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i am rod daniels. the are big story -- three people are in custody after a violent crime spree that balance between the county into the city. the trio stolen cars, kidnapped three people and robbed several others at gunpoint. >> we are still looking for officials to release the three names of the suspects. police say this is an example of how a few people are committing most of the crime in the baltimore area. >> it all started in around 6:30 at the intersection of coax line and baltimore county. three suspects approached a man pumping gas nearby and force them into his car at gunpoint. the truck to the city where he stole clothes and took off in his lincoln town call. the trio made their way to the 5300 block of dogwood avenue were they made contact. >> 3 blackmail's approached and forced the female into her
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vehicle and stole the vehicle and personal property of the victim. >> the pulled out a gun on the man but did not get anything. from there they drove the stolen lincoln town car to the 2500 block. one of the suspects brought it to the people. two of the suspects, one armed with a silver handgun approached several individuals standing outside of the gas station and forced them into the minimart at gunpoint. >> this is due to did not want to show her face but she is not shocked by what happened. >> there have been three or four robberies in the past couple of weeks. >> the suspects made their way into the intersection around 10:00 p.m. and attempted to rob another man. following up on an alarm, police followed the car after spotting it on the industry. all three suspects were taken
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into custody. >> all three have established criminal records. one of them has an extensive filing history. >> we are a unified and focused. we are collectively using our resources to make our society if a safer place to live. >> during the chase on key highway, one of the suspects tossed out a stolen gun from the car's sunroof. the three suspects were being interrogated by police and waiting to be charged. >> police have identified the victim of a deadly shooting last night in southwest baltimore. investigators say they found 29-year-old kenneth davis around at 7:45. he was shot in the head and rushed to shop, where he died. they have no suspects or motives in this case. surveillance video helped howard county police track down a man suspected of a series of
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burglaries. police arrested credit webster after they say he burglarized a church and a preschool. investigators say he was caught on surveillance video at a drugstore trying to use a credit card that was stolen from the preschool. authorities are using the case to be particularly alert during the holiday season. >> everybody is thinking about their finances and money is tight. we want to remind residents and commercial businesses and now churches and preschools and anybody who keeps property and cash in their location and make sure they are locking all of their doors and windows of the time. >> investigators say he has an extensive criminal record netballs robbery and drug convictions. police say they have caught up with a young mother who may -- they believe is behind a series of car jacking and bank robberies after she tried to rob another bank. stephanie schwab let police in a
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chase on the beltway and then on foot. we are told she pulled a knife on a good samaritan who gave her a ride. the tonight -- police have arrested a fugitive who this is still a tractor-trailer. iran 6:00 tonight, the suspect led police on a chase from south baltimore to to 95 in prince george's county. that is where he lost the car of the truck. he is wanted in authority -- he is wanted from authorities in mississippi. porch italy, nobody was hurt during the chase. a maryland man held an end aruba jail is back on americak soil. he arrived after leaving the caribbean island. he boarded a flight to the jfk airport. he was released after it -- after a judge ruled there was not enough evidence to detain him. an appeals court rejected the prosecutor's wish to put him back in jail. he is considered the prime
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suspect in the disappearance of robyn garnder. he has denied any wrongdoing. a former rock climbing coach has pleaded guilty to having sex with one of his 14-year-old students. he worked at three separate earth trek locations. prosecutors plan to seek an eight year prison term. he will have to register as a sex offender. sentencing is scheduled for sometime next year. prosecutors wrapped up their case against a former governor bob ehrlich in the 2010 general election. the investigative reporter jane miller has more on a key witness. ] >>rhonda russell is a key witness who recorded the robocall.
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she denies the cause is an attempt at voters as russia -- suppression. >> i would call it counter intuitive. >> or she says, reverse psychology. >> the call was meant to stimulate voters that would not have been in support of o'malley. or the democratic administration -- these would stimulate voters to say, hey, my vote was going to ehrich, i will go out and vote after i heard this call. >> henson she says rep the text of the call, but she is the one who picked the list of voters to call. she simply did not take the time to include republicans and independents. >> i used a list from previous clients because i was lazy. it was not about anyone asking or anyone being persisted. it was my decision to use the list. >> also was given immunity to testify.
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it read -- suppress turnout in the black community, 100,000 books. >> baltimore city had denied occupied protester request for a permit to remain in the square. parks and recreation director denied the request saying the department cannot approve permits longer than five days. he added assemblies of more than 150 people are prohibited. demonstrators have assured they have hatred what happens in los angeles and philadelphia will not happen here. >> you cannot argue all day and try to fight the law. he the way however you look at it, the law is going to win. at the same time, keep a peaceful and it will not mess with you. >> the group has also been denied a request to have four
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large tents, up to 40 personal tents, and in documents. speaking of philadelphia, the occupied protested there is no more. officers began calling up tents after telling a crowd that had to leave. protesters marched down the street but were stopped by police. authorities said they arrested 54 people were refused to get out of the street. the protest eviction comes on the day with big gains on wall street after a coordinated move by the world's central banks to lower the cost of borrowing. the dow gained 484 points -- its biggest advance since march of 2009. the s&p gained 52 points while nasdaq surged 105. new unnamed victim has filed a lawsuit against former assistant coach jerry sandusky, his former charity and penn state university.
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is the first civil case and the child sex abuse scandal and outlines the latest disturbing allegations against sandusky. we get the latest from jay gray. >> fallout from the child sex abuse continued today with the first lawsuit filed in the case. >> it is against jerry sandusky. -- who abused him and violated his trust as a child for over 40 years. >> the man at the center of the civil suit is 29-years old now and is identified only as john doe. he is not one of the eight victims initially characterized in a grand jury report. he claims that sandusky assaulted him more than 100 times between the age of 10 and 14 and threatened to harm him and his family if he told anyone about the abuse. in his only broadcast interview
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about the scandal, sandusky told bob costas he has never abused a child. what are you denying you ever had any appropriate sexual contact with any of these boys? "yes, i am. >> but the man who filed suit today against sandusky into the charity he founded and penn state said it happened repeatedly at the home, the university locker room, and on football road trips. he said he chose to come forward now because of the bravery of other victims and the pain he feels about those who may have come after him. he said, i am hurting and have been for a long time because of what happened but feel even more tormented and i have learned that so many other kids have been at peace after me. lawyers have not responded to the allegation. >> sandusky remains out on bail. his next scheduled appearances on december 13. coming up, an alarming new
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questions about the safety of some fruit juices. >> it is not something you expect to hear because -- what a new study uncovered and what you can do to protect our children. if you use facebook, listen up. all the popular web site plans to keep your personal information under wraps. >> as online holiday shopping heats up, correct on fraudulent websites. >> it was one of the war novembers' on record. december is more to come in with chilly air. the forecast is straight ahead.
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>> a tour stop a fishing trip to north carolina got the biggest fish story of his life.
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he was fishing when he encountered a 20 foot great white sharks. he did what any normal person would do, and grabbed his phone and started filming for 20 minutes. the sharp eventually bought the boat with his nose. went turning around he slapped the boat with his tail. in tonight's consumer alert, a new consumer report has sparked interest over the high level of arsenic in both apple and great -- produces. 88 brands of shoes testa, 10% had arsenic levels at exceeded standards for drinking water. >> are testing found that a lot of juice has such a small amount of arsenic in it it would be no concern whatsoever. >> there are conducting more testing at fda. they are suggesting parents to
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dilute produce with water and limiting consumption and children. are consumers it safe from fraud? kai reed joins us with new concerns and advice. >> this past summer monday was the biggest shopping day in history. not all on my shopping stories are happy ones. >> he found for smith. they were all free and special for cyber monday. he went ahead with the purchase. >> they spent $200 launchers is for her daughter and her husband on the web site at advertising authentic baltimore ravens gear. the next issue got an e-mail and knew something was not right. >> it was grammatically incorrect. it was all kinds of things that should not have been in place. you're still did not go through,
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but you can take as their payout. the salutation was somebody that was just the first day basis. you knew something was not right. >> we are not they being the website she used because we are waiting for a response on the company. it turns out her credit card company had already declined to the charge as a person because it was channeled through china. >> into barnett from the better business bureau says the website that is registered overseas is one red flag for online shoppers. purification suspected (click on, and grammatical and spelling errors are other warning signs of pure >> of their language? the question that the english is not the first language, that could be a warning sign that it is a web site set up by somebody else outside the country. >> federal authorities shut down 150 website domains at selling counterfeit and
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directed websites. some are accused of selling fake baltimore ravens gear. consumers should be wary of websites that do not provide company contact information. >> legitimate sets will give you plenty of it for mission for customer service if you do not receive a product, what do you do. who do you contact. if it is not found, huge warning cantor >> baltimore ravens officials are aware of baltimore merchandise. is difficult to guarantee that it is legitimate -- particularly when purchased online. fans are encouraged to look for the nfl hologram placed on all licensed products. they should contact the nfl if they suspect a company on the internet or in person is selling unlicensed products. >> federal regulators have reached an agreement with facebook about the handling of privacy settings. the social network will undergo
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an audit every two years for the next two decades. this book official said users will have to have an explicit opted in option before changing their privacy settings. the ftc blues facebook misled more than a hundred million users by passing their personal information to advertisers and software developers. >> it is getting chilly out there tonight. we are coming to the end of one of the warmest november on record. 50 degrees before the high today. that is one degree below normal for the 30th day of november. the morning was mild. the typical low is closer to freezing. when you average out the last date of november, it was the 11th straight day with an average temperature above the normal. put it altogether and for the 30 days of november, the average monthly temperature of 50.6 degrees. the first time we have had a november with an average
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temperature above 50 since 2003. in the 1410 members on record officially with the national weather service for baltimore, this is tied for the 13th warmest. there is only 12 of them. only 12 of the more warmer than this year. the warmest on record ever, 1931 with an average of 54.7 degrees. it was a warm month of november with snow that came in october. it's in that we are getting off to a chilly start and then fall snapped back into a warm weather mode. it will be chilly for the first morning in december. 40 degrees for an opera that is the low for the day at the airport. temperatures are getting close to freezing of to the south and west. temperatures are dropping on the eastern shore. by dawn many of the outlying suburbs or be in the upper 20s. winds at 5-10 miles per hour. high pressure is building in behind a cold front of the
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country this area of high pressure is strong and stretches back through taxes. it will dominate the weather pattern for the next four days or so holding the front of to the west of us. behind the front it is want to recall. that will move down into denver. look at the:tomorrow afternoon in denver -- low 20s. a ribbon of snow coming across the northern great lakes. this will pass fourth of us on friday. we may see a little bit up cloud cover. it is a dry weather pattern up into the weekend. cold wintry conditions get locked in over the rockies and maybe into parts of west texas. right now we are on the quieter warmer side of all of the activity out west. a breezy day tomorrow. a little bit on the cool side but the normal as only 51. we may be just a touch above normal. northwest breezes on the day gusting to 20 knots. the small craft advisory up until lunchtime on the bay. these guys will clear and there will be lots of some time for
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thursday. partly cloudy on friday with a high day in the 40's. a little on the breezy side tomorrow with dusty west once. temperatures in the low to mid '50's for a couple of days with sunny skies preprints of these guys for the first couple of days in ocean city. the seven-day, temperatures will be in the low to mid 50's with overnight lows close to freezing and basically dry weather. the next chance for rain arrives monday evening trading is pretty likely will get wet weather on tuesday. that will be followed by wendy and cooler weather on wednesday. >> baltimore ravens fans make or they will not read it all this week on the road. no need. ray rice should get plenty of carries.
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>> sullivan sports with gerry sandusky. >> plane down to competition could cost home field advantage. the last two once the baltimore ravens have returned to make room first mentality. rate rise had more than 20 curies of both of those ones.
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i point that out because of the three losses,rice never carried the ball more than 13 times. the browns are ranked third to last in run defense. that sets up a game plan to build around long drives and a lot of carries for ray rice. >> we know what is ahead of us. december football is a time when i actually want to elevate my game. it is like being in the fourth quarter of play. it is time for our better players to lead us to the next level. >> a good sign for ravens linebacker ray lewis. he set out again today. the good news for the baltimore ravens, want to get past the toe injury the team is very healthy. buffalo bills wide receiver steve johnson found out today and imaginary gun has a very real price tag.
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clever perhaps, but costa. the celebration to a panel to give the jets on a shortfall of their next possession ended with a real cuts down and eventually -- eventual jet square. danny o'brien will stay or leave. no question about sophomore running back d.j. atoms. he wanted out and got his wish. as a freshman, he rushed for 240 yards. this past season, he carries in yards dwindled as the beacon to the second player to leave the program after his first season in maryland. david mccall also asked for and released from maryland. former texas tech coach, mike leach, has landed back in the
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college game on the sidelines. he has agreed to a five-year, $10 million deal to collapse washington state. he took the red raiders to 10 bowl games in 10 years. ohio state has crept attention this week with the hiring of urban meyer. it goes to the beaten coach of the year, it went to michigan head coach. he led into a bowl berth in the first win over ohio state in 10 years. the battle between those two will get high-profile next year with the arrival of urban my request stay with us, tom is a head with a 70 forecast. -- a seven-day forecast.
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>> it is the 40th annual lighting of the washington monument and mount vernon and it is happening tomorrow night. we have an hour-long special the begins at 7:00. it includes music, and also colorful fireworks finale choreographed to music. it will kick off at 6:00 and you
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can catch our live coverage at 7:00 p.m. right here on wbal tv. >> what will the weather be like? "it should be perfect. it should be perfect for the lighting. cool temperatures, clear skies, in the dark. we will let her up at 53 degrees tomorrow. it will cool. at 55 degrees on friday. look to mid-50s with sunny to partly cloudy skies. next -- does not arrive until monday night into tuesday of next week. when the and cold in the middle of next week as well. >> my great grandmother said to me that there is one thing that really shows up very well in the dark -- and lighting. i remember that to the state. >> true wisdom. >> you will get out of here very quickly. that is our show. good night.
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