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tv   Today  NBC  January 5, 2012 2:05am-3:05am EST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome, welcome. it's winesday, wednesday. january 4th. only three more days to see that tree out there. they're going to take it down. >> that's sunday when that comes down. >> i like it, too. when new year's over, it's over. >> by the way, you guys have been clogging up our e-mail boxes. >> thank you for that. >> and we love it. with all of your photos from our cutest pet contest. people are sending in -- i guess we got 5,000.
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we just opened it yesterday. >> the problem is the word "pet." >> yes. we're making it cats and dogs. >> for legal purposes. >> not that that's not a pet. somebody loves their alligator very, very much. >> some of these entries are so cute. i don't know how we're going to choose or who does. >> oh, my god. are you kidding? >> that's haley. we've also got -- >> rex. >> how do you choose between a cat and a dog. you really can't. >> sandy. i'm kind of into sandy. smokey. >> oh, my gosh. okay. >> here's the thing. it's like your baby. everybody thinks they've got the world's most beautiful baby. but everybody thinks they've got the most beautiful pet. you had some people getting mad at you. >> i was in the elevator in san juan. i go, oh, my god, that's such a beautiful baby. she goes, why didn't you pick it? i go, for what? the contest.
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it was a really cute baby. >> art is subjective. >> sara's going to give you the details on where and how to submit your pictures. >> we're going to do that in a little bit. did you know the side of the bed you wake up on can set your whole day? another one of those things i completely disagree with. >> think about this. where do you sleep on your bed? what side of the bed, left or right. if you sleep on one side of the bed we'll reveal in a second, you're happier, more cheerful, more positive, more capable of a heavier workload and handling more stress. this is the side of the bed you're talking about. >> there's another side you're going to make more money. how can you be all those things on one side -- >> money isn't happiness. happy. money. the happy person sleeps on the left hand side of the bed. the one who makes the more dough sleeps on the right. we both sleep on the left. >> yeah. but frank no longer works. and he sleeps on the right. so he's the happiest one.
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it doesn't make any sense. >> this is the bed. >> hi, honey. >> is this the left? >> it's when you're laying on the bed -- >> what if you're laying on your stomach? >> it's the side you get out of. if you sleep on the left but you go crawling over somebody to get out on the right -- >> i don't know. anyway, the left side of the bed is where you're happier and more joyful. >> you know where i'm happiest, hodie? in the ladies room. you're washing your hands. thinking all is well with the world. guess what? a new study. >> we're always telling you guys in bathroom we have all these issues, public restrooms. we talked about the toilet handle and the things. you've got to be careful of the faucets. here's something else you've got to be careful of. the paper towels themselves. off the commercial -- those big rolls or the ones that you find on the counter just laying there like this. in a pile. >> that might be the problem. >> sometimes they're just sitting. >> maybe the top one you think would be a problem. >> they all do. >> pick one.
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any one. >> they say they contain binding ingredients like starches and fillers. it builds up bacteria. >> here's what you need to do to do, you know, to be free of bacteria. do we have a picture of how you need to go through your day? >> we do. there you go. >> if you just don't want to get a cold, no flu bug and no bacteria from your paper towels, it's haz/mat time. >> here's something else that will gross you out. some people go for extra toilet paper. they're done. they're about to leave the restroom. they want to use something so they don't have to touch the handle. they reach for more toilet paper. the toilet paper on the roll is also icky. >> ut's contaminated! >> when you flush, there aren't usually lids, it's just up. all of that stuff goes into the air and hangs there. >> sometimes for 90 minutes. >> that's what we read.
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>> it has an expanse of about ten inches. >> just so you know, when you walk in there, somebody who was in there an hour and a half before you, their stuff is lingering. >> here's the deal. get a hazmat suit. they come in all kinds of designer colors. >> there's really nothing you can touch -- >> there you go. looking snappy. looking better to me all the time. >> i'm with you. >> all right. it's the 37th annual list. i don't know why we're on the list. from michigan's lake superior state university. >> words that are banished. >> every year they say they're overused. they're so overused. we've used them to death and they no longer have the meaning they were intended to have. >> here's one. amazing. >> amazing. >> everybody says it. how was your day? amazing. >> a-mazing. when you do that it's worse. >> baby bump is now out. >> not just because beyonce is supposed to give birth any day. >> wednesday, right? today! >> today's winesday. >> how is the b-12. are you still hyper? >> i don't know.
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i took it again this morning. >> we're going to discuss it tomorrow. people keep writing in about it. you're not just supposed to randomly take it. here's other words on the list. sacrifice. occupy. blowback. >> man cave. >> the new normal. ginormous. >> don't. >> i'm not. >> and thank you in advance. >> i think thank you in advance is condescending -- i don't think it's condescending. any time you can say thank you in today's world is a good thing. >> we told you yesterday about joy's 10,000 pound weight loss challenge. every day we promise we're going to give you a tip. today's tip is get rid of all your liquid calories, sugary beverages and stuff. yesterday joy said if you don't drink one glass of orange juice and one glass of soda a day, she dumped in all that sugar in that bowl. >> 16 cups of sugar? >> over the course of a week -- or a month.
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no. it was the month of january, wasn't it? >> i don't know. it was too much. it was huge. >> we're going to take her advice. >> we're not going to drink those things anymore. >> not those things. >> one out of every two marriages ends in divorce. that's a sad statistic. this is one i never thought would happen. 99-year-old antonio and his bride, who's 96 years old, rosa, they were married 77 years. he's going through an old chest of drawers. tell them what happened. >> he's going through a chest of drawers and he found a love letter that his wife had written during an affair she had in the '40s. >> that's not funny. >> he went berserk. >> he took umbrage. >> he went and wanted to file -- is filing for divorce. rosa wants to stay married. >> she thinks they can work it out. >> five children. a dozen grandchildren. a great grandchild. >> what's he going to do? it's his pride. it's pride. it's just pride.
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>> do you think he had anything over those 77 years? >> probably. i'm not sure. probably. the odds are that he would. but men don't take it as well as women do. >> no. no, no. men don't. you're right. >> what's his name? antonio? there's more than one vito in the world. by the way, vito? for the new year. vito in boca raton. >> this is one of the stories coming up here. everybody's always suing everybody for everything. okay. so a police officer arrests a woman for speeding. >> must have been going quite -- >> she got a speeding ticket for $132. >> that's a lot of money. >> they leave, blah, blah, blah. he can't stop thinking about her. >> i guess she's lovely. >> so he goes and leaves a note on her car that says, i know this is crazy. hold on. can we back up just one second? i know this is crazy. you're probably right. the truth is i haven't stopped thinking about you since. i don't expect a girl as attractive as you to even take a look at a guy like me, but i'm taking a shot anyway.
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he put that note on her car. >> he says after costing her $132 for a ticket the least he could do was buy her dinner. he thought that was sweet. >> it wasn't sweet. she didn't like it. >> he violated her civil rights by going and finding out where she lived. searching motor vehicle records. leaving the note. it creeped her out, obviously. >> he must have found her house and put a note on her door. >> on her car. >> but it was romantic, i think. not only did she just not say no which is what a normal person probably would have said, thank you but no thank you. she filed a lawsuit. >> better than calling the cops. he is the cops. it seems extreme. it seems so extreme. you say there's more to this story. there's something more to this story. she must have felt in some way either she's crazy or there was something about him that was threatening to her. now she's -- i don't know. i don't know.
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>> filed a lawsuit. seems like a lot. you're right. unless there was something else. >> a lawsuit is going to cost you a whole lot more than $132. >> it seems weird. all right. so we were in -- we just found out that we are in napa right now. we didn't realize it. but our friend bonnie, who runs -- we had our holiday party at their restaurant. she's in napa. apparently she took our flat stanleys to napa. and we're there. in napa. right now. >> well, bonnie, we're with you in spirit. god bless you. >> cheers. >> thank you. >> the cute ed burns. >> ed burns, hi, ed! we're getting ready -- oh, yes, yes! >> yes, indeed. >> back off, barbie, he's married. >> there's a new study. sara's going to help us with this. apparently they've been wrong all these years. >> what? >> we would have no show if all these studies turned out to be wrong. we were all led to believe that
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red wine was the appropriate pairing with cheese. >> uh-huh. >> that's an if-fy thing. different cheeses are supposed to be with different wines. now the experts say the perfect partner is a white wine because it's more mellow and versatile than the red. the reds are so strong they sort of fight the cheese. >> okay. let's see. sara's going to be our taste tester. i'm going to make ed join me. i'm not really great with wines or cheeses. >> pretend jerry's ed. >> i might have just bit him. >> all right. take a sip. >> the cheese is first. >> no! >> which cheese -- >> you taste the cheese with the wine. >> oh, which wine? >> not at the same time! >> either one. >> okay. that one. >> that one or? taking it very seriously. now she's got the white wine taste in her mouth. >> i like that one. >> the red one. >> but i prefer red wine anyway. >> the study, as usual, is wrong. >> wrong again.
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>> i prefer the red. >> ed looks like a red wine kind of guy. >> ed sure does. he's got a cool movie out. >> i love this movie. he made it on such a budget. >> he can make a movie on a dime, this guy. >> you would think it wouldn't be excellent. it's excellent. really, really interest. >> called "newlyweds." >> really quick, our pet contest. >> go to our facebook page. you have to like it first. select the pet icon. see the pet icon? do a cat or a dog. we're cat friendly here. the submissions end on january 10th. voting will send the top five pets to new york city. coming up next, if you are married or plan to be, actor and director ed burns has a treat for you. >> actually, you might rethink it. plus, a life change one woman made that led her to better health and a better career. a brand-new career. but first these messages.
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you know what they say, when you get hitched you don't only take on a spouse but you take on his or her entire family. and that can make things rather complicated. >> it's something writer, director and actor edward burns explores in his latest film called "newlyweds." in his scene his character was told -- told his wife that his half-sister slept with her ex-husband. >> i love this. it's juicy. >> take a look. >> i'm thinking maybe i shouldn't have even said anything. >> you would do that to me? you would have let me be ignorant about this? >> this is what i've been telling you, you know. you guys, you didn't know each other before you got married. that's why i've been so against this. >> oh, my god, marsha, shut up. >> don't tell my sister to shut up. my sister is a good person! your sister is the devil! >> hello. >> if you've seen the movie, you'll think she's right. oh, i didn't like this sister of yours. it's a juicy little movie. shot on such a budget, shoe string.
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>> i kind of -- you know, when i made my first film "brothers mcmullen" out of necessity we made that for $25,000, microbudget. a couple years ago i had another film i was trying to get made. we needed several million dollars. we couldn't get it financed. i just thought, i wanted to make a movie. i went back to that model, made a movie last year called "nice guy johnny" for $25,000. this year we said, let's do it again. >> $25,000. >> $25,000 to get it in the can. post-production another $100,000. >> how did you get the idea? this came organically, obviously, to you. tell us about that. >> i was at a friend's wedding anniversary. someone made a toast. and they said -- well, they said, and the line is now in the movie, where they said, hey, if this ended today in this day and age i think you could call this marriage a success. a bunch of married couples, we all laughed about it and said how true it is but also how tragic. from that the idea --
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>> you're so techie. you reached out to the folks on twitter and stuff like that. >> yeah. >> what did you ask people? >> once i fell upon the idea, i said, this is sort of what i'm playing with. tell me what happened when you guys were newlyweds. what ended the honeymoon period? nine out of ten responses i got had something to do with a family member, in-laws, brother, sister. that's when i knew. >> out-laws. >> that was actually a tentative title. >> was it? >> the movie should be about when you marry someone, you don't just marry them. you also marry their family and their past. we're going to open up in chicago and then in new york. chicago on the 13th. new york on the 27th. >> most people will see it on demand on tv. >> it's available on demand. it was available the 26th of december. and this -- what's happened with on demand has changed the
2:25 am
livelihoods for independent film makers like myself. the key is, someone sitting at home now, traditionally if i was doing this and the movie was opening in new york and l.a. like most indy films, people in two cities could see it. if they remembered this -- >> if they don't have anything else going on. >> your show ends, somebody could go on the demand channel and for $6 buy the movie. the difference between a couple hundred people seeing the movie and 45 million. >> that's pretty cool. >> you don't make movies not to have them be seen. >> you want to reach a wide audience. >> you have a great sensitivity to it. i don't know what the word is. a great energy to it. it's very honest. very funny. and it's very true. very true. sadly. we wish you all the best. >> thank you very much. i really appreciate it. >> i'm glad your marriage is working out. as opposed to -- nevermind. happy new year.
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>> look how cute you two are. >> i know. that's not his real wife. that's the movie. up next, if you need a laugh, sara's ready to go it to you. "what the what?" after this. whee wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! pure adrenaline. whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the new geico app today. whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! ♪ ♪ spearmint that tingles as you chew. 5 gum. stimulate your senses.
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we are back with our first "what the what?" of the new year. >> while everyone else was celebrating, miss sara was hard at work going through your submissions. >> what a great way to start 2012. our first photo is from kathleen cook. she's from tucson, arizona. could this be called a rest stop, maybe? best place to take a leak. spell it out for us. right there. the next photo was sent in by michelle from columbus, georgia. wow. time really does fly. don't you think someone could look at that just once before we put that out there. >> you could make that a zero -- still doesn't work. >> lindsay from arlington, virginia, submitted this photo.
2:31 am
should we maybe check our spelling, at least? we have a photo from carolyn scruggs of atlanta, georgia. which one of these would you choose? >> wow. >> it's a real law firm. >> slappey & sad. >> real law firm in georgia. seriously, if you looked at that, would you -- >> we have a camera man named slappy. >> yes, we do. >> hey! >> i think i'd go for sad at that point. >> slappy, lean in. slappy. okay. thank you. >> everybody needs a slappy or two. >> depends on the day. laura from brooklyn, new york, sent us this photo. i could probably recommend a few people that need this. seriously. hello. >> that, i love. >> denise from lakewood, ohio, submitted this photo. come on. he's just doing his job.
2:32 am
i think he got the last word there. >> i bet you he did. >> that's kind of rough. >> that's how you quit. >> how is that working out for you? >> don't forget, send your photos into "what the what?" we want to see them. our "who knew?" trivia game helps you sharpen the mind and cut the calories. >> and how to lose 14 pounds without even exercising. >> is that true? >> that's what they say. first your local news.
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time for your special series "new year, new you," inspirational stories. >> hoda thinks it's funny. today we hear from shari who turned a bit of -- it was actually very bad news into her own very successful business and made it a total family affair.
2:37 am
>> raw foods is when the internal temperature of the food never exceeds 105 to 108 degrees in temperature so it preserves the nutritional nature of the food. it's me and my mother. my husband helps run the business side. i'm the inspiration. i do the product development. unfortunately i got into raw foods because i got very sick. about seven years ago i was diagnosed with ms. >> when you're diagnosed with ms and you have a young family and you've been healthy your entire life, it's devastating. i mean, devastating. it shakes you to your core. >> it got really bad. i couldn't hold my child. i couldn't use my fingers. i had trouble walking. it was terrible. >> she just didn't feel right doing the conventional medicine. it wasn't right for her. so she started exploring a new alternative approach to getting better. raw foods with massage therapy, chinese medicine and herbs. lots of rest and exercise.
2:38 am
>> i only did raw foods. and within another few months, my body started returning to me. i just feel like i have to take charge of what i do with my body to keep it healthy. and i'm making the right decision for me. i don't know if it would work for everybody. but it's the best i can do. every time i went to the store looking for granola or a nut bar or something, i couldn't find it. something that tasted really good. i'm in the kitchen in my pjs while my husband is making breakfast, i'm making my raw stuff. i said to him, you know, i know i could make something out of this. >> i was fully employed. i thought, wow, the timing is not great, but i'll support you. but in order to continue having our life be paid for, you know, i'll keep this other job. and i did for a couple years. i was working two jobs after hours every single day of the week. i said, why don't i work for you? >> wherever you look, there's somebody in our family running
2:39 am
the show. >> shari has taken a really, really devastating situation and has made it into the most amazing thing. >> here's our nut bar. i feel great. i feel strong. every once in a while, i think i'll have a subtle symptom that comes up, i feel like that keeps me on track. i'm feeding myself. i'm feeding my family. it keeps on growing, and we just feel so lucky. >> that's awesome. awesome story. >> it is terrific. we should mention the academy of nutrition and dietetics say there are both potential benefits and potential risks to an entirely raw food diet. the academy recommends before switching to this or any other diet talk to a registered dietitian. >> author of "a happy you: your ultimate prescription for happiness" elizabeth lombardo as well as jean chatzky. great to see you both. we love hearing stories like this. >> these people are the epitome
2:40 am
of resilience. think about a quality that we have needed over the last couple of years, i don't think there's anything else that tops the list. >> they also did it right, didn't they? the husband kept the job for a couple of years. >> i'm sure they needed the insurance. >> they were smart about it. they didn't just jump in and go. they realized -- >> put their toes in. >> exactly. that's important. because if you don't, if you jump right in, that can cause more stress, which then can cause more health problems, psychological problems, family problems and financial problems. >> when it's a passion project like it is, you put so much more juice into it, don't you? >> right. you work a lot harder to get where you need to go. but i do think there is something to be said about doing it smartly and testing the waters and making sure it's a viable business instead of just a viable hobby. >> and people's dreams can take -- get them carried away, can't they? oh, everybody's going to love this! it's going to be the greatest thing since peanut butter! then all of the sudden you discover that a couple people like it, but not enough.
2:41 am
and you've given up everything for it. >> that's true. i also think when you look at resilience, which we've learned through the academic research over the past couple years, is one of those things you're born with but you also can really get more of. >> it's a skill we all can learn. >> one of the ways to get more of it is to do something. when you're feeling stuck. or when you're feeling put down. it may be the wrong thing and you can switch up later, but you get going and that helps you. >> i think people don't know the abcs of what to do. i think people are frustrated because they might have an idea but they don't know how to go about that. >> right. if you've got a business idea and you want some help, go to s.c.o.r.e., which is the service core of retired executives. these are people that come out of the business world. it's free. they can help you put together a business plan, run the numbers and see if it's doable. >> kathie lee and i get things that viewers send in. it's wonderful. they want it to the next croc or whatever it is. everybody's dreaming, maybe i can do that. it's a tough reality when you realize not everybody's going to do that. >> it is.
2:42 am
that's okay. the goal should be to share it with other people and see where it goes. but continue to enjoy it. if you put too much into it and then it fails then you don't enjoy it anymore. >> then you're going to be so depressed it's going to be hard to get up again and try something new. >> one of the things you hear again and again when talking to entrepreneurs, this is their 12th idea. they had that gene. they stuck with it until it managed to get there. >> okay. >> sticktoitiveness. we're so happy she's doing so well. >> our new year and new series is back tomorrow with another inspirational story. >> and jean chatzky will be with us again. how to cut calories for a healthier new year. right after this. you can lose 14 pounds. they say. >> how fast? >> without exercising. >> how fast? hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible with a hoveround. tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it.
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with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter.
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time to learn how to eat smart today by cutting calories without depriving yourself. sounds too good to be true.
2:47 am
>> it sure does. making just a few small changes in your diet can lead to big results. here with advice "shape" magazine contributes editor and sports nutritionist, jay cardiello. hi, jay. >> your first baby. congratulations. >> so happy for you. >> we said at the beginning that you can lose 14 pounds, is that what you said, without exercising? >> that is correct. just drinking water alone, when you make the switch from sugary beverage, cola or fruit juice to water, you're actually cutting down about 50,000 calories. >> we're talking about in a year. >> in a year. 14.2 pounds. >> in a year. >> it's always important to remember, too, drink your water cold. you're going to raise your metabolism by up to 26% for 90 minutes. some people think it's warm water. it's actually cold. >> i like it warm. cold makes my gums hurt. >> what about diet drinks? people -- you think there are no calories. people always say they lose weight if they stop drinking diet drinks.
2:48 am
>> there's a lot of sodium. with diet cola especially, it kicks the body into wanting sugar about 90 minutes later. >> that's like chewing sugar free gum. when i chew that, i want to eat something sweet. >> here's an idea. don't do it! okay? >> ridiculous. when you drink water, everyone always likes it with lemon. there's a reason. a science behind it. >> there is a science behind it. what lemons do is they slow the absorption in the body of sugar into the bloodstream. cuts down type 2 diabetes. which is very imperative. there's so much of a risk of diabetes right now because we're bringing so much sugar into our bodies. >> the nature's cleanser. >> it is the nature's cleanser. >> you eat lemons? >> yes, i do. >> i don't believe you. >> jerry's going to be mad. >> we can go into red wine. >> a lot of our readers are mothers.
2:49 am
our kids are taking in fruit juice. they want to stay away from not only the sugar, but the calories. what we do, we pour half the fruit juice and half of water. >> water it down. >> water it down. because you're going to cut down on the sugar and the calorie intake. >> it's too sweet anyway. >> look what she just did. she ate a lemon. you don't even like it. she just ate a whole lemon. >> did she? she's cleansing. >> you've never done it? >> i don't want to do it. don't make me do it. i want the wine. >> i'll eat it for you. >> that's a best part. >> mmm. >> see what you're missing in life. >> i'm lowering the sugar absorption in my body right now. >> see, hoda woman? >> how is this wine going to taste to you right now? >> really good. >> get in there. >> what i want to point out, this is a chilean red. better for you than a french red because it's going to have a 38% higher antioxidant content. >> do you know how mad the french are going to be at you? >> they're going to be mad.
2:50 am
cut down on free radicals. with the chilean red, enjoy it. it's winesday, wednesday. i got that just for you. >> you're not just cute, you're smart. >> all jays are cute and adorable. >> soon we're going to be getting into spring and people will going to be indulging in beer. bringing in water before you have any alcohol beverage -- >> why would you want to do that? >> not with the wine. with the beer. >> we are new yorkers. we do love our bagels. but there is a high sugar content. so i would say reach for whole grain or whole wheat. >> so little. >> we can actually scoop out any of the bread on the inside. if you do want butter, some people like butter, i suggest taking a little bit of butter, microwave it and then pouring it over the top. >> when it's cold you just eat the chunk of butter. >> 31 milligrams of cholesterol found in a tablespoon. >> mustard is a better condiment than mayo.
2:51 am
>> switching from mayo to mustard can cut down 300 calories. sometimes you're in a restaurant. i can't decide. i want to eat healthy. go for the mustard. >> got it. yep. >> a baked potato actually is good for you. it is a complex carb. it will sustain energy in the body. if we're going to choose fries, choose steak fries. >> why? >> they're not going to absorb the oil as opposed to a shoe string fry or french fry. >> or the curly ones. >> i also want to point out, with olive oil it is very important to not put it by the stove. it decreases your antioxidant content. also choose a smaller bottle. >> most people leave it by the stove. >> the heat does actually expedite the antioxidant content to decrease. it will decrease the severity of not only asthma but arthritis in the body. >> my kids all eat the sweet potato fries now anyway. they've given up the regular potato fries anyway. you don't think that's a great idea? >> i do.
2:52 am
anything you say is a great idea. >> you're coming back next week. i have a jay now too. >> you can enjoy the chips. here's one thing that we do all the time. don't eat out of the container. one of the main things is when we eat out of the container, whether it be ice cream or potato chips, we're going to eat straight to the end. >> we dig down. >> we always have a big thing regression to progression. eat like a child. regress back to the days where we had smaller dishes or smaller plates. sometimes we fill things up and eat through the whole container. >> sometimes big things are good, too. we hope you have a big bouncing baby. god bless you. happy new year. coming next, gwen lawrence is here. right after this.
2:53 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal with the weather channel and your seven-day forecast. as we head closer to the weekend, we're not expecting a lot of changes. in fact, for the northeast, temperatures will start to climb just a bit, getting closer to where they should be this time of year. this is your outlook for thursday. snow showers around the interior northeast, into west virginia, very light in through here. just a cloudy day for the most part. sunshine for a good part of the country and the northwest and into idaho, we expect the rain and the snow. look at these temperatures. unbelievable how warm it gets. 30 to 40 degrees above average in some areas. near 60 in atlanta, starting to warm, especially in the afternoon in places like
2:54 am
florida. 51 in salt lake city. and nice and summer like in the southwest once again. surf's up, as well. we've enjoyed beautiful beach days in southern california. friday, quiet across much of the country once again. we'll watch for showers from houston to new orleans. temperatures start to rebound and rise here farther to the north. you'll see that warming in washington, with temperatures in the 50s. and the next storm out of the gulf will spread rain into the tennessee valley on saturday. smdz, the rain showers push into the southeast. and dropping your temperature in denver by the end of the weekend. monday, wet weather across the southern tier. a little snow in parts of new mexico and arizona. as we get into tuesday, still dry in the east. temperatures around average and rainy across the southern plains. always get your latest forecast weekdays, monday through friday 6:00 a.m. on "wake up with al" right there on the weather channel.
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it is time to get fit with kathie lee and hoda. in this case sara is joining. if you are getting into shape or it's been one of your new year's resolutions, you know it's an easy one to make but a real tough one to keep. >> we brought in celebrity coach gwen lawrence to help you ease into the year and your new body. hi, doll. >> hi! >> are a lot of people signing up now for yoga? >> oh, yeah. big resolution time pitch a new dvd out. "fit body yoga." >> you look amazing as usual. >> thank you. >> getting new moves in your old age. >> i am. >> old age! >> no lie. >> tell us about some of these hot new moves. >> i picked three moves from the dvd that are going to help you stay fit this winter and also enhance your other workouts. if you're kick boxing, running, i'll keep you open and challenge you. >> running. >> the good thing about this, they're classic yoga poses, but i stepped them up a notch to
2:58 am
make them a little bit harder. >> this one's called the extended arm triangle. >> she's going to go into triangle pose. let's straighten this leg. instead of holding on, you're going to rest that arm. you're going to reach, reach, reach and hold it out. really kicks in the abdominals a lot. she's making it look pretty easy, or is she? >> no! >> making faces? then bring it up. then bring it back over. yep. you can go up and back as many times as you want. >> i was doing it. >> i need eyes behind my head back here. >> is that what we're doing? >> come down into toe balance. you guys can watch. >> no, no, no. >> your thighs are going to come together. all right? arms are going to come up to the sky. >> oh, maybe not. >> like you're sliding up a wall. go all the way up to standing. >> who helps you get up?
2:59 am
>> on the tiptoe. >> there you go. all the way back down. high on the toes. all the way back down. >> oh, high on the toes. >> all the way. keep going. good. squeeze your inner thighs together. good. >> let's do the face down shoulder stretch. >> all right. that's the one she was in love with. actually, you guys can do this. >> really? are you sure? >> pick an arm. any arm. right arm out to the side. all right. left arm out to the side. you're going to bend this. let's keep your left arm out. this one underneath. bend your right knee. >> i don't think so. >> you guys just stay there. she's going to flip it over. >> you can do this. you can't do it. you definitely look like a crime scene right here. >> doa. doa! i love this. >> i love the faces, too. but this just goes to show you, everybody can do this. i'll work on hoda over here. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. i'm so happy.
3:00 am
i'm so happy. >> feet out more. there you go. if you're doing spinning, if you're kick boxing, if you're running, this is a great one. sara, you're really good at it. >> this is "today" on nbc. >> thank you, gwen. this is my favorite segment ever. >> i love this frog thing.
3:01 am
3:02 am
3:03 am
all right. >> listen to miss sara haines. >> we have fans posting on our wall. one person said, what? white wine with cheese? call the wine police. i've never had white wine with cheese. although i don't eat cheese anymore. thank you very much. we also have cute dogs. dogs are coming in. >> are people flooding the web page with dogs? >> yes. >> send your dog. you might get your mug up. >> we also have a lexi. that looks like your -- no, no it doesn't. >> a little like lola. >> remember, guys, send your dog pictures in. we need them. your cat pictures, too. >> if they don't get picked, don't take it out on us when you meet us on the street, okay? >> we didn't do it. >> tomorrow -- >> we'll tell you how to change your reputation. >> you know you need to. after last night, you need to. plus, say good-bye to chapped lips and cracked fingertips forever. >> plus, the dog whisperer, ceaser milan, he's going to speak with us.
3:04 am
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