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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  July 12, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live, local, this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> boy who was allegedly abducted late last night is back at home this noon. good afternoon, everyone. baltimore city police have canceled an amber alert for derek charles brown jr..
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>> police tell us that eight- year-old derrick charles brown jr. was found safe this morning after he was apparently abducted yesterday evening. he was found in an abandoned home in southwest baltimore. police thought around 6:30 last night when witnesses all they saw brown jr. walking with friends in the 300 block of wayne avenue in southwest baltimore. agreed ford taurus stopped and picked him up and threw him in the trunk and drove off. an amber alert was issued, and thanks to a concerned citizen he was found in the 300 block of land herstory did was baltimore very close from where he was abducted. -- lynhurst street, very close from where he was abducted. they did say a ransom was made for the boys' safe return, and
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that led them to this one suspect. wbal-tv 11 news. >> a second instructor at a howard county rock climbing school is arrested on such charges. and he is accused of engaging in sexual acts with a minor. the miner told police he came to her house four times dating back to april of 2010. the victim told police she was not forced to participate, but the issue -- but that he was aware of her age. he was charged with second- degree assault. police arrested another instructor last month on charges that he sexually assaulted another student. a renowned presidential historian is one of two men accused of stealing millions of dollars worth of rare documents from the maryland historical society. police say barry landau tried to
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sell dozens of documents on saturday, including a paper signed by abraham lincoln and numerous invitations to presidential and inaugural balls. they say he signed up the documents and tried to walk out with the library -- walked out of the library with one document while storing 60 others in a bag and a locker. the owners of a baltimore county towing company pleaded guilty in their part of a scandal involving police. they face up to 20 years in prison after admitting to paying thousands of dollars to baltimore city police officers in return for directing business to the auto repair shop in rosedale. 17 officers are already accused in the scheme. there were the first in the state to ban smoking. howard county is expected to
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announce the ban in all 57 county park properties tomorrow. this would not extend to the state park and parks owned by the columbia association. this kind of outdoor smoking ban is the first of its kind in maryland. it is brutal out there. we have the heat and humidity, the combination of that we making it oppressive when you step outdoors. right now high temperatures around 88. this is around where we should normally be to the high temperature, but keep in mind we could warm up several degrees from this as we head into the afternoon. the committee has increased slightly throughout the day. -- the humidity has increased slightly throughout the day. upper 90s is the high temperatures in maryland. towards the afternoon, maybe a chance of isolated storms. .
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to wear loose, light- colored clothing and reduce your time outdoors. learn the signs of heat exhaustion and stroke on our web site. is where you will find that. we have also posted the local cooling centers. the president and congressional leaders will meet again today after yesterday's meeting failed to find agreement. with this third meeting in as many days, congress hopes to find common ground. >> the same shot you had yesterday, except we're wearing ties today. >> the president pointed out we have been here before. the two sides still far apart on spending cuts in taxes. >> i am prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done. i expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing. take of the president said he will put the democrats sacred cows like social security in
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medicare on the table, but insists republicans need to be open to tax changes that would go into effect in 2013. >> no tax increases ever on the table. there was never any agreement to allow tax rates to go up in any discussion i have ever had with the white house. not once. >> republican still cannot find agreement on the 2.5 trillion in deficit reductions they want to allow the government to pay its bills through 2012. the one thing the sides do agree on is something that needs to be done soon. >> it will not get any easier, it will get harder. we might as well do it now, pull off a band-aid. peas.oat our >> the president insists they have to reach a deal, vowing they will not sign any type of temporary extension. >> the last shuttle space walk
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begins today. details on the mission. cannot get enough fatty foods? you might be addicted. how to beat the cravings. a special honor for an army mdad of four. e-mail your plan
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>> lashupwhat begins today, but no shuttle astronauts are outside the international space station. -- the last space shuttle space walk begins today, but no shuttle astronauts are outside the international space station. the 13-day flight is the last for the 30-year program. the cas responsibility for the shooting that killed a half brother of amed karzhai. -- the taliban. the taliban says the guard was working for him. a motive is not known. he said his brother's death represents the misery every afghanistan family basis.
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an army ranger will become the second living recipient of a medical of honor from the afghan/iraq wars. he lost his right hand in 2008 while throwing an enemy grenade away from fellow soldiers. a fellow rangers says it is not work -- if not for his action to of the rangers would have been seriously injured or killed. barack obama will present the metal to the dad of four this afternoon. a new car gives hybrid a new meaning. it has wings by the way. some chains are cracking down on extreme too onerous. we will explain in consumer alert. >> high heat and humidity. waiting for a much-needed relief from the heat. i will come up with that in the forecast. the harbor at 89. humidity is 57%.
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the full forecast coming up here y. >> john produce here to answer your plant questions. stay with us.
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>> a massachusetts company has a new way to beat the morning commute, applying car. take a look. a fully-functioning car with wings that unfold turning it into an airplane. the vehicle runs on regular gasoline. it will cost you. it will cost a quarter of a million dollars. some popular retailers are going paperless in an effort to be green. retailers say digital reseats
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art more convenient from can -- for consumers, especially those that tend to lose paper receipts. if you are a fan of groupon, you should know they're watching you. their daily deals sites will not collect more personal information, along with location data from those using the mobile device. that information will be sure what partner sites. this will allow for more targeted deals and customers can control how much data is collected. an extreme to goners may soon run into speed bumps. -- extreme couponers may soon not run into some speed bumps. target is putting a stop to one freene get
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items. lisa robinson takes a look at a relatively new phenomenon taking on term city. >> a baltimore is home to all kinds of creatures, and in 2007 the city council recognize that chickens had crossed the road from the country to live in the city so laws were enacted. now people who love chickens and eggs they produce have adopted them. daniel van allen says one of his chickens was hanging out on the streets before making his backyard home. >> one of them was on the street corner with the drug dealers hanging out with them. one of them was in a lady's house. she let them come in and watch tv with them. >> this family wants to live off sustainable food. >> education to teach children
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how you get eggs and where you get them from and to lower their grocery bill. >> tonight at 11:00, urban chickens. some residents are doing to make sure they do not become a nuisance to neighbors. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast. >> hello. they keep for joining us. it is summer out there. we definitely feel it today. hardly a cloud in the sky, and that is only making it feel that much hotter. relief is on the way. the cold front that is moving valley. across the ohio fami
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is combination is making things so dangerously hot as we get into the afternoon. in fact come ahead of the front we are seeing temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s and eve -- in mid to upper 90s. behind this is it is a little bit cooler. 60's out there, even toward minneapolis and for the era ahead of minnesota. the relief coming in behind this front just has to get to our area. right now temperatures down right oppressive out there. we're talking 92 at the harbor. 9 d ed over airport. this is just noon. things will get even hotter. rt.90 at dover airpo definitely something you want to keep in mind as you head towards the afternoon. we do have heat advisory towards the 95 corridor. the further you get toward the water off the more humid it will
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feel. definitely avoid strenuous activity. save your run or walk for later in the day when it starts to cool off, or maybe even hold off until tomorrow. we are expecting this to last the rest of the day. that is the forecast. for today expect temperatures to be in the mid to low 90s. it could be record challenging for some. slight chance for a thunderstorm into the afternoon, all because it is so unstable with the heat and humidity. those will be very isolated in nature. we have another chance for storms as the front a purchase. slightly cooler tomorrow. much better as we get into your thursday. 86 with a little bit of sunshine. we're looking ahead to a much better forecast as the week goes on. >> thank you.
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john perdue is here to answer your plant in gardening questions. take of this heat has got to be doing a number on plants out there. i know my lawn is not looking too good. >> even if they are heat loving plant, they are rough on them. >> we have a perennial pogonia. it does well in shady areas. we have most of the bloom in a white color. >> i have definitely seen those before. what is the best way to get rid of ivy growing around the base of the tree without harming the tree? typical pull it out by hand. the other thing to do is to use roundup, but to keep it off the tree, you would want to use a paint brush and try to keep it off the bark of the tree. >> sometimes it really does look nice, but it just in the overgrown. i am trying to make my guarded more tropical looking. are there any other palms that
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survive in maryland? >> not that i am aware of. if you are looking for a tropical look, we have a hearty banana plants that we just got in. they're doing very well in the area. they didactic the perennial and come back from the ground again. and you do not have anything for the winter, but they have a very tropical look. >> wild grass keeps growing in one section of my most. any ideas? >> not knowing what the grass is is kind of hard. if it keeps coming back, it it probably has resumes that are growing out. when you break off the route, it keeps putting of the other plants. the best thing to do is keep hitting it with roundup. the best way to get rid of it with roundup is toward fall. >> be persistent.
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>> if you have a plant or gardening question, you can e- mail or send pictures. go to our website, and click on family. you can also send your question and pictures to plan questions wbal-tv. >> in today's medical alert, officials said women should wait at least three weeks after giving birth to go back on birth control pills. experts with the center for disease control say the risk for blood clots is elevated 21 days after having a baby. the risk and then usually decreases, but women who have had a c section or other risk factors may need to wait at least six weeks before returning to the pill. estrogen and progestin in birth control pills are associated with a slightly increased risk for blood clots. if you find that the heart \ /
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fatty foods, are to resist, you are not alone. -- hard to resist, you are not alone. know your body does produce these chemicals and need to be careful and watch hear portions. take you can ease the cravings by going for a run. >> coming up next on your maryland lottery pick three and picked four numbers. another check of the forecast. first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour. is performing at this hour.
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>> night, the abduction of an eight-year-old boy and his return home. questions surrounding the case lange there. last month we told you about a climbing instructor charged with sexually assaulting his student. now police have arrested another instructor at the school. the latest on the charges against him when you join us tonight at 5:00. >> lynn lottery, let yourself play. >> good afternoon, everyone. -- maryland read. your picked three numbers are 1, 7, and 3. 1, 7, and 3. first, enter the cruise for cash second chance contest at
12:27 pm entries must be received by july 13. drawing official bob diamond is ready to rock and roll. 0, 1, and 2. that makes your pick for 9, 0, 1, 2.mber, >> 95 today. it could feel like 100 with the committee. we will drop down by 10 degrees into thursday. mostly drive late in the week. just have to get through today. >> thank you. stay cool out there. thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. >> have a good day.
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>> follow breaking news anytime at. stay connected with the sun facebook and twitter. -- with us
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