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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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county. fire crews are on the scene of a to alarm fire in ft. howard. the flames broke out in an abandoned veterans hospital. to a developing situation in ellicott city. police on the scene of a double shooting on a nail salon on richardson valley road. what more can you tell us? >> howard county police are searching for the gunmen who took off after the shooting. we are set up a few feet away from where the shooting happened. it is an act of seeing. [inaudible] the shooting happened around 7:00 p.m. tonight in this busy shopping center off of waterloo road. it is the same shopping center that has some popular restaurants -- there is a starbucks. it happened as a lot of people
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were out having dinner. police say the shooting appears to be domestic. an armed man walked into the nail and harass a lot and shot a female employee and her male acquaintance. it is unknown what sparked that confrontation but the search continues for the gunmen and patrons of the shopping center are shocked. >> it waws 70 am on a busy saturday evening. you see the police cars. it was a shock. i cannot believe it. >> and it is in said. -- insane. guns and of violence, especially in this neighborhood. >> it seems like a good area. i did not think that anything like that what happened here. >> the victims were rushed to shock trauma with non life- threatening injuries. there were listed in critical condition. the search continues for the gun
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man. if you have any information, you are urged to call howard county police. 410-313-stop. >> thank you. we continue to follow an officer-involved shooting from this morning. the shooting started at 7- eleven. the man had a semi-automatic gun. when officers arrived, he took off. they chased him to northwest baltimore. they caught up with him in front of the house. when they caught up to him, he was carrying the gun. >> at that point, the officer fired his weapon one time, shooting the suspect. the suspect has died at the local hospital. >> tonight, police told us the suspect was 22-year-old javon te boweman. he is a six-year veteran of the department.
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baltimore county police server award at the house and they say the man attacked them with a sword. police shot and killed that man. it happened thursday. police arrested three people as part of an investigation from to. when asked if thank you old boy was shot in the head in the field. >> we do not have a motive in this case. we do believe these folks were involved with illegal drugs and the sale of illegal drugs. >> we are told the suspect, 21- year-old goerges peoples, 25- year-old, laura car have been charged with attempted murder and kidnapping. a body discovered in the woods. somebody found the remains behind the gas station in the 1300 block of merritt boulevard. it is a man's body and had been there for quite some time. that is all the information they are releasing carry crews to the remains to the state medical
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examiner's office. the humidity creeping up all around town today. live look at camden yards. we have been enjoying cooler weather. john collins . >> the humidity is higher this evening. there has spent a lot of rain around the area. we had some this morning are round this morning, but none of that this evening. south and west of the city had it rain. around the mouths of west virginia and virginia. shower activity in garrett county. most of it seems to be drying up before it hits the area. we have rain and the forecast, a little tonight and more tomorrow. details just ahead. >> thank you per the greatest orioles pitcher of all time stands larger than life outside of camden yards cared before today's game, they unveiled a statue of jim palmer. this is not the video. we hope you can see the statue.
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many forward roll greats were on hand -- former oriole grades were on hand, including cal ripken. >> what makes me emotional is the fact that i did it all here and people supported me. the statue is symbolic of, i was the greatest oriole pitcher. but there were a lot of other great pitchers. >> a little later in sports, hear more about this very big day in a big honor for jim palmer. local basketball coach honor today. ompay as hed pete pmpa battles alzheimer's disease. his former players say it was the least they could do. >> this was not just a basketball game but a chance for
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teammates to get back to someone who made a difference. >> it is in support of the coach pompay foundation. he was a guy that instilled in me a lot of values, a lot of encouragement. >> the legendary pete pompay led them to national rankings in 1992. just a year later, he brought a football and basketball team at edmonton high school to the championships as well off. but he is remembered as more than just a skilled coach. >> he cared about the kids. he made sure they did the work in the classroom to get to college. he made sure they respected authority, respected their teammates and their coaches. he is everything good about high school sports. >> so when the coach was diagnosed with alzheimer's and his family reached out in need of support for medical costs, it was an easy decision for many of his former players. >> it was not even a question, nobody hesitated. yes, what do you want us to do?
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anything we can do for coach we will do. >> the money collected from took it sales will help to make sure the coach has round-the-clock care. his family touched by all the support. >> it is great to see all of these people. i really excited. >> coach pompay was a physical education teacher with baltimore city for 30 years before he retired in 2004. friends and family welcomed home soldiers from the 29th infantry division today returning from afghanistan. loved ones say they are relieved to have the troops back safe and sound. >> very proud. it is such a relief to see him and all the other trips that made it home safe. >> the troops were greeted with cheers as they arrived at b.w.i. several soldiers say they are happy to be able to relax for a while and spend time with family cared with the olympics a couple
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weeks away, london is on edge. now the company in charge of securities as they cannot hold up their end of the deal. ralph lauren is responding about the outfits the u.s. athletes will wear to the games. plus, something is happening across the country that force you to pay a lot more the you to pay a lot more the grocery
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>> it may be the weekend but president obama is busy on the campaign trail at a rally near richmond. hundreds of people braved the downpour to see president obama. in time, the campaign has released a new round of ads attacking mitt romney's time at bain capital. mitt romney says a lot of the claims are untrue. >> the president's campaign has been, i think, outrageous and making the kind of charges they have. the kind of attack are beneath the dignity of the presidency.
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>> romney says he left bain capital in 1999 and was not responsible for the outsourcing of jobs. to the economy. the worst drought in 25 years as farmers worried their crops will be decimated. it is not just farmers dealing with the heat. we could all be paying the price soon. corn crops hit the hardest. corn prices impact 75% of what is sold. other things like beef will be affected. it is going to go up next week. and it will continue to rise for a number of months. all connected there, john. >> with the weather. >> absolutely. >> we had some rain. a little bit this morning here. this afternoon and this evening, nothing. all the storm activity is south or west of us. in those areas, they got quite a bit. 78 degrees at the airport. 83 at the inner harbor with
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partly cloudy skies. tomorrow is another day. we will see what will happen in just a minute. just a minute.
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>> the london olympics two weeks
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away and in a state of crisis. this week, a company supplying tent the security guards admitted that it might not be able to meet its target. the british government is sending in troops, 3500 of them. navy ships are on patrol. the cities air space is under military control. >> this is all preparatory to making it clear to the terrorists out there that the games will be secure and it will the -- >> the other worry there, the rainy weather but official says it is par for the course in london. meantime, ralph lauren took a lot of heat this week because the outfits that team usa will be wearing what made in china. lawmakers in congress were not happy. ralph lawrence says he understands. so with the 2014 winter games, team usa clothing will be made in the usa wbal tv 11 is your home for the month in games.
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the opening ceremonies begins friday, july 27. it is an annual announcement that gears up the arts community for artscape. i was pleased to join mayor rawlings-blake and the baltimore office of promotion in the arts to announce renee as this year's winner of the prize. she received a coveted $30,000 prize for her work explores for african-american heritage and a variety of media. five other finalists received a $2,500 honoraria established by m&t bank. it starts on friday and wbal-tv is a very proud sponsor. >> now your 1 insta-weather- plus1 forecast with john collins. >> humidity is up today and temperatures up at 84. at the airport. the inner harbor did make it to 90. it got sticky. 67 and 69 the morning lows. there was some rain this
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morning. 1/2 at the -- inch at the inner harbor. it was terrible this morning with thunder shower activity moving through the area. the rain has been to the south of us and the west of us. it has been avoiding the immediate viewing area. and there are, if you watch this batch of rain, there are some that -- thunder showers moving into garrett county. we have a chance to catch some rain, but a lot of this will start to deflate later on as the atmosphere stabilizes. but there is something coming in tomorrow that will regenerate the rain chance. temperatures -- 81, annapolis. 77 on the boardwalk. westminster, 75. 60's in western maryland. more clouds of there and there has been some rain. the dewpoint, yesterday it was in the 60's. indicated by the green. this evening, all of the dewpoint hass jumped into the
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70's. that is a tropical air mass that will be with us for several days ago. that is why we are seeing the change in the weather. you can see the line in the clouds where we tend to be on the cloud-free side. low clouds not showing up. the moister clouds are to the south of that. as a front that is falling apart. but isore humid now, that front, especially the western part, that thunderstorm activity is being generated this evening. it is on the west side of the front or all of the rain fell this evening. our rain chances will be going up because we will be in that humid air. overnight, cloudy skies. a chance for our thunder shower. 69-75. southwest winds at two-seven miles per hour. the mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. 88-92, the high.
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with all of the clouds, it will be tougher to get into the 90's. probably in the upper 80's. southwest winds at 5-10 miles per hour. futurecast shows the rain distribution building up during the day tomorrow for a thunderstorm activity. by monday, things dry out a little bit. as far as how much rain will get? it generally are around the baltimore area, around 1/2 of an inch. the blue could be closer to an inch as far as rain is concerned. we will see how that plays out during the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. southwest winds -- 5-10 knots. ocean city has rain chances tonight and tomorrow as well. monday looks dry at the ocean. our forecast calls for hot, humid, hazy conditions monday and tuesday. then by wednesday and thursday, a cold front comes in. the humidity and temperatures go down. >> we are sitting here googl ling jim palmer's age. >> he is 66.
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he looks fantastic. there is so much else going on tonight. >> what an exciting game this was their the ceremony for jim palmer. j.j. priority was clutch. we will show you the real hero was coming up in sports. >> get those tickets out and get ready to play. this is powerball. good evening. tonight we have a guaranteed jackpot worth $90 million. it could be yours if you match it these numbers. good luck. first number is 4. we have 46, take a look at this unhappy powerball winner. judy lewis. $1,000. the next number is 16. the number 37. 32.
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now, for tonight, powerball number for the $90 million jackpot. it is lucky 13. good luck, everybody. make sure you check those tickets. good night. we will se
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>> the orioles have fallen on hard times have been lost 14-20 games, but hopefully today's game will reignite the birds. resiliency and the 13th inning victory over the targets. to the yard we go. there is buck. this game started in the afternoon. launching to left field. his fifth homer of the season makes it 3-1, forioles. orioles. tim johnson blows the save, gives up the single. one run is in. chavez getting bosh at the plate. bottom of the 11th, 2 outs. adam jones with the single
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parent rounding third. he will score. the zero was tied up at 5. we go to the 13th inning. j.j. hardy unloads. it's fair and it's gone. his 13th homer of the season, ties up at 6. still in the 13th inning,, 2 outs. taylor activated today. this is only his second at bat of the season. can use a clutch? -- can you say clutch? the birds win. the news was not all good. the pitcher could undergo arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. he aggravated the injury during last night's game. if he decides to have the surgery, he may not return until september. in the newscast, the orioles on bailing the statue of jim palmer before today's game. this is the third of the orioles
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a legend. he played his 19 year career with the orioles. the greatest pitcher and the team's history. >> of course, it is emotional. it is the orioles. the hall of fame, do not get me wrong, it is one of the greatest honors you can have as a player. less than 300 people. this is the orioles. it is the only uniform arei wore. it is very special. >> the summer olympics are less than two weeks away. michael phelps has got to be the most compelling story. already with 14 gold medals, michael is expected to face his stiffest challenge from ryan lolchte. chte. mark spitz used to be the greatest swimmer. when asked who will win, here is what he said. >> i think the first time we will see them will be in the first race, 400 individual.
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i put my money on michael. i will have to wait around an account like everybody else. i think he will be very successful. >> good prediction. it looks like the statue of joe paterno outside of beaver stadium will stay up for now. the penn state board of trustees are reluctant to remove the statue in part because it would offend alumni and students. sources say some trustees do not want to be pressured by the media to take down the stretch atue. on thursday, it they admitted that they covered up the sexual abuse of young boys by jerry sandusky. since that time, the determination about whether the statue should stay or go has been an emotionally charged open. bernhard langer is the man to beat at the senior u.s. open. playing at like it is a 1993 all over again. the 11th. set up the birdie.
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here he is doing it again on 15. requester shot lead going into tomorrow's final round. john collins has the 7 day forecast coming your
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11:29 pm goodbye and have a good night. this is pbs. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. you know, i start every show thanking you and i don't know why. [ laughter ]


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