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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  February 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6. >> good evening, everyone. three firefighters remain in the hospital tonight perch while fighting a fire in prince george's county. a sudden gust of character in the inside of the house into an inferno. -- a sudden gust of eric turned the inside of the house into an
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inferno. >> two firefighters are in critical condition. a third one is being treated for injuries to his ribs. >> what firefighters have described as a blowtorch coming out of the front door. >> they were just starting to get a handle on this fire. >> a sudden gust of wind came in through the rear of the house. it provided fresh oxygen, fuel for the fire. >> they immediately recognized within seconds that there was a problem. they ordered an evacuation. >> of seven firefighters were hurt all trying to escape from the home. four were released with minor burns, but three are still in the hospital.
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officials say one of them has burns on his respiratory system and the others have second and third degree burns covering 40% of their bodies. >> those firefighters are conscious and alert. the second one is communicating verbally with doctors and family. >> the fire is still under investigation. no one was home during the fire. it cost about $75,000 worth of damage. >> if you were outside today, you know those high winds continued for most of the day. they knocked over trees and took down power lines. crews were on the st. to restore power to residents. -- on the scene to restore power to residents. when will the wind is calm down?
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>> this is the aftermath of the storm that went through your yesterday. for us, we had a chilly temperatures and a little bit of rain. once the cold front went through, the winds have been with us ever since. 40 miles per hour gusts. at last check, a strong gusts in annapolis and cambridge. into the 20's into the mountains out to the west of us. they have taken their toll on the temperatures. most of the temperatures are in below 40's, but it feels like 29 at the airport. that the wind chill factor has come into effect during the day today. the forecast calls for the wednesday diminished and the temperatures to go up. >> baltimore county police
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investigating a crash after a vehicle lost control and ran into the shopping center. fire officials say it happened around 4:00 this afternoon. no one was hurt. people and the surrounding businesses were evacuated. there are three days to go before the michigan and arizona primaries. candidates for the republican presidential nomination are making their cases to voters. >> three days before the next presidential primaries and all eyes are on michigan. it is mitt romney's home state, but if the polls are right, it is within it santorum i's grasp. >> thank you so much. >> mitt romney reminded voters that santorum supported him back
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in 2008. >> he said he is the clear, a conservative candidate. >> he is under fire in michigan and he has turned up the heat on himself, holding an event in an empty stadium and trying to woo detroit with this. >> i drive a mustang and a chevy pickup truck. >> ron paul is continuing the slow and steady strategy. gingrich is gambling on a super tuesday turnaround. >> if you would like to have a national energy and american energy policy, never again bowed to a saudi king and paid $2.50 a gallon. >> he is hoping to anger over high gas prices will be enacted get his campaign back on track. >> two american military
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advisers have been killed by a gunman in afghanistan. violence rages on after the burning of a koran at a u.s. airbase. u.s. officials say a hunt for the gunman is under way. u.s. and nato forces have recalled all workers in admit -- in afghanistan. the violence continues in syria as the international red cross works to help people leave of the besieged city of homs. amateur video posted online shows the government's continued assault there. >> efforts are continuing by the red cross and the syrian and red crescent to evacuate more people from the besieged city of homs. this is a very limited operation. the red cross says that overnight they were only able to take out fewer than 30 people,
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starting with women and children. critics are dismissing this as a public-relations move by the syrian government to buy more time all it continues its crackdown on the opposition. just today, the opposition said at least 20 people have been killed in the ongoing violence. >> the u.s. military is delivering aid to remote villages and montenegro hit by the heaviest snowfall in decades. u.s. army blackhawk helicopters flew over the mountains for the first time since 1999. 13 years later, they are on a peace mission to help thousands of snowbound people. soldiers helping in the mission said it is difficult, even with their experience in afghanistan. >> we were getting shot at, but it is a lot more difficult
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because we have a lot more weight and the aircraft. >> authorities in the tiny state declared a state of emergency on february 13 after four people died and hundreds had to be evacuated from villages. still to come, baltimore city's didn't challenge each other in a battle of the robot. hundreds of volunteers are in the city this weekend. we will tell you why after the break.
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>> students from iran to baltimore city gathered at western high school to see if months of work paid off. it was a robotics tournament. students say involved skills and
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science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. >> it is a lot of fine. especially when you see a doing great. it is really amazing to see it what a team can come together to do and build. several of these teams will travel to california for the world robotics championship this april. thousands of college student volunteer on their campuses as emergency medical technicians and paramedics are here in baltimore to improve their skills. they are attending lectures and taking part in exercises at the 19th annual national collegiate ems conference. they are developing skills that will help them off the ambulance. >> ems teaches you leadership and teamwork and everything you need in the real world. whether or not you ever step on an ambulance after college ever
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again. >>, the local attendees, 17 students from johns hopkins university. peta is here and it is that time of year. >> a state tournament is under way. we will talk about that coming next in sports. >> it is still february, still several weeks of winter left. it will feel winter tonight. your forecast is just ahead. we have had some clouds today and a couple of sprinkles. 38 right now at the airport.
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>> your insta-weather-plus forecast -- >> are radar-satellite combination. we had some clouds on these northwest wind and you may have seen a snowflake as some of this try to produce a little precipitation over the area. most of it could not make it to the ground. most of the actual snowfall has been up in pennsylvania. a lot of this will die down tonight. let's look at what happened during the day today. the high temperature, 45 degrees at the airport. with these plans, the 40's only
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felt like 30. at the airport, a trace of precipitation was measured. temperature at the moment, 42 in annapolis. westminster, 36. frederick, 20's. here is the satellite picture. the storm that went through yesterday produced all the severe weather to the south. it is still spinning up over southeast canada. we are getting the effects of those strong winds and high pressure to the west of us. the pressure change is what is focusing those lands. you can see the cloud cover is beginning to diminish a little bit. as this low pressure system moves away, things will straighten out. there is the storm out to the west and that is what we will be watching with great interest.
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look at the temperature differences. notice the shot of warm air in the plains states. that is on the way, too. this will be replaced by this. at the moment, we will stay chilly with the high pressure. that will be the main feature to the rest of the weekend. those milder temperatures will come in at the beginning of the work week. overnight tonight, it 25-32. 46 to 50 tomorrow. still a chilly day and these aren't normal temperatures for this type of -- this kind -- this time of year. your futurecast, here is a high- pressure sitting over us. a disturbance way to the north of us on monday. a cool front will come through. here is that developing storm. that storm out west will start
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to move in. tomorrow, still in the 40's 4 high temperature is. then we start picking up some clouds monday and tuesday. near 60 on monday and mid-50's on tuesday. wednesday, at a new storm comes in. we will put the temperatures in the 40's. rain is and the forecast. into the morning on thursday. >> thank you. pro basketball jeremy lin is making news again. the new ice-cream has fortune cookies. some are calling it a racist. the company will take all the fortune cookies, saying they get soggy. >> this is 11 sports.
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>> maryland's candidacy for it out large bed did not conclude with a concession speech today in atlanta. mark turgeon need some ice cream and a half. toss day down in atlanta. -- a tough day in atlanta. later in the first half, in theng back, four 3's first half alone. brandon rage, breaking hearts. yellow jackets up 5. maryland did get one last chance. pretty close, but no good. georgia tech wins it. state basketball playoffs are
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under way. sometimes the formula fails to match reality. patterson, meanwhile, suffered more losses. as a packed house will tell you, patterson not looked better -- patterson looked better. rest of the way, everyone goes to the gym when he plays. he is too quick to stay in front of. patterson to a first round when 76-44. a quiet day at spring training for the orioles. no motivational speeches. thankfully, no new injuries. harding is in his second year
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with the team. he arrives happy and healthy. his desire to stay in baltimore. the three-year contract extension gives him the security he craved. >> it is something that we all like. we know what to note or we're going to be in the this sport. it helps you relax. it definitely helps. >> a look at -- hopkins and navy in tight battles. well let tries to stay on beaten on the season. stay tuned.
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>> and not dumb with me yet. we are talking across. -- not down with me yet. we are talking lacrosse. the scoreboard got a workout from the word go. starting in the first quarter, one of his four goals in the game. he had a pair for the game, 2- wind. -- 2-1. 6-1, loyola. great spinner. hounds move to 2-0 in this season. may be hosting north carolina. -- navy house in north carolina. nice. five-one. second quarter, navy leading 5-
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2. if you shoot a low, good things happen. north carolina roars back. tarheels stunning in annapolis. nine-eight is your final. third quarter, palmer turning defense into offense. when shots goes home, 5-3 hopkins. 6-5 game. on the break, palmer, 2 goals. hopkins is a winner. next up at princeton on friday. the mountaineers against
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delaware. 12-10. had a chance to talk with the head coach from st. mary's for my radio show. he is a real pleasure. >> thank you.
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>> less wind tomorrow.
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