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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  February 6, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon, everyone. jury selection is under way in the trial of george you pleahug. >> officials at the university of virginia have already warned the students and staff of the emotional toll file in the
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murder of another. the nightmare of yardly love's life happened on to -- in 2010 when her roommate found her face down in the pool of blood. police arrested her ex- boyfriend and lacrosse player george hughley and charged him with murder. he was able to get a last-minute hearing to present to motions. the first was asking for a gag order so people involved in the case would not be booked to comment to the media until the trial was over. this was granted, and the judge went further saying no pictures or video can be taken until he is seated. as far as the potential jury is concerned, more than 160 notices
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went out february 1, but that does not necessarily mean they will be question for the trial. defense attorneys are hoping for a jury of 12 with three alternates. jury selection could potentially stretch of to tuesday. >> lowell nelson is in charlottesville to cover the trial. he will have the latest at 5:00 and 6:00, and also on our website. >> the second of two men trying creeks -- accused of trying to suppress the african-american vote during the 2012 election is appearing in court today. he is accused of sending out an automated message to voters in a predominantly african-american neighborhood telling them the election had already been decided. a judge is expected to be assigned to the case. an aide was convicted in the
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same case last december. he will be sentenced next week. jury deliberations will continue today in the leaked stevens murder trial. stevens is on trial for the killing of david mcgwin, department of corrections officer. -- lee stevens. a 14-year veteran of the inner randolph police force is accused of tipping drug suspects off about an upcoming rate. corporal rick alexander allegedly informed suspects of a raid last week in shady side. despite finding the residents of become a police did track down a large amount of marijuana and cocaine at a different site. alexander was arrested friday and released on his own recognizance. >> we had a bit of snow this
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weekend. this wording we started off with quite a bit of frost, but shaping up to be a process that february afternoon. mostly sunny skies and winds out of the west at 12 miles per hour. you may see some gusty winds throughout the afternoon. cooling down into the evenings and to the 40's. we will have a few increasing clouds late tonight. a new storm system is approaching that will bring a slight chance of snow later in the week. >> new this noon, baltimore city police are investigating an early warning stepping in downtown baltimore. it happened just after 5:00. we're told an unidentified man was stabbed in the back. the victim was taken to shock trauma. no word on suspect or motive in the case. a 38-year-old maryland ban is in police custody after leaving --
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zero leading state troopers on a chase in a stolen vehicle. troopers attempted to pull the vehicle over this morning, but the vehicle sped off before the troopers could reach it. eventually the vehicle overturned and the driver fled on foot. he was quickly apprehended and baltimore county and faces multiple charges of theft burglary and traffic violations. the new york giants are celebrating a victory over the new wrinkle in patriots, but it did not come without a fight. we of war in the game that had fans on the edge of their seats. >> the new york giants are champions again this morning after eking out a four. wind of the new england patriots last night at indianapolis. >> it feels good to win a super bowl. it does not matter where you are. seconds the giants'
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super bowl victory, a repeat against four years ago. the wind was not a done deal until the last few seconds until the end. -- the win was not a done deal until the last few seconds of the game. >> this is pure drama. >> always come down to one or two plays in this game. if you bake it come you are celebrating. if you do not come you do not sleep for a week. >> eli manning received his second super bowl ring, the third in his family. >> great football game. we're really proud. >> earlier this spending touch by the wide receiver, 2 feet barely inbound. >> the ball touched my hand.
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that is when i froze my feet. >> madonna's halftime show was a hit. her sidekick, mia, offered a hand gesture the network did not catch. the apologize and called it inappropriate and disappointing. giant fans are anything but. >> even though the patriots did not win, they played a good game. that is part of what made it so exciting. one commentator said they should play together all the time. >> that was quite a game. still ahead on 11 news at noon, we will talk live to see what the stars of the hit series "smash" will tell us what we can expect from the new hit series. a new list of the most miserable cities are out. >> this is all on him. he did it. he is the one who started the fire.
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>> as police continue their investigation into a mother's disappearance, a fiery explosion makes -- claims the life of
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>> covering the nation, the
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tragic case of a missing utah mother take a tragic turn when authorities say her has been deliberately set off an explosion, taking his own life and thought of his two boys. he had been the focus of the investigation into his wife's disappearance. >> reclaims coming thick smoke and ash. the aftermath of an explosion, one that authorities say josh to kill themself and young sons. he sent an e-mail shortly before the fire st. i am sorry, goodbye. >> this is all on him. he is the one who started the fire. >> investigators say of foster care worker brought the boys to this home on sunday for supervised visits. as the children got close to the door, he dragged them inside and locked the case worker out. and moments later, a fiery blast leveled the house. it happen days after he was
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denied custody of his voice by a washington judge ruled they should remain with their grandparents. police say he was a person of interest in the case of his missing wife. she is not been seen since december 2009. a month after she vanished shoe -- he moved with his sons to washington state. >> first the wife, and then him and his sons. it is one thing to have him to get charged in deal with it, but is evil. >> now family friends and investigators must face the facts that some of the answers they wanted may have been lost in the flames. >> still to come on 11 news at noon, black and decker announced layoffs. he was affected in consumer alert. plus, cash or credit? that is the new mantra from across the out. how you could not charge of your
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favorite cookies. >> a storm system coming in from the south. moisture coming in from the gulf of mexico. first, a live look outside. it is sunny and 49 at b.w.i.. 41 a
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>> in today's consumer alert, black and decker announced layoffs. the company is closing the baltimore protection center in west baltimore. the layoffs will take place in waves beginning april 1st. 79 jobs will be lost. why the word south florida may bring to mind the picture
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beautiful beaches and retirement, think again. ford's has announced miami to be the most said -- forbe's has announced miami to be the most miserable city. florida had several cities make the list, but you will be happy to know baltimore did not. you will not be able to get out of buying girl scout cookies with no cash excuse anymore. they are getting with the times to turn a profit. about three dozen troops around the country are now using credit card scanners attached to smart phones to except credit payments for cookies. if you feel like you could use a cookie but do not know where to find one, there is an appl for that. a musical drama that celebrates the beauty and heartbreak of broadway. i am talking about the new nbc hit show "smash."
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joining me live is deborah messing. tell us about the premise of the show and the characters. >> well, it is about behind-the- scenes look at the making of a broadway musical. i played juliet, a lyricist. he plays thomas, a composer. we come up with the idea of about a musical of the life of marilyn monroe. the show is about the producer and director, and everyone coming together in the attempt of making this show. the consequences and the price you pay on your personal life for tried to do that. >> it really does take effect on your personal life. we get to learn more about who they really are. >> cedar people are pretty
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interesting people. it is a group of america has not seen yet. -- theater people are pretty interesting people. >> i agree. how about the musical act? tell us more what viewers can expect to see? >> what is very special is once a week there is an original song. so they are cranking out amazing original musical songs, and we also have contemporary covers. so it is a good healthy dosing of music. >> we have seen you in a lot of shows, but this is really a departure for you. what attracted you to the show? >> it was the script. she is a renowned playwright.
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from the very beginning it was a world that i felt have never been explored on television and is really right and rich, and the character of giulio was someone who are related to. she is a mom who wants to be a great mom and loves her family life, like being at home, and also very passionate about her artistic life as well and trying to balance those things of the same time in the difficulty in accomplishing that. >> looks like it's going to be a great show. thank you for being with us. "smash" premiere tonight at 10:00. >> now, your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with chief meteorologist a beava marie. >> shaping up to be a pleasant day. hd doppler showing mostly clear conditions not only from the east of lake back into the
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plains helping to melt a lot of the snow that fell over the last late week. we have moisture coming in from the south. a couple of showers in the southeast, but more substantial activity in south florida. this is the storm system the national hurricane center was monitoring. you can see an area of showers tried to develop north of cuba, and although the hurricane season does not normally start until june 1st, this is the possible development. they're not expecting it to develop, but still going to bring heavy rain and gusty winds. we more information on our weather blogger. good to and click on weather. interesting that although much of the winter has been quiet, the tropics starting to get active. heading back to our area,
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temperatures have been warming up. 49 at b.w.i. marshall. 49 in annapolis. low 40's as you head west, and even 30's in the minds right now. expecting temperatures to jump this afternoon, putting much of the baltimore area in the low to mid 50's. temperatures dropping into the evening hours. future tests will show moisture coming in from the south could play a role in the weather pattern in the next several days. we see a new storm system coming from the west. this one could be aimed right at us and coming with colder air. on wednesday there is a potential for a little bit of snow indicated by the shades of white and blue out there. as for tonight, we're looking to be partly cloudy. a couple of showers may reach towards ocean city. other than that of dried night with temperatures mainly in the low 30's. seven-day forecast shows the
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next system comes amid on wednesday and may come in as a wintry mix. high temperatures near 42. back to 44 on tuesday. another storm system may be on the radar for next saturday appeared i. >> coming up next, your mayor the lottery numbers. we will get another check of the forecast. first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour. stay with us.
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>> it is not every day you get to witness a miracle, but family and friends were there to witness one in pennsylvania. you are watching in the weaver take his first steps. he suffers from several policy and was told he would never walk. -- cerebral palsy. while he will be confined to a wheelchair for life, he was able to walk the length of the gym that day. pretty remarkable. tonight on 11 news at 5:00, baltimore county police confirmed they are launching an investigation of the reported sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl. we're live in charlottesville where jury selection is underway murderorge hughle'y's
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trial. the new place for people to turn without medical insurance. it is called the house of hope. those stories and more when you join us at 15:00. >> good afternoon to you come to maryland. let's play the lottery. here are your picked three numbers. 3, 5, and 3. 3, 5, 3 are you picr pcpick three numbers. he is not limited. joe britain for pick four. first number is 5.
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8. let's see what's here. it's a 1. 1. 5, 8, 1, 1. find us on facebook and twitter and let yourself play. >> a few systems moving in you are watching closely? >> keeping an eye on them. this week and a little bit of snow. and looking at wednesday as are most likely next to its of snow. this could come as a wintry mix. outside of baltimore some of that could accumulate. lots of sunshine tomorrow in the upper 40's. nothing major. >> like the end of march? >> more than a month enough away from spring. >> we're doing well. thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. have a great day. >> paul breaking news and
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weather any time at in stay connected with us on facebook and twitter. [captioning made possible by consteos
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