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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  December 31, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> we are just hours away from 2012. german television is broadcasting celebrations under way in berlin.
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in times square, that is a live look where more than more than 1 million people are expected tonight. security at the inner harbor is heightened as the clock ticks down to midnight. i am lisa robinson in for deborah weiner. a temporary fence will control the traffic around the inner harbor. we will look at how it may impact the size of the crowd tonight. sheldon dutes joins us live from the inner harbor. >> of police officers will be on the streets. the commissioner will be at the inner harbor around 8:00 tonight monitoring the area. we have seen police officers with canine units. they will be keeping it secure. a spokesperson tells me the city police helicopter will be flying around keeping a watchful eye to
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make sure nothing gets out of hand. we're joined by tracy from the baltimore office of promotion and arts. we have some barricaded areas around the inner harbor tonight. >> that is new this year. we want to make sure when people across the street that is safe. it is that the crosswalks so it should not interfere. >> for those coming out to watch fireworks, what can they expect when they get here? >> for parking, we encourage you to come early. the new year's eve crowd tends to be late crowd. plan to pay to park because you may not be able to find free parking. you can also take mta bus and metro and light rail. there are a lot of parties going
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on inside with the fireworks. get a headstart so you are not caught in traffic. >> we have the band going. any other entertainment leading up to the fireworks display? >> we have the hourly laser and lights showed tonight. it will go up until 11:00. at midnight is the big fireworks show. >> we will be out here all evening talking to police officers as they get ready for the crowds. there are not many people out here yet. it is still early. we're live tonight at the inner harbor. sheldon dutes for wbal-tv 11 news. the public will be funneled to the nine entrances seen on the map. there are a number of street closures. your best bet is to take public transportation. the city circulator will operate with extended hours throughout
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the evening. here are some of the most popular ulocal photos from 2011. this tree fell on an suv after hurricane irene. the dangling man was rescued. i am sure that is something he would like to forget. ♪ >> today we got a bonus. a little rain this morning. it was a minimal feature today. the big feature was the temperatures. it surprised everybody it made it up to 60 at the airport and 62 downtown. the morning lows were in the 40's. at the airport, it is 50 degrees
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right now. the barometer is rising. the west wind is a miles an hour. it is smiled at the inner harbor at 53 degrees. -- it is mild at the inner harbor at 53 degrees. temperatures will be above normal tonight. we will talk about the forecast for the new year in just a minute. >> a 95-year-old man is recovering from burns after a vehicle crashed in owens mills. fire officials responded after 3:00 this morning to the 95. state police say the driver fell asleep behind the wheel. we're told the vehicle ran into a light pole and burst into flames. emergency responders brought the man to the bayview burn center for treatment. we're told his injuries are not life-threatening. there was a rude awakening for some residents in southwest baltimore. tires were slashed. it happened in the southwest section of the city.
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police responded after several residents reported vandals overnight. it is not the first incident of its kind. a similar rash has struck in other neighborhoods in recent weeks. >> tire slashing about a week ago. then we had spray-painteing. it is beginning to feel like a neighborhood under siege. >> city police confirmed they taken several calls for vandalism but cannot provide an exact number of victims or say whether they have made any arrests. police are soliciting information as they investigate a late-night shooting in baltimore. police responded just before midnight last night. they found a 33-year-old man shot in the neck. the victim was taken to the hospital. we are told he is expected to recover. if you have information, call this number. family, friends, and city officials have been gathering at the memorial downtown to
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remember victims of violence and homicide. it is the third annual missing you candlelight vigil. anyone impacted by violence is invited to join together. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will be speaking. we will have more on this event tonight on 11 news. a controversy christmas display has people in one texas neighborhood fired up. we will tell you if a homeowner says it is supposed to mean. [cheers and applause] you did not sleep through new year's eve. for parents with young children
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> the prime minister of iraq declared december 31 a national holiday to mark the end of the u.s. presence in the country. the prime minister called a new dawn for iraq and said the country was now free. he called on the iraqi people to preserve sovereignty and unity. the last u.s. troops withdrew earlier this month as part of a security agreement. controversial holiday display has some people in texas riled up. neighbors near the home say it was disgusting and unnerving. it was a life-size santa hanging from a noose in a tree. the homeowner said the display
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was to send a message that christmas is about more than santa. the display has been taken down after complaints. >> for that, we're all thankful. there was some fund today. we will check on that coming up in sports. >> there is one disturbance out of the way and another one coming. in between, mild air. the forecast is just ahead.
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[cheers and applause] >> they are 12 hours off. families were able to celebrate 2012 together at the maryland science center this afternoon. celebration for those with young children who cannot make it to midnight. >> we thought it was great. he said to make them do it again when the ball dropped. >> the music was by the kids and milkshake -- kids band milkshake. >> the shower activity has moved offshore. we do have scattered showers. those have moved offshore.
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there's another disturbance to the west. there is a little bit of snow with it. even now there, temperatures are relatively mild. this mode will take us through tonight and part of tomorrow until we have to deal with the next weather disturbance. it is still mild outside. we made it up to 60 for the high. it was in the 40's to the north and northwest. western maryland had clouds today. it was tougher to warm up the re. there are some clouds. they are not producing precipitation. the reaches into western maryland. south of annapolis, the skies are clear. we will lose some of the cloud cover through the evening. this departing system gave us a brief shot of precipitation this
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morning. there was a little more closer to pennsylvania. the next system is coming in. this will have a kick to it with cold air behind it. it will drag the cold air down as it moves through. we were in a trough driving this weather system. this is the next system coming in. it is warm in the central u.s. and we're almost sharing that here. we're right on the edge. right along the coast east of the mountains, we have the relatively mild air. the coldest of the air will stay west of the mountains. back here is cold air that will be drawn down along with cold air out of eastern canada. we will see chilly temperatures eventually, but not this evening. this evening, temperatures will
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be in the 40's with a scattering of clouds. we expect dry weather. this is about as good as it is going to get for any new year's eve celebration at night. tomorrow has scattered clouds in the forecast. it will be clear and calm. these are the low temperatures around sunrise. we will warm up to 60 again. there could be a sprinkle or shower in the afternoon or evening. it will not be a big storm. southwest wind on the bay gusting to 20. small craft advisories are in effect. the futurecast shows the next system coming in. there may be some precipitation moving across the area with it. then it will dry out. to the west, they will get some accumulations. for cincinnati, cloudy and breezy during the game tomorrow. temperatures will be in the 40's.
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we will be in the 50's but only in the 40's on monday. it will be breezy with maybe a flurry. ♪ >> from the susquehanna baseboards center, this is 11 sports -- from the susquehanna bay sports center, this is 11 sports. >> the standard has been set so high. do not forget to enjoy the journey. it is the only football team to reach the postseason the last quarter seasons. it will mark a clean sweep of the afc north. >> it is the same thing but better. he is playing with a ton of confidence. just like before, he knows. cam newton has done a great job.
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he is a runaround guy and has scored touchdowns. this guy is playing like a seasoned veteran as a rookie. >> everyone expected a rough season for the new coach working with questionable talent. at times, it has looked rough. with a couple of additions and confidence, look out. here come the terps. the leading scorer is the freshman from baltimore. maryland is taking the 20 point lead. phelps finds it. he can get the shot off. 64-45. he had 13. defense was up to par as well. michael saw it coming. rise and shine. that is fun to watch. just another day of the office. sed52, maryland crui
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throughout. >> we have created depth. i like to give guys confidence. we have been able to do that. i am not afraid to play those top nine. i feel confident with any of them. some days they play better than others. we have to have depth to be successful. >> it is hard not to think of those we lost in the last 12 months. -- great colt's rates s, orlando brown, and mike flanagan. let's look back at some moments from 2011 to baltimore fans will for ever enjoyed. the red sox had the 10-game lead. in the bottom of the ninth, that ended boston's season and gave orioles fans something to truly care about. celebrate that.
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to november 6 at hines field. going back to smith after a huge drop. earning redemption from the playoff loss last january. alloys make me think that ravens have a chance. we will have another check on the forecast right after this. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at
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>> year is a look at some stories we're working on for later tonight. the clouds are getting thicker as we count down to 2012. 11 news will be live at the inner harbor where there is a heightened security.
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we just confirmed a shooting investigation in southwest baltimore. police say a man was shot near baker street. we'll have those stories and much more when you join us ton
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>> i love this weather. >> it is nice. >> this evening, temperatures
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will be in the 40's. we do have scattered clouds. tomorrow will be scattered clouds with 54 for the high. late in the day, there may be a rain shower. after a mild day on sunday, we have chances of rain. we're talking about flurries on monday and tuesday. on monday, if we're lucky we will make it to 40. the morning lows by wednesday will be in the teens. by the end of the week, temperatures will bounce back. >> that is it for 11 news at 6:00. we will see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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>> and this is an editorial from president and general manager dan joerres. >> reminded of our loved ones sacrificing for our life and repertory -- liberty. those in the military cannot be with their friends and family this holiday season. we want to share their well wishes to their families across maryland. >> i am in afghanistan. i want to wish my husband mary christmas and say hello to all of my family and friends in maryland. god bless. >> i am station in afghanistan. merry christmas. >> i am serving in kabul, afghanistan. happy holidays to my husband, my kids, my brothers, and all of my
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family and friends in baltimore, maryland. i miss you guys. >> happy holidays. i am with army civil affairs and psychological planned airborne out of north carolina. merry christmas and happy new year to friends and family in westminster, maryland. westminster, maryland.
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