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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  January 16, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm sarah caldwell. our big story -- rough seas suspended risky operations on the cruise ship sinking off the coast of italy. 4200 people were on board when it ran aground. six people are confirmed dead and 16 still missing, including an american couple. >> the picture is emerging from the costa concordia.
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>> people were getting nervous, people were having chest pains. i was having chest pains. i was having anxiety because i don't know how to swim. >> panicked passengers desperate for escape. some fought for lifeboats. many finally just jumped. into the cold, black water. now the company, owned by carnival, reveals in a statement there may have been significant human error. in the vessel appears to have been too close to shore, the captain appears to not have followed standard procedures but he said navigation systems showed the way was clear. he was arrested for questioning under suspicion of manslaughter and abandoning ship. days after the disaster, rescuers keep looking. rescuers overnight found the body of a sixth victim of this morning they had to suspend operations because the ship is still sinking. just too dangerous. as for the two americans still unaccounted for, the war
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identified by the local people -- local paper as joule and barbour -- from minnesota. back to you. >> new this noon, authorities try to piece together details surrounding a body that washed ashore in anne arundel county. crews responded to the 2200 block of chesapeake harbor drive before 8:00 o'clock this morning in annapolis -- the victim was pronounced dead on the scene but they cannot comment on age and sex. cause of death also under investigation. temperatures are better -- >> temperatures are better than yesterday. we struggle to get to 34 during the big gain yesterday. currently we are at 35. but still pretty chilly with winds out of the south. you still have to factor in the wind chill. we are still feeling in the 20's. moving to a high of 40 degrees this afternoon. it will be chilly through the later half of the day and then
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the clouds increase after 6:00 p.m., starting to talk about the chance of rain. maybe a little bit of ice in some areas. we will detail the best chance when we come back. >> the ravens are still cruising on the road to annapolis. baltimore added one more to their home winning streak and winning their first home playoff game in five years. that winds send them to a foxpro to face the patriots in the afc title game. kim dacey has reactions from fans. >> the party started early sunday with a five-star tailgate. purple pandemonium had plenty to offer for fans. no one seemed to notice the weather on this cold game day. they found creative ways to stay warm and all had warm thoughts for a win. >> i did not drive to and have hours for the ravens to lose today. not happening. i don't care if it is 0 degrees,
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i don't care what a thermometer said, i love the ravens. >> i love the fu manchu. >> we will be going to the super bowl and i already have tickets. >> let's go. and inside the stadium, fans came running to help the team win, telling the texans to fear the fu. while it certainly was not a pretty win, it was a w. >> the fans were tremendous and a lot of energy in the building here that the game was not perfect. it was hard-fought game. the fans were with us the whole way. >> the fans are happy to cheer the team now that they are just one win away from the super bowl. >> it was an awesome game. best outside linebacker in the game. >> we are going to the super bowl this year. watch out, tom brady. >> kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> what energy? our ravens question.
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assuming they beat new england this weekend, which suitable possibility are you most excited about? send a text to 88509 -- the number again number88509 and standard text messaging rates apply. we will reveal the results at 11 is at 5:00 and 6:00. of course, today is martin luther king, jr. day and the recognition of his birthday, the city of baltimore is holding the annual parade. the grand marshal is none other than nfl hall of famer and former baltimore colts led the more. lisa robinson is downtown where the parade is just about to step off. >> hundreds of lined the streets at martin luther king boulevard. the parade starts up at utah st. and the of braving the cold. anyone coming out has to bundle up. a lot of families out here,
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people with kids. in this is jada -- why do you like to come every year? >> to celebrate martin luther king's birthday because he was a man who had very famous speeches. >> do you have a favorite thing at this parade? >> well, i like to see people -- >> what about you? then i like to see baltimore get together, and i also like to celebrate dr. king's birthday, and i dislike him did >> you make sure he comes out every year? >> yes. the spirit of peace in dr. king and for all the more to come together in a spirit of peace, i like to be a part of it. >> thank you for coming out. they expect this rate to go on for about two hours, 55 different civic organizations coming out -- marching bands, a question in groups, local politicians. we will bring it all to you tonight at 5:00 and it 6:00. and you are coming the next several hours, but go up.
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mr. robinson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> great turn out and great message to continue. the race narrowed just five days out from of a south carolina primary. the list of contenders its shorter. coming up from the latest candidate to drop out and how it will affect the next primary push. miracle treatment, the new treatment for psoriasis. did we mention, it only takes about five minutes? this afternoon's medical
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>> one more down as another republican presidential candidate drops out of the race. jon huntsman officially ended his bid for president this morning and says he will endorse mitt romney. tracy potts has the latest developments in the commitment 2012 report. >> just after south carolina's biggest newspaper endorsed him, jon huntsman announced today he is dropping out of the presidential race and endorsing mitt romney. >> i believe it is now time for our party to unite around the candidate best equipped to defeat barack obama. despite our differences and the space between us on some of the issues, i believe that candidate is governor mitt romney.
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>> jon huntsman was critical romney just last week, along with other candidates to lead in targeting the front runner. >> in south carolina, romney took $12 million and then laid off -- >> from have a seven-point lead in south carolina on average. he has been pummeled with a negative ads, his name comes up and nearly every event. and i am doing as well or has better as the governor romney against obama. >> one person with a realistic chance -- >> you don't have to have the popular media tell you who is best prepared to beat barack obama. >> in fact, ron paul is the only candidate focusing solely on his own i. >> did well hisowa, new hampshire, and we will do well next saturday, right? >> candidates admit, if romney wins conservative south carolina, it will be hard to stop him from winning the nomination. as of today, mitt romney has one more vote from huntsman.
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tracy potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> covering the world, european markets see a wide spread it on the first day opened since many received a downgrade to the credit rating. late friday, standard and poor's cut the ratings of italy, spain, portugal, and cyprus by two notches and france, slovakia, slovenia, saw a one-notch cut. traders said the cuts were expected to the market should not drop dramatically. u.s. markets are closed today for the holiday. still to come, and look at the newest batch of trainees learning how to rescue you from an avalanche. the astounding numbers that make these rescuers more likely to save lives. >> no major snow in the forecast just yet but futurecast showing the chance for ice. when and where, when we come back. first,
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>> in this afternoon's medical alert, this time of year people tend to avoid crowds and attempt to avoid germs. a new study shows germans are not the biggest health correct -- threat crowd offer. researchers found human stampede and he strokes of the main reason for death and illness at large events. over the last 30 years, more than 7000 people have died in trauma during tank -- stampede and 14,000 more have been injured. the risk of heart attack during group evans is also higher, especially when the event is emotionally stressful like a sporting event. researchers at brown university save medicare advantage plan that offered to pay for jim member sincegym memberships at
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to save money. they attract healthier adults. experts say these government insurance programs usually cover more services like vision and dental and the premiums are adjusted based on pre-existing medical conditions. researchers say the findings prove membership may be an attractive business proposition for insurance companies. payne, a tina's, even having a hard time walking or sleeping -- pain, itching, even having a hard time walking sleeping, symptoms of saw rises. a new treatment could offer relief. >> really itchy and it gets worse as the winter goes on. >> seth has been trying to get rid of this painful red skin since he has been diagnosed with siriasis four years ago. >> embarrassing to see red areas on the elbows. >> he tried steroid creams. not only do they burn and put him at risk of finning skin but
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gave him no relief. so, he decided to try a new laser treatment. this registered nurse is treating his elbows with this laser. >> this is a laser which creates light in a narrow band of 308 nanometers, and as observers -- as observed in the areas, it acts like natural sunlight, but more concentrated. >> his treatment takes only five minutes. in that it feels warm to the skin but it does not hurt. >> one of the biggest benefits of the laser is the only tree to the affected areas and does not damage surrounding healthy skin. these before and after photos provided by the company that makes laser shows dramatic results. ms. dr. oz says most of his patients seek improvement in six-eight sessions and often their siriasis -- psoriasis and
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remission for fear to six months. >> seth's scan has improved so much this may be his last treatment for a while. >> never been this good since i started. >> to target the pain of psoriasis. >> and the consumer alert, bmw recalling nearly 90,000 turbocharged minis after receiving a dozen complaints of fires. according to the auto maker, the water pump that cools the electric circuit board could malfunction, making it over heat. some fire started when the vehicle was parked with the engine off. it includes a like models of turbocharge many cooper s, club, convertible, and jcw. owners will receive notification next month. if you are looking for cool,
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fresh air this afternoon on your day off, today is the last day to take advantage of free admission to the nation's national parks. all national parks are waving admission fees to celebrate dr. martin luther king, jr.'s legacy. special events are being held at several national parks, including at the new martin luther king, jr. memorial in washington, d.c. >> if you are planning on being out this afternoon, at least you have the dry weather, but the temperatures are still chilly even though they are warmer than this time yesterday. we are keeping our eyes on hd doppler. showers moving up from the south and east. they will just make their way into the appalachians and will move into the atlantic tonight into tomorrow. we are talking about mostly rain but we have to keep in mind the possibility of ice. it is too warm for any ice right now. currently 39 of the inner
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harbor, 37 in annapolis, 39 in salisbury. the mountains, though, they are hovering close to the freezing mark, if not below. as precipitation moves to the west, it could start off as snow before it changes to rain. as we had to baltimore, still fairly chilly. winds gusting up to 18 miles an hour at the airport, 22 -- it does take a toll on the temperature. it takes the heat from your body faster so you feel cold faster. this is what you feel like -- 29 downtown, 25 in westminster and it feels like 28 in college park. something to keep in mind. if you plan to be out this evening. although the temperatures in the 30's, you still want to dress in the 20's. it will be mild as the rain causes and, temperatures will not be able to drop much. as we show you on the futurecast, some of the showers could start as an icy mix.
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temperatures will be warming up later to keep it a range event. let us time out the chance for ice. mountains may see a windstream ex later this evening and then to rain tonight. baltimore, most precipitation after 7:00 p.m. it will be cloudy. the pink is basically where we have the threat of ice the west of 95. carroll county, north and baltimore county, nor the harford county, they have the biggest threat to see the start of ice, then changing to rain, and then all rain heading into tuesday. the big concern is if you are out on the road when the precipitation starts if it comes as ice, roads could be an easy -- icy. 50 in the afternoon. the end of the week, cooling down and then a chance for snow on for a stay. >> this is the time of year when
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thousands hit the slopes. while ski patrols help keep everyone safe, some considerably smaller workers are being trained to save those buried by avalanches just by following their noses. >> these are the new and improved avalanche rescue dogs. no offense to the same bernards. they are small and agile, small enough to fly in a helicopter with their handlers and head out quickly. been a single rescue dog can cover to london 50 times the area a human could, to be able to follow their sense and locate the target. this program and the largest in colorado with six certified canines and more in training for rescues in this resort or anywhere else in the state. they do not have to be full bread but they do require certain attributes. >> you want a dog who is curious, confident in himself, what he can do -- and the playing and fetch drive for the dog. it is all game.
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>> the game starts out having the dogs find and dig out their favorite toys which, of course, also have a human scent. once they are adept at that, the toys are buried along with human subjects. i volunteered to be buried and have them find me. the good girl. what is that? >> this procedure is -- a prestigious group is trained to respond with would to emergencies and save lives. >> let me give you all cleaned up. >> that was a great job. those dogs are so smart. coming up next, your maryland lottery midday pick 3 and pick 4 numbers and
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>> now time for your maryland lottery midday pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> hit the ravens win, agreed monday and i am from 98 rock with your pick 3 numbers. 8. followed by 6, as printed on the ball. at the next number is . 0860. in a moment, pick 4 -- but first, and to your sgr's in $10,000 cash drawings, by 8:00 a.m. thursday -- like us on facebook to receive a promo card
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for 100 extra yards. ready to go with your pick 4. 5, followed by 3. the index number for your pick 4 game pick8. the final number is 0. 5380. maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> from chilly today to milder tomorrow. >> but it all comes in with that storms of there is a chance there could be ice on the road west of 95 this evening, then all rain and showers tomorrow, high temperature up to 50 degrees. warmer definitely then this weekend. that's a 30's and 40's and of the week. slight chance of snow thursday night and maybe saturday but nothing significant. >> good to know. thank you. thank you for joining us. be sure to watch tonight at 5:00. have a great day.
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