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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  December 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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i am deborah weiner. police are piecing together the events that led up to the crash. 15-year-old brian chase was killed on impact, struck by the two cars late this afternoon. we are live at park hill hospital with more as the classmates remember him. favorite colors are red and black. his classmates were those callers to honor him. that is not the only way they are remembering him. beside the whizzing cars, loved ones shut up this memorial to mark the spot where ryan chase was killed. >> they were living balloons and flowers and candles. >> coming here personally -- i respect him and his family's privacy. >> the american flag still flies at half staff. his classmates went on line to
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sites like twitter to grieve. amanda cross wrote "class was not the same today. but seat should not be empty. rest in peace puzzle there has been an outpouring of grief on facebook, where family members set up the page. "deeply saddened to hear of his sudden passing. praying that god will embrace them with love and peace at this unbelievably said time." ryan and a friend were walking thursday afternoon when he entered the road and was hit by a car. the impact sent him into another lane, where he was hit by a second car. the other teenager was not hurt. >> i would not know what to do as a parent, how to handle that. >> the accident is under investigation. once it is finished, police will determine whether any charges will be filed. at last check, the family had not posted information about
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funeral services on the facebook memorial page. we are live in baltimore county. >> thank you. you're looking at video just into our newsroom of of a police investigation in southwest baltimore, where we are told the shooting has just taken place. police have not release more information, but we know it happened. a man was shot multiple times. but we are working to learn more information and will have villages tomorrow morning. new charges against the man accused of falsely promising area schools appearances by ravens players in exchange for money, and never following through. the queen anne's county sheriff's department has added another charge on to the west against joseph after hearing from representatives from the kent island high school. the sheriff said he took a down payment in return for a speech from a professional athlete at the middle school back in
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october. the school says the appearance never happened, and they never got a refund. the man is currently in custody at the queen anne's county detention center. the baltimore family says the school system did nothing to protect their children from being bullied. they are suing for more than a million dollars. today marks the second day in court for edmund sullivan and his wife in the suit. they claim their son, who was special needs, and his sister, or bullied over and over again from 2008 through 2010. it happened in hazelwood and glenmount elementary is. >> it is not enough to deny something happens. let's pretend the kids were never hurt. let's pretend you were treated badly. it is just unfortunate. the city can do much better. >> the only person to testify today was the child but
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grandmother, who said she did not like the way the principle had treated her. in opening statements thursday, city attorneys questioned the credibility of the story, saying the accused principles have enough experience to handle these types of situations. police from hartford county are searching for a person of interest in a sexual assault of a woman. this is the man that are looking for. about 5 foot 3 inches, in his early 60's, with a salt and pepper beard. they are not calling him a suspect, but he may have information about the incident. it happened some time in the early evening back on december 7. police say the victim, a 30- year-old woman, was treated for sexual assault. the person of interest is being sought for questioning. three people are in police custody and police are searching for a fourth, after what they are calling a drug-related armed robbery and shooting this morning in toronto counted.
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police are looking for a 20- year-old. according to authorities, he pulled the trigger in a drug bust gone awry. it happened in tawnytown road. he shot the man who after an argument after stealing a handgun and drugs. police found more than 15 marijuana plants in his home. a judge in pennsylvania says a perjury case against former penn state officials can go to trial. former athletic director tim curley is charged with lying to a grand jury and not reporting sexual assaults he knew about. a graduate assistant for the football team testified that he saw the former coach jerry sand usky sodomizing a child. another says he cannot be
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believed. >> we believe that at the trial in this matter, the question will be whether mike has the credibility to overcome the perjury high level of proof that is necessary. we believe that at trial, we will clearly be acquitted of these charges. >> a university vice president oversaw the campus police is also charged and will face trial. see complete coverage of the scandal, including a time when of the case as it began to unfold, on our website, the federal government will not shut down at midnight. in the latest round of deal making, they might settle the issue of the payroll tax cut. we have the latest out of washington.
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>> in this boat, the yeas are 296. >> the house vote came about 10 hours before the deadline. >> it is essential we not see the government shut down. now it won't, even if the senate which to vote tomorrow. "time is extended 24 hours. people do not have to worry about the government closes tonight. >> it cuts the pentagon budget 1%, hikes health research 1%, but cuts homeland security 5%. the bill is nicknamed the megabill. >> it is necessary reseller break the bipartisan nature of this bill. >> democrats did not celebrate a year of partisan warfare. >> more contention. more confrontation. >> one fight is left. >> we are not going home unless we pass the payroll tax cut, which benefits 160 million in
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our country. >> both parties want to keep the reduction in social security and the care taxes, but the republicans still link it to quick approval of a pipeline from canada opposed by some environmentalists. >> i will guarantee the pipeline will be in there. >> tonight, a two month extension of the payroll tax cut, plus the pipeline republicans say will mean more jobs and less foreign oil. that puts the ball back in president obama's court. he promised to veto the tax cut extension he championed if the pipeline were tacked on. nbc news, capitol hill. >> new on, we are asking if you are stressed by the economy. more than 15,000 votes -- 75% say yes. boat on our survey and see the
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reception of the bill the house has passed. we are getting a look at the proposed map to represent demographic changes in the 2010 census. the map contains 12 districts, mostly african-american, an increase from 10 in 2002. it moves a big portion of the baltimore district into baltimore county to show population loss in the city. a vote is set in annapolis before in the amount goes to the general assembly. strong allegations against the baltimore city fire department. a 30 year veteran says he is a victim of racial discrimination. [inaudible] >> what a smile. a holiday they will never forget. 11 news was there for the third international family and friends visit home -- dozens of soldiers from overseas. >> of rain and snow south of us
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tonight. a calder forecast. right now, not bad.
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>> dozens of troops land tonight and dwi after serving in the middle east. family and friends lined up for an emotional return, showing their patriotism and waving american flags. the man in uniform spent some time in the middle east. after a long flight home, they tell us nothing compares to the look on the faces of a loved one when they finally made it back. >> she was right here. finally, i did it. >> many of the people on hand
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for the arrival did not even know the men and women coming home, but were doing it to show patriotism and appreciation. volunteers were asked to be on hand at 7:45 and were waiting in line when the troops arrived. meanwhile, we have learned the baltimore city fire department is facing a $3 million racial discrimination lawsuit. carter filed the action in federal court. david collins has the latest on the story he broke on >> deputy city firefighter lloyd carter is a 20 year veteran of the department. he entered the fire service as a paramedic. in a $3 million lawsuit against the department, he details the career path blocked by racial discrimination. he alleges harassment through reviews in investigations without cause. the lawsuit claims the department conduct was down with
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bill wood and evil purpose. carter alleges the first discrimination came out to the retirement of fire chief william goodman. former mayor sheila dixon passed over carter, choosing james claque instead. the lawsuit said carter was assured he would be groomed for promotion. corset -- he alleges he was passed over in favor of white candidates. he had no designated duties or responsibilities. he made a natural move to run the fire academy. one of the union's complaint that recruits were allowed to retake physical tests after the field -- after they failed. chief claque instructed carter to give them another year to continue training. a complaint to the city inspector general, resulting in to a secret investigation into misuse of a city computer, a conflict of interest regarding
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teaching jobs, and claims he misled peril. carter was not informed by subordinates that the state put the academy on provisional status. carter said he was misled by an instructor regarding cheating allegations. carter was removed from the academy without warning and used as a scapegoat when ems training was terminated. there is a paper trail of carter expressing concern to investigators with the department. he writes, "the level of institutional racism has reached an all-time high, and the disparate treatment of minorities and women is on the rise puzzled he asked the equal opportunity commission to investigate. they did not find statute it, -- statute violations, but did inform part of his right to sue. fire officials say they have not seen the lawsuit and did not have a comment. david collins, wba l. >> downtown property owners who
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are trying to stop the state's center project picked up a victory in court. a judge granted their request. the property owners sued first, arguing the project was fairly big. they said property owners were trying to delay the project. it now moves forward. the billion and a half dollar project will replace the office complex on preston street. the suspect involved in a police chase remains at large. police responded to a call about a burglary. the suspect led police to the maryland line along the 21,000 block of york road. the chase ended after the suspect lost control of the car. the man was trapped in the vehicle and ended up being trapped at yorktown the hospital. the missing suspect was described as a white male wearing blue jeans, approximately 27 to 30 years old.
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the military case against bradley manning is on hold for now. he is the army private, accused of leaking sensitive documents to wikileaks. a hearing began at fort meade but ended when he asked the investigating officer to recused himself. the justice department is investigating julian assange. manning faces charges of violating military code. officials said at least five people were shot at the offices of the edison utility company in california, which killed two employees and critically wounded two others. >> we are deeply saddened by this tragic event. we can confirm that the big guns were southern california edison employees at the facility in erwindale. we had four employees and one
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contract employee. >> the suspected shooter was among the dead, believed to have taken his own life. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> most of the weather is around the baltimore area. precipitation. you may have had a sprinkle or a flurry in your day. most of the precipitation is staying well to the south of baltimore. there is slightly more substantial rain activity in southern maryland. in the northwest france has a little snow mixed in as cooler air is into the weekend. it is kind of compact. it will be off the coast and pull away from us during the early morning saturday. nothing so far officially at the airport are downtown. about 24 hours ago, as soon as
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it turned from thursday into early friday, the temperature was in the low 60's. for most of the day, we have been in the 40's. these are the lows for the day so far. 37 westminster. 27 in oakland. there is colder air beginning to come from the north and west. the system tracking some of us as well off the coast by 7:00 a.m.. a few flurries in the mountains. a little on the chilly side, around freezing for most areas. sun up at 7:20. will keep an eye on a clipper storm. a new surge of cold air out of northern canada. low pressure will be racing in our direction. early sunday, another chance of a flurry arsenal short.
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the forecast from central maryland up two. bird and the great lakes -- a fast-moving system. fleury's or snow showers lingering and clearing out for the rest of the weekend. by monday, we start to warm up again. the next system will bring a chance of rain. the little hits of winter do not last long so far this season. highs of 42 to 47 during the day. there could be evening for the activity. when on the bay gusting to 20 knots. 20's for highs, good news for ski resorts. to a barters cold enough to make man-made snow in the upcoming weekend. maybe in florida tomorrow evening in our lives in the morning. lower eastern shore sunny to partly cloudy. with the ravens in san diego -- you would think they would have beautiful weather, but they have a winter storm advisories' in the mountains. there is a storm off shore with
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wind advisories. it will be chilly for the game. temperatures in the low 50's at kickoff, maybe even cooling to the upper 40's. around here, a 20% chance of an evening shower. a chance for rain tuesday and wednesday. the injury report for the ravens. where ray lewis fits in the picture. that is coming up. ♪
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>> 11 sports with pete gilbert. quickly injury report reads like the starting lineup. seven players are questionable, which means each has a 50/50 chance to play. i would be surprised if three of the form is a game in san diego. billy probably does like last week and hits field goals. aggravation of the tow -- hard to say. webb not practice this week.
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i would be surprised if he played. chris should be ready to go. the entire team was supplies they made the flight to san diego at all. there was a brief cancellation of the flight for a mechanical issue. but they got to california. they are faced by little. the offensive line is better than many thought this season. he loves the way flaco has taken charge of the team. >> the reason why joe is a leader other than being our quarterback is the fact of who he is. we like who he is. we respect hooey is. -- who he is. >> the ravens text question -- could you think you will -- will be the mvp of sunday's game?
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standard text messaging rights applied. more than 300 votes and thus far. rice is leading. and he could use a bit of luck right now, one year in. eight players have left maryland since the season began. he fired his offensive coordinator. finally, some good word. an appeal process that includes taped. arguably the best defender from maryland. he will return one more season. the safety could seriously hope the rebuilding process at college park. clearly after 14 straight losing seasons, something has not worked with the orioles. change arrives. they change the structure for the scouting system, scrapping most of the pro scouting jobs and putting the resources toward scouting amateurs.
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they want to rely on video from eyes on the ground. the nba lockout -- fans got what they have been wanting a, some good news. they are in midseason form. retro sheik for the wizards. -- chic for the wizards. a higher percentage effort against philadelphia. john has improved. halfway through the first, it all ends badly. bill williams with a three-point barrage, knocking it down. 1 03-78 is your final. a 17-9 win.
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garcia scored two goals. the first home when of the year, thrilling the fans. >> earlier, we were talking about the trouble with the flight of the ravens to san diego. >> i got in the air. they are still in flight. once they got past technical problems, all was well. >> thanks for the update. get the technology they love, on the network they deserve.
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>> how is it looking? it is starting to feel nice and cold. >> back to normal december weather. there may be another few snow flurries. it is normal for mid december. we climb into the 50's middle of the week. some rain tuesday night into wednesday before it clears up. it does not get that call the next seven days. very tolerable. >> with the wheat grain we have been in during -- weak rain we have been enduring -- >> you pay better attention and i do. that is all for 11 news tonight. the "tonight show" is next.
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