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tv   Today  NBC  July 19, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. george zimmerman speaks. the man who killed florida teen tr trayvon martin eeopens up about the shooting in his first interview. >> powerful storms break that heat wave, slam being a wide area from virginia up into new england with hail, rain and dangerous lightning. but al says more brutal heat is brewing out west. and chilling video. a 10-year-old girl walks down
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the sidewalk with her brother when man tries to abduct her. she fought and got away. police are turning to the public to track down that suspect today, thursday, july 19, 2012. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning money i'm savannah guthrie. >> and i'm matt lauer. >> good morning. george zimmerman has already admitted he shot trayvon martin. in his first interview, he lays out what happened that night specific some of what he says is slightly different in the past. >> he did offer an apology to trayvon's family. looking back he says there's nothing he would have done
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differently. >> first let's get to dave gutierrez. he's in sanford, florida with more of zimmerman's comments. >> he apologized to trayvon's parents and the public. but it's a comment that he eventually qualified. >> do you regret getting out of the car that night? >> no, sir. >> do you regret getting out of the car that night? >> no, sir. >> on "hannity," george zimmerman says he did nothing wrong. >> i think it was god's plan. for me to second guess it -- >> do you think there's anything you would do differently after retrospect. >> reporter: he had these word
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for trayvon martin's parents -- >> i'm sorry they buried their child. i can't imagine what it must feel like. i pray for them every day. >> reporter: he admits killing the 17-year-old a few blocks from his town home but claims it was self-defense. in this reenact mean, he told police he feared for his life that night. >> are you following him? >> yes. >> we don't need to you do that. >> reporter: why did he continue to follow martin even after a police dispatcher told you not to? >> i meant that i was going to the same direction as him, to keep an eye on him so that i could tell the police where he was going. i didn't mean that i was actually pursuing him. >> reporter: zimmerman says he lost track of martin and that he only left his car to find an exact address for where he was but zimmerman claims martin soon confronted him. then he says martin began
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punching him more than a dozen times and pinned him to the ground. he recalls they both reached for zimmerman's concealed weapon. >> at that point i realized that it wasn't my gun, it wasn't his gun, the the gun. >> reporter: did he say anything, because you said he was talking a lot, did he say he noticed the gun? >> he said, "you're going to die tonight, [ bleep ]". >> reporter: zimmerman says he didn't realize he killed trayvon martin until about an hour after the accident. zimmerman revealed he never heard of the statute before the shooting. the case gripped the nation. civil rights leaders protested the initial decision not to prosecute zimmerman. they argued the neighborhood watchman racially profiled martin, claim zimmerman strongly deny. >> i'm not a racist and i'm not a murderer.
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>> reporter: he blames a rush to judgment. >> i think people assumed i was white because of my last name. my father is caucasian, my mother is his it andic but english was my second language. >> reporter: despite saying he had no regrets earlier in the interview, zimmerman does admit he wishes he'd not been forced to take martin's life as he looked straight at the camera. >> you'll sorry for my actions. i hate to think because of my actions i polarized america and i'm sorry. >> reporter: zimmerman never said why he was speaking out w now. fox news say they didn't no not patriot him for that interview. >> miss fulton and mr. martin,
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did you watch the entire interview last night? >> yes, we did. >> did you find anything particularly revealing about what he said and wait he said it. >> >> i found a lot of things revealing about what he said. first and foremost, he had no regard for trayvon's life and he don't regret taking trayvon's life. had he stayed in his vehicle, trayvon would be with us today. >> i don't know he says he doesn't regreat aching his life. he says he wouldn't have done anything differently. he also says i can't imagine what it must feel like, i pray for them daily and then he also said this, and it getting a lot of attention this morning, "i feel it was all god's plan." mrs. fulton, what's your reaction to that? >> i think it's ridiculous.
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i wish trayvon was here to tell his side of the story. i don't believe it's god's plan for him to kill an innocent teen-ager. >> he said he was only pursuing your son that night and he said he only got out of of the car to give an exact address to the police. do you think that's what happened this evening? >> matt, it speaks for itself when you listen to the objective evidence. just listen to the 911 tapes. there's so many inconsistencies when they listen to those tapes. >> we don't know who initiated the confrontation between your son and george zimmerman. we do know it turned violent, both reached for a gun and it ended with your son being shot.
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george zimmerman said that your son said you are going to die tonight and then an expletive after that. can you imagine your son saying something like this in. >> no, he's a child. he's a 17-year-old child. >> those were the word of george zimmerman. george zimmerman said they were fighting over the gun. there are no witnesses to say he was fighting over a gun. george zimmerman is here to tell his story. trayvon is dead. >> i understand but are you answering that question through a parent's love and unconditional approval? is it possible trayvon said those word? >> you listen to his word he says so many things. it's about his credibility and i think everybody in america would say his credibility cannot be relied upon. >> and mr. zimmerman says he's
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been unfairly convicted in the court of blackopinipublic opini there's been a rush to judgment. would you agree he deserves to be treated as an innocent man until proven otherwise? >> i think him saying there was a rush to judgment, i think there was a rush to judgment for him to think that trayvon was suspicious. for him to think we're rushing to judge, he rushed to judge trayvon. >> and he says he would be opening to talking you to you. is there any from on your part to talk to george zimmerman? >> absolutely not. >> i appreciate your time this morning. i really do. >> we want to turn now and get the other top stories of the day. natalie morales over at the newsdesk. >> good morning, everyone. an escalating crisis in syria
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tho this morning as bashar al assad constructs he response to the bombing the other day. >> reporter: rebels have promised to take the fight to the seat of power on damascus. rebels managed to plant a bomb at the national security building at a meeting of the regime's most senior and security officials killing the powerful minister of defense, his feared brother-in-law. it has enboldened the rebels. the regime by some assessments is now fighting to survive. since the attack, president assad has not been seen or heard
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from. the latest escalation is reviewing calls by leaders calling on assad to step down from power. the united nations is expected to vote on a new resolution that would impose tougher nonmilitary sanctions on syria. >> thank you. >> security has been stepped up at jewish community centers and synagogues in new york city as a bombing in bulgaria killed seven people on wednesday. they were killed on a tour bus in a resort bus near the black sea. a michigan's driver's license was found on the bomber seen in this newly released surveillance foot and. they are calling the i.d. a
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fake. >> three muslim men are accused of traveling to pakistan for training. >> a rare close encounter with a great white shark right here in the u.s. this diver spotted the shark while he was compete in a spear fishing tournament in florida. as the 12-footer circled him, he relied on his instinct, swimming backward to his vote, spear drawn. he said he shot this video because he didn't think anyone would believe him. oh, we believe you right now. apparently the shark then circled the boat a couple of times once heap got back on it. >> i'm impressed with the multi-tasking, he had the spear and was shooting video? >> and the shark had a peer, too. >> mr. roker, boy, did we have
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some storms yesterday. >> look at this. this was taken from the plane. just an amazing storm moving through the northeast. in fact, we've got video from glen cove, long island where there was massive damage, gazebo destroyed, trees knocked down, power knocked out, a lot going on through tlout the northeast as the system pulled through. we still have a risk of strong storms today back through the mid section of the country. heat advisories from the dakotas, all the way from southern ohio back into texas. the high pressure keeping those temperatures still high. we'll look at the tempe >> clouds and showers. the cold front of the north. we are expecting it to be warm.
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that's your latest weather. now back to savannah. >> now to shocking claims about the background to a long-time aid of hillary clinton. on wednesday republican senator john mccain came to her defense. kelly o'donnell has this story for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this is an unusual story. it goes to the heart of one of hillary clinton's closest relationships. it was john mccain who came out swinging to say what hillary clinton as secretary of state could not say publicly.
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described by the secretary of state as her second daughter, she is hillary clinton's dear friend, closest senior aide and seemingly all at her side, elegant, glamorous, profiled in vogue. she also happens to be muslim american and she's now the swept up in controversial insinuations made by former gop presidential candidate michele bachmann. >> it seems there has been deep penetration by the muslim brotherhood. >> reporter:? an official statement alleging serious security concerns, bachmann and four others have made security claims.
7:16 am
they >> these attacks have no logic, no basis and no merit. these allegations about huma and the report from which they are drawn are nothing less than an unwarranted and unfounded attack on an honorable citizen, a dedicated american and a loyal public servant. >> the state department calls the allegations preposterous. in a statement bachmann said she will not be silent and that her inquiries are unfortunately being distorted. huma is just emerging from another painful public storm. remember last summer she was pregnant and her high-profile husband, then new york congressman anthony weiner tumbled from grace, caught sending lewd photos to young women online. now she's speaking out for the first time. "i'm proud to be married him. my husband did a really stupid
7:17 am
thing in an extremely painful time but there was love and commitment in this marriage. i want people to know we're a normal family." and she's tried to have a private life. mcgain goes on to say she represents the best of market, doing good alongside hillary clinton. >> thank you. >> as the presidential race heats up, there will be more pressure than ever on the candidates and their families. >> the romney five, the boys are all smooth looking, that, smart and disciplined surrogates for their dad. this is their first tv interview that they've sat down for their
7:18 am
far's campaign. mitt romney's five sons range in age from 31 to 42. craig's the youngest, then ben, josh, matt and the old ses tag. their homes are scattered across the country but when they get together, they clearly have fun. the mama's boy in the group? >> josh. >> thanks, guys. >> for a candidate who has been called aloof, the romney guy's highlight their father's humorous side. >> he's goofy. >> he said i was gafine. and then heap said "i love them like they were my own sons."
7:19 am
>> he's our father, that's what we grew up with. >> my dad had the opportunity to nominate one person who showed great to your knowledge to run a leg of the tour and he chose my mom, who had been battling with m.s. she was able to actually take the torch and run a quarter mile or so. it was just a really neat bonding moment for us and a really neat experience to see her participate in something so meaningful to all of us. >> reporter: the brothers are all married with families of their own. mitt romney now has 18 grandchildren. if he wins, he'll have more grand kid than any sitting president in u.s. history. the newest arrivals, tag's twin boys conceived through surrogacy. >> you and your wife have six kid. the twins were born recently. >> yeah, they're six weeks old.
7:20 am
>> reporter: they were born by surrogate. that's a very personal decision. walk us through that choice. >> we tried for a long time to have another child and weren't able to do it. we found someone who was willing to do it for us. she became close to the family and offered to do it and we took her up on it. >> reporter: did you consult your parents? >> not really. it was a personal choice between my wife and me and certainly we felt good but. we wanted to add to the family so we decided to do it. >> it turns out four of the final romney sons initially didn't want their father to run for president again this year. this time around they are now all on board. >> peter, thank you very much. you can see more of peter's interview on "rock center" with brian williams.
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>> it's now 20 minutes after the hour. here's savannah. >> it was a case of double duty for a utah state trooper recallier this week when he was called in to help deliver a set of 2010s on the side of a highway. yes, his patrol car's dash cam was rolling. minutes after starting his shift, this officer got a call that a couple on the way to salt lake city hospital had pulled off on the road, the woman was in labor. >> i pulled up, there they were by themselves, a little honda accord. i walked up, she's in the front passenger seat, already had one baby in her arms wrapped up in a towel. >> my water just broke. >> thanks to help from dad and a dispatch operator, one baby was out and the umbilical cord tied
7:22 am
off with a shoe lace. she wasn't done yet. >> she was holding ton this baby and getting ready to have the second one. >> then minutes after the officer arrived on the scene, baby number two, a little girl, was on the way. >> just came right out. obviously i had anyway gloves on and everything and caught the baby and cleared the air way with my pinky fing other. -- finger. >> there we go. it's cold, i know! oh, good, good. >> held her up, a lild breeze came in the door and her arms went like this and she let out a good healthy cry. >> he said he'd been there before during his own wife's labor. he's a father of four. >> it's a little different emotion when it your children
7:23 am
versus somebody else's but it still a neat experience to help bring a child into this world. >> good job, mom. >> and happy ending. >> just ahead, tom cruise spends more time with his daughter in new york city but has he seen katie holmes? and is their split really going as smoothly as it appears? but first, this is "today"
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aflaaac! and everyday expenses? huh?! blurlbrlblrlbr!!! [ thlurp! ] aflac! [ male announcer ] help your family stay afloat at plegh! >> this is wbal-tv 11 news today and baltimore. >> good morning. here is a look at our top stories. fiat officials believe night -- lightning may have caused fires. the first happened last night in arnold. that home was destroyed by a damaged after the fire. firefighters responded to another fire in annapolis. that blaze -- no reported
7:27 am
injuries. a firefighter was not hospitalized. time for a check on the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> good morning. around the area, a few accidents to watch for. this one is on southbound 295 bram to the inner loop. philadelphia road, there is an accident. 95 is backed up on the white marsh area. closures to watch for a long white street due to the water main break. artscape closures in effect through the weekend. see the yellow on the west side to the left of the screen. that is the outer loop delay. here is southbound 28 -- 95. pretty heavy. here is a check on the west side as things open up at baltimore national bike. that is the latest. back to you. >> warm and humid start to the day. 82 right now.
7:28 am
78 currently in pasadena. the humidity is in place. the cold front will bring drier air by the weekend. we still have a chance for storms. variable clouds with highs in that mid-80's. not as hot as yesterday. we are cooling down as we head towards the weekend. 88 by saturday and sunday. tomorrow, the showers looked tomorrow, the showers looked over -- sunday will be
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you're looking at a terrifying child abduction attempt in the act. in broad daylight, a 10-year-old girl walking with her young brother when a man grabbed her. we'll tell you how she managed to get away in just a moment. i'm matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie at 7:30 on a thursday morning. >> scary to see that. also tom cruise making the most of his time in new york city. we've seen him out and about with his daughter suri, even heading off on a helicopter ride. is his split with katie holmes as civil as it appears? >> and then we'll talk to a doctor who says she died and went to heaven, even spoke with
7:31 am
angels before coming back to life. this was the result of a kayaking accident. she's written a popular book about her experience. her story is us wanting to know if you believe in near death experience. >> and the working mom, can you have it all debate? >> and we begin with that video and attempted abduction. >> it happened in philadelphia. it was captured by not one but two security cameras and now police are trying desperately to find the suspect. surveillance video captured the attempted abduction of a 10-year-old girl in her south philadelphia neighborhood in broad daylight tuesday. >> i want this creep off our streets immediately. >> one neighborhood surveillance camera shows the girl walking
7:32 am
with her 2-year-old brother when a man in a white car got out and started to follow them. a second surveillance camera shows him coming up from behind. >> literally picks her up physically, attempts to carry her to the highway. there's a struggle. >> the suspect ran off and he dropped the little girl. she ran off and waited for her brother. her parents said she bit the man and struggled to free herself something she watched while watching "law & order." >> what's he capable of doing any other time? >> police are searching for the suspect, a white four-door sedan with a scuff mark on the front
7:33 am
bumper. philadelphia's mayor has announced a $10,000 reward leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. thankfully that little girl did everything right. >> let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> today's weather is brought to you by the seven bold flavors of bush's grillin' beans, the boder side of bush's. >> and a little bit cooler than it was yesterday. everybody enjoying the day. st. louis going to feel like 110, same in kansas city, feel like 100 in billings. we've also got a risk of strong storms in the dakotas as the front drops to the south and we move east a bit. we also have a list of strong storms all the way back to
7:34 am
virginia. damaging winds, torrential downpours. you can see heavy rains pushing through ohio. rainfall amounts, we're talking anywhere from chicago, back to new york city. another 1 to 3 inches over the next 24 ne >> it will not be cool today. 90's for the afternoon. >> and we've got a lot of young people from kansas city, kansas you lined upour plaza.
7:35 am
wow! >> is the very public split between tom cruise and katie holmes as civil as it seems? mara? >> reporter: this a couple who certainly knows how to move fast when it comes to these things. over the last few days the attention has shifted to tom cruise. yesterday he was seen flying height with the couple's daughter. it was a high flying adventure for tom cruise and his 6-year-old daughter suri wednesday, the two boarding a helicopter in new york city, destination unknown. this week is their first face-to-face advice the since cruise reached a divorce settlement with katie holmes almost would weeks ago. the actor jetted to new york after wrapping filming of his latest movie. holmes has been photographed with suri all around town at the zoo, grocery shopping. but until tuesday cruise was
7:36 am
noticeably absent. wednesday his lawyer lashed out at a tabloid report that cruise was abandoning suri, telling the "los angeles times" that the quote is a "disgusting, vicious lie." the attorney said cruise couldn't visit sooner because of his production schedule adding "he spoke to suri every day, tom really loves suri, the last thing he would do is abandon her." now he's been spotted several times currying suri into his hotel. cruise is also on the cover of "people" magazine reading "tom's shattered world." >> they can't control the magazine headlines but there is an effort going on on both sides to control what the media is saying about the divorce. >> reporter: cruise and holmes have reportedly not seen each other during his visit and wednesday holmes was seen going
7:37 am
to the gym alone. >> tom and katie are very sophisticated with the media. >> reporter: while cruise and holmes were married more than five years, they reached a divorce settlement with lightning speed in just 11 days. the settlement wasn't only fast but seemingly civil. holmes' attorney even praised cruise lawyers saying their professionalism and diligence helped bring about this resolution. >> it was one of the most amicable and quick settlements in recent history. >> reporter: cruise will be here in new york city for a few more days before returning home to his two older children. >> jacob bernstein is a corre contributor to the "new york times" who has written about the
7:38 am
split. bonnie hunter, they still have a lot of publicity. what's your sense this is as civil as it seems or are we seeing this duelling p.r. strategy going on playing out on the front pages? >> we're absolutely seeing a p.r. strategy and these people are both excellent at it and they're doing a very good job. we know that tom was sitting there. first of all, he was filming a movie. he couldn't come back, that's true. it was probably driving him crazy his wife was getting fantastic publicity, showing she was a good mom. he's a good dad. he wanted to get out there, too. plus he missed him daughter, i'm sure. >> you wrote about this in the "new york times" saying the divorce rolled out like a movie in some sense. do you think katie is using it to her maximum professional advantage? >> yes, i think this is a show
7:39 am
and and both of them are selling tickets to some degree. she did not have to run downstairs and pick up her milk at whole foods when there were two dozen paparazzi outside but she chose to do it because there's an image she's trying to put forward now. now you see it with him with the helicopter ride. this is a guy who jumped on oprah's couch, he had this kind of fantastically public engagement to her. i think he almost thinks in the third person at this point. and this is how they're going about their breakup. >> you do have to scratch your head about the paparazzi because on the one hand they're human and if they want to go outside with their little girl, they should able to do that. on the other hand they've been movie stars for a long time, they know how to avoid the press. >> they don't want to avoid the press right now. this is a public relations campaign. tom cruise took some hits at the start of this and first katie filed and there was talk about he was going to fight her.
7:40 am
he realized this wasn't a good idea for his image and for his daughter. he does want the world to see that he's a key votdevoted dad made the first move he could after his movie heeshs came here to see her. >> thanks for your time. appreciate it. coming up, a major change for a popular web site coming up right after this. this man is about to be the millionth customer.
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we're back at 7:43. as anticipation builds for tomorrow's opening of "the dark knight rises," a popular movie review web site has been forced to take unprecedented action after comments about early reviews grew heated and even threatening. jason kennedy is in los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's the most anticipated movie of the year and so far early vee vi -- reviews have been very positive. but that's not good news to critics who have taken exception to everything that's happened and a few rot i don't knten tom. the anger and ugly attacks of critics of the film forced the site's editors to pull the plug.
7:45 am
the editor asked fans to tone it down saying, quote, just take a deep breath, step away from the computer and maybe go for a walk. there are plenty of other things to get angry about like war, familiar in, poverty and crime. but not movie reviews. marshall fine was one of the reviewers singled out for abuse by fan. >> i just said that i felt that it was not very exciting and not a lot of fun, which to me are sort of two of the prerequisites of a comic book movie. >> reporter: fans are so fash n passionate about the film, they teak it personally. >> they're not going to be able to see it till this weekend. it's like a knife in the heart. >> this is sort of box market teflon, if will you.
7:46 am
>> reporter: expectations are high because of the previous "dark knight" featuring keith ledger's experience as the joker. >> there's enough going on there and mystique and those caught up in the first movie and "batman" before it will want to see "the dark knight rises." >> people on rotten tomato are thinking of changing their format so people can't post anonymously. people are on the internet to scalp tickets to the first midnight screening. the starting bid is over 1d 00. >> threats over a review. it is just a movie. >> still ahead, primetime emmy nominations. and the duchess begins her olympic dults. we'll show you what's she's up
7:47 am
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are you supposed to be driving that in here? no! yo! teresa here? ♪ no. so is it okay if i stay out just a little bit longer? so...okay... so no. did mom say we could eat all that? [ john ] yes. [ male announcer ] in a world filled with "no," it's nice to finally say "yes." the new line of oscar mayer selects. the tastes you love and no artificial preservatives. it's yes food. back now at 7:50 with the duchess of cambridge on hand for the unveiling of an olympic scene exhibit at london's olympic gallery. >> that is a stella mccartney dress. >> isn't she the one who designed the olympics' outfits? >> that's right. she's also a patron of the national portrait gallery as well. >> some people think that
7:51 am
necklace, the hoop, was olympics inspired. >> that's what al said. >> that's what i was thinking. >> meanwhile, how about prince charles, climbing a rock wall this morning -- >> in a double breasted suit. >> that's how i do it. >> he's got pretty good form. >> if they widen up, you'll see he's three inches on the ground. see? >> the suit's made out of velcro. >> and prince harry caught the premiere of "the dark knight" last night in london. he was there for it along with a lot of celebrities. >> did we move to britain? >> we're just getting exciting. we're trying to get in the mood. >> two premieres by the way in london on wednesday. a lot of the stars went to one and sarah went to that one. >> coming up, will yahoo!'s new and pregnant ceo prove that women really can have it all?
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today and baltimore. >> good morning. the time for a check on your morning commute. >> good morning. a handful of accidents to add to the list. right now, we have a crash coming in. look how the delays are forming on eastbound i-70 from 32 tour 29. heavy conditions. in their librium watch for a crash. another crash reported in philadelphia. watch for continued delays along light street because of the
7:57 am
water main break and artscape closures, as well. here is traffic. let us see what is going on on 295. inching along. volume heading down towards the capital beltway. so far so good. that is the latest on traffic. we have a check under forecasts now. >> thank you. another warm start to the day. 82 right now in downtown. 80 degrees at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. we are expecting it to be sticky this afternoon. temperatures in the 90's later today. humidity making it harder than that. we have a chance for storms. we have had sprinkles early on. thunderstorms popping up at any time. more than likely towards the afternoon. a better chance for storms as we head into tomorrow. 70% chance with the highest in
7:58 am
80 -- around 83. we will start our cool down. everton -- temperatures in the 80's for the weekend. 80's for the weekend. 84 on sunday oreo and dunkin' are the perfect match for the perfect moment. enjoy the new oreo coolatta and donut today. america runs on dunkin'.
7:59 am
8:00 am
morning, the 19th day of july, 2012. we have a huge, live, boisterous crowd on the plaza enjoying this night cool morning. we've been listening to hot chelle rae. who are going to be live on the plaza. the heat has broken. come on down to the plaza. >> it's going to be in the 70s tomorrow, right? >> chance of showers but still pretty good. >> you can wear that linen suit you've been wanting to wear. >> it's that one right there.
8:01 am
>> good morning, i'm savannah guthrie alongside al roker and matt lauer. coming up, marissa mayer. she is pregnant and it's reignited that debate about whether women can really have it all. >> also, what happens when you die? we're going to me a doctor and self-described cynic who said she did die, she went to heaven hshs an encounter with angels but was told that her work here on earth was not yet finished. it's a fascinating story. she's written a book about it. we're going to talk to her in a couple of minutes. >> and we're going to head out to los angeles for the primetime emmy awards. find out who is going to get nominated. and we'll explain why these ad featuring david hasellhoff have
8:02 am
become very hot news. >> the 17 month rebellion against syrian president bashar al assad has escalated to civil war. government troops are shelling neighborhoods in and around the capital of damascus, one day after a rebel bomb killed three members of assad's inner circle. >> trayvon martin murder suspect george zimmerman answered no when askedif he regretted getting out of his car to follow martin or regretted having a gun. he told fox news channel that, quote, it it was all god's plan, though he later said he was sorry for killing martin. martin's mother called that statement ridiculous. he has pleaded not guilty contending he shot the unarmed
8:03 am
teen in self-defense. >> a loophole in security checks put in place after 9/11 attacks exposed. u.s. citizens on the no-fly list because of terrorist threats are not band from taking flight lessons in the nation's flight schools. >> and a quick roundup of what has you talking online. the hoff keeps taking off from new england stands all across new england. they are part of an advertising campaign for iced coffee. he turned 60 this week, still looks good. >> and teak a look.
8:04 am
♪ so call me maybe >> the choreographer said it was hard to find moves the troops could learn quickly and feel tough doing it. >> and will farrell threw out the first pitch and announced the starting loonup. >> batting fifth and playing right field, he loves playing banjo and loves doing tricks with his pet dog, number 6. >> batting sixth and playing catcher, in his spare time he's an accountant at a styrofoam cooler company, number 18, giovanni soto! >> i think they should do that all the time. they also ordered a chicago deep dish pizza had and it delivered to the pitcher's monde. that's awesome. >> they now how to live!
8:05 am
>> they do. these are two cuteies. who do we have here? >> this is sophia, this is powell. >> do you guys know each other or just met here? >> you're already betrothed. love blooming on the savannah. i love it. pick city of the day just has to be astoria, oregon, cloudy, cool, 68 degrees. and on the radar/satellite combo, heavy showers and thunderstorms moving through chicago, heading for end indianapolis. we have a little scattered shower activity. in the plains sunny, cool. new england, 81 in boston today, nice day in the pacific northwest, mid 80s with plenty of sunshine. back down through texas we'll have some really hot stuff. it's your birthday!
8:06 am
>> clouds and showers. the cold front of the north. we are expecting it to be warm. and that's your latest weather. >> mr. roker, thank you. when we come back, yahoo!'s new ceo who has reignited the debate over working mothers and if they can have it all. we'll talk about it right after this. father: ouff, hey guys
8:07 am
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8:09 am
wife: yes i am. husband: i booked us a couples massage. wife: you booked a what? ♪ . back now at 8:09, can working women really have it all? can you reach the top of your profession and have happy fallly, too? one executive is about to put that to test in a ground breaking way. >> former google executive marissa mayer was named the chief executive of yahoo!. she also just revealed she's pregnant. what mayer is saying about how
8:10 am
she'll balance new job and her new arrival has people talking. >> the former google executive told fortune magazine she disclosed the pregnancy to yahoo!'s board and that they showed their evolved thinking in higher her. >> we've been going for years and years saying why can't we get women to the top? we can't get women to the top unless we allow the top women to have babies on their timetables regardless of what's happening in their career. >> pregnant and powerful, mayer now faces challenges ahead, starting with her new job. >> yahoo! is in rough shape. they're on their fourth ceo now in just a few years. they need a sense of stability. >> but mayer's comments about how she'll handle her time off to give birth has raised a few high b-- eyebrows.
8:11 am
she said my maternity weeks will be a few weeks long and i'll work throughout it. >> on the one hand i'm absolutely thrilled. it's about time. on the other hand i worry that the message is that women have to squat in the field and have the baby and then start back picking the crops. it's just not that simple for a lot of women. >> high powered working moms have been a hot top being lately thanks to a recent cover story in "the atlantic," why women still can't have it all. the author left a high level job at the state department to return to work as a college professor so she could spend more time with her teen-age sons. with mayer's announcement, the debate has heated up again online with comments ranging from "balancing the leadership of a multi-billion dollar company and taking care of a newborn is not compatible."
8:12 am
>> mayer's first days at google was tuesday. she said that she and her husband are expecting a boy. >> ivanka trump is married and has a baby daughter and rachel is the mother of six, author of "stay home, stay happy. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> can't wait to get your reaction on this. when you heard marissa mayer isd you think hooray for women or did you think this is going to be hard? >> what bothered me were the very early announcements, the
8:13 am
adjective they chose to kie skrooi her was the fact that she was pregnant. i felt that was not a good this evening -- thing for women. i think it is an amazing thing for women but i haven't loved how the debate has ensued around it. >> our poll on our web site, 89% thought it was a bad idea to try to do both. rachel, she says she's going to take maternity leave for a few weeks but continue to work. do you think that's realistic? >> i think we should stop pretending her situation is like the average working parent. she can afford a team of support, 24/7. so her situation i think might be workable for her. that said, i don't think that it's sexist to talk about the trade-offs of being a working mom, especially at a high level like that or being an at-home mom. there are trade-offs and they're rule. >> ivanka, you mentioned you
8:14 am
just had a baby and you went back to work rather quickly. >> i did. i think you made a very, very interesting point about the fact that she has an infrastructure that can support her. this happens every day. women across the country are having children. not all have the privilege to be able to craft their own schedule. the great thing about the ceo, it not the demands on her are less, they're probably more but that being said, she has the flexibility to determine when she's going home, when she's having meetings. i this h that as well. >> is this the right question to be asking in this context? >> what is having it all? it involves trade-offs and involves time. i can say as a parent that being an at-home mom doesn't make me a better parent. it gives me a lot more doovers when i do things bad. allows me to um prove my
8:15 am
parenting. we hear a lot about quality time. i think there's a lot of things about quantity time. >> it's a good discussion. thank you so much. coming up next, what happens when you die? we'll talk to a doctor who said she went to heaven and back. her story right after this. ♪ [ dog barking ] ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but your basic paper towel can handle them.
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commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through. 13 years ago dr. mary neal was kayaking when she said she went on a spiritual journey. she write house she drown, went to heaven, talked to angels but was sent back to her family with a very powerful message. we'll talk to her in a moment. first kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: it was a day of kayaking. dr. neal said she never imagined where it would take her. >> i had children, hi a
8:19 am
full-time job. i was too busy to be thinking about my spirituality. >> reporter: the spine surgeon who was an admitted cynic said she died. her bolt was pinned under t rapids and she became trapped by the rushing current. >> i was out of air and i was too far from shore for anyone to see me, let alone come and save me. >> reporter: neal was with her good friend, experienced white water rescuers chad and tom long. when they noticed mary was missing in the rapids, they followed safety protocol, they started a watch. more than 15 minutes later, they saw her take a breath. did you think she was dead? >> absolutely. >> reporter: she saw her peel away from her body. >> i was overcome when w this physical sensation of being held, comforted and reassured.
8:20 am
>> reporter: she said a group of spirits were there to greet her. >> they took me down this exceptionally beautiful path toward this great domed structure of sorts. >> reporter: but she was told it wasn't her time. >> i was sent back to share my story. >> reporter: she was told her family would need her because her oldest son willie would die. >> i knew that would happen at some point. i didn't know the details. >> reporter: ten years later, willie did die after being hit bay car. >> i'm not going to pretend like i don't wish he were here but i'll see him at some point. >> reporter: after willie's death, neal published her best selling book "to heaven and back." a a doctor who thought near death experiences could be explained by science, until it happened to her. >> i know that there is life
8:21 am
after death and i absolutely know that, no doubt. >> and dr. mary neal is with us this morning. doctor, it good to see pup. >> good morning. >> good morning to you, matt. >> we have all thought about this. anybody who says they haven't thought about what happens after we die is probably lying. the thing that kept coming to me as i was reading your story is why mary neal? why was she saved when so many people are not saved? how do you explain that? >> i've asked that same question many, many times because i have loved one who is have died and i did not want to return. and almost everyone i've talked to who have had a near death experience does not want to return. and i think that -- >> because it's beautiful? it's comforting? it's soothing? why don't you want to return and why didn't you want to return? >> because i felt absolutely like i was home.
8:22 am
i -- >> at peace? >> not just at peace. i had returned to god's kingdom and i was home. it was my absolute true home. >> are you a deeply religious person? were you to begin with? >> no. i would never claim to have been particularly religious beforehand. i certainly believed in god and i think i was very typical. i sort of hoped there was something more and there was a reason that we were here but i was very busy. i didn't put spirituality in the forefront of my life. >> let me just ask you the question everybody would want to ask you if they were sitting across from you. this encounter with the angels, what did they look like, what did they say? what was the experience look? >> they were exploding with an absolute love. they looked like compassion, even though that's not an adjective. and i'm embarrassed to say it now and i wish i took notes but
8:23 am
i didn't really note what they looked like or what i looked like because it didn't matter. i wanted to get to this entrance to god's kingdom. >> you met jesus? >> i feel very presumptuous saying that but i feel jesus was holding me when i was in my boat, comforting me. >> did he look like the image we've come to know? >> he didn't look like the image in my sunday school books, no. but i didn't look at him critically saying okay, what color is that hair? i looked at him and what i saw was infinite kindness and compassion. >> you say that in an encounter with an angels you were told you needed to come back, your family was going to need you, your son
8:24 am
was going to die. i say a lot of people die and their families experience tragedy afterward. again, why did they think you needed to be here for your families and others are taken, even though their family is about to experience tragedy -- another tragedy. sf. >> i don't know all the answers. one of my kids would say i was kicked out of heaven. my primary mandate was not being here for my son's death, which indeed was something we talked about. my primary mandate was to return and share my story because my story is comforting, reassuring and inspires other people to really look at their own lives and find god working in their own lives. >> oo u say you're a cynic, you're a doctor and will say there's a explanation for everything, seeing angels, it's a drifting in and out of
8:25 am
consciousness because you were drowning. do you share some of those thoughts that some of those experiences could be purely biological? >> i absolutely would share those and would accept those because i am an absolute cynic and skeptic. if my experience had been four, five, six minutes long. but my experience timed was a minimum of 15 minutes and that didn't include the five plus minutes of figuring out that i wasn't there, where was i, et cetera. i don't believe when you look at a minimum 15, maximum experience 25 minutes, j i don't believe that can be explained by a dying brain. a brain does not survive that long. >> 89% surveyed said they
8:26 am
believed in a near death experience. only 7% said no. >> we're back after your local news. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. we will check with sarah caldwell. >> good morning. let us see what is going on out there. problems at this hour. ellicott city, an accident wrapping up. eastbound i-70 coming in from t32 towards 29, getting worse. there is a crash clearing and another wrecked near philadelphia road. we have another accident in
8:27 am
dundalk and closures on white streak. artscape closures in effect, also. here is a live look at those delays on 295 from 175. here is what it looks like on the outer loop. that is the very latest on traffic pulse 11. here is a john collins with a look at the forecast. >> no rain right now. we have a storm system coming out of detroit. the storm complex is moving to the east. we will see how that will affect our forecast later. 80 degrees. 71% humidity in northwest. 5 miles per hour. temperatures will be 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. 90's expected. rather humid out there. the chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. 90 to 95 for the high.
8:28 am
10 miles per hour for the wind. rain chances on friday and they will taper off on saturday. temperatures in the 80's for the weekend instead of 90. >> thank you. thank you for joining us.
8:29 am
still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start. glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here.
8:30 am
misty, she's like a quiet warrior. >> i want to win a gold medal in london for a third time. 8:30 now on a thursday morning, this 19th of july 2012. we have, as savannah mentioned, a very big, very noisy crowd out on the plaza. there are al's friends from kansas city, shaking the southnd
8:31 am
of o of our plaza. we're here in the middle. coming up, the best of television. >> we all have our favorite shows. we're going to find out who emmy likes this year. we're going to run through the nominees coming up. >> and we have a legend in the house. speaking of television, for 19 months since his last live broadcast on cnn, larry king is donning the suspender one more time. >> is he bigger than a bread box? >> he's going to tell us about his new online show coming up. >> and former president bill clinton and his daughter chelsea, who help honsor nelson mandela on his 90th birthday. >> before we get to that, fresh from a night of of what you
8:32 am
describe as -- >> kathie lee gifford joins us this morning with a very big announcement. >> i can't believe the words are coming out of my mouth today. we're announcing today that a musical that i've been writing going on 13 years now will be coming to broadway this fall. >> broadway! >> i know. thank you. yeah, i know. it called "scandalous." there's orleading lady. we're going to be at the neil simon theater! >> are you kidding me? >> look at this. i get o to cast that leading man. she's the most amazing woman i've ever read about, real woman, 1920s, scandalous beyond belief. yet did amazing things with her life. there's still great mystery about her. she disappeared for five weeks
8:33 am
back in 1926. she said she had been kidnapped and held for ran some in new mexico. the district attorney said no you weren't, you were with your married lover in your love nest in carmel. so if you want to find out where she really was, you have to come to the neil simon -- we we start previews on october 14th and we have opening night on, pichb might, november 15th. >> and you'll have a big party riesht? >> opening night. absolutely. >> congratulations. kathie lee gifford on broad way, that's cool. >> love you. see you at 10. >> let's show you what we've got as far as your weather's concerned as we start off for today, we have a risk of -- i should say tomorrow down through the lower mississippi valley. wet weather in the mid-atlantic
8:34 am
states. saturday we expect more wet weather inth southeast, gorgeous great lakes into the northeast. then sunday more beautiful weather in the northeast. sizzling weather from the planes into texas. that heat expands heading intong >> it will not be cool today. 90's for the afternoon. >> believe it or not, these
8:35 am
people never met each other today. >> nelson mandela turned 94 on wednesday. bill clinton and chelsea clinton shared some time with them. here's their video. >> i told the president every time i'll be thinking of him. it really means a lot to me, wearing this red jacket i know. >> this program city year in december 1991, more than ten years ago. i said that's it, that's what i want to do. that's the model for youth services. it's just the beginning. they make so much difference. when you see the work of all these young people -- i'm good with a shovel.
8:36 am
i once had real jobs. i had to actually do real work. ♪ happy birthday to you >> some years ago i began trying to come to africa. in 1991 my daughter, chelsea, was just a little girl. and i sat her on the kitchen counter and we walked him walk out of confinement into south africa. we worked very closely together. it was very touching.
8:37 am
she said how much this meant to her. and he was so humble. he said all over the country, it so nice. really in all of the world. >> it's the great thing about life. if you give it back, it keeps coming back to you. >> former president bill clinton if n a video diary from south africa. up next, this morning's primetime emy nominations. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
8:38 am
8:39 am
the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt or add egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt, perfect for breakfast or any time of day. subway. eat fresh. we're back at 8:39 with the very best on primetime television. >> the emmy awards are about to be handed out. we're going to break it down. good morning. what are the big headlines you're expecting? >> there are four things i think
8:40 am
we should look out for today. it's probably a given that john hamm and brian cranston will be nominated for best actor. this is going to be death match. john hamm has never won an emmy award. hes the problem of being too good looking to win. >> here it goes. >> welcome to the academy of television, arts and sciences in north hollywood, california. >> good morning. i'm bruce rosenbloom, chairman and ceo of the academy of television arts and sciences. welcome to the 64th primetime emmy awards nominations announcement. this is truly a golden age of television and this morning we are honored to unveil those who are in the opinions of our members at the top of their crafts. joining me for the presentation this morning is the star of abc's drama series scandal, miss
8:41 am
kerry washington and the most of oum jimmy kimmel live," mr. jimmy kimmel. kerry, jimmy, thank you so much for being here this morning. >> this is a sex dream, isn't it? >> wow. >> they rousted me out of bed in the middle of the night last night. >> clearly. >> this could be just as good at noon. really. >> jimmy, who are you wearing? >> this is from the husky baby collection. thank you for asking. would you like to givbegin, lad first? >> i shall. the nominations in the outstanding drama series are "breaking bad," game of throwns," homeland" and "mad
8:42 am
men, downtown abby." >> lead actress nominees are kathy bates, claire danes, elizabeth moss, glenn close, michelle dockery, julianna margolies. >> and nominees for leading actor are: hughes bonneville, steve busczem, bryan cranston, michael hall.
8:43 am
>> nominees for outstanding mini series, american horror story, game chance, luther. sherlock. >> the nominations for lead actress are ashley judd, julianne moore, emma tom on, connie briton, any cold kidman. >> the nominations for lead actor in a mini series or movie are kevin costner, benedict,
8:44 am
clive oafing, bill packston, woody harrellson. >> the nominees for outunderstanding host, tom bergeron, cat deeley, ryan seacrest, phil keghan and betty white. >> the nominees for outstanding reality program, the amazing
8:45 am
race, "dancing with the stars," "project runway," "so you think you can dance," "top chef" and "the voice ". >> the nominees for variety programs are "the colbert report," "the daily show with jon stewart," "jimmy kimmel live," "late night with jimmy fallon," "realtime with bill maher" and "saturday night live." >> the nominees for lead actress in a comedy series are zoe deshnell, lena coleman, edii
8:46 am
fal falco, tina fey, melissa castay. >> the nominees for lead actors are alec baldwin, don chaedle, louis ck, jon cryer, larry david and jim parsons. >> and now we're going to bring back bruce. >> the nominations in outstanding comedy sears of "the big bang theory," "curb your enthusiasm," "girls," "modern
8:47 am
family," "30 rock" and "veep". >> thank you so much for your participation this morning. jimmy, congratulations on your nomination. tune in on sunday, september 23rd forbes the live telecast to find out who is going to take home the emmy this year. have a wonderful day. thank you. >> janice, come on back. did anything jump out at you? >> huge snub. hugh lorie. this is the last year of "house." shocking. >> interesting to see so many new shows great nomination. >> hbo's "girls," it's on hbo, it's small but academy voters are old and they got awarded with a nomination for the creator and best comedy.
8:48 am
>> we love one of the actors on the show. >> you said this was going to be a big battle between john hamm and brian cranston. john hamm has been nominated four times? >> yes. he's the bridesmaid of the emmys. critics thought it was an uneven of "mad men" but it was still a great season. to have five seasons be that well received, that's a huge deal in hollywood. >> still ahead, we have larry king live in our studios and with suspenders, too. butto
8:49 am
8:50 am
larry king is back in the saddle or should we say the suspenders. he has signed up to host larry
8:51 am
king now. how have you been? have you been egging to get back in the game? >> you got it. i've been all over the world doing speeches, moderating panels, i did a comedy series, doing standup stories but missed it. when i sit at home, i never realized i'd miss it that much. even though i have more time with the kids and more time with the wife, she was glad to get me out. >> by my calculations, you're slightly older than 50 and you could have sat and and relaxed. >> i could have. >> i think you have enough money. >> i guess, yeah. i make a living. >> so you really think, though, you want to get back in this on a daily basis? >> it really hit me the night that osama bin laden was killed. i'm watching this, i wanted to jump up, go to the studio and interview the head of the cia and department of defense and what happened at that table and how did the president do that and i wasn't doing that.
8:52 am
and luckily i had -- >> the guy backing this. >> the richest man in the world. i interviewed him, he came on my show, i did a charity for him in new mexico. he thinks the internet is tomorrow and to bring a presence to it of someone who had did -- i started the first network national talk show. it was like a pioneering event. >> are you like me you sit home and you watch interviews and you scream out questions you want people to ask? >> the things i hate the most in an interview are when an interviewer says "i was wondering" or "let me ask you this." >> "can i ask you a question"? no, you can't ask me a question. who do you want to interview? >> castro.
8:53 am
i want to havana and he's one i missed. he's always fascinated me. high probably was the longest leader of a country ever. if you think about it, who in history led a country for 60 years? and also the coming from the hills, a rich family and in prison and out of prison. >> from the category you can't always believe what you read, i read you have never interviewed bruce springsteen, is that true? >> no, i never have. that shocked me. bruce, you're coming to hulu. eight differe it's a different setting. it very relaxed. you're going to come on. >> i will. are you going to get a group of viewers that weren't familiar with your work from the last couple of decades? >> hopefully new, sure. hey, i'm still good.
8:54 am
>> do you ever watch piers morg morgan? >> yeah. >> do you like it? >> i like a lot of it. it's not my style. i like piers. i've never been someone who rooted for people to do poorly. don't you love our industry? >> i do. >> are you competitive? >> a little. >> welcome back. i'll see you after the olympics. >> want me to do the tease? >> go ahead. >> hey, larry, thanks again. the new program is called "larry king now," watch it all the time, you can get us everywhere on hulo via aura-tv. we'll be back in a moment. this is "todayis
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still ahead, we're looking for the bestes >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. here is a look at one of our top stories. police investigating an accident in southwest baltimore. paramedics responded just before 11:00 p.m. wednesday
8:57 am
night and on a motorcycle rider seriously injured.
8:58 am
>> good morning. clouds. we are starting off cooler. our highs today will be about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. we had 100 yesterday. we have a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. keep an eye on it for you.
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