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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  January 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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2010, just two years ago, the ravens went off to foxborough and smacked the patriots in the mouth, upsetting the patriots. john harbaugh says he does not know how much they will benefit from that, but winning in foxborough is better than losing in foxboro. they have never beat the patriots in the regular season, but are 1-0 in the postseason. they will not have home field advantage in foxboro, but jerry johnson said if you have to play on the road, new england is not a bad place to play. in fact, he said he enjoys it. >> things are always cold, ravi, and they have that cool bridge. i do not know what it is. -- things are always cold. things are always robby. -- rowdy.
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they have that cool bridge. i do not know what is. >> he brings up an interesting point. they do have a bridge at the stadium in foxboro. none of us are sure what it all means. for now, reagan's fans are all about the business of getting ready for that game. -- raven's fans are all about the business of getting ready for that game. >> i have got my ray rice jersey right now, which apparently is the hottest item. we are at modell's and they will be open through the superbowl to get you what you want. merchandise is king right now, and if the ravens continue to win, money will be flowing into these merchants pocket. >> we watch the games and we
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take them and we replay them. >> and you have got all your gear, right? >> yes. >> and you are ready for this weekend. >> definitely. >> customers came out at a steady pace for merchants like this one. atwe're really busy christmas time and then we have some down time for about a week. then we get to the super bowl and it is just christmas all over again. yesterday, i could not even getting here. >> when the ravens do win this weekend, they will be stocked with all sorts of afc champions and superbowl gear. >> this sunday, it will have something to do with the patriots. then we will have all of the afc championship stuff and if they pull out a win on sunday. there will be tons of lines related to the super bowl. >> for dan current and the rest
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of the staff at this sporting goods store, once the the ravens had the victory against houston on sunday, it was time to switch gears in focusing on beating the patriots. >> we will get more players, more teachers, more jersey. and -- more t-shirts, more jerseys. >> they hope to bring in fans, no matter how young or old. >> most merchants that we spoke with said they will be having extended hours this week, usually until 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., including the modell's here at the inner harbor. maybe i can convince them to let me keep this jersey. >> sure you can. just without that charge card.
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assuming that the -- witt out that charge card. assuming that the ravens when this began, which possibility are you most excited about? ? the letter "a" if you'd like to -- text the letter "a" if you would like to the ravens/giants rematch, or the rematch"b" if you would like to see -- or the letter "b" if you would like to see them play the 49 years. the number is 88509. >> a rally in annapolis today to repeal the capital punishment law. they heard from a keynote witness, the sister of an inmate executed in september. david collins joins us from annapolis with this update. >> this has been a sleeper issue in the general assembly. in the past two sessions it has just languished.
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however, opponents believe this is the year for the repeal. scores of demonstrators descended upon the state house in annapolis, calling for an end to maryland's death penalty. even though rally organizers failed to get a permit for the law, and police ordered them across the street, it did not diminish. grex the prosecutors make mistakes. the police make mistakes. but you do not take one life for another life. >> she was the set -- is the sister of an inmate that was executed in the fall. he and his supporters contend he is a victim of mistaken identity. while his case raises questions about his testimony, the dna exonerated another inmate.
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but not until he lost years of his life in jail. >> time is over. what we need today is in strong leadership to make this thing happen. it is about time. just after they've fixed the death penalty, they said the might still have a chance of executing an innocent person. >> in 2009, the general assembly passed what was considered a compromise measure. prosecutors could only bring a death penalty case when there was dna evidence. a video recording of the crime, where a confession videotaped. senators have not been able to get the vote out of committee. jealous has joined the opposition. he said he will be urging the
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votes needed for repeal. no decision has been made to include the issue on the governor's legislative agenda. but so far, no bills to abolish the death penalty have been introduced so far this year. >> thank you, david. if you're looking for a job, listen up. maryland live is accepting applications for hundreds of jobs at the casino and arundel mills. its employment center open today. barry simms is live in hanover. are there a lot of people applying for jobs this morning? >> kollhoff people, and the place is still open until 7:00 p.m. tonight -- a lot of people, and the place is still open until 7:00 p.m. tonight. there was a line outside the door this morning, and a steady flow of people throughout the day. construction crews are still building it. the maryland live casino at
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arundel mills is not scheduled to open until june, but a few miles away, plenty of people are buried in the cold and wind, taking a chance and seeking a new opera -- are braving the cold and wind, taking a chance ncta new opportunity. one man tells me he was a security guard in florida, but moved to maryland to be closer to his family. >> many places are filling up for the are letting people go and here they say they have 1500 jobs. i want to get one. >> he is joined the long list of people patiently waiting to see what happens following dara interviews. the jobs range from internet -- information technology and finance to surveillance and security. >> they're looking for people that are going for my career field. having this opportunity is a big opportunity -- a big deal for me. >> you can also go online to fill out applications. eileen says she heard news
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reports about the employment center opening. she has a part-time job, but want full-time work in customer service. >> i have never worked at a casino like this. if i was to get hired, i would be very excited. >> obviously, unemployment is high. there are people underemployed, unemployed for some time. and there are people looking for jobs for the first time. we understand where it -- what people are going through. >> the maryland live casino employment center is open from 10 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. monday through friday. we estimate more than 300 people have come here today. also, 5500 people have applied online. you can do that at a link that we have set up at our website reporting live, barry simms, wbal tv 11 news. >> stay with us. much more ahead at 6:00 p.m.
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>> i am lisa robinson. i will take you to the martin luther king jr. parade, coming up. >> the ravens camp at owings mills where john karr vah has high praise for more than just the ravens players -- john harbaugh has high praise for more than just the ravens players as they move closer to the super bowl. >> 37 at the
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>> some baltimore city schools students spent this month the third king jr. holiday giving of their time. dozens of schools across the sea honored his legacy today during the annual day of service. -- across the city honored his legacy today during the annual debt service. some of those project included making valentine cards for soldiers, art packages for children at the johns hopkins children's hospital and other things. grex lisa robinson -- >> lisa robinson attended today's event where hundreds remember the legacy of the civil-rights legend. >> the martin luther king jr. parade proceeded down martin luther king jr. boulevard. cold to' braved the take part. >> they had things taking part,
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and the horses and the police. >> hundreds slide -- lined martin luther king jr. boulevard to watch the bands and dancers. the honor guard marched and the city police mountain division took to the streets, and football -- football hall of famer lenny moore waved to the crowd. he was the grand marshal. he comes every year. >> it is people coming together. >> it is the unity and the legacy that dr. martin 13 was about, that one day we would all live together -- that dr. martin luther king was about, that one day we would all live together. >> for many, it was a family event, a chance for parents to relax and have fun with their kids, but also talk about dr. king and his legacy. >> dr. martin luther king jr.
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legacy is progress in america. we are here to show that we want to celebrate what his life meant and the progress that we have made. we know we still have a lot to do. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> on hd doppler, we have it switched over to modem. where the penis is -- the pink is that is where you are going to see some wintry precipitation. it looks like it will be primarily rain around baltimore area. the careful heading north and
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west of town, especially of toward scranton and the catskills and new york state and beyond. 17 at b.w.i. marshall this morning. 93 -- nine degrees colder than the average. but right on target for the afternoon, the 16th of january. below freezing overnight tonight. that is in hancock to prosper. -- frostburg. the initial grain that comes in will dry up. the temperatures will cool a couple of degrees due to evaporation. a winter weather advisory in allegheny county. no advisory's here, but up until 11:00 p.m. or 12:00 a.m., we could see some freezing rain near the pennsylvania border.
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overnight into the morning, it is just rain because the temperatures will drop all little and then steadily rise going into tomorrow morning when it steady rains develop in our area. by then, safely above freezing. the warm air is pushing all the way up into the southern great lakes. detroit is at 42 degrees. it is above freezing all the way through to syracuse, new york. the cold holds on aijalon virginie mountains of pennsylvania, new york state, and -- hold on in the mountains of pennsylvania, new york state, and surrounding areas. 50's tomorrow. wednesday, back behind this cold front. the rest of the week we will feel like january again. strong, gusty winds and cold temperatures wednesday sets the stage for a fast moving clipper thursday afternoon.
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it might catch us thursday evening with some flurries or snow showers. with snowdnesday showers. colder and gusty winds. the temperature dropped will go from the 50's on tuesday into the 40's on wednesday. another chance for flurries thursday evening. friday night into saturday, a chance for rain, sleet, and wet snow again. >> this is 11 sports. >> gerry sandusky which you at the raymond camp at owings mills, where the work is already begun. they got a win over the houston tx. how will they beat the patriots
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if they played with a gate at the -- when they played the texans. jones must punt in the first quarter. it was recovered by jimmy smits. they knocked their way in with a surprise pass. joe flacco found chris wilson -- i know a lot of fans were wondering who chris wilson is. it gave them a 7-3 lead. three interceptions on various web, who had a pro bowl, caliber season. the ravens had everything going their way on the defensive front. offensively, he could not ask for much more than that first quarter. they had a 17-3 lead, but in the playoffs nosebleeds like that do not usually last. -- leads like that do not
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usually lasts. at halftime, 17-13. but in the fourth quarter, the fourth turnover for the texans. when you win the turnovers, you win the game. a. securing the victory. -- ed. securing the game. >> and just shows how much the fans mean to the players and to the coaches and the organization. it was a tough game. it was a ratings gain, i guess. a typical -- a raven's game, i guess. a typical 2011 baltimore ravens game. and our fans were fighting with the team -- right there with the team the whole way. >> john harbaugh said ed reed is
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ok after injuring his ankle. he will be able to play in the championship game in foxboro. this team has more than a dozen players who have never been in an afc championship game before, and that includes will keep right receiver tories smith, who played in his first -- rookie wide receiver tory smith, who played in his first playoff game yesterday against the texans. >> i'm excited about it. the biggest thing i know about new england is that my brother always picks them. they have always pretty much had the best offense. it is a great place to play. i am familiar with the new england area, a little bit. >> it is real football come sunday. we will have you covered from
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now until kickoff sunday. a one-hour special saturday night in providence as we get set for the ravens and the patriots. coming up, "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> coming up at 11:00 p.m., a purple haze is moving north as the raven's head to new england for a championship showdown against the patriots. local merchants are trying to keep up with the demand for
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ravens year. and police need your help after three armed suspects went into a home in anne arundel county.
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>> a warmup tomorrow. rain and in the 50's. benett cools off and maybe even a touch of snow on thursday. >> as long as it is just a touch. >> thanks for joining us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the
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