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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now many more baltimore residents will seek millions coming their way to their benefit. a top-level cover up alleged in a scathing report how can the university survive the details, and how the scandal sheds light on important questions every parent should ask to make sure their child's institution is safe. >> will get to those stories in just a moment, but we begin with breaking news at jfk international airport in new york. a suspicious device was found on a jetliner bound for madrid, spain. the jetliner turn around and came back to jfk. this is a large look at delta flight 126. emergency crews completely surround the plane. the passengers have all been evacuated. the bomb squad is investigating. few details are being released, but we will have updates
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throughout the newscast. some of the top leaders at penn state university look for years instead of protecting young boys. that is the conclusion of an explosive report released today into the handling of the jerry sandusky scandal. >> the former fbi director says it was fear of bad publicity that kept penn state university leaders from revealing details to the public about allegations regarding sandusky's contact with young boys. >> the most powerful men took -- at penn state failed to take action to predict -- protect the boys that sandusky victimized. >> the former president and athletic director and others were blasted for their inaction.
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>> not one of those four persons, including the coach, who was a few steps away from his office, there is no indication that he spoke with him. >> all have denied knowing the full extent of sandusky's actions. >> you should know that our hearts remain heavy and we are deeply ashamed. >> a dark day in disbelief. >> i am disappointed that the leaders of our institution could let something like this happen. >> in a statement, joe paterno's family said the late coach was not perfect. he made mistakes and he regretted them. however, they insist he never knew that jerry sandusky was a sexual predator. >> the free report has highlights and teachable moments for world parents and institutions that work with children. it also raises some red flags that tarnished the story college
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football tradition. sheldon dutes continues the story live in the studio. >> experts urge parents to be more demanding of the institutions their children attend. >> this is an institution whose brand was wrapped around one sport and one code for nearly a half century. now to diversify that brand. >> henry is no stranger to pr nightmares. he is confident that penn state will rise above the sex scandal. >> it will take a lot of time and patience and a lot of tough conversations with our leadership about what kind of organization they want to be moving forward. >> they will most likely face critics along the way. >> they will have to move beyond that to the next phase. once the critics start to fade away, and show what those
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academics programs are about, the myriad of students who have come through in science and agricultural programs, and show how they are actually helping to make it a better place. >> as penn state tries to rebound from the scandal, the report provided teachable moments for institutions across the region that work with children. the baltimore child abuse senator urges parents to ask lots of questions. >> to supervisors know how to report abuse when it comes up? if the institution does not have an answer for it, you need to take your kids elsewhere or demand that they come up with a policy to do so. >> the baltimore child abuse center provides resources for both parents and institutions when it comes to prevention. sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> if you like to inspect the four report for yourself, we
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have it posted online at a baltimore city police detective is off the force tonight after admitting to stealing groceries. just the latest piece of troubling news being followed from the city police department. prosecutors claim that in march, darlene early's daughter ran at nearly four hundred dollars for the groceries for only about $100 for her mother, as a security guard watched the transaction. early was required to resign today after admitting that that. city fire chief james clack says he is serious about negotiating a raise for firefighters yesterday. a contract extension with an 18% salary hike for him was approved. it sparked outrage from union members said their latest
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contract offer amounts to a decrease in the galerie -- in the hourly rate. >> if the firefighters don't get a raise next year, i will donate my whole race to the fire foundation, which is a non- profit that goes to benefit firefighters who are injured or killed in a line of duty. >> the latest offer on the table would move firefighters to the three-shift system where the average work week would be 56 hours long. the rank and file would receive a 20% pay raise over four years. a flight attendant fell ill aboard a flight. southwest flight 709 shook predict took off shortly before 4:00 and landed at bwi thurgood marshall about a half-hour later. a cleaning solvent used by the flight crew triggered hazmat and flight crews to sample the air quality. everyone was checked out before
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heading on to chicago on another plane. some alarming surveillance video from prince toward discounting has police on the hunt for two masked men. look at this bold armed robbery in progress. you see them jump over the counter of an exxon gas station in laurell. the clerk is forced to open the register and then get to the floor. anyone with information can call crime stoppers. a simple traffic stop for tailgating turned out to be something much more serious. a maryland state trooper pulled over boyd yesterday afternoon. investigators arrested him after finding thousands of packets of heroin inside the car, drug paraphernalia, and more than $70,000 in suspected drug money
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stuffed in shoeboxes. we are told a heroine has a street value of more than $100,000. wells fargo will soon make a big payout to baltimore city. the company agreed to the settlement that it engaged and lending practices targeted to minorities. >> the lawsuit accused wells fargo of discriminatory lending practices targeting minority homebuyers, specifically steering african-americans in to subprime loans. baltimore was the first to file suit and more cities follow. >> even though your qualified and deserve better treatment. >> wells fargo and the part of justice have reached a $175 million settlement in eight metropolitan areas. 34,000 victims nationwide were
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identified in the lawsuit. 1000 from baltimore will receive a total of $2.5 million in restitution, an average of $15,000. baltimore agreed to drop its lawsuit against wells fargo in exchange for a lending assistance program, and the company committed to lending $425 million for home buying in the city in the next few years. according to city officials, the program will be administered by nonprofit agency. they hope to complete the process of restitution for individual victims within the next year. >> it all started here in baltimore city. the assistant attorney general praised baltimore for its role in the note second-largest fair lending settlement in doj history. >> it was a catalytic force.
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when you filed this lawsuit to call attention to the devastating consequences of the fair lending crisis, you got the attention of the federal government and of the nation. >> that was kai reed reporting. well for -- wells fargo sent a statement saying wells fargo is settling the matter because we believe it is in the best interest of our team members and customers to avoid a long and costly legal fight. local store owners have their say over a zoning change they believe could force them out of business. an emotionally charged hearing took place at city hall tonight after the planning department proposed the measure that would phase out liquor sales at stores in residential areas. city officials say research shows that violent crime tends to cluster around neighborhood
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liquor stores. >> i am not going anywhere because i cannot afford to. where would i go? we cannot go to the county. >> the proposal is expected to be introduced in the city council this fall. if passed, it would be phased in over two years. as michael phelps have a new rival? the u.s. olympic team will be sporting a red, white, and blue, but the fashion also has connections to another country. the battle of the sexes for parking places is underway. a funeral home is offering some famous copy for comfort. yes, starbucks and a funeral home. >> word temperatures and a few showers in the forecast for friday and the weekend. friday and the weekend. we'll check that out, comi
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friday and the weekend. we'll check that out, comi you don't exactly have that green thumb. but your siding? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro. >> would continue to follow that breaking news we brought you at the beginning of the new cast -- of the newscasts. law-enforcement officials are investigating reports of a suspicious device found on a jetliner bound for madrid, spain. we are told a flight turned around and made an emergency landing and that some cut wires were discovered in the plane's bathroom. an air marshal was on board a delta flight 126 when the discoverwas made. this is what the scene looked like a short time ago with emergency crews surrounding the
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plane. the passengers were evacuated and the bomb squad is still investigating. security for the london olympics is once again under scrutiny after last-minute blunders have embarrassed the british government. or than 3000 personnel have been asked to be supplied because the private security firm fell short by a 11,000 people. the british government has assured that there will be adequate security. despite the not so pleasant security revelations, things are moving forward in london. there is a massive dining hall and a nail salon.
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approximately 17,000 athletes and officials will live in the village during the games. athletes began moving in july 16. no new rivalry for michael phelps in the pool, despite comments made by his olympic teammate who questioned his work ethic. phelps said that people can say whatever they want, but all he focuses on is swimming as fast as he can for his country. he said he sees the gold medalist as somebody ripe for being beaten because of his lack of preparation. he has since said that he regrets causing any description. -- any distraction. the u.s. olympic uniforms look patriotic enough, but they are not made in the usa. they were made in china, and that has members of congress steaming. >> i think the olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves.
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they should be embarrassed. they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them, and start all over again. >> a spokesman for the u.s. olympic committee said the u.s. olympics team is privately funded and we are grateful for the support our sponsors. sometimes parking can be difficult. now the mayor of a town in germany says only men are allowed in those tricky spots. the nice, well lit spots are going to women and a more narrow spaces that require special maneuvering are for men only, because men are better at handling such challenges. the mayor admits it is kind of a publicity stunt and he hopes people will come to town just to try out the parking spots. you see star >> just about everywhere, but a funeral home?
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a funeral home in north carolina offers free cups of home brewed coffee to its patrons. now they will also have another option from starbucks in another wing of the building. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> challenging us to squeeze into the tight parking spot. 88 degrees, 93 in downtown baltimore. the normal high is 88, the record high was 97. 53 for the record low, just 10 years ago. look at the rain to the south and west. cloudy across western virginia. the main rainfall totals --
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southwest of roanoke, the south west part of virginia. the clouds are coming our way and they will hold up the temperature. it is still 83 degrees in downtown baltimore at this hour and we will see cloudy skies overnight and into the morning tomorrow. some sun will get through but mostly a cloudy friday picture. mostly cloudy at sunrise, 67-74 degrees and a light wind. highs of 85-90 with light southerly breezes throughout the day friday. all week we are stuck in this weather pattern with the slowly moving weather system. there is more warm air steaming
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up the mountains. primarily on saturday afternoon and again on sunday, the storms will bubble of during the heat of the afternoon and evening hours. that pattern will take us into the early part of next week. southerly breezes. on the eastern shore, the rain chances are less and the farther east to go toward the coast, the rain chances go down. a mix of clouds and a 20% chance of a storm saturday. near 90 and a little cooler and sunnier on the coast. a chance for thunderstorms are arriving at the coast on sunday. normal temperatures continue for another couple of days but this
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thunderstorm chances arrive over the weekend. still in the upper 80's on thursday. >> nationwide attention for a star running back. that story's coming up next in sports. >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. tonight's jackpot is an estimated $1,600,000. 40-39-20-24-18-7. if no one matches all six numbers on one line of a
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ticket, the jackpot climbs to $1,650,000. the next drawing is monday night at 11:22 here on wbal-tv 11. ♪
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>> in light of the release of the report today regarding the sexual abuse scandal at penn state, i find no reason to fail to give credit to a couple of marylanders. the nation's best offensive player and best interior linemen. one of the best seasons in history, nominated for the walter payton award. a school record 29 touchdowns. the big day tomorrow for the orioles. the first three against detroit. they have a 5:00 p.m. deadline
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to sign their first-round draft pick or he goes back to the draft next year. july 3, fireworks early. permits for 6.33 innings with the mariners. the perfect game was ruined by former towson tighter casper wells. robert, not your most likely candidate to go for the win. on june 16, another pitching gem, jason hamels. the game crystalize just how good a trade they made in sending jeremy guthrie to colorado. a mixed crowd of orange and red, adam jones walked off in the 12th inning. the orioles hit five games over 500.
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we saved the best for last. may 6 in boston. chris. 0-8 at the plate and then maybe gave his best performance of the year, all things considered. adam jones crushed mcdonald. davis bob mcdonnell to ground it in a double play to end the game. a game unlike any other in orioles history. >> yes, that was fun. a couple of weeks out from the olympics, the men's basketball team begins its warmup. they did not lead him tonight against the dominican republic. opening moments of the game, carmelo anthony.
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about 15 seconds into the game. the biggest numbers in the first half, kevin grant. an opening salvo as expected. 113-59, they are getting ready. he scored the first seven points of the game. >> stay with us for a look at the seven-day forecast.
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>> breaking news out of jfk international airport, law enforcement officials still investigating the report of a suspicious device found on a jetliner bound for madrid, spain. a spokesman now says that the flight was evacuated shortly before its scheduled take off, after an air marshal on board notice something that appeared to be a device with wiring. it is not clear how many people were on board the flight. a final look at the weather. >> along the cloudy side tomorrow into the weekend. there will be some sunshine sneaking through at times.
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while it will be little on a cloudy side, it will still be muggy into the weekend. >> with the orioles' three-game set at home tomorrow, it looks pretty good, actually. >> go to starbucks tomorrow, they have free drinks. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- denis leary. from "magic mike," olivia munn.


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