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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  February 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news tonight. >> caught on tape, a police officer attacking a suspect during an arrest. that is our big story tonight. it is a story we first told you about last night at 11:00. now we have obtained the disturbing video showing officer donyell briggs beating a suspect in west baltimore. happened to years ago but is just now being released. >> that officer has been on desk duty, paid administrative duty since the video was shot two years ago. the incident happened on baltimore's website nearly two years ago. video showed the man and ricky thomas the crown the corner. seconds after, an officer with a flashlight spot him, another
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officer approaches, punches him in the face and appears to stop on him. >> with hors d'oeuvre -- we observed a number of inappropriate activity and 40 that case to internal affairs. >> according to the police report from february 2010, officer bricks at first tried to pull ricky thomas over in the 2700 block of baker street for a bad break like. he said thomas pushed him away and fled on foot. police public information officer said riggs was suspended immediately with pay while a criminal investigation is conducted. >> now that the criminal proceedings are adjudicated, an internal investigation will be initiated. >> they did not return our numerous calls for comment. >> can you explain why it has
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taken two years? >> it is building the best case that you can for prosecution, whether you are looking at misconduct, homicide, or shooting, you need to make sure you build a bulletproof case. >> according to police, the internal investigation could lead to several outcomes, including termination. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police have released a surveillance photo in hopes of some brought -- in terms of finding a suspect. police said this meant attacked and robbed another man and then fled on foot. happened around 6:00 in the morning on january 8. if you know this man or his whereabouts, you are asked to call mta police at this number.
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two people are dead, four others injured after five separate shootings in baltimore city within hours of each other. it all started around 6:00 last night in the 500 block of north monfort in east baltimore where investigators say a man was shot several times. the most recent was around 10:00 last night in northeast baltimore. we are told one man was shot to death and another wounded. so far, no arrests have been made. >> the jury asked for another look at key evidence today in the trial of inmate lease stevens. -- then make lee stevens. prosecutors they reclaimed stevens and another inmate cornered mclarin and stabbed him to death. deliberations are expected to resume on monday. four men are behind bars tonight, charged in a deadly shooting outside of towson town center. tyrone brown, frank williams,
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brandon, and william ward iii face murder charges in the death of 19-year-old rodney pritchett. police say the four men plan to kill him when he was spotted at the mall in december of last year. police believe that brown was the triggerman. small surveillance video was analyzed, and that helped them cracked the case. >> we have had to look at this footage and evaluate it and try to put it together like the pieces of a puzzle, and do the old-fashioned detective work it took to corroborate evidence like this. >> it is still unclear why the suspects targeted pritchett. >> police are looking for two suspects in the armed robbery and kidnapping of a baltimore man. shelton dutes is like -- is live with the very latest. >> the victim was forced into his car at gunpoint in a busy part of town. it happened about a block away from the towson town center.
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the steps away from restaurants, an office building, and a high-rise condo building. summers shot this could happen in the middle of the afternoon. >> i guess it can happen to anybody. it is really scary. >> someone was kidnapped and robbed by an armed man in towson. next that is really scary. i am walking by myself. i work with a lot of ladies that walk by themselves. >> police them and walked to this car just before 5:00 in the afternoon last week and two men walked up to him. one of them displayed a handgun. >> the fourth time into his car and asked him to drive them to an automatic teller machine. he did so, he drove them to an atm -- to an atm and withdrew $300. >> it happen at a bank of america. the suspects then ask the man to drive them to the city.
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drop them off at an undisclosed location. he was not hurt. the crime happened here as school, and campus police sent an e-mail alert about it. >> nothing like this. he caught me off-guard. i was pretty alarmed by the whole thing. i hate that happen so close to a college. >> as they continue to search for the man who committed this crime, and they plan to do things a little differently. >> i will definitely be -- tell the people in the office i work with and maybe start walking out with someone else, to be a little bit more alert. i never would have even thought of that. >> if you have any of permission, call metro crimestoppers. shelton dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the way officials communicate crimes and other informational over police radios has changed.
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codes were familiar sound of police scanners, but now maryland state police have replaced at the system with a simple common language system. they say it is an effort to reduce confusion over the radio. >> we need to have every agency on the same page so that common language can be used that any agency will understand what we are trying to say, and the general public. >> officials hope always jurisdictions in the state will adopt the new system. >> the feds have cleared a major hurdle for maryland to develop when our energy off the coast of ocean city. ken salazar announced in baltimore today that a federal review found no significant environmental problems with putting wind turbines 10 miles off the eastern shore. that now clears the way for the state to begin soliciting and leases. >> we now know which particular areas off of the atlantic the federal government is now fast tracking forward to offer for
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leases for development. that is a big deal. >> the general assembly is considering a bill that would guarantee wind power subsidies would not increase consumers' bills by more than $2 a month. a senate subcommittee will review the bill sometime later this month. an energy hearing on capitol hill would shut -- was shut down by maryland congressman andy harris. he called at the recess of the internal subcommittee hearing after an hbo crew led by controversial filmmaker john fox began filming. videotaping of an open congressional hearings is permitted with advance permission, which fox had not obtained. fox was arrested. real estate mogul donald trump has endorsed mitt romney for the gop presidential nomination. it came as romney and other contenders campaign in western states. the endorsement was news to the
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gingrich camp, which had leaked word wednesday night that truck would be backing the former speaker. gingrich chided romney by saying he was not concerned because they already have a safety net. >> i really believe that we should care about the very poor, unlike governor romney. >> gingrich added that he supports replacing the safety net with a trampoline. nevada holds its caucuses this saturday. polls their show romney has a strong lead, followed by gingrich, santorum, and ron paul. all president obama insists he is not yet in full campaign mode, he seemingly took a jab at mitt romney comments about the ford -- about the port during today's prayer breakfast. >> living by the principles that we are our brother's keeper, caring for those in need. >> president did not mention mitt romney or the other
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republican candidates during today's events. coming up, a firestorm of controversy after major announcement by the susan g. komen foundation. why the organization says it will no longer fund breast cancer screenings at planned parenthood. >> clearing skies and colder temperatures tonight. we are keeping a close eye on a blizzard out in colorado that will make its way east of the next few days. the forecast is straight ahead. 39 right now at bwi marshall and 45 at the inner harbor.
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>> the backlash continues to rage about the susan g. komen decision to cut funding to planned parenthood. they will no longer provide grants for breast cancer screening to planned parenthood. they said have stop grants because the group is under investigation in congress, and in some states, and in did not meet the new grant criteria. the susan g. komen ceo flatly deny decision was due to pressure from anti-abortion groups. >> we are not a political organization, and this is not based on a political decision. >> other organizations will also lose funding under the new policies. a maryland man is a medical pioneer, the first american to have a synthetic trachea transplant. as you will hear, it is incredible technology born right here in the u.s., so why did he have to go halfway around the world to get it?
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lisa robinson investigates. >> chris lyell's is a medical pioneer after a life-saving operation last november and months of recovery, he is back in baltimore, his family happy to have him home. >> i am happy to be here with family and friends. >> last june, doctors diagnosed crist with the rare, late stage tracheal cancer. his tumor was inoperable because of its size, although he underwent chemotherapy and radiation, doctors here in maryland told him it would likely come back. he was given six months to live. >> he is very brave. he is the bravest person i know, because i was scared to death. >> together with his family, they got to work researching life saving options. finally, they found a doctor in sweden who could help. >> that dr. volunteer to perform
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an experimental surgery that chris hoped would save his life at no charge. still, the medical and travel expenses would add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. what is ironic, the technology for the procedure is made right here in the united states. >> all this money for health care you pay out, and it cannot get treated. everything comes from your country, but you have to go to another country to get it put in new. it is unfair. >> they consider america the greatest country in the world, and yet we had to come to their country to get help for chris. >> the reason chris could not have the surgery here in the u.s. is the synthetic windpipe for the surgery is not get fda approved. the approval process can take years. chris did not have time to wait.
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>> if you cannot take out the tumor completely, you cannot have a very long rate of survival. >> we spoke with the surgeon bruce geithner -- we spoke with the surgeon through skype. >> is a very good message that things can be changed. >> he has performed a dozen trachea transplants, the first 10 with organs from cadavers. june, he successfully perform the first synthetic trachea operation. chris was the second person in the world to get the artificial windpipe. >> is basically an experimental surgery, and i just had to do it to save my life. >> the doctor let an international team of doctors
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crew the surgery. the synthetic trachea was made in ohio. his own stem cells were harvested from his bone marrow to days before surgery. david green company, harvard bioscience in boston, made this device, the artificial when i was put inside here on a rotating spindle to prepare it for chris's body. >> it rotates in the stem cells and day rain down on top of the vessel and settle down inside the ports of the fibers. it is very much like the natural materials of the trachea. >> after 12 hours of surgery, his cancer was removed and he had a new trachea, thanks to american technology and a talented medical team.
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because his own cells were used, chris will not need expensive antirejection medicines. >> you wake up with a little bit of pain and take pain medicine, and take it one day at a time. >> chris did a fantastic job. just leaving his own country and coming to europe, and not speaking the language, and having confidence in the new technology which could save your life, it is just amazing. >> the clock is ticking for other patients like former ballerina rachel phillips of vermont, who is also in need of a trachea transplant. phillips put out a public plea to raise money for the surgery. her husband tells us the fda granted an exemption so the doctor could come here to perform the surgery, but it would still take months to meet
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the fda requirements, and like chris, rachel does not have that kind of time. i am lisa robinson. >> the fda could not comment specifically on those cases, nor would it confirm or deny any pending applications for approval. but in a written statement, a spokesperson says "facilitating the development of innovative therapies to address medical need is a high priority of the agency. product safety in humans have the protection or the fda of the primary concerns." >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> second of february is groundhog day and it was an unusually mild day again. the almanac is a little deceiving because the highs occurred before dawn. it is getting colder for much of the day. the lowe's or the current temperatures, 39 at the airport, 45 downtown.
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the skies are gradually clearing across our region and it looks like by morning we will have mostly clear skies and much lighter winds. we are already below freezing in the far western part of the state and seeing some 30's north and west of town, dropping to the low 40's on the eastern shore. temperatures ranging from 25 in the suburbs to 35 downtown. northwest winds about 5 miles an hour, sunrise at 7:12. should be a lot of sunshine tomorrow and temperatures a little closer to normal. we will keep an eye on this big storm developing in the plains states. there are blizzard warnings and winter storm warnings from east of denver into western kansas and parts of nebraska with watches all the way out into iowa. winds gusting to 40 miles an hour, but that storm will be shunted south of us as the tracks across the nation. the cold air is up in new england and it looks like the jet stream will drive just two
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hours out saturday night into sunday morning. other than the chance of little light rain late saturday night and early sunday morning, the system will probably scare off the coast and leave us by sunday afternoon -- probably scoot off the coast. 47-52 with a west wind at 5-10, a sunny day in the mounds tomorrow but a 20% chance of an afternoon sprinkle or flurry out west. in the upper 40's, sunny skies friday and mostly cloudy saturday. the best chance for rain is south of us. brown baltimore, cooler but still above normal for friday and saturday, some chance for showers out of the sunday morning, and back into the 50's for monday and tuesday. >> it turns out peyton manning has become the center of attention this week in
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indianapolis after all. we will tell you why, next in sports. >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> tonight's jackpot has an estimated annuity of $775,000. here are your winning multi madge numbers tonight. 17-3-13-29-18-36. if no one matches all six numbers on one line of a ticket, the jackpot climbs to $800,000. the next drawing is monday night at 11:22 here on wbal-tv 11. the maryland lottery, let yourself play.
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>> assistant coaches in the nfl of dona punjab and highlights
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are make headlines, -- don't always show up in highlights. don martin dale and joins, and former denver broncos' defensive coordinator will work day in and day out with ray lewis. the president's physical does not get as much scrutiny as peyton manning's. he looks back on track to resume his nfl career. two doctors have reportedly cleared manning to play football again. before he gets back in uniform, he will first have to figure out which team's uniform he plans to wear in 2012. he needs to let the he needs to know if the colts plan to keep him on their roster or not. they would have to pay him a $28 million bonus next month if they
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chose to keep him in indianapolis. the new england patriots quarterback tom brady got his favorite target that on the practice field today. the patriots have become a gold standard in the nfl this season. the patriots did not have everyone predicting they will win in a rout. this time around, different scenario for bill belichick and his team. most polls now favor new england. >> where the giants are the bills are the steelers, we are in until the end. we never stop fighting. we could have thrown in the taliban spitzbergen the first half, but we did not. we just came up -- we could have thrown in the towel against
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pittsburg in the first half. i think everyone should be proud, and we expect that again in a few days. >> seeing tom brady in the super bowl matchup this year. >> the news/of attention swirling around peyton manning, eli manning is growing used to and weary of his brother's shadow. the giants went on sunday, the law will have twice as many super bowl rings as his brother peyton. -- eli manning will have twice as many super bowl rings. he knows what he does will become his legacy and enable him to cast a shadow of his own. >> we are both excited to be in the super bowl. you just try to get a championship, work hard to get to this position. having been in the nfl for eight years, you realize how rare it
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is, how special and what a great opportunity is. you don't want to let these opportunities slip away. >> it is so hard to watch the super bowl hoopla play out and not be completely better. >> that brings us down to our super bowl text question. how much would you pay to watch your team in the super bowl? text a deal would pay up to $1,000. text b if you would pay $2,000. text c if you would pay whatever it takes. we have heard from more than 200 of you, and 57% say you would pay whatever it takes. stay with us, tom is up with a seven-day forecast. here's another recap of today's winning
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x a little chillier, but we are not complaining. >> we will see lots of sunshine tomorrow. cloudy on saturday, the western colorado blizzard kind of sneak by here with little light rain shower activity south of baltimore. a subtle blizzard by the time it gets here. by monday and tuesday we are back into the 50's. that will be a good recovery after super bowl sunday. >> that is a look at our news. thanks for joining us.
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