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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 11, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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convention. what he said that didn't go over so well. >> live, local, late breaking-- this is wbal 11 news at 6:00. >> our big story tonight at 6:00 -- holiday parking perk. but some city employees have done to get prime parking spaces at your expense. >> 1 city council members as regular audit that the agency are needed. let's go live to southeast baltimore for more on the latest. >> city officials admit this should not have happened. but they do defended by saying their employees needed practice paving. the people who work at a city maintenance facility on boston's st. have a good deal. they are building had a good view and the city parking lot of steps away with plenty of free space. despite that, the supervisor thought more personal spaces
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were needed, so he allowed city workers to use taxpayer money and time to build five parking spots and a motorcycle pat closer to the building's front door. one employee even claim a spot of her own with a professionally made sign bearing her name. >> they asked permission to do so and i said it was ok. >> the maintenance chief of the city's transportation department responsibility for the job but we asked about it. >> you know the parking lot is right there. >> yes. >> does it make sense to spend the money to build the space is when you have plenty of parking steps away? >> after we saw what they did, we thought maybe it was the best thing to do. but it was already done. >> it is outrageous. there misspending the public's money. >> one city councilman is pushing to pass a bill that would require city agencies to be audited every few years. the bill lost 10 days ago and is now back in committee.
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the parking pad episode, while a modest expense, is an example of why audits are needed. without them, who is watching? >> people know you're not going to come behind and watch what they have done are more inclined to keep doing it and get bolder and bolder and take more of the public funds. >> transportation officials have ordered this signs reserving one of the spots for employees to come down. they partly defend the job by saying it helped for practice. >> they have not had the opportunity to do asphalt application that it's an opportunity to trade on that. >> he admits they could have changed -- have trained elsewhere. with broken curbs and sidewalks near the harbor and a spot at the paris city hall. >> according to the city's auditor, the last time any component of the department of transportation was audited was 2004.
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the sign with the employees name on it is down, but there is still a sign that says reserved parking. >> reserved, but for him? the baltimore city board of estimates approved a new contract for the fire chief. he will get an 18% pay hike over the life of his agreement. the deal generated vigorous debate on protests. >> both the city comptroller and council president voted against the contract and the fire unions join them in protest. >> much to the consternation of the city fire unions -- the mayor and a majority on the board of estimates gave up city fire chief a five-year contract that provides 80% pay hike. he currently earns $161,000 a
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year. >> our record of fire safety and the work he is doing is being recognized. >> the mayor gives the chief credit for the fewest fire deaths since 1938 and a 50% savings and over time costs and establishing operation care to cut down on people using ambulances for taxis and moving to a new computer dispatch system. but the chief has come under fire. during his tenure, the n.a.a.c.p. took him to task over minority recruitment. a cheating scandal contributed to its closing. the fire department is the target of several lawsuits alleging discrimination. but none of these issues came up during vigorous debates over his contract. >> [unintelligible] >> [unintelligible]
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>> the firefighters' union zeroed in on the pay raise, not his record. his command staff got hefty pay increases while the rank and file was asked to pay more for health care. >> if we're going to set this up, i think [inaudible] >> a new bill would allow advertising on firetrucks but the mayor opposes it. the fire unions also turned out a pay increase. >> i think it wod have saved the city money over a long term it could have potentially prevent us from making company closures. >> union officials say they sought a 56-hour workweek. exchange for a 20% hike in pay over four years. they argue the formula resulted in a decrease in their hourly rate. meanwhile, the chiefs contract was a split decision. >> all those in favor?
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all those opposed? >> it is a new contract signals the mayor has a lot of confidence in the chief. according to her office, the deal was hammered out months ago. >> also an announcement tonight that the anne arundel county police chief is retiring after the fallout over john leopold. prosecutors are closing of the case against him upon his retirement. we've got the latest live from anne arundel police headquarters. >> need their that she for county executive leopold would comment beyond a brief statements. but the fraternal order of police has been calling for him to step down for months. as of august 1, the anne arundel police chief will retire after the county executive, john leopold, was -- the chief was
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named in the indictment, stating he knew about some of the allegations but did nothing. the fraternal order of police have a no-confidence vote this spring. >> i am not surprised at all. we anticipated this would come about. he will get his retirement and his top payment. >> the prosecutor announced the retirement on wednesday but declined to comment further. in a statement, he said in light of their retirement, the state is closing its criminal investigation of the chief. it's important to resolve this matter without any further disruption to the police department at a time when its t -- at a time when it's reorganizing and under indictment. this is in the best interest of the citizens of anne arundel county. >> the fact that the announcement came from the prosecutor's office leaves me to believe the chief has turned
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state's evidence which will make things more difficult for the county executive. >> that cheek -- he still believes the chief should have to answer for any possible involvement. >> if there are criminal accusations, he should have his day in court and people to stand up and say this is what i am accused of. let the process play out. >> we caught up with the chief as he was leaving the police station, but he had no comment on his retirement. >> as of august 1, the interim police chief will be major pamela davis who has been with the department since 1993. we have more on her career tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. >> thank you. to a developing story on capitol hill -- the republican-led house passed a measure to repeal the health care law, defying the supreme court decision a few weeks ago willing a constitutional.
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democrats chastised the gop for holding more than 30 votes in the last 18 months against the law that showed discussed for republicans' failure to offer a replacement plan. >> i say shame, you are wasting the time of the american people. >> the american people were told they would come to like this bill once it was passed. well, that did not happen either. >> the white house called the vote an attempt to score political points and said it will move forward with reform. republican presidential candidate mitt romney gets booed before at the naacp. >> keepers of the gop nominee is reaching out to african-american voters saying he is a better choice for the black communities and our president obama. >> mitt romney received a chilly reception hall but he says it's important make his case to every single voter. it was a tough sell for mitt
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romney. >> if you want a president who will make things better in the african-american community, you are looking at him. >> the vast majority of african- americans remain solidly behind president obama. >> support is asked for and earned and that is why i am here today. >> romney pushed his jobs agenda and talked about education and rebuilding from the crowd on health care. >> i'm going to eliminate every non-essential program i can find, that includes obamacare. i'm going to work to reform and save -- [booing] >> is from a can chip away at the advantage among african- american voters, it could make a difference in places like north carolina. >> where there is a small business ownership issue, he may even be able to persuade some of those people his economic policies might be better than the policies being pursued by the obama administration. >> president obama is skipping
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this year's gathering and sending vice president joe biden said. the white house says that doesn't mean he's taken the african-american vote for granted. >> his commitment to the organization and the broader community is easy to see. >> the white house cuts the president address the naacp convention back in 2009 and had an oval office meeting with the group's president last year. >> still had tonight, if your vehicle is stolen, it could be sold to someone else, no questions asked. >> maryland's law, some people says it happens way to easily. >> in sports, a closer look at how the orioles spherical in last night's all-star game. >> doppler radar picking up storms to the north and west.
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>> believe it or not, your car can simply disappear and be sold out from under you. >> tonight, we expose a maryland law that some call a license to steal. >> some local car owners said they had no intention of selling their vehicles but we discovered that matter. her car disappeared from a street near her home and police discovered the thieves have stolen. >> this person signed an agreement i never signed over my car. that's the problem have.
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and not aaccept person's signature for a car that doesn't belong to them. >> this couple says their car was stolen and accused the neighbor of selling it. >> i cried. i cried because we put everything into that car. we paid a lot. we went through a lot for it. >> how can these cars be sold when there is no title or proof of ownership? >> tonight at 11:00, we reveal a lot some consider a license to steal. we'll show you what happened when we approached the neighbor to ask about those serious allegations. >> a warm, summery day around the baltimore area pretty normal for this time of year. heat and humidity and storms to the north and west of us. you can see the trend there.
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the blossom and fall apart. rain around the hagerstown area. some lightning strikes and it looks like just a few leftover showers. the storms are not making any progress to that east at all. they kind of fall apart after they have their spell and they are no real threat to the baltimore area. the almanac shows zero precipitation and it was another 90 degree day today. the 24th time we have hit 90 degrees or higher. 95 in downtown baltimore. a record high of 100 degrees in 1988. lookit that downpour in 1984. -- in nine -- in 1884. in caroline county, 83 degrees. hot in frederick. 90 degrees.
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some of the showers and washington county have tried to move then and are picking up some of the cloud cover there. 77 in hagerstown. low seventies out in garrett county. sixties in the suburbs. 70 downtown baltimore. the sun does not set until 8:34 so you have some time to enjoy some mid-atlantic summer weather. clouts popping up to the northwest of us a high pressure will hold any storms away from us. high pressure will sit around for a couple of days. to the south, released the me and a lot of thunderstorms from the gulf coast. the western part of the nation, getting hotter again. 100 degrees in reno. temperatures all the way to 108 degrees in arizona.
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96 in salt lake city. he has shifted to the west and its more atypical weather patterns around here. tomorrow, we are within a couple of degrees of normal a partly cloudy skies. sunrise at 10 minutes before 6:00. on that day, the wind will be light and the waves less than 1 foot. a nice day to be on the day unless you are sailing and want a strong breeze. in the mountains, the storm chances are greater, but only about a 20% chance. temperatures in the mid '70s. not bad, you just have to be on the lookout for storms in the afternoon. partly cloudy in cambridge tomorrow and highs around 88. ocean city, great beach weather, partly cloudy skies and seven mixed in with temperatures in the '80s. surf temperature getting close to 80 degrees. we will start doing the beach report early in the season and temperatures were in the '60s,
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so the water is warming up. nine degrees on saturday and sunday, leading to some late afternoon thunderstorms early next week. highs will be climbing into the low 90s on monday and tuesday. >> at least it did not take long. three hours for an all star game, pretty tight be considering all the position changes. justin knocked around, giving up five dozen in the first and three rbi triples from pablo cent of all. not enough to win mvp honors. instead, his san francisco teammates hoisted the trophy. a two-run homer in the office
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and another earned him an unlikely moment in the spotlight. >> i did not come to win an mvp. that's a surprise and a great gift the lord gave me. but the same opportunity kansas city gave me last year is the same opportunity san francisco is giving me to showcase my talent. >> as for the orioles in the game, they all took the field and did ok. no nightmare moment like a bryce harper had. jim johnson pitched a perfect eighth inning. his all-star debut could not have gone better. no injuries in the game for the birds. they began their second half friday at how lichens the tigers. the nba a offseason has yet to
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find a home for dwight howard. that's a surprise for the most coveted free agent center. steve nash has a new home with the l.a. lakers. 38 years old and without delay championship, he was just hoping for something magical happened. instead, training for the lakers to play alongside kobe bryant. that gives them what we will call a better chance to celebrate title. while his voice remained subdued today at his introductory letter press conference, the message is crystal clear. >> this is going to be really exciting chapter in my career. i have always wanted to win, i have always competed the best i can to try to win and to be back in a position to win again is a phenomenal feeling. i'm power -- emily proud to be like today. >> ray allen signed with the miami heat today and had his own
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introductory press conference. one#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#ff
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>> he is stepping down, but who is stepping up to lead the anne arundel police department
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question are we will hear more about the departure and the ascension of the first female chief in anne arundel history. those stories and moreñ'
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>> some nice, normal summer weather for the next couple of days. >> we can take that. nbc nightly news is next. we will see you at 11:00.
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