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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  January 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> the road to indianapolis ended in new england for the ravens after a heartbreaking loss. the game comes to a dispointing end after a few missed passes and the missed field goal. >> we have live team coverage. 11 news reporter has reaction from fans and greg tolan has a super bowl preview, but first, the voice of the ravens, gerry sandusky is live from foxborough with highlights. it was so hard for us back
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here. for you guys that close to the game, i can only imagine how devastating it was. >> absolutely overwhelming to a point where it's hard to describe. the only way i could possible put the feeling into one word would be a four-letter word that would get me fired. you'll just have to understand that there are some places emotions go that words don't follow and one of those places was here in foxborough with a loss. torrey smith from joe flacco showing his tremendous athleticism. a -- athleticism, a 28-yard touchdown. brady would answer in the fourth quarter on fourth and goal, a one-yard leap over the goal line to put the patriots back in front. cut to the chase. final minute of the game. 30 second left. flacco to the end zone. lee evans has the ball in his hands but it's stripped away by sterling moore.
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no touchdown and to the ravens' disappointment, no review called for from the booth. 15 seconds left, billy cundiff, 32-yard field goal to tie it and it sails wide left. and disbelief falls on the ravens with all the sting of a winter storm, as they stare into the off-season losing 23-20 to the now-super bowl-bound new england patriots. >> i'm proud of them. i'm proud of our quarterback, the way he played and stepped up in this kind of a setting. the plays he made down the stretch says a lot about him and his future. i like our football team and i like where we're going. >> ravens quarterback joe flacco clearly outplayed tom brady but it didn't matter in the final score. it may matter to ravens' fans. we head to owens mills for a report. >> all of the people or talking about this game for the entire season and especially the past
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few weeks. fans have rallied around this team and even though they suffered a devastating lots, they're still proud of the ravens for making it this far. >> it was definitely a disappointing loss but i felt like our boys played a good game. >> they were excited during some plays and disappointed with others. but a missed field goal that would have tied the game caused the most heartache for friends. >> towards the end of the game i saw a lot of people hurt, including myself. when he missed that field goal, that was heartbreaking. >> i saw tears. >> in canton square, fans were equally upset. >> he had that kick. ok? the wind took it away? him. he -- we had it. it was ours. >> back at bill bateman, these fans were swimming in a sea of purple during the game but they said there was no hard feelings on either side.
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>> it was tense but they were great. >> despite the devastating loss, these loyal fans are still proud of their hometown team. >> the ravens clearly proved that they were battle tested, and that they were up for the task. >> i want to commend john harbaugh and the ravens. a lot of teams didn't get to this point. everybody goes through something in sports. >> i was a colts fan when the colts left. and i'm a ravens fan and i'll be a ravens fan till the end. win or lose. >> and just to give you an example of how dedicated and loyal fans are, we're set up at the training facilities here at owens mills and fans are coming to show their support for the team. greg tolan is standing by with a look at the super bowl. greg, how is the game setting town be? >> it certainly would be much
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better if the ravens were playing in the title game. the n.f.c. title game tweens between the giants and niners did go into overtime. this time the kick was good. we're tied at 17-17 and kyle williams fumbles away the football in overtime. it was recovered by the giants' devin thomas and led to a 31-yard field goal by lawrence tynes, giving the giants the victory and sending them to super bowl 46. here it is, a rematch of super bowl xlii, the patriots and giants, february 5 in indianapolis, a game you'll be able to see right here on wbal channel 11 and what a tough day for the harbaugh family. john and the ravens losing the a.f.c. title game while jim and the 49ers defeated by the giants. >> thank you very much. on a rather somber note today the sports world lost legendary
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coach joe paterno. his death comes just two months after he was fired in that fallout surrounding the allegations of child sex abuse involving fellow assistant coach jerry sandusky. he had two national championships. joe paterno was 85 years old. >> today, 11 news caught up with the former running back liddell mitchell who was coached by joe paterno back in the late 1960's. he said he visited joe paterno almost two weeks ago. mitchell says persono didn't go into much detail about the abuse scandal. he said he hopes paterno will be remembered for all the good that he did. >> he was not just a football coach but a great human being. i mean, it's clearly -- you can see it when you go up to penn
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state. this man put his money where his mouth -- put his money up, when you look at the library. that's a perfect example. that's what he was about. >> we will have much more on the passing of joe paterno coming up later in sports. >> newt gingrich and mitt romney are preparing for a showdown in florida. the two candidates will be squaring off in another republican debate tomorrow with rick santorum and texas congressman ron paul. romney says he will now release his tax returns, resisting the notion he had something to hifmente coming off a stunning win last night in south carolina, gingrich says he is committed to beating president obama. >> and tonight arizona congresswoman gabourey emgiffords says she will be revining -- resigning from congress this week. she said he -- she wants to
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concentrate on recovering from wounds suffered in an assassination attempt last january. she said her recovery is going to require a lot of effort and it's best for her seat and if she resigns her seat in the house. >> what an amazing comeback. coming up, a baltimore priest is under fire after he was arrested. we'll have details. >> and search efforts have resumed off the coast of italy. the latest on the cruise shim disaster. >> our unusual winter continues with more freezing drizzle and rain tonight and then warm-up with rain in the forecast. we have freezing drizzle right now. at the inner harbor just above freezing at 33.
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>> an archdiocese baltimore priest has been removed from his duties tonight after an arrest at an adult bookstore. harford counties were making a
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routine spot check last monday and investigates say they observed mark stewart bulluck on a sofa undressed from the waist down. he's now been charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. >> costa concordia employees rallied in italy to show their support for the crew today. the substance dairy of carnival cruises expressing support for the rally in genoa today. they expressed their sorrow for the devastating tragedy. search crews recovered the body of a female victim, bringing the death toll to eight. at least 19 people are still unaccounted for. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with john collins. >> let's start out with a look at the radar, just to give you an idea of what's going on here.
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we don't see any echoes around the chesapeake bay region at all. we are getting some drizzle and freezing drizzle in some cases but the droplets are so small, the radar can't see it. farther west, closer to the approaching cold front, we're seeing rain showers activity from the south and there are some pretty good thunderstorms out in the mississippi valley as well. hardly any movement. temperatures have gone up in the past couple of hours. 27 was the low this morning. the airport is now 31. that's the high so far today, right now. 33 at the inner harbor. so we've been below freezing all day. typical high this time of year is 41 degrees. around freezing here in baltimore. mid 30's to 40's on the lower eastern shore. 43 at salisbury. ocean city, the same. so there is some warm air down there but we have north to
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northeast winds and that's holding temperatures down. 20's to near 30 in far western maryland. here you can see that area of cold air being pushed down by high pressure but there's some warm air off to the southwest. right now it's high pressure providing the clouds and mist and chilly air but eventually this system to the west will win and ahead of that, there's a sourly flow of air and that will -- southerly flow of air and that will bring the temperatures up and end the risk of freezing rain or drizzle. maybe rain showers toward day break. depends on where the temperatures will be. but the lows overnight, 28 to 32 degrees. there is a frain dwiles -- freezing rain advisory in effect until past the morning rush hour tomorrow. 47 to 51 the high tomorrow. a nice warm .
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southeast winds. south rinse two to seven knots on the bay. the future cast shows the actually rainfall coming from as the cold front goes through but by tuesday morning, that moves out and we dry out. 49 tomorrow for the high after a morning low right around freezing and then dry on tuesday and wednesday. more showers on thursday. mild right into next weekend except for saturday. we could see a morning mix and some flurries on sunday. >> it was not the ending the ravens and their fans had hoped for. the ravens falling to the patriots in the a.f.c. title game. too bad it had to come down to this. closing seconds of the game. the game should have and couch gone into overtime. billy cundiff, 32-yard field goal attempt. normally he hits this every
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time but in this instance it is wide. the reins lose and the final score 23-20. gerry sandusky, pete gilbert and qadry ismail will have complete highlights and reaction during ravens wrap knupp a few minutes. the giants and 49ers did go into overtime. huge turnover deciding the outcome. williams stripping kyle williams of the ball. and it led to this. lawrence tynes, a 31-yard field goal to win. it's good. the giants beat the niners 20-17 and they are moving on to super bowl 46 in a rematch of the super bowl four years ago that the giants won. in pittsburgh, the capitals taking on the penguins. this game was tied at 3-3. mag kin with the game winner. penguins beat the caps 4-3. ravens wrap-up is on the way. first, john collins is back with the seven-day forecast
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after this.
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>> friesen rain advisory tonight. could be slippery but we warm up tomorrow for rain. >> be careful. thanks for joining us, everybody. >> good night. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> with 30 seconds left in foxborough, lee evans caught but not -- could not hold on to what would have been the winning touchdown pass in the a.f.c. championship. and the disappointment would foreshadow the heartbreak lurking that would end the ravens' season. we'll wrap it up tonight on "ravens wrap-up." >> from wbal tv 11, this is
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"ravens wrap-up," presented by miller lite. good evening from gillette stadium in foxborough. gerry sandusky, pete gilbert, cadre ismail are -- -- cadre ismail with you. the road to indianapolis comes up short as they run into a stop sign against the new england patriots losing 23-20 on the play we'll remember as wide left but there were many plays that could have sealed the deal. >> there were a lot of times that the ravens couch taken control of the game and had it in hand and we'd be talking about going to indy but a lot of missed opportunities and that final one that couch potentially put the game into overtime. >> we'll hear from the ravens in a few moments but that's a locker room you will not soon forget. >> no, it was powerful in there, the emotion. also, there was no sulking or hanging of heads. guys saying we played a great game. it wasn't our year. >> john harbaugh, second time in the a.f.c. championship game
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in four years. in the second quarter, tied at 3-3. benjarvus green-ellis. touchdown, 10-3 patriots. >> good job by the law firm of getting it into the end zone. >> flacco finds boldin for 37. >> that was a strong run after catch by boldin. he's the go-to guy for flacco. >> they finished the drive off. flacco to dennis pitta for six yards. ravens trail 13-10 at halftime. >> flacco moved around in the pocket, saw pitta and into the end zone. >> third quarter, torrey smith, a brilliant move by the rookie. the ravens' first lead of the game, 17-16. >> you need a big play, make your guy miss. >> on the ensuing kickoff. ravens rookier williams forces danny woodhead to fumble. emanuel cook recovers at the
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patriots 28. the ravens right back in scoring range. >> that's what you need, an opportunity to get the ball back. >> billy cundiff, 29 yards, automatic. 20-16 ravens in front. i say automatic with, of course, an asterisk behind it. on to the fourth quarter. brady, fourth and 1 dives in and the patriots regain the lead 23-20. >> that was a tough one. >> joe flacco intercepted by brandon spikes and you thought it might be over but flacco had more game to play. >> anytime you have the mistake you're hoping to get back and they did. >> next play, brady going for broke. throws to the end zone. tip bid bern armed pollard, caught by the rookie smith. >> fantastic play by pollard and smith. way to get the ball back for your ravens. >> with that fortunate, the clock would start to wind --
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with that, the clock would start to wind down. lee evans has it briefly but stripped by sterling moore. no review called from the booth. should it have been? >> yeah, you definitely get a little picky. it was something where he could have had it reviewed. it looked like that second foot was down before the ball came out. that would have been a touchdown. >> billy cundiff, a 3 -yarder, trailing by three. to tie it, send the game to overtime. no good. wide left. 175 days after the start of training camp, the season ends with heartbreak and disbelief as the ravens lewis 23--- lose 23-20 to the new england patriots. flacco, 22-36, 306 yards, two touchdowns, one inter interception. boldin, 101 yards receiving. tom brady's numbers, identical passing with flacco, 22-36 but
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far shy of flacco in yardage. two interceptions for brady. no touchdown passes. billy cundiff 2-3 but it is the miss we will long remember, the miss from 32 yards that ends the ravens' season. cundiff was automatic, a pro bowler a year ago and certainly not feeling good today. >> it's amazing when you think about this game, it was such physical brutality and comes down to whether or not a kicker can put the ball through the uprights. cundiff told me recently he so relished the opportunity to kick a game-winning field goal in the playoffs. had a chance today. >> yeah, he had a chance to be a hero. but billy cundiff, a tremendous pro as far as his routine. >> success dodges cundiff but he did not dodge the media. he spoke immediately following the game. >> i think we'll just try to
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keep things simple. it's a kick i've kicked probably 1,000 times in my career. went out there and just didn't convert. that's kind of the way things go. there's really no excuse for it. it just didn't go through. i got a lot of encouragement. i feel like this team is a team that, when you first arrived, it's a tough group to get into but you have to earn your respect and you earn that by playing well. i thought like up to this point i'd given the guys a lot of reasons to believe in me. i think the dispointing thing is letting my teammates down. it's a team gay. ray has poured -- team game. ray has poured has heart out. you don't know how many more years he has left. to let him down is pretty tough. they don't want to hear an
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apofplgt they laid it all out there. i laid it all out there, sometimes it's just not good enough. sometimes you don't have things go your way. you don't get this kind ofry dren lynn rush sitting behind a desk or this kind of pressure. it goes with the territory. >> the ravens will not be going to indianapolis once again. indianapolis and football equal disappointment for the ravens. >> super bowl 46 will be a rematch of super bowl xlii, the patriots and giants. a tough day for the harbaughs. you can see the game right here on wbal tv 11. we'll talk about what happened to jim harbaugh a little later in the show. >> in a bizarre twist of fate, a field goal will keep both john harbaugh and jim harbaugh out of this year's super bowl. as we continue with "ravens wrap-up," we'll talk with ravens quarterback joe flacco and get his thoughts after an elite performance.
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but before the break, a look at the play of the game. third quarter, ravens rookie receiver torrey smith, a 28-yard catch and run down the sideline. it's our miller light play of the game.
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