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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  July 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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in the debris is in annapolis. ocean city at 84 degrees. instead of being in the 70's which usually we would see it in a heat wave, we're down in the 50's and 60's. when the dew point is down, it does not get out of control. were typical of our region, even around 100 the region. looks like tomorrow will be the worst and that looks look like this will continue. lowell melser joins us from outside and we have had a few days where it's been so bad. >> no one is looking forward to tomorrow. 97 at the thermometer here.
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with the hot weather comes poor air quality and that's the main reason people get sick. the maryland department of the environment issued a code orange warning today saying the young people than the elderly are at risk. another scorching hot day in the area. he says he has seen more and more people who work outside making their way inside to the emergency room. >> they usually feel better quickly. >> as of the temperatures were not enough, the maryland department of the environment says our air quality is so poor they have issued a chord -- code orange warning. >> the recorded in the forecast and then there reported
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afterwards. this is based on epa standards. >> they have determined that there is a lot of pollution in the air that is literally cooking the atmosphere. 11 news of learned 70% of all the state's air pollution comes from other state and smoke from the colorado wildfire is maybe playing a role as well. >> chicago and other areas issue an air quality advisory and the pollution comes into maryland. we are also being subjected to that. >> you can help to reduce air pollution during these very tough days. using gas and electric drills like charcoal. if now issued a code red the
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best advice is to deer -- just stay indoors during they can cool you down in a matter of seconds it you come with heat- related illnesses. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> candidacy has the details. -- kim dacey has the details. >> the heat, the holiday, and he power outages created the overwhelming need for eyes. >> i've never seen anything like it. think there is a way to keep up with demand. >> the company did not have
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power for three days. they have been operating with generators keeping the door closed. they have been loading up and delivering ice as fast as they can. do you have guys on the truck? they're trying to get it off the truck before i can even get it in the store. >> of their working the same amount of hours they are legally allowed to work. they have to have a break time. some of them have chosen to use that downtime to maybe help out here with lifting, reloading, and getting things done. they have been alternating so they can go home. no one has been off since saturday. >> they have gone through 280,000 pounds of vice per day.
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>> there are people price gouging and raising their prices to make money. >> though many have their power restored, they have used so much ice that supplies will still below with august the notoriously hottest. we will get back on our feet and everything will go back to normal. >> kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it has been a full week since the storm knocked out power and thousands are still going out tonight. much of the damage has not been cleaned up. overlooking the area, what is going on?
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>> this is island drive, not too far away and they're trying to restore power to this area. everywhere we went, they were attacking the damage and the problems of at least four or five trucks at once. they were all trying to get power and restore power. they have over 300 trucks just from georgia trying to work to take care of this problem. live from sky team 11, capt. roy taylor. >> the maryland attorney general's office has been investigating price gouging
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complaints. some gas stations have artificially increase their prices. david collins is joining us live in the studio. david, what kind of problems are people having? >> its unethical. they're shooting up by as much as 50 cents per gallon and hotel rooms usually going for $59 are suddenly demanding as much as $500. electric power is still being restored and in the midst of all love this, some are taking advantage of the emergency. >> some establishments are trying to take advantage. >> they are investigating price gouging complaints regarding huge increases in room rates. one establishment which usually
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charges $59 per night object of their prizes to $500. this hotel suddenly demanding $700. the prices on generators skyrocketed and the complaints do not stop there. one consumer reported the price of gas shot up by 50 cents a gallon. >> in maryland, we do not have a price gouging statute. the >> they can be challenged under the fair practice laws of the state. then there are storm chasers, tons of them. they're good at taking your money but not in actual repair work. they realize they have nothing
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in return will the work is in complete or so bad it needs to be done over again. homeowner need to be sure before they hire a contractor that the contractors actually licensed. who hire owners to highe licensed contractors can receive and help. home repair complaints can be called in to 410-230-6309. here are some warning signs that you need to know so you do not have to call these numbers because you will not get ripped off. >> now washington where there is more news that u.s. economic recovery is slow. another month of disappointing growth in job numbers this june.
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>> president obama and took credit for an economic comeback. >> continuing his tour of ohio, he came to a restaurant in akron around time that the news came out. only 80,000 new hires. unemployment stuck at 8.2%. half a million manufacturing jobs in states like ohio have been regained. >> it's a step in the right direction. but we cannot be satisfied because our goal was never to just keep on working to get back we were in 2007. >> met romney was in new hampshire. >> his policies have not gotten
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america working again. the president needs to stand up and take responsibility. >> it means having a health care plan that focuses on bringing down the cost of health care for american families, not just adding your expenses and new taxes to the american people. >> the president toward a plan that makes pasta sauce and noted he has cut taxes $3,600 on middle-class families and pointed out no one pays a health care penalty tax as they buy coverage and of refusing. since the supreme court ruled it institutional, he has gone from barely mentioning the health care law to bragging about it. >> gov. martin o'malley at the white house today to visit the signing of a major bill. more on how they might impact you.
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>> a bill named aubrey little boy who drowned six years ago is signed. >> mixed feelings about taking supplements to help you lose weight. one doctor tells you and on what is safe and what is not. >> these trees are on the ground, but you're probably wondering what will happen after she trie
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>> , martin o'malley was in attendance and is president obama signed a bill the signing road and bridge repairs. he also signed a law preventing student loan interest rate for doubling. another law was signed locally. it is called a cahners law. they signed a bill named after his 6-year-old boy who drowned in a country club pool six years ago requiring public and semi- public schools to be equipped with adequate external the fibril leaders. it will affect 275 pools in the area. -- adequate external defibrillator. >> does exercise make sure hot flashes worst? it can actually help menopausal
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women. a survey of 100 and menopausal women wore accelerometers to keep track of their height -- hot flashes. most of the women exercised have fewer hot flashes the day after exercise, but those who were overweight or had more intense hot flashes did not see a significant benefit. are you trying to lose a few pounds before that beach trip? taking a certain supplements can actually help lose weight. we have more. >> muscle and bigger today than they have ever been in my entire life. cook supper struggling with his wit for as long as he can remember, at 69, he has never felt better. with his cholesterol and blood sugar creeping up, he knew it was time to try something new. >> it's hard enough to lose weight as it is.
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medical way law specialists are speaking from personal experience. he was overweight and out of shape in his 20's and now 10 years later, he competes in bodybuilding competition. along with diet and exercise, he says an essential tool is nutritional supplements. >> by drinking protein after your workout, you can help with your fat loss and body measurement. >> creatine is something he introduces ride away saying it helps introduce muscle. >> you're burning more fat at rest and being healthier. >> there are many more he gradually introduces. >> fish oil can help a person put on lean muscle tissue and burned body fat. >> there are so many options out there. how do you know what to buy docks what they can be expensive
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and ineffective. they can be dangerous for certain people. before anyone starts a diver exercise program, they should be evaluated. >> they are not federally regulated. but he is a believer. >> many believe that green tea extract scant support weight- loss efforts. they found that green tea and accidents actually increase your metabolism. you can also try this popular weight loss supplement that is not a stimulant like caffeine. >> media got too hot in downtown baltimore because the thermometer stopped reporting. temperature is up near $100
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around the region again today. 98 at bwi marshall. and looks like a storage randallstown and in western baltimore county in the lower to mid 90's. it is warm out in western maryland, too. not as hot as here, but this is pushing the mid to upper 80's. petersburg, 100 degrees. that is stifling hot. a brown big meadows, -- up around big meadows, 90 degrees. all around the region, another hot july day. that is why we have advisory's, warnings, and watches for dangerous heat. tomorrow was probably the hottest for this current spell. we did get some dry air coming in today which will help us cool off tonight. we're not talking dramatic, but may be low 70 pop today to the drier air.
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we will probably stay close to 80 degrees downtown. 91 in new york city. 79 in boston. the ring granada stifling as we are. but that the heat over the ohio river valley. chicago, another triple digit dates. st. louis at 105. cincinnati is 101. this will continue to move eastbound for us tomorrow. one more day to get through for extreme heat and maybe even a little more human tomorrow. this front out of pennsylvania and, queen anne's county, this is the front-runner during the storm of all of the atlantic. with the passage of that front, at the lab the drier air, less humid air to filter in for today. tomorrow, back into the triple digits. sunday into monday, the front
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over the upper midwest will reach us and finally cooled things off, but tomorrow, and sunny skies, hot, and humid. topping 100 most areas tomorrow. this will punters had been denied into sunday. scattered storms still hot, but we're talking mid 90's. that will stall in virginia. clouds and a breeze will finally cooled things off. 100-105 tomorrow. we have not set any records get this summer. tomorrow, we have a chance. the record is 101, and i think we will get there. on the day, wind -- weighs about 1 foot. mostlythe mountain's sunny skies and then more likely on sunday with a high of 82. the humidity coming back into the picture tamara's about 101
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will feel even harder. down the beach, in nice sunny saturday. that will linger into monday. we will and the heat wave over the weekend. the low 80's will feel almost cool into tuesday, wednesday, and thursday of next week. >> that sounds like heaven. one step closer to finding out how the colorado fire started. >> two people were killed from a violent storm in tennessee. >> we found some teenagers in the schools not from baltimore. relearn how this is all connected to their face. hama
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>> we have heard so much recently about the poor condition of baltimore city school buildings and the building that will cost to fix. >> they're getting some
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unexpected help from hundreds of teenagers that are here to pitch in. tim tooten is in the newsroom -- i have got my shifts confused. >> they're connected to a ministry with the catholic church. they spend part of their summers in places like baltimore putting their faith into action. this has been home base for these young missionaries. they are here in city schools cleaning, stacking, and serving. they're helping them identify with their christian faith through service.
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they're led by a small group of adults helping them model faith in action. >> it makes me thankful for all i have. help them out. >> we are overwhelmed with the need. >> it has brought a smile to a school staff. >> it's a great thing to have wonderful caring people to come and help. i salute them. >> it's safe to say they're hoping to get the list next year.
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>> police need help to identify a man is shot and killed someone in baltimore city. >> i'm very simms. details coming out. >> the man accused in the death of trayvon martin is out on bail tonight. tonight. the new santa fe steak melts.
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get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt. juicy steak, crispy bacon, and melted cheese with creamy santa fe caesar. or try adding egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt -- a favorito for breakfast but muy bueno any time of day. get to your local subway and claim your steak today -- with new santa fe steak melts. subway. eat fresh. >> live, local family breaking. you're watching wbal-tv 11 news
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in hd with stan stovall, donna hamilton, insta-weather + meteorologist tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues now. >> in maryland homeowners out on a limb to night worrying about what to do about falling trees. it sounds strange, i know. they fell during the powerful storm one week ago. >> she is worried any action sheet could it do to take them out could lead to action from baltimore county. barry simms is live with the story. >> these trees fell down in her backyard and there were warning signs around saying all kinds of things about these trees. she does not know exactly what to do about getting out of here. >> four trees just laid down
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like dominoes. >> the branches of one tree means it's leary to do anything. the conservation district and a warning, do not disturb. she is not sure what would happen if they were removed from her yard. >> they could give me some type of find. "she contacted several officers but no one could tell her how to handle it. the director of the county department of environmental protection -- >> we have an easement requirement for certain properties. it the idea is to promote and protect primarily for habitat,
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while life, and what -- wildlife and water quality. >> richardson did the right thing to check. after looking at a map over property and conservation, she can clear the downed trees. >> she is allowed to clear them, remove them come use them for od.e wor she does not need a county permit. >> richard sid could then -- richardson could then bring them to order property line and then the rest would have to remain on her land. >> lots of our viewers have been sending us pictures about damage on their property. this is from the edgewood area. you can send your photos and videos in to ulocal.
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a man shot and killed in northeast baltimore around 9:30 last night, and police say that is where they found the unidentified victim shot during from multiple gunshot wounds. -- suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. baltimore city police are hoping someone will recognize the suspect in this video. they're trying to identify the man they say is the prime suspect in the death of anderson. if you feel you can help please, please call metro crime stoppers at 866-7-lockup. only 80,000 new jobs created last month and they say the unwillingness of employers to add jobs shows the economy has a long way to go. that is below the 226,000
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created in the first quarter. >> the controversy of an unarmed teenager in florida has taken another turn today. george zimmerman, the man accused in his death, posted $1 million bond and left jail. >> for the second time, as a man walked out of the seminal county area. in a stern of nine-page letter setting his new bond at $1 billion, they said he was preparing to flee prosecution. as a result and he will not be allowed to leave without authorization. they have identified a safe house where he will stay in until a more permanent secure location can be established.
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they wonder if the bigger problem may be what the last few weeks have done to his legal case. >> the fact that mr. zimmerman has compromised his credibility is putting a strain on his defense. >> credibility the martins have a question since the man shot their son. they say. this could have an effect on this highly emotional case. >> of violence inside philadelphia's city hall. we fill you on next. >> the possible origin of that colorado fire that has done so much damage. >> in a walking tour and exhibit for the war of 1812. i'm in annapolis with that story coming up.
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>> police shooting man inside
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philadelphia city hall after he reportedly fired at officers. it began around 6:30 a.m. the suspect was taken to a nearby hospital and is listed in critical condition. >> two killed after a violent storm went through the smoky mountains national park. hundreds of people were visiting when the storm hit the western end of the 500,000 acre park on the tennessee-north carolina border. one man was killed in a motorcycle accident and a woman died when a tree limb fell on her. in a report suggests the deadly wildfire in colorado's started near a popular hiking trail west of colorado springs. firefighters started searching for the source, but they did not find it. when the wind kicked in, the flames began to spread. two people have been killed and nearly 350 homes destroyed.
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according to the latest reports, the fire is now 90% contained. >> coming up, a certain kind of land is being recalled. >> it seems a country has locked out when it comes to gas prices as they stay consistent this summer, even going down a little bit. >> authorities turned social media to fight crime. more on this trend popping up and right here in maryland. >> and he winds continue through tomorrow, but there is a little bit of heat relief showing up in the seven-day forecast. more are not in a little bit. a great to be on the beach. 98 down at the airport. 946?
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>> the national weather service has issued a severe heat warning. this has been getting as much earlier in the season than normal. many people are suffering through the heat wave in many parts of the u.s.
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what that party killed crops in some areas and killing some people in others. >> it's useless to harvest this. >> has been watching his crops literally wither away in his state and others that have been trapped in a heat wave and drought. >> by now, this corn should be 8 feet tall. >> instead years left with 300 pollen dollars in lost profits. >> we have been expecting a drier season, but this is worse than anyone expected. >> in indiana, this is closed because the struggling airconditioner cannot keep the candy from becoming a gooey mess. >> the air-conditioner cannot keep up. >> struggling for a seventh day without electricity after it toppled trees and power lines. this has been a horror story.
5:45 pm
this is the worst we have experienced. >> authorities are looking into several other heat-related deaths. the only people not complaining about the weather are those. the air-conditioning repair technicians. >> we are the busiest we have ever been. we do not see an end in sight. >> they say the heat should break and move on by the end of the weekend. nbc news, new york. >> a couple more days of the really impressive stuff and then we will get a break. >> he may be reaching for a jacket with the high in the low 80's. tomorrow, i think it's the day.
5:46 pm
tomorrow, it's possible. today, the 99 reading way short of 105 set two years ago. i think they are either estimating or just using yesterday's high. will see if they may be adjusted. i think it was a little below that today. it did get a little drier today. the dew point came down into the lower 60's. 94 randallstown. 96 rockfalls. the little bit of comfort on the beach and approaching 100 again today.
5:47 pm
the watches, warnings, and advisory's will continue through the day tomorrow. a downtown and some will drop in the low 70's. sunset at 8:36. this brought us a few severe thunderstorms in parts of northern baltimore county. now is producing severe storms out over the atlantic. high pressure on the gulf all the way up to chicago again. that is what we are dealing with during the day tomorrow. probably the hottest of his current streak. we would get a push to the self and that should bring some heat release. do not expected to be more
5:48 pm
comfortable until monday. it will send scattered showers and storms in the area. this will help us keep the temperature down on monday. tomorrow, scorching hot. the record is 101 and there is a good chance of breaking that tomorrow. crueler mountains -- cooler mountain than dropping in temperature. beach weather is great through saturday and then the thunderstorms arrive. we will do it all again tomorrow. 95 on sunday, 83 and also a little bit above normal.
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>> an important recall the tell you about if your kids have a discovery kids lamp in their room. turn it off. they're being recalled because of a possible fire danger. there have been 11 repts of a lamp short circuit. . so far, no injuries reported. these can be identified by the words discovery kids printed in the top left corner or by going on the consumer product safety website and put in the batch and model numbers. for a complete list of recalls,, and click on "recalls." apartment rental rates are surging. rents rose at the fastest rate since 2007. the average rose 1%.
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vacancies are at a 10-year low a chair did it to the housing market slump and lending standards being tougher making people unable to buy a home. it is prepared to do the exact opposite. we have more what to expect at the pump in the weeks ahead. >> the price of gas is lower than it has been for months. >> i be more conservative about running errands and what not. taking the bicycle, walking to and from. >> even at $3.50, it hurts the gas prices. >> of i'm buying 20 gallons, i will buy a where it is cheaper.
5:51 pm
>> usually, we see gas prices starting to go up before july 4th. it is usually a pretty significant spike. >> people are now filling up like they used to. lifestyles are changing and drivers are cutting back. >> it does suggest a kind of anemic economic recovery where people are just not spending. >> not only does it impact the price that the pomp, there's something else that could be keeping prices down -- politics. >> typically, in an election year, we see prices go down. for whatever reason, prices almost always go down in a presidential election, as you can expect see lower prices for a few more months.
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>> of less i have to spend on transportation, more to put in the bank. >> it's important to keep in mind the supply of fuel is still low. it is sending the price of the palm sky rocketing once again. >> bob hansen reporting. >> youtube is used by millions in now they're using the site to solve crimes. 90% of them use social networking of some form to seek public healtlp.
5:53 pm
a posted surveillance video is hoping to generate tips and often succeeding. >> you can actually see the person, how they move and walk. the other characteristics of our identifiable to some people. >> they're also using it to get there on a permission not to the public by posting news conferences and mug shots. baltimore city has won not streaming online daily for police headquarters. one week after the big storm, investigation into local businesses are taking advantage of people who were left without power. we take a look at the complaints about price gouging. details coming and not 6:00. >> honoring the war that gave birth to the u.s. navy. i'm in annapolis and that story is coming up. is coming up.
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>> starting today, you can walk your way through history. the two entities are celebrating the grand opening of the annapolis war of 1812 commemorative walking tour. adua randas was tehre, -- there. >> it's official. >> welcome to the 1812 walking tour. anniversarys 200th open.g tour is onow
5:57 pm
>> to be able to celebrate the bicentennial of the star spangled banner is huge. >> the self died walking tour consists of 10 stops throughout the naval academy and the city of annapolis. >> we have more sites than any other state in the union. >> through the walking tour and exhibit, you can see firsthand how the war of 1812 had a tremendous impact on our country in the development of the united states navy. visitors will also see plenty of
5:58 pm
artifacts from the war of 1812 sure to inspire. this unique walking tour and exhibit will be available through october 2014. head to our website, ramdas, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that's it for us at 5:00. but let's look at coming up new at 6:00. >> another hot one today. the air quality is abysmal. that causedorm issues and now to protect yourself from price gouging. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> midevening. as the heat wave continues, another man has died of heat related causes bringing the toll of deaths 29. >> more on that and the power outages in just a moment, but we began with an update from tom tasselmyer in the 11 insta- weather center. >> the heat index was not as high. these are temperatures now. they were last reported in the heat goes all the way back into western maryland. not quite as severe but it will be even harder tomorrow. about how this excessive heat warning can a fac


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