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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  March 19, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. a man opened fire outside a jewish school in the southwestern france this morning, killing a father, his two sons, and another child. the attack comes after three soldiers were killed in three separate shootings in the same area. >> it is possible that the gun
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man has struck three times and is still in the area somewhere. it happened this morning as parents were dropping their children off at this a jewish school in toulouse. the man opened fire with two weapons, one of which may have been a small machine gun, and killed at least three children and one adult. he then sped away. >> barbarity, severed tree, and cruelty cannot win -- savagery, and cruelty cannot win. >> in the last week in the same area, there were two similar shootings, also with a -- some possibly with a motorbike in the same caliber weapon. in one of these shootings, the gunmen approached two of the soldiers while they were using an atm, shot them at close range, and sped away. authorities are not as saying this is the same shooter, but they are launching an anti-
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terror and the station and a tightening security the bank to which schools while the shooter is still on the loose -- tightening security around and jewish schools while the shooter is still on the loose. >> we will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest tonight on 11 news at 5:00. with the identity of the afghan shooting suspect released, old friends of the staff sergeant robert bales say they are shocked by the accusations. he is accused of going on a shooting rampage that killed 16 afghan civilians, mostly women and children. those who grew up with bales say they cannot imagine him hurting anyone. >> before he was suspected in the massacre of 16 afghan civilians -- >> he would do anything for
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anybody. i did not think hanything would change. >> he was team captain his senior year. he made at the conference team. >> popular guy. he was one of the better football players, captain, heavy lifter in the weight room. funny, a big smile. smart, too.ys he was into military history. >> he and that teacher were going back and forth about colonels and generals and the batter of bucknel -- bunker hill. >> he majored in business and worked as an advisor before going into the military. >> he felt the need to defend america. >> he says he last saw bales
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seven years ago. >> everybody's just shocked about it. >> loved ones are preparing for the final memorial services for a major. a public hearing was held in lutherville for the major. he was killed in afghanistan last month after u.s. troops mistakenly burned copies of the koran. he was just 48 years old and leaves behind a wife and four children. opened funeral services were held this morning h. he will receive a full military honors and be buried at arlington national cemetery on thursday. police are searching for the driver would not stop at this scene. mdta police say that 35-year-old ricardo jobes was observing safety protocol along interstate 95 south just before caton avenue after midnight on saturday. that is when officers say a
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driver veered into the construction zone, hit jobes, and took off. investigators are questioning whether the driver was drunk and did not realize he had a person, because jobes' fiance says his leg is shattered. >> 260 pounds, big guy. if it was somebody my height or shorter, they would have been run over. >> jobes is listed in fair condition at shock trauma. police are licking for eight gold or silver -- looking for a gold or silver gm sedan. a 10-year-old boy is recovering after being hit imy car. we are told that the boy -- being hit by a corporate we are told the boy was rushed to hospital with a possible broken leg. police caught up with the driver who is now in custody. she has several outstanding
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warrants. jury selection is expected to begin in the trial of a man accused of murdering his brother. wael ali is accused of killing his brother wasel in 2007. the brothers had a history of violent arguments and criminal records. >> i stepped outside of the weather veranda and it is spectacular out there. there are clouds in the sky, but it is mostly sunny. it is really helping temperatures. we are up to the upper 60s right now and heading for a high of 72. there is a threat of thunderstorms, scattered and minor, from 3:00 to 6:00. what that means, 30% chance that the area will see a thunderstorm. we will talk about warm up in
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the seven-date. >> the parksville family is in mourning hit a 22-year-old woman was killed in a car crash in morocco. kelly dallatezza was killed on friday. she had recently participated in a fulbright conference on women in politics. >> she wanted people to know that there is so much positive about the middle east that is not always out there to be known. the people there are so friendly and there are so many wonderful things about the culture that she just enjoyed so very much. >> one of her colleagues was also in the car and survived the accident. a new report shows a slight improvement in the number of u.s. students graduating from high school. according to the children's advocacy group america's promise alliance, in 2010, 70% of students earned a diploma in
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four years. that marked an increase of nearly 4% from 2001. new york and tennessee saw the most significant increases. the group says its goal is to have a 90% graduation rate by the year 2020. so far, only wisconsin has met the benchmark. still to come, good news for apple investors. details on this morning's big announcement and how it translates to more money for shareholders. the push for illinois -- a preview
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>> enough "commitment 2012," another win for mitt romney it over the weekend in puerto rico. illinois has more delegates at stake than any other state so far this year except georgia. there is an odd twist to how the delegates are awarded. illinois is the so-called loopholes primary, meaning there is a popular vote in a separate vote for delegates. the popular vote is not determine who gets the delegates. >> if we are able to come out in illinois with a huge surprise win, i guarantee you -- i guarantee you we will win this
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nomination. . >> it is an uphill battle for santorum but he is not on the ballot in all of illinois and mitt romney has a clear lead. it feels like summer in much of the country, the usually. grounds -- usually arid grounds of arizona are still in winter. up to two feet of snow shut down highways and stranded travelers. even more snow is expected throughout today. still ahead, good news for apple shareholders. how much they will soon see any dividends. having a hard time using the frequent flier miles? how about donating them? >> the sun is starting to break out in baltimore. we're keeping our eye on the radar for what could develop in the west. first, and live looked out doors from the skycam.
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alert,"day's "consumer it is official. apple will issue its first dividend to shareholders since 1995. it says it will begin giving shareholders a quarterly dividend of $2.65 a share. apple will also buy back $10 billion of its own shares over three years. the number of the seniors applying for reverse mortgages is on the rise, especially among those at the lower end of the senior bracket. according to the met life market institute, the average age of someone applying for the specialty mortgage is around 71. the number of applicants in their early 50s has risen 15%
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since 1999. job loss, debt, and higher cost of living of forcing the changes. the make a wish foundation wants to make you an offer -- donate some of your frequent-flier miles and they will make some sick young boys and girls very happy. it is a unique way to donate to a charity not with money or time but with miles. >> every time a plane takes off, someone is earning frequent- flier miles, and they have a way of piling up. >> 400,000. >> 110,000. >> what if you have more miles than you need, or would like to donate them to a good cause? the folks at make a wish have a good idea. >> airline miles are the latest way people can make a wish. >> make a wish has worked out a deal with four major airlines, united, continental, delta, and
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u.s. air, to be able to accept and use donated frequent-flier miles. this year, make a wish san diego hopes to send around 150 families on flights to grant wishes to children with life- threatening medical conditions. those troops can come from donated miles. the average trip takes 150,000 frequent-flier miles. >> it will send a child where they dream about going, whether a it is here in california or some place on the other side of the world. >> what if your airline miles are about to expire? the good news -- for make a wish, that is not a problem. >> even if they are about to expire, the airlines will allow us to use them for as long as it takes. >> they are able to bank those miles and add them to other nations. one common question -- are the
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donated miles tax deductible? >> the irs does not recognize them as deductible, but there is a feeling you get when you donate to make which that is better than a deduction. >> now, you're 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with meteorologist ava marie. >> i hope everyone has gotten a chance to get outside and enjoy some of this pleasant weather. maybe you can take your lunch outside if you have a chance to sneak out. it is spectacular. mostly sunny skies from baltimore all the way down to ocean city. there are quite a bit of clouds from the west, very thin for now. they are allowing sunshine in. it is the western areas of the state that have thicker cloud cover, right now over allegheny county. the rate of a quiet right now, but there is a possibility that something good start to pop in the next couple of hours. let's look at the temperatures right now. with all that sunshine, we are quickly warming up to 68 degrees
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at b.w.i., 66 at the inner harbor, 60's and 70's along the eastern shore, cooler along ocean city. they were locked in the fog earlier on. to g8 in frostburg. overall, most areas are dealing with the mild conditions. we're seeing a big change, and eventually into the weather pattern. for now it is just the clouds in place. this is bringing in the onshore flow appeared all the moisture of the atlantic, helping to spark some of the isolated thunderstorms. what this is also doing is putting the brakes on at the weather pattern. this has been powerful and moving across the west. it is having a hard time moving east. it will slowly make its weight east the next couple of days. this is set to change with a very slow pattern did we see how powerful this front is.
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big drop in temperatures out west. 42 in denver. 37 into albuquerque. you don't have to go far to see the warm air. 76 in st. louis. 79 in atlanta. a warm air is coming in ahead of the fraud. -- front. mostly cloudy, with a couple of isolated showers. 30% chance of isolated, scattered, something to keep in mind if you are outdoors. keep attuned to the radar at upper 70's by thursday. beautiful. 75 on friday. 60s by sunday. >> in today's "medical alert," in a perfect world all kids would happily eat celery sticks
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as snacks. we do not live in a perfect world. there are those times when junk food must prevail. the healthiest possible packaged snacks to delight kids and parents. >> he is a master for its movie -- fruit smoothie maker. >> how much mill? -- milk? >> it is easy for parents to feed him healthy snacks at home. >> not a whole lot of choice. >> the choices at the grocery store are wide ranging. all that eye candy can make a mother's eyes roll. >> sometimes we have to rely on packaged stuff. >> kettle corn is really good. >> no one is suggesting these snacks are as healthful as
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carrots, but they are way better than brownies. >> teaching children you can have it treats every once in awhile and in moderation will go a long way towards making that healthy adults. >> barenaked trail mix, quaker oatmeal granola bars, pretty much anything made by kashi. this tax should max out at 100 to 200 calories' per serving. and i dieticianan- parent-approved snacks that taste good. >> up next, your maryland lottery numbers, and we will get another check of the insta- weather-plus forecast. first, a look at how wall street
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>> tea makers in china have created the world's most expensive tea. it is fertilized exclusively with panda manure. mm, tasty. it is being sold for $180 an
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ounce. all the profits from the sale will be used to set up a fund to support environmental projects. tonight on 11 news at 5:00, homeowners in baltimore city will see a nice chunk of change if the mayor's tax proposal works out. baltimore police had to call any reinforcement on saturday when hundreds of young people at escalated out of control. all you need to know about presidential hopeful mitt romney's trip to maryland this wednesday. and now your maryland lottery pick three and pick four numbers. >> good afternoon. i am angela jackson from wbal radio.
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those are your pick 3 numbers. play the $2 million logo hunt for a chance at prices up to $350,000. here is my prize -- let's play pick four. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> hard to believe the first day of spring is officially tomorrow. >> hard to believe it has still been a winter. we are about 15 to 20 degrees above normal. >> thank you for joining us.
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