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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  December 17, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm jennifer franciotti. first we go to john collins. it is nice out there. >> it is nice out there. there is a little clipper approaching. little clippers tend to produce a little snow, and "little" i guess is the term we want to use. here's the satellite and radar combination. a weak weather disturbance slipped to our south yesterday. nothing in baltimore, but there were a few sprinkles and spotty showers down to our south, south of annapolis and washington. if you look over indiana, mi michigan, and ohio, that area of cloudiness is one of these clippers that has been producing some snow in chicago and some slippery driving conditions.
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there is also make effect snow -- lake effect snow. >> family and friends trying to come to terms with the loss of a young student killed in a car accident. >> police are investigating the events that led up to that accident that killed 16-year-old ryan chase. here's sheldon dutes with more. >> beside the whizzing cars of putty avenue, students set up a makeshift memorial where ryan chase was killed. >> we want to show our respect. instead of just facebook we want to show respect personally by dropping off flowers for him. >> the american flag still flies at half staff. his friends went on line on facebook and twitter to believe his death. his friend amanda wrote, "that
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seat where you sit should not be empty. rest in peace, ryan chase." loved ones set up the rest in peace ryan chase paste page. "praying for the meam family that god will embrace him with their love and peace at this sad time." ryan and his friend were walking along putty avenue when he fell into the road and was hit by a car. he died the scene. the other teen was not hurt. >> if i were to lose my cheeled for -- child for the holidays, i would not know what to do. >> once the investigation is finished, baltimore county police will determine if charges will be filed. last check, ryan's family had not posted anything about a funeral service or vigil on his facebook page. reporting, sheldon dutes.
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>> a shooting after 6:00 friday evening on north pulaski street. there a man was found with several gunshot wounds. then a man found in southwest baltimore. no word on his condition or a suspect. >> carroll county police have three people in custody and are searching for a fourth suspect this morning for an armed robbery and a shooting. state police are now looking for dalno -- dalonte dunston, 21 years old. two others are also charged in the shooting. the victim is also being charged charged because he had 50 marijuana plants in his home. >> appearances by ravens players
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and never following through. the queen ann's sheriff's department has added another theft charge onto the list from joseph gill. they say gill took a $325 downpayment in return for a speech from a professional athlete at the middle school back in october. school -- the schools say the appearance never happened and gill never gave them a refund p he's currently in custody at the queen ann's detention center. >> it could be the first case of its kind in baltimore county. a family is suing the elementary school system for $2 million in damages saying they did nothing to protect their two children frbing bullied. lowell melzer has that story. >> we need to protect our children. we hope this type of thing does
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not happen to anyone else. >> talks about why they are suing baltimore city and two elementary school principals for $1.3 million. the sull vans claim they were bullied, and that no one, not the school system nor the school's principals listened to the family's repeated concerns. the only person to testify friday was the child's grandmother, ann marie poletta as to whether there were problems whether a second witness could testify. the children's grandmother said she didn't appreciate the way she was treated by sidney twiggs at haze lwood elementary. adding fuel to the family's story that no one ever took them
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seriously when they brought the story up. >> i would count myself to be a peer of his, so why would he address me, you know, by a slang word, a word i consider to be a slang word? i am called nanna by my grandchildren, but nobody calls me "grandma." i felt it was very disrespectful. >> besides not liking being called "grand maw" she apparently told the court she videotaped what was -- that incident but she was -- but that tape was not shown in court. the two accused principals, say the prosecuting, have more than enough experience to handle these types of situations. lowell melzer, wbal-tv woob. -- wbal-tv 11 news. >> police in harford county are searching for this man. he is believed to be 5' 3,"
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early 60's with a salt and pepper beard. they are not calling him a suspect but they are told he may have information about the incident. >> it happened along the 4400 block of mercedes drive in the early evening on december 7. police say a 30-year-old woman, the victim, was treated at memorial hospital for sexual assault. >> photographic -- graphic testimony as the trial of jerry sandusky witnesses take the stand. >> for the first time mike mcqueary testified he said he saw jerry sandusky having sex with a child in the locker room in 2002. he said he first heard noises come from the shower, then saw sandusky standing behind a boy with his hands around his waist.
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he testified that while he was not 100% certain, he believes sandusky was molesting the boy. his testimony is key in the case. prioritization say tim curley and gary shults lied to the grand -- schultz lied to the grand jury about what mcqueary told them. >> did he describe something that was necessarily a sexual act? >> curley and schultz' lawyers claim they were not told about the sexual details. mcqueary's testimony may be contradicted by a family friend that says on the night the alleged abuse occurred mcqueary told them he only heard noises. he's facing criticism he did not do enough to stop the abuse. he said he was distraught and turned to his father for advice but did not go to police.
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instead he met with joe paterno and testified he conveyed to paterno what he saw. paterno said "he saw an older person fond ling a young person and identified the man as jerry sandusky." paterno said he told mcqueary he would pass the information to the right people and testified he contacted curley. the grand jury witness whose account may conflict with mcqueary was not called to the stand. wbal-tv 11 news. >> 9:09. 39 degrees on tv hill. the maryland zoo is here with an animal. i think i already told you. >> it's an alligator. >> it is pretty cool. pretty neat. >> make someone feel lucky this holiday season. the maryland lottery has exciting gift ideas. that's coming up. >> temperatures have gotten cold again. not severely cold. cold enough for snow. we'll see about that coming up
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with the insta-weather plus
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>> a bit warmer now than what we had a couple hours ago. lake-effect snows. winds across the great lakes. also, there is say weather disturbance pulling away from pennsylvania and new york state right now. there is also a new disturbance coming in from iowa that's been producing some snow showers in chicago and indiana near detroit. in chicago it has produced all kinds of traffic problems, slippery roads and what not. it is that increased activity in pennsylvania our view now of
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ocean city and the beach. we have more delouds clouds now where we are here. here it is 38 at the airport. 42 at the inner harbor. 57% the humidity. west winds at 8 miles an hour. >> take a look at temperature friends. last week we had a warm spike. early friday morning, as a matter of fact. now we're on a down slide. we will be at or below normal and temperatures will increase again. as soon as we try to normalize the temperatures, get down to this 45 for the high and around freezing for the low, then all of a sudden, something comes along and gives us sutherly winds and boom, up comes the temperatures. let's look at the current reasgs up there. annapolis 31. camebridge, 37 on the boardwalk. 36 frederick. still in the 20's in far western maryland right now. we're beginning to see snow showers develop in the mountains out in pennsylvania. the winds are coming from the northwest. some of that is the wind
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produced by the mountains and the lake-effect so to speak. also there is a little disturbance here moving through. so the ripple in the atmosphere caused by that might be supporting that a little bit. also we have this clipper out to the west. a front helping to develop that and push it eastward. that will be coming across the mid-atlantic region later on today and tonight and increase chances for, if temperatures are right, if there is enough moisture, for some snow. clippers tend to be dry. snow chances minimal. partly cloudy today. to a great extent there may be more clouds. a flurry or snow shower skewed toward the end of the day. northwest winds 42 to 47 for the high. futurecast shows this cloudiness thickening up. later on this afternoon and this evening, especially, maybe a flurry developing in our area. a little better chance for accumulation in the west. everything dissipates and pulls
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out sufpblet go to the west coast. tomorrow a big game out in san diego. at game time, should be mostly clear out there. the game time clear. 50 to 55 the temperature rage range during the game. in the 40's over the weekend. late today and early tomorrow. maybe flurry chances or a snow shower. otherwise a mix of clouds and during the daylight some sun. we warm up a little with rain chances tuesday, wednesday, and friday. >> up next, the maryland lottery here is their holiday gifts. >> and robert downy jr. is an international man of mystery in "sherlock holmes." max w
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>> welcome back. the maryland lottery is here with with winning gift ideas. good morning! >> good morning. >> nothing says happy holidays like the idea you could win money. >> i agree. every year we have gotten bad gifts. we decided this year we were going to ask our guests to write in and tell us the worst gifts they got. this is what inspired us. our number one on the list. it is not a picture frame. a toilet seat. another bad gift, a scale. a third one, gift card. seems like a great idea, except when there is only 7 cents left. we decided instead of the bad
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gifts, we will put together some nice, alternative, fun gift baskets with the maryland lottery theme. it is a $1 ticket. makes a fun and inexpensive gift. >> wine is always fun. and for the pet lover. >> this is our $2 ticket, $10,000 top prize. if you go to our web site you can see cute puppies and kitens on them. putting up baskets. makes a nice gift. >> squeaky foys toys. >> nutcracker theme. >> $50,000 top prize. you put it in with nut crackers. in expensive, but fun. people love this. squoo >> the basket could be as elaborate as people want.
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>> one of our best-selling $5 tickets ever. go ravens! maybe we'll make the playoffs. >> that's right. >> the internet promotion part of it, there is a $1 million top prize, a trip with the cheerleaders. if you are a ravens fan, this is the best gift. >> i have seen these at walmart. >> you can get these together. >> these are our winter wishes. a $10 ticket. $100,000 top prize. put this together for a romantic basket. you can have wine, sparkling cider. >> i have to know, do you go to school to learn how to make trays like this? >> you can. i'm going to teach lisa at the break. >> keep coming in. >> lisa is coming over here. these make great centerpieces. you can't take that, lisa. put that back. >> stocking stuffers.
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bring that back. >> and before we go, the gift not to give lisa this year? >> this is for lisa. >> the maryland zoo joining us when we come back with a real animal, not a fake one.
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>> welcome back. a chinese alligator from the maryland zoo joins us this morning. he wants out. >> he's a chinese alligator? >> he is the only chinese alligator. he is significantly smaller than the american alligator. the 11-year-old american alligator would be 10 feet long. so i wouldn't handle him. yang is much smaller. it will take him 50 years to get up to seven feet. they grow much slower, and they have a very specific habitat
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they live in. they live along the yangze river in china. that is the only place you can find them. this one has longer toes. the american alligator has some webbing in whereas the chinese does this -- does not. >> he's not as oriented. >> the maryland zoo of baltimore, we're getting around christmas here. >> we have a great gift shop. if you are a member and you come in, also, if you go on the web site, download tickets for people p if you are making baskets you could throw some zoo tickets in there. you can also come in and book a behind-the-scenes, which is a
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great treat. we do elephant behind-the-scenes. giraffe beside the scenes. a bunch of different areas. you may have someone that is a polar bear nut. all that information is on the web site. we now have a mobile web site. it is easier to download on your phone all the information you need about the zoo. >> it just popped into my head. it may not be a fair question. roughly how many animals do you have on exhibit at the zoo? >> i believe we have around 1,000, about 1,100. it is not necessarily one exhibit. a lot of those -- we are the lead breeder of panamanian golden songs. it is a breeding program. we have them on exhibit as well. >> we can't send you back to the yangtze river, yang, so we will
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send you back to the zoo. >> the kids have ants in their pants, bring them to the zoo. use that new family membership you are getting for the holidays and come out and see us. >> thank you for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> more news coming up.
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>> john is here with another look outside. >> it is not bad. it is hard to describe the morning. we have seen a beautiful sunrise this morning. clouds tend to depom nature the scene right now. the cludes are coming from a little push of some weather, a little disturbance and lake-effect snows to the north of us. what we call a clipper out to the west in indiana now and ohio. it is moving along, clipping along at a good rate. this is all kind of closing in on us that's where all eyes will be during the day today to see if snow develops. we'll talk about the forecast when we come back.
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>> $50 million given to the maryland county school systems. but they do not have much time to spend it. >> researchers show children enrolled in prescool school learning programs tend to be more successful in later years. >> i always tell my children, you don't want those adults saying words around you so you can't figure out what they are talking about, so we have to learn to read. >> maryland already knows how to spend its millions. it will help lay a foundation for primarily children from low income families.
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>> in our study we see it narrowing the education gap starting at 3 through 5. >> students will benefit from the extra funding. >> it rounds out the city school initiative. it gives us the opportunity and outreach to partner with day care centers, nursery schools. to partner more closely with head start. >> it will help to encourage parents to do more teaching at home before their children at the school. it is what this principal has been preaching throughout her career. >> students understand enrichment of the modeling when parents read to students. >> tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 46 members of the baltimore county police department are celebrating their new positions this morning.
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>> friends and family at the maryland state fair grounds. chief jim johnson and kevin kamenetz presented promotions and congratulated them on a job well done. >> six new canine dogs graduated friday from the maryland state police canine unit at a special ceremony in sikesville. four of the dogs will remain with the state police and work around the state. the other two dogs will work with the prince george's and baltimore county police department. they are smart and good looking. >> coming up in woman's doctor, the disorder that often strikes without warning. >> and "young adult." charlize theron returns to her hometown intent on stealing her
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high school flame away from his wife. >> the weather comin
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>> across the moubs mountains of pennsylvania you can see that divot -- activity. this activity is aiming our direction, but it is also in the mountains. also, it is dry enough, where some of it is not hitting the ground. in other words, we're seeing snow verga. verga means it is in the air and not hitting the ground.
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we'll see what happens with it all. in ocean city we see the waves coming in. the sun is still shining there, but here we have overcast skies in baltimore. the temperature is 38 degrees. 42 the reading at the inner harbor. 57% the humidity. 30.21 the barometric pressure, and a west wind at 8 miles an hour. the breeze has kept things stirred up a little bit. temperatures didn't fall all that much. i don't think in town we were much below the freezing point at all. current temperatures at annapolis 31 degrees. 36 in edgewood. salisbury 39 at the boardwalk in ocean city. 36 frederick. still in the 20's out in far western maryland. and we take a look at our satellite radar combination right now. and we can see a lot of cloud cover, especially from the northern bay area and northward up into pennsylvania and new
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york state and back toward ohio, indiana, illinois. that's the cloud cover coming in our direction. we expect this clipper to generate a little snow activity. our forecast for today calls for a lot of clouds, chilly conditions, 42 to 47 the high. a snow shower of late. we're watching that stuff in pennsylvania to see what happens. the mountains will have a great effect on this as far as heating up what little moisture is with that pressure. northwest winds at 10 miles per hour. our indication is that we could
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see a couple flurries, a brief snow shower. any indications will more than likely be out in far western maryland. no snow a problem out in san diego where clear skies are expected for the game tomorrow evening. evening out there, late afternoon here. chilly conditions, though. during the game, readings only in the low 50's. our forecast here as we go through the weekend, daytime highs in the 40's. a lot of clouds toward evening this evening overnight tonight, and in the morning sunday, that's when, if we get any at all, a flurry or two might develop. monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week accident we warm up a little above normal with temperatures and higher rain chance yes tuesday, wednesday, and on friday. >> bells palsy often strikes without warning leaving one side of the face airlinized -- paralyzed. when it happens, sometimes people think it is a stroke but not bells palsy.
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but the two are very different. more on this morning's "women's doctor." >> after dinner her family noticed something terribly wrong happening to lisa before their eyes. >> as i was talking, my family was like, what's wrong with your face, and i'm like, what do you mean what's wrong with my face? i went in the mirror, it was like oh, my gosh. i went to brush my teeth and rinse my mouth and i couldn't hold water in my mouth. >> lisa believed she was having a stroke but found out she has bells palsy, temporary damage to the face from damaged facial nerves. >> i was crying. you really don't know what to do. >> michael sellman says even though bells palsy paralyzes one side of the face it is very different from a stroke that affects not just your side of the face but your arm and leg on the same side as well.
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>> if you cannot wiggle your eyebrow or smile more likely than not this is bells palsy assuming you can still move your arm and leg without problems. if you can move your eyebrow and you cannot smile, that's more often than not a stroke. >> and what causes bells palsy? viral infecks? diabetes? even lyme disease. >> this is called bell's fee no one when the right eye closes but the left eye does not. you can see the white of her eye. >> lisa is taking medication for her symptoms and dr. spellman is encuveraged by her progress. >> i am very encouraged by your progress, and i think you will continue to improve. >> the doctor joins us this morning. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> what is bell's palsy?
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>> bell's policiesy is when one side of your face suddenly becomes weak without any warning. >> all of a sudden? >> just all of a sudden. >> it is quite unpleasant to see that, and it causes a lot of angst and people come to the hospital emergency room worried they have had a stroke when really it is something a little more benign with one side of the face being paralyzed. >> that reaction to go to the emergency room a good thing to do? >> a very reasonable one. but a quick check at home would be to see if you can move your armor your leg. if you are not weak in your armor leg, it is probably bell's palsy. >> what causes it to come on suddenly? >> most of the time we don't know. we think it might be due to a virus. another growing cause in the baltimore area could be lyme
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disease. it is associated with diabetes. >> how long does it take for someone to get over? >> in an uncomplicated case, between 30 and 0 days. -- 30 and 90 days. >> are certain people prone? >> in people that have diabetes it occurs more often and people around the age of 40. >> and men or women? >> equal. no difference between the two. >> but there is medication to treat it? >> yes. the key thing is to receive treatment quickly. treatment needs to be started within the first three days ideally. the pace and speed of recovery would be quick are if you can get treatment in three days. >> all right. thank you so much for coming in. have a good holiday. >> if you have questions or want a referral, call 1 hf 8 hundred -- call 1-800-md-mercy. >> max is here with reviews when we come back. first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> tom cruise pulled off several stunts for his new movie,
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including hanging from a building in dubai. >> and family and friends take an adventure on the high seas in "alvin and the chip munks shipwrecked." they ended up on a desserted island. that looks adorable. those are some of the new movies out this weekend. >> i would personally like to thank the studios for not screening "alvin and the chipmunks." by the way, "mission impossible" is opening worldwide next week. it is getting great reviews. i have not seen it, but the reviews are great. >> so for even folks that are not tom cruise fans. >> remember when we were all tom cruise fans? those were the days. >> "sherlock holmes ." >> if you liked the first one, you will like this one. some people complained because they turned sherlock holmes into
9:47 am
an action figure. i thought it was an update for the character for these days, and i thought sherlock holmes was smart, sly, funny, and he used his wit to beat people up. he didn't just use brute strength. he had this great relationship with jude law playing watson. they really play up that funny movie aspect of it, the bromance. just like the first one. i think downy jr. is so great in this role, and he goes up against the evil moriarty played by jared harris. tons of fun. my only complainlt about this movie, it is about 20 minutes too long. they should have taken a scalpal to the first 10 and last 10 minutes. as it is, i like it a lot. if you liked the first one, you will like this one. >> and we have not seen the best
9:48 am
part, which is the previews. >> no, it is a long film. there is more to go. >> and "young adult"? >> i love this film. it is written by diablo cody. some people will not like it because it is sort of uncomfortable to watch. i like uncomfortable films. she plays a former homecoming queen from a small town in minnesota. she's living in minneapolis now, which is the big city. she comes back home with this idea that she can win back her high school beau. there is one tiny catch. not only is he married, but he has a new baby, and she is completely undaunted by this fact. she has this script in her mind, that you are going to dump -- >> the wife and the baby and go for her. >> she's an unsavory character. but charlize theron plays her so well. you kind of don't like her, but
9:49 am
you root for her in a way. the film comes to an incredibly awkward scene. very dark comedy. 3.5 stars. >> "shame"? >> "shame" is noteworthy because of a star-making performance. he was in "inglorious bastards." he's completely nude in it, ladies. he plays a successful ad agency worker, and his secret is he has a sex addiction. he's a normal person by day and a sex addict by day and night. he has internet happening at work. you feel like the walls are closing in on him and his addiction is going to be exposed. it is a very uncomfortable film to watch.
9:50 am
very, very well made. excellent performances. three 1/2 stars. >> next week, "i bought a zoo." >> fun for the whole family. >> you can read all of max's reviews at
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>> welcome back, everyone. we're joined in the 11 news kitchen. >> hello, lisa. >> thank you. you have some wonderful things. >> ideas, things you can do from
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pantry to party. things you have in your house for the most part. common ingredients. we'll show you how to put them together. there are must ardses -- mustard s. we'll show you how we started this. this is a fried, spicy chick pea. that's sort of like peanuts, popcorn, potato chips. deep fry them. when they are deep fried and crispy. they come out with a little aye an pepper and salt and pepper. >> we have taken tuna fish, cesar dressing. we chopped artichokes nice olive blend.
9:54 am
we made a little bruchetta. spicy mustard >> we'll fry that. we'll fry it in olive oil. this is saga blue. >> roasted pepper. this is an eggplant appetizer. we have made herb cream cheese. garlic, oregano, basil, thyme.
9:55 am
celery. blue cheese. put that on top. and this is a pasta over on this side. diced up peppers. zuccini, onion. we have taken canned apricots and peaches. this is melted vanilla ice cream. we will drizzle a little of that across. we'll take almond sliffers and
9:56 am
we have a nice impromtu dessert. >> all this is available. wetch a pet adoption. there are a couple dags dogs to look at and possibly adopt. >> eat and get a dog. >> yes. >> the weather is not bad over the weekend. we have a chance for a shower or snow flurry tonight and tomorrow morning. otherwise, clouds over the weekend. >> that's all the time we have. thank you for joining us. >> back for 11 news at 6:00. see yo
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>> child sex abuse scandals at penn state encouraged william ehrlich to review their standards. washington lawmakers have called for stronger child abuse reporting laws. the maryland board of riege voted unanimously to require a report to be filed within 48 hours by those that witness abuse or neglect on campus. individuals are also required to make a republican and or oral report to the local states attorney, and the local department of social as well as as well as the police. the policy affects all students and staff of the current state colleges in the system. chancellor kerwin said he was moved to review the policies to make sure the process is clear, reporting lines are established, and to take the extra steps to
9:58 am
make sure the policy southbounding followed. the next step will be training for all of those with reporting responsibilities so they know precisely what to do with when a complaint is filed. hopefully these methods will protect children in maryland and have abuse issues addressed immediately. immediately. maryland children deserve this
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