or triple your winnings. your pick four numbers are -- 7 9 3
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another 7. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> john has a final look at the weather. >> you can feel it in the air right now. one a little storm in northern anne arundel county. everything else is west of hagerstown. rain chances increase this afternoon. thunderstorms today and into saturday morning before things finally clear out. temperatures in the 80's over the weekend at ocean city. thunderstorms today could be heavy, severe. there is a flood watch in effect as well. tomorrow, high temperatures same as today, but lower humidity. >> at least the weekend will be good. thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at,
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