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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 9, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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about safety. concerned that the fire chief is making a dangerous move that will add more time to rescue and place lives at risk. that'm telling everyone this is not safe. >> the standard is eight minutes for response. the city has a seven-minute standard. >> i do not believe that fire or medical services are being compromised. >> taking ladder truck 15 from its east baltimore location and putting squad 11 on reserve and reassigning that crew are part of a plan to close the budget gap and end the daily rotating closures of fire stations. everyone understands the challenge but not the fix. >> common sense will tell you, you want someone to get you. this is a matter of life or death. quex i'm not going to take this
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lying down. i will fight this until the end. the end is not yet. >> budget problems have forced layoffs in other cities. >> fire department is lang of their members and that is a big issue. >> the most important thing is to make sure people have a job. it does not feel good but that is where we are. >> the union president said he plans to meet with the mayor on friday and another fire company is expected to close in october. >> the defendants in the downtown beating of a tourist on st. patrick's day pleaded guilty to their role in the attack. parsons was the one who threw the punch that knocked out the victim. he was sentenced today for a year in prison and three years' probation. two other suspects also pleaded guilty to assault charges but will be let out of jail on time
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served. the fourth suspect will be sentenced in december. >> 18 heat related deaths in over a week. lisa robinson is live with a report at the tragic toll from the stretch of extremely hot weather. quex you can see it is not as crowded here. we have had a break in the weather. but no break when it comes to heat related deaths. >> it is a huge break. it is a different pattern. >> down at the inner harbor, people were back to running and walking and enjoying the outdoors. it was a much better day for those who have to work and outside. last week's heat was extremely taxing. >> it was miserable. >> we could not get a breath of air and no matter how much you're hiding your still losing. >> state health officials
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called last week a prolonged weather event with storms, power outages, and extreme heat. there have been 13 heat related deaths statewide since july 2. montgomery were in lov and two in baltimore city. another in montgomery county and in baltimore county. the next day, two more deaths in baltimore city and county. july 7, a man dies in harford county in july 8, to more people die, one in baltimore city and the only woman to die of the heat related death in another county. all but two were 65 or older. >> many of the cases we have reported, most of the cases thus far have had underlying disease. heart disease, other kinds of diseases. and we know those are risk factors that can be complicated by the extreme heat. >> this most recent heat wave
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was dangerous because of the cumulative effect of having extreme temperatures day after day. >> people living at home, their interior temperatures in the evening may not have gone down significantly. there today they have cumulative flow loss and that becomes a problem for people. >> five more heat related deaths have been reported today, bringing the toll to 18. they were in st. mary's county, baltimore city, and baltimore county. as the week goes on i am told that as the medical examiner looks at the deaths that have been reported we may see that number climb. >> bge says it has restore the power and is beginning to assess
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what kind of job it did in the aftermath considering the circumstances. this is a report they are required to do, right? >> that is correct. what is amazing about this is bge is calling the june 29 storm one of the most damaging storms year history.ur >> june 29, what many thought was a routine summer thunderstorm turned out to be much more. a rare derecho, downing trees and causing one of the worst power outages in bge history. >> rare we started ducking for . it was bad. a storm i had never seen before.
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it came through like a freight train. we did not think anything of it. >> some not getting power back until almost a week later. bge not able to foresee or prepare for such a catastrophic effect, had to quickly figure out how to turn the ligh back on for three-quarters of a million customers. officials say they were able to employ one -- to apply operations develop during up here kaine irene. >> we did not have the manpower in place when the storm hit but both took almost the same amount of time. >> as far as the stats, crews had to tackle 748,000 outages using 4700 field and support forces, 1900 of which were from 18 states and canada.
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9000 circuit lines were fixed and 444 stations. they took 5000 e-mails about august is -- outages. they still need to see what went right and what went wrong which will come out when the storm is reviewed. trace will become a top priority. >> we will be looking at the network and looking at where are their danger trees, trees that are living in a bad position or limbs that are broken and may come down. >> the worst may not be over. bge is reminding its customers to prepare for severe storms throughout the summer and as we head into hurricane season. >> tonight at tool meant to prevent water main breaks was
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put to work and city officials have the results of an extensive study. we have a look at the so-called pipe driver and the problem is discovered. >> using high tech equipment like a pipe diver and a special optical cable, inspectors found potential breaks here in southwest baltimore. >> due to proactive work of the baltimore city department of public works, we have gone ahead of a potential serious matter. >> most of our water main breaks were caused by these concrete pipes that were sold across the nation for five decades ago. the outer wire on these pipes had failed, causing breaks. >> it was this type of water main which was in the most catastrophic main failures. >> it will make some system flow adjustments to ensure the water supply to customers. if that is successful they will
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begin replacing three 16-foot sections. citizens are asked to conserve water. >> please refrain from outside watering, car washing, tile washing or pool topping until after sunset or during the early morning hours. please do not wash clothes or dishes and do not do essential cleaning using water until late in the evening or early morning trade use clothes washers and dishwashers only with full loads. we're asking that you remember that short shellers lose less water than filling the tab for bathing. >> there may be a chance for temporary interruption of water service. conserving water will help minimize that interruption. >> gas prices are slowly inching upward once again. last week the national average jumped to $3.38 from $3.33.
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this comes on the heels of consistent drops over the past few months that prompted people to hit the roads. 35.5 million motorists which is a tenure record went on the road and on top of the uptick in gas prices, job numbers failed to impress. >> everything has to do with consumer confidence and whether or not oil prices are rising and falling. gas prices are intimately related to oil prices. >> while it is difficult to predict exactly what will happen with gas prices moving forward, they typically go up this time of year and are likely to remain higher all summer. in maryland, the average retail prices went up 7 cents per gallon 2 $3 a 36 a gallon along. >> gop lawmakers are planning to vote on a bill trying to repeal president obama's health care plan. >> when it is expected to go up for the vote. >> what sent baseball players scrambling?
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and a controversy later in sports. >> thunderstorms to the south, that is where the cold front is. that is where the cold front is. we're on the comfortable side
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>> gop lawmakers are moving forward with efforts to repeal the health care law. they're holding emergency meetings to discuss it. the repeal is seven pages long and claims the law can change millions of americans -- driving
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up health care costs and imposing new taxes. the house is debating the repeal tomorrow and a vote on wednesday. >> in some cases the space shortage has left a rare and valuable collections at risk. we go behind the scenes to see how they're coping with the overflow. >> the inspector general said the space crunch is a serious concern and it is the result of a lack of funding. the library of congress from a caretaker of 150 million books and manuscripts. >> maps, books, photographs. >> even with 800 miles of shelving -- >> we're very crowded. >> the library is running out of space. the three buildings on capitol hill are overflowing. books are double and triple shelved, thousands of volumes on the floor. >> extremely crowded with close
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to 1 million books on the floor and on overflow book trucks on capitol hill. >> the facility is full at fort meade and there is a waiting list for storage of special format collections. >> it is a challenging problem. >> the inspector general found some rare and valuable collections stored in less than optimal conditions. lacking ideal security control. >> we have been looking -- working with security people and the library has taken appropriate action but -- to build cages that can be locked. >> it does not have the same controlled climate as the fort meade security. >> this is the answer to what we need. >> with 250,000 items added to the collections each year, the collections chief says he needs three additional storage models like this one to handle the load. that is going to take money.
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extra money is hard to come by in these tight budget times. the library says each additional storage model will cost $16 million. congress has repeatedly turned down requests for that money. >> now, your 11 insta- weatherplus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> there is an indication of the weather pattern changing in the eastern part of the nation. morning lows not that remarkable around here but that is clear that it has been tree look to the north, 60's 50's, and some 30's. in the adirondacks, 38 degrees this morning. mount washington down to 37 but that is way in the higher elevations of new hampshire. this new york spot is a cool spot where the coal there can drain down in the adirondacks. that is a sign that the pattern
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is flip-floping. we will have a chance to settle back to normal or below normal temperatures . -- below normal temperatures. that front moving the the cooler air south, now making its way down through south-central virginia into the carolinas. they're still dealing with powerful severe thunderstorms in parts of north carolina and will continue to deal with the hot and steamy weather. 86 degrees today. 2 degrees below the normal high of 88. that is the first time in -- after 12 straight days we did not hit 90 at the airport. we had a cooler than normal day. the record high goes back to 1936. 84 in delton. same thing in the mountains in western maryland.
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suburbs, 70's at the northern harbor. -- inner harbor. we will stay in the basic pattern we saw today. this front has stalled out. south of it is where the heat wave continued. north of it, a bit of cloud cover. temperature is normal or below normal. the weather pattern should hold for several days. a partly cloudy sky tomorrow. cannot rule out one of those storms during this way but most areas will stay dry. the farther south you go, the better chance for an afternoon thunderstorm. high temperatures, 82 to 87. the bay water temperatures in the low 80's. we may see those temperature settled back in the next couple of days as the night time gives a chance to cool off. partly cloudy skies and highs in the low- to mid-70's. on the eastern shore,
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temperatures and normal to below normal by a degree or two. partly cloudy skies and at ocean city, if you're headed that way, 82 tomorrow and a thunderstorm possible. minimal chances were storms on wednesday and sunshine on thursday. there is a moderate risk of recurrence in the water around ocean city the next couple of days. 88 or normal, we are there for the next six days. 89 next monday. we will stay below 94 a week and there may be some scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon over the weekend. >> the baltimore colts family lost a member on sunday. john williams, drafted by the colts in 1968 and part of the bowl five champion team, died last sunday. he retired and became a well acclaimed dentist.
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he was 66. baseball's all-star best ofestis began. i would not mind if they set out the whole thing. they need all the rest they can get. justin birdlander beginning -- he is the best. a controversial selection, putting together -- will not first. ande mound >> i do think there is an extra plus to be the starter of the national league. i think that is something special. but i do not think it detracts at all from his accomplishments
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in being here when every pitch will be a great event for him and for baseball and ourselves. i just looked at it and we had some conversations. we want to reward nat kane for a career of excellence. >> know whether issues for the home run -- no weather issues for the home-run derby. >> in real time, this is what happens. >> a thunderclap for the ages. he shared his thoughts on twitter. the u.s. antidumping agency -- claims's armstrong lance armstrong used performance
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enhancing drugs. he can refile in 20 days. at the current tour de france, let's look at that stage. remaining the leader. remaining the leader. the
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