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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  December 31, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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up next, the baltimore grand prix could cease to exist. why the city decided to sever tie with its organizers. >> two doctors are facing murder charges this morning. >> a harford county teacher accused of fraud. who's behind the accusation? >> and the city's spectacular plan to ring in the news in style. 11 news saturday morning starts right now. >> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news saturday morning. good morning, welcome to the news saturday morning. good morning. >> our top stories in a moment. but first, john, a little mild this morning. really mild. temperatures haven't fallen all
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night. there's a little disturbance coming in. on thursday, it produced a snow flurry activity. still the moisture is very, very limited with this particular disturbance. as you can see just off to the west of baltimore, frederick county reaching down to northern, virginia, there's a line of rain shower activity. it's light but it's there. it's drifting to the east. we may get a brief period where there could be some sprinkles and a quick rain shower this morning. once that goes through, we should be done with that and we should have a fairly nice day the rest of the day. details on that forecast coming up in just a minute. the future of the grand prix in baltimore is up in the air. >> city officials have severed ties with the event's organizers and are now demanding more than $1.5 million in unpaid fees. more on what this means for
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baltimore. >> this past labor day weekend, baltimore was in the spotlight for an inaugural grand prix. it was short of the $70 million projected by promoters. and businesses are grateful for the increased foot traffic. >> i've been here for nine years. looking at the same weekend, trial years. the numbers at 10%. business, we were 150%. >> in the months after the grand prix, financial questions swirled around the race and the organizer at the baltimore racing development. the city entered to an agreement with the brd and decided to terminate that contract because the organization failed to honor the terms of the agreement. they owe the city $1.5 million. the mayor declined a request for an interview through her spokesman but sent the words. like many baltimoreans, i hope
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they would restructure, recapitalize, and begin to pay taxes by the december 31 be deadline. the officer and managers have failed to take the appropriate steps to put the company on a sustain ab sustainable step forward. >> a lot of people who supported it will get credit for cutting their losses short. but i think they're going to be criticized by people. they have very acute needs in this city. >> as a result of the organization, the city can work with other officials or organizations on future motorsports ebts. no word how they'll proceed in the 2012 event. but they're waiting for developments. >> to have a greater weekend in upcoming 2012. >> wbal, tv 11 news. good news on the road this morning. the eastbound lanes of 350 are
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back open after a tractor leak had traffic backed up for 11 miles. it was waste and dry cleaning material that leaked on to the highway at 4:00 on friday afternoon. a hazmat situation had environmental crews cleaning the scene for who hours. traffic was backed up to st. claire road to the junction at 97. no word on whether the driver will face any charges. baltimore county firefighters are recovering from injuries sustained yesterday while battling a house fire in cob keysville. it was at the 1300 block of western run road. a volunteer firefighter suffered a twisted knee and was transported to gbmc for treatment. investigators believe the fire was caused by a malfunctioning furnace, no one else is injured. a homeless man is accused of starting a motel fire earlier this week. police tell the news that they
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believe barry lee murphy started the fire at the white elk motel in a fight with a female acquaintance just before 9:00 on monday. none of the people staying at the hotel were hurt. the case of mason chapman, that investment banker convicted in 2004 for defrauding maryland's state prison system. chapman will be a free man. according to the federal bureau of prisons, he's scheduled to be released from federal custody sometime this weekend. nate chapman worked as a fund manager but was found guilty of 23 counts of fraud and filing false tax returns. $500 million was lost in that scheme. two doctors were charged with murder this morning accused of performing late-term abortions in elk ton. now a state senator is trying to push new regulations to regulate abortion clinics in maryland. it was an investigation that began in august of 2010 after
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investigators say a young adult female from out of state was rushed to union hospital after complications from a medical procedure performed at 126 east high street in elkton. elkton police say it was later found out that the patient had been driven from elkton to new jersey. the doctors were on the premises during the time of the incident and that human remains were found inside of a freezer chest. it was later determined, according to police, that dr. bringham had been escorting patients to the locations and dr. riley was performing the abortions. on december 28, both doctors were arrested and charged with murder. >> regardless of how anyone feels about the issue, you know it's a hot-button issue, nobody wants to see women killed. >> nancy jacobs of the 34th district that covered harford and cecil counties after getting wind of the allegations in 2010 drafted a bill to better
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regulate abortion clinics in maryland since in this case women were ferried into maryland where the laws are much more relaxed. >> not regulated in maryland at all. there's no requirement for safe abortions. >> despite the bill's failure, senator jacob's bills for health and human hygiene reviewing the law for quite a while is expected to adopt several of the law's recommendations included making abortion clinics fall under ambulatory areas. >> they worked with people on both sides of the issue and they came up with regulations this past summer. while the regulations didn't do everything that my legislation did, they were an excellent start. you have no idea how many abortions are performed in the state of maryland. >> both doctors are facing extradition to maryland and face
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first and second degree charges as well as conspiracy to commit first degree murder. a 23-year-old man is in custody this morning accused of stabbing niz own brother. police tell the news after being called to belle grove park, they found a 28-year-old man stabbed in the stomach. the man's younger brother was behind that attack. the victim was taken to shock trauma. the injuries do appear to be nonlife threatening. the number of murders in baltimore city is on the decline according to city officials who say we're looking at the lowest rate in 20 years. kate amara has more. >> here we are on 2011 on the eve that no one felt possible any time soon. >> baltimore city is on pace to record the fewest number of murders in decades hovering at 196 with days left in the year compared to 226 homicide at this
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time last year. the strategy is not complex. >> i think the people of the city have gotten behind the notion of attacking violent crime in a much more structured way. my side is focusing on bad guys with guns. >> the police commissioner credits the murder decline to a holistic approach teaming up with city agencies across the board and improved working relationships with parole and probation and the department of juvenile services. >> to make baltimore safe, there has to be a lot of people involved. we're refining it, mast erring it, and honing our skills to do it better, better, better each successive year. >> moving forward, the plan to focus on illegal guns in the city. >> the number one state for supplying the baltimore with crime guns, north carolina. we're going to utilize this corrective effort to cut off the
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plooin of guns coming into the city. >> kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. time now is 5:09, 41 degrees here on tv hill. almost party time. people are getting readdy to bid farewell to 2011 and welcome them in 202012. >> hard to believe baltimore is gearing up if for the extravaganza. looking at a live picture outside. john has the new year's eve insta weather 11 forecast. stay with us. saturday morning is just getting started.t
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now your 11 insta weather plus forecast with john collins. a surprise to have warm temperatures. almost as warm this morning as it was yesterday afternoon. not quite. but almost felt like 245. there are clouds and there is a little cool front approaching from the west. and ahead of that, ahead of that front, which is still back west of the mountains, we have a little bit of shower activity. it's a little bit. it's not snow. it's too long for that. frederick county along northern virginia, a band of sprinkles and light rain showers progressing east and northeast. the next hour, there's an hour's
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worth of motion. the next hour and a half, running through the city. won't impact anything at all. maybe enough to dampen the pavement, that's about it. let's take a look at the current conditions outside. cloudy skies, 45. at the airport, 46 at the inner harbor. 40 minutes ago, temperatures were around 50 at the airport. temperatures have dropped off a little bit for the momentary thinning of the clouds. not a terribly moist atmosphere for the chilly temperatures. the bahr metric pressure right now. winds are calm. the high at the airport today is 54 degrees. the past hour, dropped out of the 50s at the airport. so it took a while to cool down, so to speak. in the inner harbor, 53 was the high. morning lopes, 27, 36, and we're better than ten degrees better than that this morning. huge leap.
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typical high this time of year, 42 degrees. the record low on this date, 1880, three below. gives you an idea where the situation were reversed in the atmosphere right now. the difference in tif the temperatures, a line between the green shades and then the blue shades in colorings around the baltimore, annapolis area northward to western maryland where temperatures are in the 30s. there's a big difference in temperatures but all above the freezing point. this is the disturbance, spinning around, it's back here in west virginia. there's another disturbance out in the west which will be true late tomorrow night to monday morning. so the sunday weather is right in here. so the first day of the new year looks good. here's what the map looks like this evening. high pressure overhead for new year's eve evening. the other system way out to the west.
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overnight tonight will be dry bringing in the new year. partly cloudy skies. a morning sprinkle or shower. 50 to 55. high temperature, west winds at 15 mile-per-hours. look ahead to the seven-day forecast. the forecast is sunday. 53 degrees. late in the day on sunday, late in the morning, precipitation. sunday, it will be liquid. late in the day sunday, looks dry. only around 35 for the high on monday. a cold front goes there uh. could see some flurries on monday and tuesday. >> 28 in the middle of the week. >> 17 in one of the mornings. >> the countdown is on in 2012. the preparation is under way for tens of thousands of revelers. >> a look at what police are doing to make sure everyone stays safe. for those looking to ring in the new year with a bang this saturday, the baltimore inner
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harbor is the place to be. >> it's really something to see live. tv doesn't do it any justice. >> in preparation for baltimore's new year's eve spectacular, crews from pyrotechnical have been working for days lining up the nearly 2,000 fireworks shells placed on two barges for this weekend's massive 18-minute fireworks show. the biggest fireworks show this city has seen on new year's. >> we moved some of the eight inches out to the barge. it will make the show bigger in the air, fan out instead of going straight up. >> this year's fireworks show, we're excited for the show to take place saturday, starting at 9:00 p.m. and going till 9:00 p.m. >> it's a nonprofit organization to help the city put on the show. it's in jeopardy due to the lack of funding. >> baltimore business community stepped up. and we're proud to say it's a
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tradition going on in baltimore for 30 years. >> baltimore city police fire and the u.s. post guard will be on hand to ensure the revelers' safety as well as the senses to extend on the southeast side of the harbor all the way back from the harbor to president's street on the northeast side. the public will be funneled to nine entrances seen flashing on this map. a rash of violent incidents in the year. the fatal stabbing of the tourist or and the shooting of a 9-year-old boy. >> we want to make it a safe and family friendly and fun show for all. >> wbal-tv 11 news. >> the celebration kicks off with live entertainment. mayor stephanie rawlings blake will be on hand to do the official countdown to 2012. officials encourage those
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spectators to take public transportation since street parking will be limited. the state is reporting the first case of the flu. where in maryland was it at? >> and countdown to caucuses leading the way. who's leading the pack or is anyone still in the race? details straight ahead. and what are you going to remember about the year 2011 in maryland. from the east coast earthquake to the [ female announcer ] help i need a holiday party idea.
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>> this morning's medical alert, maryland health officials are confirming the state's first case of the flu. the department of health and mental hygiene has told us that the first case of flu was diagnosed in the adult in the baltimore area. it comes months later than last season's. if you're not vaccinated, yes,
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not too late to find a flu shot place near you. you can learn where to find how to get a flu shot at click on medical alert. cases of acid reflux are increasing and experts say obesity is to blame. researchers in norway studied more than 30,000 people and found the prevalence of acid reflux has risen almost 50% over ten years. they say the number of people who are obese is the main reason behind the spike. results also show an increase in a rare type of cancer linked to acid reflux. men and women of all ages saw a spike. but the most severe symptoms were among people who were middle aged. >> babies put on the heart transplant list before they're born get a heart faster than babies listed after their birth. fetal patients waited an average of 25 days after birth to receive a heart transplant. babies listed after they were
5:23 am
born averaged a 39-day wait. however, both groups had similar outcomes after their transplant with no significant differences in their age -- average age, gender, or race. from the weather to the loss of some local grapes, 2011 was a year to remember. that's the big stories in maryland when we come back. but first, taking a look at events going on around town this weekend. "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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man: i propose 3 cheers for those we leave behind. hip hip hooray! [cheering] father: congratulations. it's in paper now. [laughs] great job. congratulations. i'm proud of you. all right. oh, fine. ensign elliot. who's gonna salute him? guys, who gets to salute him first?
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2011 was one for the record books in maryland. snowstorms to earthquakes and a hurricane. we lost figures including radio legend ron smith and former governor william donald schaefer. >> don't have to go out there, don't go out. if you do, drive like you have some sense. that's the most important thing. give the state highway administration the opportunity to clean the roadways. >> in the snow. that's how thousands of drivers spent the end of january. sitting, for roads like the jfx and route 120 when the snow fell fast and hard. 2011 was an earth shaking year. the august 23rd 5.8 magnitude earthquake had everyone telling "where were you stories" when it hit. >> it was like i was on a skate
5:27 am
board. >> hurricane irene blew in with power outages that rivalled another named storm leaving some in the dark for a week. it wasn't an earthquake that shook baltimore over labor day weekend. with the roar of indy cars racing through downtown, the city hosted the first ever grand prix. and despite controversy over significant debt issues, baltimore remains listed as a grand prix destination for next year. >> thanks so much for believing in me. >> mayor stephanie rawlings-blake won her first election and earned four more years in the land slooid victory in the general election. >> it belongs to the people of baltimore. >> and with that, denise whiting gave up the trademark to baltimore's favorite three-letter word. the terps made a fashion statement this year. maryland winery can shift directly to your home. some folks named mckelvin square
5:28 am
in baltimore their home. >> i wish we had a two-way stream of communication which we don't have. >> the o's got something to care about. they played spoiler in the race beating the red sox and the celebration that followed still makes fans smile. 2011 saw the share of losses. in april, the passing of william donald schaefer, the beloved governor with the tireless efforts to improve the quality of life for the residents froefr changed the landscape for the city and the state leaving legacies to enjoy. >> i'm mayor schaefer. >> a shocking death with the suicide of mike flanigan, the orioles' great broadcaster sadly ended his life in august. >> i'm retiring. i basically can no longer do it. >> days before christmas, the voice of reason fell silent. wbal radio talk show host ron smith lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. the most important lesson to
5:29 am
visitors may have come in his last days, how to die with courage and with grace. and speaking of courage, we need our baltimore ravens to soldier on as they end 2011 with an earned spot in the playoffs. for all of us at wbal-tv 98 rock and wbal a.m., a toast to our five-year partnership with the ravens. good luck in january. here's hoping for a baltimore football game in february. happy new year, everyone. now we want to show you a look at some of the most popular you local photos. a seven foot tall snowman in harford county is spared after a severe storm. and check out this tree that fell in rowland park after hurricane high reen. from the breaking news category, a man dangling from the building is rescued in towson. wow. we want you to share your best photos and videos. click on you local. >> hard to believe the year is over.
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>> sure is. it's new year's eve, for goodness sake. >> a lot of stuff happened. 41 degrees here on tv hill. back again to offer you safe and free rides home. news on the tipsy taxi service. that's coming up. >> and she was supposed to be dying of cancer. a harford county woman is being accused of fraud. that's coming up. >> mild temperatures this morning relatively speaking and a few rain showers. 6
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live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news saturday morning. welcome back to 11 news saturday morning. thanks for joining us. >> going to take a look outside at our new year's eve forecast for john. right now sun is shining. >> clouds east of us. clouds overhead. a little shower activity coming in. the key is temperatures dropped in the 40s in the last couple of hours. we're going to be mild for a day or two. we'll get a shock. lit get cold like wintertime almost. let's enjoy it while we have it now. we mentioned the showers out to the west. the lack of clouds on the eastern shore, denton, dover, centreville, even cecil county has a few scattered clouds.
5:33 am
the west of the bay, northwest carroll county, frederick county, northwest frederick county, virginia, there's a sprinkle or shower activity in the east. the metropolitan area, enough to dampen the pavement a little bit. we'll be done with that for a while. thursday, the last disturbance that went through produced flurries. we're warmer than that right now. the forecast to take out the old and bring in the new in a minute. this morning, a harford county teacher who allegedly claimed she was dying of cancer is now being accused of fraud. >> people making the accusation, other employees saying the teacher wasn't sick at all. i-team reporter barry simms has the story. >> a school employee that became suspicious of the teacher contacted the deputies who
5:34 am
alleged charges are pending. deputies have not released the teacher's name. >> concern for the teacher at bakerfield elementary school in aberdeen has changed to anger. co-workers who gave financial support after hearing she had cancer now wonder if they were duped. >> i can tell you we had a victim who reported to our agency that there was a co-worker that she works with who was stating that she had cancer and this victim and several of her co-workers allegedly were giving the suspect money for a necessity. >> harford county sheriff's deputies are looking into a case of possible fraud. a teacher is accused of telling school employees that she had cancer and struggled to provide for herself. >> right now detectives need to look at their investigation to determine what crime was committed. >> according to a harford county report, co-workers raised
5:35 am
$10,000. they began to pay rent, buy groceries, and raise funds for several stages of cancer treatments. in the summer, the teacher advised the cancer was diagnosed to stage four and spread to her lungs. she only had a 15% chance of survival. co-workers at the school organized more fundraisers. now have they don't believe the teacher had cancer and they're calling for her to face charges. on, area residents are commenting on the alleged deception. one person writes about feeling betrayed saying, quote, i don't think there's one co-worker who have not shared their friendship, heart, lives, homes, money, etc. with this individual. we would have done anything for this individual. another person writes, colleagues paid for what they thought were out of pocket medical expenses as well as brought gifts and other items to lift the spirits of the woman who was naugthought to be dying.
5:36 am
colleagues are deeply saddened by this event. >> an early part of the investigative process, there's not a lot that i can share. we want to give the detectives time to do their job. >> the school officials tell us it's a personnel matter and the teacher is on authorized leave at this time. the school district is also conducting its own investigation. reporting from the studio, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the ravens right now gearing up for the final game of the regular season, coming up, pete gilbert will have previews with the matchup against the bengals and what a win will mean for the ravens' playoff scenario. >> you worried? i'm not worried. >> hope we win. >> and triple a is releasing predictions for gas prices in 2012. the news is not good. you can expect to pay at the pump in the new year. still ahead. [ child ] it's so cool!
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now your 11 instaweather plus forecast with john collins. >> interesting morning this morning. the temperatures right now are equal to many of the highs that we have this time of the year. and equal the normal high or typical high for this time of the year. so, a little milder this morning. and because of that, the area of rain is coming in, running out ahead of a cool front, is rain. and it's not snow. the other day, we had some snow showers in the area. it was much colder. that was during the daylight. we're doing well here to wrap up the last day of the new year with only a chance of -- a brief rain shower or spring until the area this morning. and that band of rain is moving in to carroll county out of frederick county. howard county and carroll county
5:40 am
are the next to see it in the next half-hour or so. in the city in the next hour and a half or so. we're seeing enough moisture to wet the pavement down. in the city, 45 at the airport. inner harbor, 46, cloudy skies. humidity, 80%. a terribly moist atmosphere for the early morning cool temperatures. enough to support some cloud cover. 29.82. the barometer is down from yesterday. the winds from the moment are calm. 54 was the high yesterday at the airport. 53 at the inner harbor. 42, typical for this time of it was year. morning lows yesterday were 27 and 36, much warmer than that. this morning, you can see the dividing line between the 50s and the 40s just south of the dividing line of those temperatures between baltimore and annapolis. lower eastern shore, southern maryland, temperatures in the 40s. from hancock westward, temperatures to the 30s this morning.
5:41 am
a radar and satellite combination. showers on the lower delmarva peninsula. the showers to the eastern shore. there's the band of shower activity to the west. showers in pennsylvania. the front itself is moving in to western maryland right now. the center of the storm is over the great lakes and moving eastward. once this passes through later on this morning or afternoon, we're in for dry weather and that should hold up for much of it was day on new year's day, all right, and this evening as well. the next weather system comes in late in the day and it brings in colder air. a morning sprinkle or shower. that's what the forecast is all about. one band of rain moving out. dry up to midnight or the 11:00 hour if you're going be out celebrating, things look good right now. sunday that afternoon, the next weather system comes in, there might be sprinkly showers out to
5:42 am
the west. that pulls out. aside from being cold, we're in good shape. the forecast this evening calls for partly cowdy skies and temperatures in the 40s. tomorrow, 54 and partly cloudy skies. another mild day. in cincinnati, mostly cloudy and breezy for the game tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. 41 to 46, the temperature range in the game. the seven-day forecast will be in the 50s today and tomorrow for temperatures. so we take out and bring in a new year in fairly nice shape. the rain chances are minimal sunday evening and overnight. it gets cold. flurries monday and tuesday. 35 for the high on monday. tuesday, 28. morning lows in the teens, winter returns. >> sounds good, john. the race for the white house heats up. the iowa caucuses are three days away. with the polls predict the gop front-runner? that's next. >> but first, a look at last night's winning lottery number.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
to presidential politics now. we're now just three days away from the iowa caucuses, i should say. >> a hard word to say. a new nbc news poll shows mitt romney and ron paul are running neck and neck. and 11 news reporter steve ha handelsman explains, that party is divided. >> mitt romney with his wife, ann, and rising gop star, chris christie. the poll confirms romney is the new front-runner here because iowa republicans believed romney could beat president obama in november. >> electability is a big factor.
5:46 am
>> hi, how are you? >> winning is a big factor. winning conservative iowa seemed oh it of reach. romney stayed away. >> it's between gingrich and romney. he hasn't been here in central iowa enough for me. >> romney is back going for the win. >> i need your help. romney is at 23 in the nbc poll, paul at 21, santorum up to 15. perry up to 14, gingrich down to 13. the former speaker was iowa's front-runner a few weeks ago. he's been hammered by negative ads by paul and romney backers. >> notice how some people make a lot of mistakes. >> the ads work, newt's furious. >> i wouldn't vote for it. >> soon after came tears. >> dealing with the real problem s of real people in my family. >> newt was remembering his late mother and dealing with
5:47 am
disappointment in iowa. rick santorum is upbeat and enjoying the search. >> i'll be the anti-establishment person who goes there with a purpose. >> gop is split. >> he's the only candidate that can beat obama. 3 1/2 days left, six front-runners here in the last six months, tuesday night could still prove to be a photo fin irn. i'm steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. a victory for consumers after igniting a fury over new on-line billing fees. verizon is backing down. >> what drove the wireless giant to change its mind? >> coming up in sports, setting the stage for tomorrow's game in cincinnati. plus, we look at towson making a bid to end a streak that's bid to end a streak that's frankly unthinkabl
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happy new year's eve to everybody. finally, one day of the bengals. they had one week for the prep week. feels like forever. home field advantage come playoff time. find out on friday there are injuries a little better than expected. still down but a chance he'll play. antoine bouldin has a chance. ruled out earlier in the week. two weeks removed from knee surgery. he practiced as well on a limited basis. would like to make a decision on the kicker today. sets it up nicely. >> just so happens that, you know, we're in a position we're in against a team that knows us very well, in a plays us very
5:52 am
well. so every game is important. and, you know, everybody has their goals and things that they want to do. you know? at the beginning of the year and the number one thing is, win the division. so, you know, we win this one, we win the division. they win, they get in the playoffs. >> number one for the towson tigers and a 31-game losing streak. 31-30, virginia. tigers shooting well. inside, outside, chris walden. tigers hanging around. towson must settle for another moral victory. joe harris behind it, knocks down that three. tigers fall 57-50. lost 32 straight games and they'll find out they did not win a single game in the year, 2011. gary and company very excited for the u.n. in 2012. i'll see you back here tonight
5:53 am
at 6:00. time now is 5:52. it's 41 degrees on tv hill. a look at some of the stories coming in the next hour of 11 news saturday morning. the grand prix is in question after the city terminates its agreement with the operators. the problems plaguing the race. >> and prep pair for the best new year's eve spectacular here in charm city. the big 2010 sendoff. >> temperatures are mild. the precipitation coming in at the moment is a light rain. where we'll head for the new year coming up in a minute.
5:54 am
this is a wbal-tv 11 editorial. as we come to the close of another year, we're reminded of loved ones who are sacrificing our lives for liberty and the pure suit of happiness. for that reason, we take our regularly scheduled editorial time to share greetings with those in our military. they couldn't be with their friends and family this holiday season, well wishes to friends and families all across maryland. >> i want to wish my husband brian boyd a merry christmas and say hello to all of my family and friends in laurel, maryland. god bless. >> i'm stationed in bag ram, afghanistan. i would like to send a merry christmas to my family and friends. merry christmas. >> i'm major chelsea hill houston serving in kabul. i would like to say happy holidays to my husband, my parents, ida, and all of my
5:55 am
family and friends in baltimore, maryland. miss you guys. >> happy holidays. i'm a specialist with the united states army of civil affairs out of ft. bragg, north carolina. i want to say merry christmas and happy new year to all of my friends and family back in westminster, maryland.
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[ captioning made possible by constellation energy group ] good morning, welcome to 11 news saturday morning. i'm jennifer franciotti, jennifer has the morning off. >> john collins, we have a couple of mild days moving through the area. >> we try to avoid them. >> thank you. >> it's mild out there. you can't really call it warm.
5:58 am
>> i know. i know. >> typical highs this time of year are like 41, 42, 43 degrees which is where the current temperatures are right now. and it's, what, not even 6:00 in the morning yet. here's a general satellite picture showing the lay of the land out there. way too warm for snow. a couple of sprinkles and showers to the west. west of the city coming in in parts of carroll and western howard county. if you look on the left of the map there in the dakotas and montana, there's another system coming in. the one that's in there rings out the old year and the one in the dakotas rings in the new year. we'll talk about the insta weather plus forecast details and a cold outlook long term coming up. our big story this morning,
5:59 am
the future of the grand prix in baltimore is now officially up in the air. >> it is. city officials have severed ties now with the event's organizers and are demanding nor than $1.5 million in unpaid fees. more on what that could mean for baltimore. >> the labor day weekend, baltimore was in the spotlight for an inaugural grand prix. the race generated $40 million for the city short of the $70 million projected by the promoters. but they're grateful for the increased foot traffic. >> i've been here for nine years. looking at the same weekend. prior years, the numbers at 10%. business, we were 150%. >> but the months after the grand prix, the financial questions swirled around the race and the organizer, the baltimore racing development. the city entered into the agreement with the brd but decided to terminate that contract because the organization failed to honor the terms of the agreement. right now, the br


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