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tv   Today  NBC  January 17, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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. extra cream, three sugars. iced coffee french vanilla. for me. iced coffee with a turbo shot. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee. ♪ i was right by your side we're back now with more of "today" on a tuesday morning, the 17th day of january, 2012. our thanks to james morrison. more music from him a little bit later on. he's got some voice, that guy. nice day here in the northeast. sunny skies and moderate temperatures. what else?
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we'll find something to complain about. >> folks in the northwest not happy. >> big storm out there. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry. mr. roker joins us and tamron hall. natalie is on assignment. she'll be back soon. meanwhile more on the developing story off the coast of italy, the cruise liner resting basically on its side. the search continues for survivors as divers tried to blast a hole to allow them to get into the hull of the ship. the captain has made a court appearance. we'll have the latest in a couple minutes. >> you mentioned the weather. during these winter months, how do we best protect ourselves from germs? i look at you because i know it's something you think about on a moment-to-moment basis. we have advice coming up this morning. >> and our good pal jill martin is back with her off aen ten imitated but never duplicated steals & deals.
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she has dresses, bracelets at deep, deep discounts. >> and if you missed the golden globes this weekend, never father because we're here to revisit some of our favorite moments from the most free wheeling awards show. people are still talking about it. there's even a feud now between madonna and elton john. the hits keep coming. >> who ever would have thought meryl streep would swear? >> i know! that she'd get bleeped out. let's get to the news. savannah is at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning. there are new details about what happened on board that italian cruise ship when it veered off course and was grounded off the tuscan coast. an audio recording has been released of a conversation between the port authority and the captain who appears in court today. nbc's michelle kosinski is in italy with the latest. good morning to you.
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>> reporter: hi, savannah. there are dozens of italian navy divers here. they were able to blast another small hole into the hull. they have been going 30 feet under water trying to get to the first officer's room where they suspect they may find bodies of victims. while this is going on, the ship's captain was arraigned on criminal charges -- manslaughter, causing the wreck, abandoning ship. the company said he went off course too close to show the ship off to villagers, many of whom helped save his passengers. after days in jail the concordia's captain gets one in court. accused of causing this disaster, going off course, attempting to deliver the island a great view. this recent video of the concordia shows it had been done before but francesco schettino ended up hitting rock. then turned to beach the ship, the italian press is reporting
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it may have been a stunt so the head waiter to see his hometown. there is a recording. an angry phone exchange hours after the accident happened. captain, this is an order. get back on that ship. there are already casualties. schettino asked, how many. the port replies, you should tell me that. now you get back on that ship and tell us what can be done. now a view up close. parts of a ship you never see. rescuers straining to pull themselves over and inside. you get a sense how terrifying it was for passengers trying to get off. imagine jumping. infrared video shows them inching across the hull down to the water. >> when you're considering whether you're going to survive or not you're worried that other people are worried about you. that's the worst thing. >> reporter: the company commended the actions of the
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crew but we could find no survivor who agreed. >> the crew didn't have a clue what they were doing. i asked the guy, do you know what you're doing? the passengers were helping each other. the ones that are doing it were the cooks, wters, house cleaning people. where are the officers that they have? they're all gone. they're not there. >> reporter: among the missing, americans jerry and barbara heil minnesota retirees whose family said they put four kids through college and finally had the means to travel, beyond excited about their dream mediterranean cruise that lasted three hours. the last rescue was sunday. now there is a state of emergency over worries a half million gallons of fuel inside may be leaking. a modern marvel felled by what may have been a bad decision and a rock. one thing we know prosecutors are presenting in the case against the captain is video that supposedly shows the ship
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sitting there that night for a long time at a safe angle. that would raise the question why weren't the lifeboats lowered more quickly. many passengers told us that ship tilted fast. savannah? >> still so many questions. michelle kosinski, thank you. politics now. republican candidates sparred in the first of two debates leading to south carolina's primary. last night in myrtle beach the candidates turned up the heat on front-runner mitt romney particularly on finance and business experience. for the first time romney said he may be willing to release his tax returns sometime in april. the mother of missing maine toddler ayla reynolds said she and other family members are willing to take a lie detector test to help find her daughter. trista reynolds said she's offered to take a polygraph since her daughter's disappearance. baby ayla vanished from her father's home one month ago today. the food & drug administration has fined the american red cross more than
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$9.5 million for sloppy and unsafe blood management practices. it is the second multi-million dollar penalty against the organization in just two years. the fda said inspections show ongoing problems at the red cross could endanger donors and threaten the nation's blood supply. parts of the pacific northwest will be seeing significant snow over the next 24 to 48 hours. seattle could see as much as nine inches by tomorrow. on monday, light snow and ice made for difficult driving conditions in the higher elevations of oregon and parts of washington. actress lindsay lohan is due in court today in los angeles to give her monthly update on how she's meeting strict probation requirements. lohan has been performing community service at the county morgue and attending psychotherapy as part of her probation for separate drunk driving and theft cases. now back to al for a check of the weather. >> thanks, savannah.
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we've got a couple areas of concern today. first of all expanding severe weather from louisiana to alabama. possibility of an isolated tornado with heavy thunderstorms. you can already see them firing up now. out in the pacific northwest, as savannah mentioned, we have a strong jet stream, pacific moisture and with cold air in place that means heavy snow for the northwest. in the mountains, some areas with 30 inches of snow or more. otherwise from the cascades up into the peuget sound, 6 to 14 inches of snow. >> good morning.
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we are warmer than we were yesterday at this time. we will make it into the 50's sp proofing your routine. it's that time of year when everyone seems to have the dreaded winter sniffles. how can we avoid them? dr. raj is here to help. she's the contributing medical editor for "health" magazine. good to see you. >> good to see you, al. >> first people say i have been going in and out of the heat, into the cold. >> right. >> does that make you sick or not? >> not really. the change in temperature isn't the deal here. in winter it's the fact that we are in closed quarters because it's cold outside and that increases your exposure to germs. there are things you can do to fend them off. >> first you say watch what you eat. >> diet can make a difference. first of all have protein to
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help the white blood cells grow and be strong. that helps us fight infection. antioxidants are great. brightly colored fruits and vegetables can help fight off and increase immunity. finally, omega 3 fatty acids are great for the heart and good for your immune system. fish, flaxseeds. >> what about vitamin c? >> lots of controversy. studies have been conflicting in terms of preventing the cold. but shortening the duration, that has been proved. it's great to get it naturally through fruits. oranges, grapefruit. it may shorten the cold and maybe lessen symptoms a little bit. >> this is the one we heard. have a bowl of chicken soup. it can't hurt. >> right. >> you say it's not the chicken soup but the warm liquid. >> warm liquids in general help loosen secretions in your nasal passages. it can soothe a sore throat, reduce the symptoms of cough,
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runny nose, sneezing. chicken soup actually does have special properties where it can fight off infection. it increase it is mobility of certain white blood cells to help you fight a cold. chicken soup is great, but hot tea with honey and lemon, all of these are good. >> during the winter months, exercise helps but if you're already sick you may want to pull back. >> exactly. before you're sick getting regular exercise is important. one study showed people who exercise 30 minutes a day average one cold a year whereas those who don't average four colds a year. it helps increase the immune system. once you're sick you need to rest, let your body rest. don't get dehydrated. so take it easy when you have a cold. >> keep the house clean and fresh and keep changing your sheets and pillow cases. >> yeah. at least once a week. the germs tend to stick there. if you are sick you will continue to be sick if you still have germs on the sheets. clean them at least once a week. >> the humidifier is important?
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>> it loosens secretions, helps with a dry throat. cool mist is more safe than warm his. keep the temperature around 69 degrees. >> and wash your hands. >> the losast but most importantly. wash them frequently, not too quickly. lather, rinse, repeat. >> hopefully we will be healthy for the whole winter. >> yes. >> still to come, after her health announcement this morning, paula deen is in the kitchen whipping up some lighter, lower fat fare. we'll check in with her. up next, jill martin has amazing steals and deals that should save you a boat load of money. first, these messages. kleenex brand tissues announcer] are america's softest... no wonder people want to share them on and on. send a kleenex brand share package for free today at and start your own chain of sharing. in return, you'll receive a sample of new kleenex cool touch tissues...
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today and us weekly contributor jill martin is here to walk us through the deals. good morning. >> good morning. that dress looks good on uh you. it's perfect. >> i'll try it on again. >> go to and for 24 hours, if they last that long, we link you to the retailer's website up to 91% off. if you want it, get it now. things don't last. >> it's a screaming deal. some of the wrap dresses which i understand this dress can be done 60 different ways. >> right. this is all the same dress. retail $335. there are two dresses offered. you can style them 60 different ways to fit your body type. available in long and short sleeve in black and red. there are two sizes, 0 to 12 and 14 plus. fans include kate bossworth and jessica simpson. $59. that's 82% off. >> you could roll it up and put it in the suitcase. it's a good travel item.
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>> we were talking about being on the road. it doesn't wrinkle. >> next we have number 4 hair care products. >> the retail is $129. it combines natural ingredients with forward edge technology. the set includes hydrating shampoo, conditioner, blow dry lotion to take away the frizz. retail carrier and tote. the deal is $29. that's 78% off. >> you get all the products and a bag as well. >> exactly. great for travel. >> next we have bracelets with unique stones. >> aren't they beautiful? great to layer. nina's natural stone bracelets. $145 to $198 retail. beautiful organic gem stones. range of prices depending on the band you choose. $145 to $198 the deal is $38 to $58. >> for each single one.
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>> depending on the band and stone. you have to look on the website. it will spell it out. >> next we have beautiful bags -- oh, wait. how typical of me to miss the workout thing. i didn't want to do it. >> you can start now. tell us about it. >> the fitness package retails for $202. kathy taylor is a celebrity trainer. it includes her weekly newsletter with recipes and workouts. here's the video. looks easy to do. stay fit and sexy for life. her best selling e-book and her fitness system and total body workout dvd. $202 retail. the deal is $18. that's 91% off. want to do the moves? >> i'm wearing high heels. doesn't look bad. that's a great deal. >> $18. >> take it on the road. and now our final item. these are pretty handbags.
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>> bags always do well. if you don't have one for the new year this is great. retail is $385. new from the spring collection. genuine leather with an adjustable, removable strap. three colors. the retail is $385. the deal $75, 81% off. >> it has little internal pockets. gals like that. >> i love how you're like -- >> i want people to know what they're getting! to review, we have the hailey star wrap dresses which can be worn 60 different ways. the hair set with the carrier, nina nguyen's stone bracelets, the fitness package and last but not least the satchel. if you want to get in on it go to for the exclusive coupon codes for all of the items. if you have questions about the products jill is getting online
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this weekend. i have to probe your minds. >> whoa. >> we had fun. al was on the red carpet talking fashion with all the stars. i snapped photos from my iphone. >> did you? >> she was taking pictures. our 9:00 producer mark victor was taking pictures as well. >> basically we were stalking celebrities and got paid for it. >> we got a few of them. there we are with octavia spencer. >> beautiful. me with my buddy leo. >> you're people's most sexiest not him. >> how do you like my framing? madonna. >> you took those? >> air kiss to emma stone. >> victor took some. >> no, these are mine. >> they're blurry. >> oh! >> mark wahlberg. >> i like it. >> i love that little dog. >> uggy. >> we love him. >> there's you and nat. >> gorgeous. >> your favorite moment? >> it's impossible to pick one.
9:24 am
>> i think when octavia spencer gave that acceptance speech it was really touching. >> she quoted dr. martin luther ki king, jr. you saw people crying in the audience. >> we saw her over the weekend. she's the darling of the golden globes. she was so happy to be there. she said, do you know where i was a year ago on golden globe night? i was in charge of the pool. she said my friends wanted to know who would win. i made sure it was highlighted and everything. she has a lot of good projects coming up. we liked it when the dog came up on stage. that was cute. >> he stole the show. >> what a story he had on the verge of being euthanized and swept to stardom. >> of course i love the show homeland. it won several awards including claire danes. i got to interview them. >> is this a precursor for who will win the oscar?
9:25 am
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everyone. it will be a breezy and mild today. some of the rain could be heavy. temperatures will make it into the 50's this afternoon. 70 forecast -- breezy and colder tomorrow. maybe some snow showers and fl@
9:29 am
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> first lady michelle obama showing off her dance moves at her husband's inaugural ball in 2009. the designer of her gorgeous gown jason wu and soon you can wear his clothes, too, at affordable prices. he's designing for target and he'll tell us about it tomorrow on "today." wonder if it will cause a frenzy. >> we hope it will. i plan to check it out. also ahead, southern chef paula deen who told you, al, that she
9:31 am
has type 2 diabetes will be back with her buys oys to make some her best recipes anyone can eat. >> and we catch up with bobbi brown who will show us how to wear bright makeup in the winter. you don't have to feel drab. >> first, hello to tabitha from "tabitha takes over" on bravo. this year she's helping small businesses whip into shape. you're beyond the salon helping bars and all different businesses. in fact, coming up you'll be helping a gay dance club. >> tonight. one of the first gay dance clubs in long beach, in california. >> you have mostly concentrated on salons until you.
9:32 am
do the basic principles apply? >> absolutely. the skills and what you're sell issing or giving to customers changes. but the principles of business are the same. >> i love this gentle energy you're giving off because people are afraid of you. >> we know you. >> you walk in and fear consumes the room. where is that tabitha? >> she's here. i don't need to take you over or someone would be afraid of me. >> do you need me? >> well -- >> maybe. >> now that you ask. >> what's the secret to transforming a company in a week? >> going crazy. it's a lot of hard work. the transformation is on the inside as well as the outside. people need to work hard and embrace change. that's hard for people to look at what they are doing wrong and decide to move forward and get out of the rut they're stuck in. >> i love that you look at the
9:33 am
small business as we talk about small businesses these days with the economy. we need them to grow and people go out of business making careless mistakes that you catch. >> people get themselves in trouble and don't know how to get out. they get stuck. they think doing nothing is better than being proactive. that's where i come in. >> when you yell at everybody are you mad or is it for show? are these things really frustrating you? >> i'm really mad. you can tell. i get really frustrated. i get frustrated when i care more than they care. that's frustrating to me. i do really want to help them. >> we can't wait. thank you so much. good to see you. "t "tabatha takes over" airs tonight at 10:00/9:00 central on bravo, our sister network. >> thank you. now how about a check of the weather? >> let's show you what's happening. today we have a storm system
9:34 am
getting together in the pacific northwest. rain now will be changing to snow. we have showers in new england. icy conditions as well. a risk of storms through the lower gulf. tomorrow, sunny but cold in the northeast. midatlantic states, lake effect snows take over. into the cascades and coastal pacific northwest with rain in northern california. >> good morning. it will be a breezy and mild day today. the best chance for rain showers will be later this morning and into the afternoon. into the afternoon. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. now hello to mike mecina, the
9:35 am
latest contestant to have the scales tip against him on "biggest loser." you look great. you started at 358. i know you lost 20 on the ranch. how much have is you lost overall? >> 75 pounds. >> how did you do it? [ sighs ] >> wow. that's a sigh. >> he's still processing it. >> let's see. boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, hiking. >> is that the secret for you -- mixing it up? >> i'm enjoying doing things i enjoy. >> how has your lifestyle improved? >> i got on a plane and flew out here and i didn't need a seat belt extender. >> that's a great feeling. >> you know about that. >> i do. >> i was happy about that. >> people don't realize the little things over weight people have to deal with. are you continuing to lose weight at home? do you think you have a shot at
9:36 am
the $100,000 at-home prize? >> i think it's mine. >> wow! he reared back and everything. >> i want it. >> you have to have that confidence to tackle the weight, lose 75 pounds. you can't be a shrinking violet. >> right. >> did you like your trainer? is like a strong word? >> yes, yes. >> i love this guy. >> you can always take out a judge or two. >> that will take them out. >> mike messina, congratulations. we're rooting for you. watch tonight at 8:00/7:00 central here on nbc. thank you, mike. up next, how to get your makeup to shine over the dreary winter months. bobbi brown will help us out after this. ax geek. i love taxes. people say to me, "you're so lucky. after tax season, you get to relax." we're not here for a couple of months; we're here year-round. after april 15th, we don't close down.
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♪ have a good daisy, healthy foods to eat ♪ ♪ when you want some joy, dance to the beat ♪ ♪ and have a good daisy [ female announcer ] enjoy the fresh, 100% natural choice in cottage cheese. ♪ have a good daisy ♪ have a good daisy ♪ this morning on today's beauty, a new winter look for the new year. if your neutral colors are giving you a taste of the winter blues, bobbi brown is here to show you how to get a pop of color that just might be the answer. good to see you. >> you, too. >> i love this. we get into a rut with our clothing and our makeup with neutrals this time of year. >> i love nude makeup but what's fun is when you have a pop of something with it. it's not for every day and it's not for everyone. >> just something to warm you
9:41 am
up. we have marie with us. >> marie claire. her makeup is flawless and beautiful and natural for her. so just a pop of this atomic orange color. >> i love this lipstick. >> not everyone could wear it. my suggestion -- and these are neon. you will see it everywhere from my cuff to my necklace to all a over the stores. >> makeup? >> clothes. the way to wear neon makeup is to choose pink or orange. we chose orange. pair it with a soft blush. if you had a bright blush it wouldn't work. do a thin line on the eye so it doesn't wash out and don't fight with a lot of color. if you would blot your lip you can apply it out of the tube with a brush. you can blot it for a matte stain. >> pretty. >> it might be more wearable and the lip gloss which is a hint of
9:42 am
color could be worn without the under nooelt color. it adds a little bit of shine. >> ithe secret is to keep everything else neutral. >> and my trick is to take a little bit of the -- what is this called? >> lip gloss. >> looks like mascara. hi. i'm bobbi brown. put a little bit on the cheek for a glow. >> it's like a dewy gloss. i love it. this is beautiful, marie. next up is cassandra for the opposite of the lip obviously. we are applying it on the eye area. what do you have here? >> exactly. we started with a beige lip. not everyone can wear a beige lip. you can. >> how do you know if you can or not? >> if you have a lot of color like a red lip you look too ashy. if you have a light lip it's gorgeous. >> beautiful. a soft blush but make sure it's there. and then color.
9:43 am
one. >> those colors are stunning. i would say, only bobbi brown could apply this. >> no. first of all, the important thing is she's wearing concealer and corrector and liner around the eye. because it's red in tone you cannot skip the eye liner. what you could do is either use your finger and put it on the whole lid. >> wow. >> really you can play a little bit. put it over your brown shadow. >> why your finger? >> you can use a brush or your finger. the difference with your finger is it doesn't flake on the face. if your face is totally done and you have a bold color. >> so you don't get color below the eye. >> then you can take the brush and soften it which is great. >> that's nice. >> you can add more. it depends on your personality. >> uh-huh. >> you can also a use a color like this over your eye liner with a brush. you know how you line your eye
9:44 am
with black or charcoal? you could put it over that. >> would you select a bright color based on what you are wearing or opposite? >> i would never wear a bright color with this shirt because it's so bright. no. because she's wearing all black she can get away with color. >> are you using both colors or just one? >> go for one. that's the trick. make sure your blush is there but soft. >> all right. >> it's almost a hint of color. she looks fresh and modern. a lot of time you see tv commercials with the blues and greens. it's not wearable. that's not the way people should walk on the street. this is the way to get away with it. it's winter. >> winter with a pop. maria, you look fantastic and cassandra, you do as well. love the ideas. up next, the queen of southern cooking, paula deen gives her
9:45 am
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i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. ♪ this morning on today's kitchen, what's for dinner? your favorite foods with a healthy twist. this morning paula deen announceded she has type 2 diabetes inspiring her to remake some of her best recipes. she's also brought along bobby and jamie. >> good morning, sir. >> paula, you talk about your recipes in moderation. >> yes. i always have! >> and your medication and
9:49 am
exercise. but i have gotten a lot of tweets. people want to know have you changed fundamentally how you eat? >> i always ate in moderation, al, but now i'm more aware of it. now that my doctor has made me aware. i may not eat as much bread as i want. i may eat half a sandwich. only use one piece of the bread. no sweet tea for me. >> you cut that out. >> yeah. i made small changes, al. and, y'all, all these small changes that you can make can give you a new light on this problem that we have. >> you're doing this with lasagna? >> yes. i'm making a wonderful lasagna. we have fabulous lasagna at the lady & sons. we have taken some of the fat out. >> you have extra lean ground beef. >> and smaller portions as well. >> smaller portion. i notice you're cutting the beef with veggies. >> a lot of vejggiesveggies.
9:50 am
mushroom, onion and bell pepper. and now i have added a little water for those to steam. >> okay. >> just a little bit more. perfect. >> now we'll add diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, fresh parsley. >> bay leaves. >> a couple of bay leaves. >> low sodium tomato sauce as well. >> low sodium. then we have the italian seasoning and garlic. just because this is going to be good for us, al, we don't want it to miss any of the good flavors we want. >> bobby, you have taken some of your mom's recipes on the show and lightened them up. >> in simple ways like what mom is talking about. i have used neat tricks with vegetables as a nice filler. i used cauliflower in the mac & cheese. came out really good. i would puree my own tomatoes and use fresh. >> now you're lining the pan?
9:51 am
>> lasagna is traditionally rich and heavy. this would normally be full fat. this is no fat ricotta cheese. and adding cottage cheese. to that we had an egg and we cut back by using one egg white. little bit of parm. mix it together for that beautiful whiteness in the center of the lasagna. >> yes. >> you have the noodles. >> these are low gluten, too. every piece of the recipe is a little bit lighter. >> the best thing about lasagna is there is no blueprint. you can go sauce first to get that down. we're using the gluten-free today. the cheese on this end is low fat cheese. we have mozzarella, gruyeur. mom breaks up cream cheese in it. >> so good!
9:52 am
>> a low fat cream cheese. >> yes. >> there are different varieties of these. >> let me tell you what i'm starting to do. >> let's come back this way. you put it in the oven, bake it. it looks like this. >> i have started using a wheat pasta. >> whole wheat. >> you're hearing about gluten-free foods, people with that problem. so you can certainly use that noodle which is gluten-free or a wheat. >> how did you change up the sour cream cake? >> oh, my gosh. this is so good. it has only a cup of sugar. it's got cocoa powder, all the flavors that you crave. it's so wonderful and fudgy. you eat it with fresh fruit or even frozen whipped toppings that don't have sugar and a lot of fat. or, you know, fresh whipping cream and don't use the sugar or use a substitute. >> you boys proud of mom? >> so proud.
9:53 am
>> all right. always good to see you. you're taking steps to be healthy and we love it. >> al, you're a daddy. your children are the most important thing in the world. >> even when they get big. >> best dishes, y'all! >> we have more coming up. first, this is "today" on nbc.@
9:54 am
9:55 am
all right. savannah and tamron just going to town. >> yes, we are. >> it's delicious! isn't it? >> only 150 calories. >> have two or three. >> that's what i was thinking. >> kathie lee and hoda coming up. >> after your local news and weather.
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