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tv   Today  NBC  February 27, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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"the artist." we are back with more of "today" on a monday morning, the 27th day of february to 12. all about the oscars this morning. "the artist," the silent movie made a big noise at the academy awards last night taking home five statues including best picture, best director and best actor for that man right there jean dujardin who described the experience to ann this morning as an out of body experience. why not? meanwhile out on the plaza in
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new york i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie. out in los angeles covering the awards, ann and al. hey, folks. >> it's been a major whirlwind here. pretty fun, i think. you had fun because you were on the red carpet. >> that's right. goit to hang out -- the interesting thing seeing all the hits and some of the misses. got a chance to chat up some of the stars on their way into the ceremony. you will get to see all the preaward red carpet highlights and fashion hits and misses and the hottest head to toe trends. then, of course, we have the partying but none of the hangover. after the awards were handed out, i hit the party circuit, continually stalking the a-listers. tough job. somebody had to do it. we'll show you -- at least it was fun for me. i'm not sure about them. >> i'm sure they enjoyed that. >> being stalked by al roker. >> i'm sure it was great.
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>> some people loved billy crystal, the throwback to old hollywood. others thought maybe it was safe. and some of the advertising, the commercials. we'll look at that with donny deutsch in a little bit. >> just ahead, natalie has a look at the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. a school shooting this morning in northeastern ohio led to a massive police search and had worried parents flocking to shardin high school near cleveland. at least two students were wounded and medevaced to the hospital. also the police had at least one suspect in custody. the compound where osama bin laden lived from 2005 until his death is in rubble this morning. pakistani authorities destroyed the house where the al qaeda leader was killed in a raid by u.s. commandos last may. a train carrying passengers from niagara falls to toronto, canada, has derailed, killing at least three people and injuring
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others. the incident is under investigation and the cause of the derailment is not yet known. military action film "act of valor" won the weekend box office with $24.7 million. tyler perry's good deeds came in second and "journey 2" was third. the long search for the world's shortest man is over. the man from nepal stands just 21 and a half inches tall, an inch shorter than the reigning champ. at 72 he's the oldest man to hold the title. he has five brothers of average height but he's the one who gets his name in the guinness book of world records. wow. now three minutes past the hour. back out to al with a check of the weather in hollywood. >> all right, thanks so much, natalie. the weather was perfect on the red carpet. it's going to change today.
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so good thing the oscars were yesterday. we have a big storm system coming on shore. it's going to bring a lot of rain there. bad news for the daytona 500 delayed the first time in the 53-year history yesterday. probably again delayed today with the rain coming in. windy and wet conditions in southern california as the mountains north of san diego, we are looking at sunshine in the northeast. showers on the coast. flurries around the central and western great lakes. showers on the west coast. >> good morning. things will start to warm up a little bit today appear will see a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds. we will wi
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now to "today at the oscars." i got an up close look at the high fashion that shines as brightly as the stars. ♪ >> well, hi. air kiss! >> air kiss! >> aww. two of hollywood's best picture nominees celebrate old hollywood. it seems a lot of the dresses were celebrating that era just as much. how excited are you? >> on a scale of 10, 12.
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>> i'm all hollywood glamour. ♪ >> oscar night. >> is it? >> it is. ♪ >> i'm wearing marchesa. that's a lie. >> armani. >> who are you wearing tonight? >> i don't know. >> it would seem hollywood royalty was fashionably late but for brad and angelina they are always looking great. >> are you having fun? >> it's great fun.
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i don't know if i will get this experience again. >> who got it right and who didn't? here with their own take, lisa rinna whose clothing lineback i sold on kwvs and jonathan antin. you have been up all night so let's get to it. you said penelope cruz slayed you. >> i hadn't seen her walk the red carpet. i saw her walk out and she did hollywood glam gorgeous. she never gets it wrong. >> she looked outrageous. the pin-under hair style with the finger waves was very classic retro chic. >> stunning. >> how about meryl streep? >> i thought meryl streep brought it. yay! >> what's this? little hand clapping. >> she brought it. i loved the gold. she looked like the oscar. she was really pretty. >> i thought she looked great. >> oh, come on. >> two oscars, seven globes, a
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bazillion nominations, she can't look bad. the hair could have been better you bu i don't want to say it. >> you just did, uh but that's okay. >> i'm sorry. >> everybody's going on about gwyneth paltrow. >> why? >> good! >> oh, the dress. that tom ford dress was divine. >> but a rubber band in the back of her hair? the ponytail? you have to wrap hair around the band. >> i'm not looking at the hair. i'm looking at the body. >> i'm looking at the hair. well, i might be looking at the body while i do the hair. >> i loved that chic jacket. who can wear white tight like that? >> i'm surprised tom didn't say something about the hair. >> tom ford? he weighs in on the hair? >> yeah! >> i loved it. >> couples, george and stacy or brad and angelina. >> george and stacy. i'm a big brangelina fan.
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but really, stacy in the dress. >> as hot as it gets. if there was a female oscar, that would be it. >> oscarette. >> that's just about the best dress, i think. >> amazing considering she grew up in a tree with elves that bake cookies, she's done well. back to angelina. she was talking about the leg sticking out. >> angelina is beautiful, but her hair just looked -- >> wild. i felt like the look was wild. >> they have the same hairdo. they look the same. you don't know which one's brad and which one's angelina. >> i have to tell you, i know which is which. >> so do i. i don't think they can do it wrong. >> she's not wearing a goatee. >> i know. but the hair. get a blow dry, something. >> but that leg out. it's hard, even though you have a slit you don't have to pop the
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leg out. i would pop mine out. >> i didn't say there was anything wrong with the leg. >> jonathan, would you pop your leg out? >> nothing wrong with the leg. >> hair, your favorite. >> i loved -- >> shailene woodley? >> michelle williams? >> michelle williams? >> stunning. >> she grew her hair a centimeter, thank god. now she looks like a little boy instead of an old man. i'm so bored of the short hair. >> how about rooney mara? >> great hair. beautiful bangs. >> seriously? >> oh, yeah. >> it's hard. that's hard, baby. >> how about the dress? >> get hard-core. >> i liked the white. she uses black a lot. this thing on the boob, i'm not
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sure. it's a shelf. >> girl with the hair, it's all good. >> i don't know. >> it's nice. she has a place to carry things. >> j. lo. >> what is that? >> everyone is talking about j. lo. >> okay. did you see -- >> it was gorgeous. very bob mackie. >> people say there was a wardrobe malfunction. >> she was showing a little -- >> did you see it? >> it's a shadow. >> i'm sure she had little hoo-hoos on. >> there is a difference between a shadow and -- >> we all have nipples, it's good. >> we do, that's right. we went from a fashion show to a biology lesson. >> right. try to get it back on track here. >> j. lo looked great. >> fantastic. >> i loved when cameron and j. lo came out and they were doing their thing, turned around and gave us the tush shot in those dresses. >> cameron with the messy bob, i
9:12 am
don't know. >> i'm talking about the turnsh tush es. didier cuche -- did you like them? >> how about the bodies? >> one of the best ones in hollywood and one of the best biggest ones in hollywood. >> i wasn't doing it like that but they looked good together. >> how about berenice bejo. >> great hair! >> what? >> oh, yeah. whimsical corn rows. right? >> she was almost bald. she looked so good in "the artist" and winged it all up and twisted it all. >> no! >> no. >> it was like a cornrow, story book. >> do you like the red? >> i don't know. but she looked great. >> jessica chastain. >> no, no. messy, unkempt. >> that dress came up too high. it was mcqueen who is a genius.
9:13 am
>> swing and a miss. >> melissa mccarthy. >> she looked good. i thought her hair looked all right. >> finally, octavia spencer. >> gorgeous. >> great. >> she rocked the house. >> she's queen in the tadashi dress. thumbs up. >> great. >> all right. jonathan and lisa, thank you so much. up next, tens of millions of folks watching last night. did this year's awards show stack up? from the host to the entertainment to the ads we'll look at the hits and misses. later on, i got a chance to hob-nob with some of the hoi palloi. first, these messages. ♪ [ male announcer ] what if we could keep enough plastic waste to cover all of manhattan out of landfills each year? the equivalent of 140 million trash bags, gone. by using new glad trash bags, designed with reinforcing bands
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we're spreading the word about new honey bunches of oats fruit blends and their unique taste combinations. like peach/raspberry. with one flavor in the granola bunch and one on the flake. two flavors. in harmony. honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better. the 84th annual academy awards saw the much anticipated return of billy crystal and old hollywood. >> from the hosts to the ads and everything in between did the show live up to the hype? donny deutsch joins us. >> hey, guys. >> on friday we talked about the brand of oscar and how it's taken a little bit of a ding in the last couple of years. trying to make the oscars fresh but at the same time dealing with the old tradition of hollywood. billy crystal there as host, doing a good job. >> the whole show missed. be honest. every year we watch it. by 11:15 we get angry. why did i sit through this three hours? and i will do it next year.
9:17 am
there was not one vintage shot of any of the old awards shows. i want to see david niven with the streaker. barbra streisand with "funny girl." they missed all of that. what makes the grammys work is i can watch rihanna and paul mccartney with my kids and it comes together. in the awards show they haven't found a way to bring the generations together. >> it's an interesting observation. some people thought it was staid and not relevant or current. you say it didn't pay homage to the old hollywood. >> it's not just putting younger and older people. it's celebrating the ma jes ti. i could have done a two hour clip show of the oscars that would have been more interesting. instead of actors in taped pieces going, blah, blah. let's talk about the journey. celebrate the pageantry. they missed it. billy crystal, lovely guy. just not there. >> was it too safe for you?
9:18 am
>> he just -- you looked at him and -- >> it felt off. >> they had the right people presenting. only the hollywood a-listers which was great. but there is something about in this economic time and billy made a joke. about the self congratulation is getting old. and it used to be we'd see the celebrities who we didn't see often. we are so over celebritized, it's no big whoop anymore. it's not that relevant. i can't believe i'll say it. message for next year, cut it down a half hour. maybe we don't have to see -- >> cut it down an hour. >> we don't care about sound mixing. these are great people. but as far as watching it, i would actually -- >> you have to get through it. >> do what the golden globes do. give out awards for comedy and acting and drama so you get
9:19 am
eight oactor awards. >> there's a producer in it. >> here are your hosts. eddie murphy and robin williams. combined. somebody has to be brave on this thing. institutions sometimes don't work in the old model. you have to reinvent them. they missed. >> let's talk about the ads. it was an opportunity for advertisers. you had some you liked and some you didn't. jc penney rolled out a new ad campaign through several different commercials with ellen degeneres. >> sure. >> why so many coupons? this is ridiculous. was it always this way? hi. pair of jeans for five cents. i have a coupon. whoa, everybody. just getting coupons. coupons. >> oh. >> a lot of production value.
9:20 am
>> before we get to that it was interesting. advertisers are walking away from it. you didn't see big commercials made specifically for it. they understand the numbers are going down. not that big of a deal anymore. i praised jc penney because they are walking away from, you know, saying we don't do sales anymore. we've got it as consumers. now tell me what you are. you can't say, we don't do sales. congratulations. we got it. to me, taking ellen was a great choice. we talked about it also. i applaud jc penney for staying with her. put her to better use. >> couple other ads. the lucy one and the my fair lady one. diet coke was a good effort you said. >> yes. >> appealing to what goes on behind the scenes in movie productions. everybody drinking diet coke. good effort but not great. >> they missed a great opportunity. saluting the makeup people, the grips and the people who are behind the scenes but show me
9:21 am
clips of those. i would like to see a makeup person working on a celebrity. i want to see the real stuff not the dramtzation. good concept but not executed in an exciting way. >> you say the kraft mac & cheese ad was the sleeper. ♪ >> hey. come on. >> what? i've been skivving mac and cheese for 75 years. >> i'm only 45. >> i have another family. >> what? >> what? >> especially with kraft which you expect very traditional. for an old guy to say, oh, by the way, i have another family was just very charming. madison avenue spoke by saying we don't care about the oscars anymore. oscars, you need a do over. let's talk turkey.
9:22 am
i'm available. >> donny deutsch -- >> he's always available. >> that's not true! want to go back to the tell straiter? >> no, no. the telestraiter is done forever. donny deutsch, thank you. coming up, al has some of the most exclusive oscar parties. our invites were lost in the mail. >> we couldn't handle it. al has the highlights. first, these messages. [ shivering ] sorry. sore knee. blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. gives that instant cold sensation. that's chilly. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists. and it lasts for hours. [ sigh of relief ] [ short breath ] [ longer breath ] [ short breath ] [ male announcer ] new bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on. have 46 grams of whole grains... mmmm.
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coming up, something that a lot of mothers suffer from. talking about mom guilt. we'll tell you why it's okay to have a little me time. >> absolutely. and al had tickets to the hottest parties in town. we'll show you how the stars let their hairs down -- and al, too -- after your local news. [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal turns out to be not such a good deal. but new bounty gives you value you can see. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. so you can clean this mess with half as many sheets. bounty has trap and lock technology to soak up big spills and lock them in. why use more when you can use less? bring it with new bounty. ♪ my heart skips a beat ♪ my heart is playing tricks on me ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing new special k granola bars. ♪ i can't break through with 4 grams of protein. and 4 grams of fiber.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> after a chilly start this monday, it is going to be a nice day. the upper 50s to around 60 this afternoon. system to our north may create a little cloud cover but it should state dry. dry on
9:29 am
9:30 am
made pretty good time. let the party begin. ♪ >> i hit the red carpet early in the evening. then i sashayed into parties into the wee hours of the night. show you how the stars were living it up in a moment. hey, guys. >> how much sleep did you get; al? >> well, you guys have done this? >> yeah. >> not much. >> well worth it though. >> more like a little power nap.
9:31 am
absolutely. not complaining. believe me, i'm not complaining. >> we're excited to see your red carpet story, al. we miss you. >> we do. we wish we were there partying with you. meanwhile, coming up we'll be talking about mom guilt. al would say dad guilt as well. whether you worry you are smothering your kids or not spending enough time for them or feel bad for needing to get away from it all sometimes, we have advice on how to handle the guilt. >> and something you could feel guilty about. a hearty meal but well worth it. we'll make a beef brisket bread soup casserole. great way to use up day old bread and leftovers. >> smells amazing upstairs. first, al, we should get a check of the weather. >> man, i can smell that from here. >> are you sure about that? >> i think so. we'll look at the week ahead. here's what we've got.
9:32 am
early part of the week will be much cooler than normal. out to the west with wet weather. snow in the mountains. above normal temperatures in the eastern two-thirds of the country with severe storms in the southeast continuing into the midweek period. below normal temperatures in the western third of the country. latter part of the week we look for mostly normal temperatures throughout much of the country. warmer than usual along the east coast and then the mississippi river valley will see below normal temperatures. >> good morning. it will turn out to be a pretty nice day. temperatures will climb to near 60 degrees.
9:33 am
guys, we are roasting a beef brisket right back there. >> you could do a fireside chat there, al. >> i love it. so cozy. we'll check in with al in a minute where he rubbed shoulders with the hollywood elite at the a-list parties. >> we'll get it from al coming up. cer ] this is not a prescription. this is mary. who thinks it might be time to listen to her heart. so she talked to her walgreens pharmacist who gave her a free blood pressure test and showed her how easy it is to do it herself at home. get a free blood pressure test any day in february at any walgreens pharmacy or take care clinic location. and we'll donate $1 to the american heart association as part of the walgreens way to well commitment. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. [ facilitator ] what do you smell? takes me outdoors. sort of a crisp, fresh feeling.
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they are some of the most exclusive parties in hollywood. the academy awards after parties. >> our own al roker hob-nobed with a-list celebs. >> that's right. with oscar statues in hand, some of the brightest stars of the big screen let loose at some of the most exclusive bashes at tinseltown and i got to check out the fun. ♪ >> reporter: not all of the hollywood heat was on the red carpet sunday night. some of hollywood and music's biggest names were on the white carpet raising money for aids at sir elton john's oscar viewing party. >> why this one? >> reporter: yeah. >> it's the best. it's a great combination of the music world and the movie world. it's kind of where it's at. >> the cause is so important to all of us. >> al, where are you?
9:38 am
i saw you last night and you haven't been seen since. where have you been? >> reporter: oh, man. elton, i'll be right there. just wait. ♪ >> reporter: made good time. let the party begin. hi, how are you? nice to see you. where's my man elton? why do you think people respond so much to this event? >> think they have a good time. we get a lot of returnees every year. i'm lucky to be a famous person who can get publicity when i do things like this and lucky we have been successful because of the reputation of the foundation. ♪ >> every now and then a girl has to come out of the tomboy clothes. >> reporter: don't come out too much. >> and love the feathers. >> reporter: well, your feathers look nicely fluffed. >> thank you. >> reporter: is that leather
9:39 am
or -- >> no, no. it's like what a slicker is made out of. >> reporter: so you're water proof now. >> i am. >> reporter: as far as your pick for best picture? >> if i had the awards show everyone nominated get it is award. >> reporter: everybody gets a miley. >> like a statue like this. they should change it up. >> reporter: we came, we saw. now time to go. we left the elton john party and now we are here ativan ti fair. -- at vanity fair. >> you are a touchstone here. you came to see me before the globes and i won a globe. you come to see me before the oscars and i won an oscar. thank you so much. >> i wasn't going to talk to anyone. how do you say no to al roker. >> you have a kiss here. >> but not from you. >> not yet. >> reporter: ooh! >> i like my job.
9:40 am
>> look at this. look at the concession to the oscars. this is where nbc's budget is now. al had to pay for this out of his own pocket. >> reporter: where did you watch the oscars? >> on the couch. at home. >> reporter: wow! >> but we were fully made up. >> reporter: what did you think of billy? >> he was good. you know, you can't go wrong with billy. >> reporter: where did you watch the oscars? >> we didn't. >> reporter: you didn't? >> no, no. >> reporter: were there surprises tonight? >> well, you never know who's going to win. >> well, i thought we lived in the future. >> reporter: you have been making the wrong moves. >> i'm sitting there talking. >> we invented a foreign film category to prevent these sweeps from occurring. >> i was surprised meryl streep won. that's a crazy sentence to say.
9:41 am
>> it was a special moment to read meryl streep's name. >> reporter: you're going into the vanity fair party. >> i'm excited. i have to get in there. >> reporter: go! what can you expect in there? >> i hope they have in-and-out cheeseburgers again. i'm starving. >> reporter: you know about parties. what do you expect? >> it's the vanity fair party. we go to this one and then guy and madonna's house. >> reporter: ooh, all right! >> i'm walking on water. this guy is keeping me buoyant. i'm thrilled. >> reporter: congratulations. when will it sink in? >> on thursday when i'm flying to new orleans. i'm like, oh, my god! i won an oscar! >> i think octavia is still partying tonight, guys. >> she's the sweet heart of the "today" show. >> she is. and you have been a lucky charm for her, al. >> reporter: people are always
9:42 am
after me lucky charms. i'll take full responsibility. >> any time you can pull out the little lep rechaun, we love it. >> good job this year. [ laughter ] >> i don't know, al. >> come back, al, we miss you. it's falling apart without you. >> you and donny deutsch clearly need to hang out. al? hello? >> you're doing quite well without me. >> i thought he fell asleep. >> coming up -- >> great work, al. thank you so much. >> how to deal with mommy guilt whether your kids are toddler or so teens. we'll return after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] dry, itchy skin. a long term struggle needs long term relief. eucerin calming creme. used every day, its triple ingredient formula is clinically proven to relieve dry, itchy skin, with 92% of people reporting improved overall skin condition over time.
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9:47 am
as good a mother as you can be. robbi ludwig joins us. good morning. >> good morning. >> women actually feel more guilt than men do because we tend to be more intern personally sensitive. >> we're plugged into how others feel. we're more nurturing. so we'll feel a little bit more guilty because we take more responsibility for how our relationships feel and look. >> one thing we feel a lot of guilt over is wanting more me time. we give everybody a little bit of ourselves but never give back to ourselves. >> we have an idea that being a good mom is giving everything you have to your child. giving all of your time. really that's not the case. of course you want to give time to your child but you can't give anything if you don't nurture yourself first. >> true. >> take time in minutes, hours, days, a weekend on a regular basis because a happy mom has a better chance of being a good
9:48 am
mom. >> that's true. another one we are guilty about is not wanting sex. >> yes. >> we feel guilty for not giving to our partners because at the end of the day we're tired of dealing with the kids. >> it's true. >> what's the advice. >> there is a level of exhaustion and it doesn't feel sexy after you take care of the kids to transition. the best way is to be honest with your partner so your partner doesn't feel rejected. like you're not sec hally attracted to him anymore. and sometimes follow the yes. if you do it -- >> say yes, make it happen. >> really -- >> you get caught up in the moment. >> that takes care of itself. >> next is yelling at the kids. happens when we get frustrated and we feel guilty. >> i know. >> what's not to feel guilty about? >> the truth is frustration happens in real life. sometimes yelling at your child is the right response at that time. it's not necessarily so bad for your child to yell at them and
9:49 am
set limits. we have spoken about this a lot. >> yes. >> if you feel you are yelling more because you're at your wit's end rather than your child is doing something wrong take that timeout, count to ten. do some deep breathing and rethink about the best approach. >> step away from the situation. >> yeah. >> the last one we feel guilty about, working moms, is we spend too much time at work, and not enough time with the kids. >> the tide is changing here. did a poll and found women are feeling less guilty about working because they feel it makes them more creative as parents, and better workers. >> and a good role model for the kids to see. >> exactly. >> realize you are contributing to the family and you're serving as a good role model. >> you say be willing to let things go. >> moms can be very hard on themselves. they focus on just what they are doing wrong. you don't want to do that. see the bigger picture.
9:50 am
if you feel you are doing something wrong change it. we're growing, right? we're always getting better. move on. >> another quick piece of advice is more realistic expectations, setting them for ourselves and talking to other mothers helps a lot, venting a bit. >> right. we internalize the idea of perfection. it's really unfair to ourselves. nobody's perfect. connect with other moms. you realize how normal some feelings and reactions are. that can be a tremendous support system. >> we are all in the same boat. >> we are. >> for more information on how to handle mom guilt head to up next, a great way to turn your leftover sunday dinner into a hearty monday meal. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:51 am
9:52 am
this morning in "today's kitchen step by step beef
9:53 am
brisket casserole. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> first, a little bit of congratulations. you were nominated for a james beard award. >> thank you very much. really appreciate it. >> not your first time, i might add. >> no. three times now. we're hopeful. >> best of luck to you. >> thank you. >> tell us about the dish we are making. >> all right. here we have a braised brisket. it's going to turn into a bread stew. this can be a meal in itself and then turn it into bread soup later. >> you browned the meet aat andn add vegetables to the pan? >> we have leeks, onions, carrots and different herbs. the main thing is number one the beef. this beef is being raised at bethlehem valley, the farm we use. they are also growing grapes for the wine. >> great. >> what grows together goes together. >> one-stop shopping. so you have the vegetables and
9:54 am
you have orange zest? >> if you could add the orange there. >> a little bit of zest and orange juice in there. >> we'll add the red wine. sorry to put you to work. >> go for it. >> the whole thing? >> about halfway. >> okay. >> i'll add in the herbs now. >> that seems about right. throw a little bit extra in there. >> a little bit to drink later. all right. i'll add the brisket. >> okay. >> the rule of thumb is to get a piece that fits the pan so you have enough liquid but not so much you don't get the flavor. >> gotcha. >> if you could pour in the stock. >> this is pork stock? >> it is. >> why do you choose this as opposed to another kind of stock? >> we have a lot of pork in the midwest. but the pigs' feet, honestly at the end of the day gives it a nice gel. you can use chicken or beef.
9:55 am
i just really like that. >> how long do we let it go? >> it goes into a 350 degree oven for three and a half, four hours. check it periodically. >> we have about a minute left. >> cool. this is the bread soup. the leftover meat, this can be a pot roast, really just about anything. it can be beef, lamb, vegetables from stew. >> you do a layer. and then toasted day old bread. >> hi, how are you. thank you for having me. >> great. >> the olives from the braise. just scatter that around and fontina cheese. >> you can layer it up as much or as little as you want. >> and then the juice on top. all over the top. >> how long do we cook it? >> that goes into the oven about 350 to 400 for half hour, 45 minutes.
9:56 am
>> this is what it looks like. >> chef, thank you so much. >> thank you.
9:57 am
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