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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  February 17, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. a suspected case of tuberculosis at umbc. the person affected has been
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isolated for further testing. just in case you did it now, it is and airborne disease that can cause a cough, chest pains, among other symptoms. breaking news out of the statehouse in annapolis. the full senate has voted to censure senator ulysses currie for his failure to disclose work he had done for the shoppers warehouse grocery chain. the vote comes after a recommendation by the senate ethics panel tuesday evening. the panel has recommended that he make a public apology for his indiscretion. david collins is in annapolis and will have a full report tonight. the house just voted to approve the payroll tax cut extension deal. that deal was reached thursday morning and would extend the 2% cut in petrol taxes through the end of this year. the bipartisan compromise would also extend unemployment benefits and stop a real
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-- stop our reimbursement cut for doctors who treat medicare patients. president obama's said he will sign the deal as soon as it hits his desk. same-sex marriage in maryland has come down to a few votes but with a few delays. the house attach an amendment that said if passed, it would not start until october of next year instead of january. that would give people against the bill more time for a referendum. the battle over same sex marriages spilled into the hallways of the house building thursday, where opponents lobbied hard to strike the bill down. >> they want to come up with the delegates, their stand on traditional marriage. >> another delay on the vote, supporter veronica turner is in the hospital for emergency surgery. we are hearing the gov. martin o'malley will apologize for the injustice suffered by interracial couple in maryland in the 1950's. they were forced to part by an antiquated law.
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in 1956, shirley was thrown in jail for giving birth to a child fathered by her black husband. the couple said the i-team gave them released by allowing them to share their story. >> i feel relief. >> because of the feelings i have for my wife and knowing that she was carrying the weight all of these years. >> the governor is personally writing an apology letter. barry simms will have details on the apology tonight on 11 news at 6:00 and 11:00. testimony started again this morning in the murder trial of george huguely, but it ended fairly quickly. yesterday's proceedings were postponed because a defense attorney called out sick. the trial continues today despite the defense's objections. when the defense attorney was too sick to interview a witness, the judge let the jury go until
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9:00 a.m. tomorrow. the trial might continue through the weekend. lowell melser is in charlottesville for the trial and tweeting to the proceedings. you can keep up with the trial on an extended coverage section on >> now, you're 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with john collins. >> a developing storm in south texas is not put together yet. here is the water vapor satellite imagery. this jet controls for the cold air goes. the southern jet is the one that is developing storm is going to get caught up in. it will drag out storm and help it develop to the atlantic coast line somewhere in the carolinas. that is where the questions develop. how will that storm affect us once it gets here? the key to the storm is how far north or south will that be.
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farther south, the last chance we get anything, the farther north, the more chance we get rain or snow or something. the other part of the ingredients is cold air. these are pieces that we are trying to put together for the storm. i will talk about rain or snow or combination coming this way sunday in just a minute. >> former ravens player jermaine lewis is released on bail after being ruarrested again. he was pulled over for a routine traffic stop near hanover pike thursday morning. in the front seat, his 4-year- old son without a seatbelt and no child safety seat. he was also driving on a suspended and revoke a license. the child was released to his grandfather. four people are recovering after a hit-and-run on i-95 in cecil county. the accident happened just before midnight in the perryville area. a passing car struck a vehicle
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carrying two children and said -- and an adult and kept going. none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. the harford county sheriff's office is working to track down the suspect behind a series of burglaries in the greater fallston area. burglars have targeted homes on the same three streets over the past two weeks. all of the break-ins happened during the day, when homeowners were out of the house. the suspect entered through the rear entrance at each incident. the growing trend has police in the county on high alert. >> the last 15 days, we have had five burglaries. this is a series, but unusual in this community, so we are taking it very seriously. >> the sheriff's office has released a robocall to 35008 the area and said that deputies will be on extra patrols. the college of cardinals
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gathering to pray and reflect at the vatican. new york archbishop timothy dolan will give an address to the cardinals. he said that the pope is interested in hearing be american perspective on evangelism. baltimore's owned and o'brien will be elevated tomorrow along with 21 other cardinals. 11 news will broadcast the television ceremony live at 4:30. plans for whitney houston's funeral are taking shape as investigators continue to look into actions the days before her sudden death. it could be weeks before toxicology reports reveal the cause. >> on saturday, one week after her sudden death, singer whitney houston will be laid to rest in her home state of new jersey the private service at her childhood church will include 1500
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mourners. actor kevin costner will speak. there will also be performances by stevie wonder, aretha franklin, and bebe winans. >> instead of being the biggest superstar sendoff, it is is going to be that baby girl sendoff. she is going to be surrounded by people who actuallabsolutely lod adored her for who she was. >> her ex-husband and bobby brown has been invited to the funeral, putting to rest rumors that he was not welcome. sources say that the singer was partying and drinking heavily in beverly hills shortly but where she died. her past addiction has some questioning why the new jersey's governor decided to fly flags at half staff today. >> i thought it was a little bit too much. where do you draw the line? >> whitney houston was an important part of the fabric,
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cultural fabric of this state. >> new jersey will be her final home. her death certificate lists the cemetery where her father rests as her burial location. >> we are getting new details after the tractor-trailer flipped this week. right now, students in greece are fighting with police.
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>> we know the identity of the driver whose tractor-trailer overturned wednesday night. police have identified the man as 26-year-old glen rice from new jersey. the crashed shut down the interstate for hours as hazmat and fire crews worked to clean up the mess but he faces dwi charges and several traffic offenses. still to come, the afternoon candy bar may soon look at little different. how the changes may affect your waist line. >> at the moment we see lots of sunshine. a little bit of activity in new england. there is the sunny view of the
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>> clashes broke out in athens, greece today between protesters and police crowds gathered in front of the greek parliament because they are angry about harsh government cuts. among those protesting or students mad about cuts to the education system. greece decided to implement severe budget cuts to qualify for an international bailout. the country is very close to bankruptcy. closer to home, gay rights advocates are celebrating the success in new jersey as that state's general assembly passes
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a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. dozens of lawmakers passed it on a thursday. most republicans said the issue should be decided by voters rather than the government. the state senate passed the bill earlier this week. aides to gov. chris christie, -- eight heads to gov. chris christie, but christie has vowed to veto it. progress or politics? three years ago today, president obama introduced his controversial stimulus package, insisting it wld bring the u.s. out of recession. >> the stimulus, $787 billion of tax breaks, unemployment checks, and so-called shovel- ready project to create jobs. democrats call that our only hope. republicans said it would never work. did it? >> our economy is getting stronger,. america is coming back. no shortage of critics on the
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campaign trail. >> this president is not going to get credit for the economy coming back. he will get blamed of for it taking so long. >> the money goes to washington but is never distributed fairly. > the president is not interested in providing jobs, he is interested in providing benefits. >> jobs lost in february 2009 -- 651,000. economic growth down almost 7% and then buried today, 2.5 straight years of growth. >> if the economy keeps moving forward to the next few months, it will be tough to beat obama. >> the nation's debt is at an all-time high, $15 trillion and counting. 12 million americans remain unemployed. jobs -- president obama will
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talk about that to daty at his opponents will be talking about it too. >> now, you're 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with john collins. >> go back in time just a little bit. all members from 2003. -- all the memories from 2003. a three-day storm out that a lot of the snow and cost a lot of problems and it was a nor'easter. we have a similar set up coming. but the senate does not mean that will happen, all right? in fact, i don't think it will. looking back at 2003, 15th, 16th, 17th, and this date, we had almost 2.5 inches of snow, 26.8 inches of snow over three days. the biggest snowfall on record. but that was 2003.
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this is a different situation. we have something developing that will come this way but i am not sure it will turn out to be that. we will work towards sunday. 51 in annapolis. cabbage, 50. 0. cambridge, 5 quite a change here. sun is helping out. here is the satellite image. clouds to our north. clouds -- it is not the cause keeping it cool to the north. none of them are producing precipitation right now. remnants of what went through here yesterday with the light rain. weather disturbance in the upper midwest, storm developing down in texas. that is the one that we are watching. it is going to follow this front
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that heads towards the carolinas over the next few days. it is the one that has got our attention. just a few scattered clouds. unseasonably mild temperatures. we expect 51 to 56 for the high today. northwest winds at about 10 miles per hour. here is the time line. saturday we are still good. storms down in the south. it pushes a lot of moisture towards the mid-atlantic region by sunday. this particular computer model keeps most of the moisture to the south of baltimore. others push it way up into baltimore and even southern pennsylvania. we still have a little debate as to exactly what is going to happen. one computer model puts several inches of snow in the baltimore area. a lot more than that of to our southwest. that is not the final word at all. another model has of a thing as far as snow. confusing dilemma we have when
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we come up with a forecast. at the moment, we cannot pinpoint what will happen. we suspect there will be snow, probably not 22 inches, though. 50 tomorrow, good day but sunday, rain-snow mix. probably some accumulation in our area. presidents' day looks dry, with a high of 43. another rain chance, with warmer temperatures wednesday and thursday. >> in the "medical alert, mars says it will stop selling chocolate products with more than 250 calories in them by the end of next year, and sodium levels will be reduced by 1/4 by 2016. the company says its goal is to improve the nutritional value of its products. you know that new car smelled so many of us enjoy? it may be toxic.
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theearchers looked at chemical content of 200 new cars and found flame retardants and lead. people are exposed to these smell and when in lat touch a car. you can text message while driving down the highway, but the new technology could be dangerous. >> a voice activated offices. >> your phone to your navigation to climate control, say " temperature" and will change the temperature automatically. >> drivers can send text messages while driving. some groups want to put the brake on the electronic extras. the national transportation
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safety administration wants carmakers to to with features that can distract drivers down the road. carmakers said that manufacturers are ready -- already manufacture with safety in mind. >> it is designed to keep your eyes on the road and hands of the will and is designed to be a safety feature. if they restrict the use, it would hurt sales. >> the administration cites the number of distracted driving accidents, but some think that the feds should not be punishing cars. k> i've never seen a car wrec itself. >> up next, your maryland lottery numbers, and another check of the forecast.
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>> time for the maryland lottery numbers. >> happy friday, maryland. let's get your pick 3 numbers.
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take for in a moment. first, visit games are selling fast. visit your favorite lottery retailer to get your top 5 scratch-offs today. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> rain-snow mix, too early to give numbers. it will only be in the 30's. >> we know you will be watching. thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at, and stay connected with us on
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