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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> there is a strong corn fell released at almost 30 miles an hour and will cross parts of queen anne's county in the next. heavy downpours along with a lot of lightning possible as the storm moves over across the eastern shore. harford county, parts of anne arundel county and prince george's county. it has dumped a bunch of rain, so fled warnings up in
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baltimore and hartford counties. more details on these powerful storms and the heat will continue, coming up in just a minute. >> you can always attract the storms anywhere you are with our new iphone and android apps. get the updated forecast every day on shooting investigation tonight in northeast baltimore. police say it happened about an hour ago. there is no word on the victim's condition, suspect, or possible motive. back to our big story, baltimore police have charged a 36-year- old man with various sex offenses after alleged encounter with the 13-year-old. sheldon dutes is live in the newsroom on how they initially met. >> they met on line, but police say it happened with the help of a mobile loan application. stephen douglas podles is out on
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bail after police say he had sex with a minor. >> they agreed to meet and there was sexual contact between the 36-year-old man and the 13-year- old boy. >> the alleged incident happened at an unknown location near the victim's house, and police say they did not use protection. podles has been charged with second-degree sex offense and other related charges. they are asking any other potential victims to come forward. he identified himself as a 30- year-old guy named steve encore grindr. he has also been charged with transferring hiv. his brother claimed he had the virus during a bail hearing. because police say podles and
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his 13-aerobic and did not practice safe sex, and help the farmer wants everyone to be aware. >> if they know someone or are someone who has been with this person, we can provide them with free hiv and other kstp services. >> the grindr app can be downloaded to almost any smart phone or tablet. police are urging parents to know what their children are doing online. >> they need to make sure they know who their children are communicating with. >> podles was released on $75,000 bail and is waiting for his october trial date. >> police in anne arundel county need your help in tracking down several sex offenders. detectives say the five men you see on your screen are known to frequent glen burnie and other areas and have been spotted in baltimore city.
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they are required to register on a weekly basis but we are told they failed to do so. anyone with information about their whereabouts should call police. new details tonight in the pin state jerry sandusky case. big the no. 2 has been identified, however his name remains a closely guarded secret -- victim number two. the victim's attorney plans to file a civil lawsuit against penn state after an internal investigation found that top university officials concealed the allegations against sandusky to avoid bad publicity. investigators have released the picture of a man wanted in the vi ripken abduction case. she was taken from roman aberdeen early tuesday morning and then returned 24 hours later
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-- she was taken from her home in aberdeen early tuesday. >> police are not revealing where their surveillance picture of the suspect was taken. they say could jeopardize the investigation, but identifying him is essential to solving the case. >> the man appears to be in his late 30's or early 40's. he had short brown hair and glasses. investigators are hoping someone will remember seeing him and the car they say he drove around in, tied up and at gunpoint, for nearly 24 hours. the vehicle is a 1998 silver lincoln town car. >> we are using all tools available as far as crime scene techniques. we are using anything available to try to come up with anything. >> vi ripken was living in the house she has lived in for 46
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years. why anyone would take the 76- year-old once from her home is a mystery to everyone. >> what she really abducted? >> there is some reason to believe that she was. >> the know of a motive yet? >> no regrets the suspect did not demand a ransom and police are not disclosing if there were atm or credit card charges made. investigators have paid special attention to the intersection of ebenezer road and route 40, where an eyewitness reported seeing her tied up in the back seat of her car during the time she was missing. >> there is a team of investigators working diligently, trying to cover all the bases in this ongoing investigation. >> police are still processing the car for evidence. there is a $2,000 reward for
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information in the case. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. braxton by the federal government is taking on a topic investigated by the 11 news i- team. the arrests made in the manufacturing and distribution of the designer drug called basalts. warehouses and retell alice were rated more than 100 cities, seizing 5 million packets of the drug and $36 million in cash. they are often marketed to teenagers and packaged as ordinary household items like incense and plant food. they can cause hallucinations and violent behavior and even result in a coma or death. a new partnership between government and private companies to help fight health-care fraud was announced today. the government will be doing more to prevent fraud before happens. the health and human services secretary says the take claims
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first and track down fraud model will become a thing of the past. >> now we are taking away a crux headstart and using technology similar to what credit card companies and many of you have used to identify suspicious activity as soon as it happens. >> the obama administration says it has gained $7 for every $1 spent in fighting health-care fraud in the last three years. mitt romney took his campaign to london today and cursed because the bit of a star after making some controversial comments. -- cost a bit of a stir. he upset his british post by criticizing their preparation for the olympic games. he then met with prime minister david cameron's and backtrack from his earlier criticism, saying he expected the games to be highly successful. in stepped on toes when he broke
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a british code by mentioning a meeting with the head of mi-6. >> as we discussed syria and hope for a more peaceful future for that country. >> those meetings are usually kept top secret. a number of british newspapers have run stories listing what they call romney gaffes. the 400 meter individual medley is the first race for michael phelps. >> i am not really going just to swim to beat michael. he is just one person. there are a bunch of other swimmers across the world that i
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have to worry about. i am just doing what i normally do when i race. next is always a challenge to have things go perfectly. for the first night will be a very challenging race and will be an exciting race. >> he beat phelps in the trials last month so it will be interesting to see what happens. has been seven years since london won its bid to host the 2012 summer olympics. deirdre fitzpatrick is in london with more on whether or not london is ready. >> it depends on who you talk to. the organizers say everything looks perfect, but some of the locals are not so sure. it is a first. london is making olympic history hosting its third summer olympics.
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the host city is awash in and of opportunity. >> we still cannot believe we are here and we see olympics signs everywhere. >> signs of road closure, signs of security, by air, land, and see. >> it is estimated an additional quarter million people will be in london every day of the games. >> security is on people's minds. >> olympic only lanes are now in effect. public transportation is the best and sometimes the only way to get around the city. >> it is an awesome stadium and venue. >> is london ready? it better be. i am. >> ready and willing to give a gold medal worthy performance as the host of the 2012 summer
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olympics. >> to get to this location, you have to go through security and present either a ticket or olympic credentials for that day and event. >> they will be back soon. we are your home for the olympic games starting tomorrow night. join us for the olympics on at 7:00 and at 730 for the remainder of the olympics. two recalls to report tonight, the first from ford. also being pulled from the shelves is this stroller. we'll have details in tonight's consumer alert. >> storms moving east of baltimore. the forecast is coming up.
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>> some importance safety recalls tonight. ford escape model year 2001 through 2004 are being recalled to fix the gas pedal. it has been an issue blame for a number of crashes, including one fatal accident in january which killed an arizona teenager. it is the third recall in two weeks for the escape. a warning tonight for parents of young children from the consumer product safety commission. certain types of strollers should be stopped. these are the products to look out for. they are made between 2004 and
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2007. an infant could slide through the opening between the trade in the sea, trapping their head and neck and potentially strangling them. >> so many of them are built very similar to >> another stroller was also recalled today. the front wheels can break, putting a child at risk of falling out. for information on both of these recalls, had to our website, the drought disaster for ei2 is getting worse by the day. federal forecasters say in the last week the drought became more intense and more miserable for everyone directly affected by it. >> in just last week, an area larger than california and new york combined moved into the most serious stage of the extreme or exceptional drought, made worse by relentless heat.
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the weekly u.s. drought monitor report called alarming how quickly the drought is intensifying while the intense heat is forcing even summer tourists to adapt. it is so dry, the duke remnants of monuments city, indiana -- the remnants of monument city are now reemerging after the drought dropped the water level 13 ft. in kansas, little is left of the arkansas river, with some parts completely dried up. >> the continuing drought has really taken its toll out here. >> it is not as bad as the drought of 1988, but some of the mississippi river bed is exposed for the first time since then.
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in memphis, the river is lower by 17 feet. in mississippi, 21 feet lower. in illinois, some corn farmers have given up on this season's crop and are mowing down their fields. while the number of roads and highways buckling under the heat and drought continues to mount, too. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> some areas here got a lot of rain tonight. >> other areas misdealt. -- other areas missed out. we saw a new batch of storms drop down out of pennsylvania. by 8:00 they were coming down into westminster and the northern part of baltimore county. then they made their way to the western shore of the day by about 10:00.
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now the strongest line of storms is impacting southern cecil county, kent, and queen anne's counties. it did drop quite a bit of rain and lots of lightning was associated with the storms. harford county, baltimore city, anne arundel and prince george's county are still under a severe thunderstorm watch until 1:00 a.m., but it should be cancelled and dropped any minute now. we had one badge of showers late last night and this morning and then the second area comes then with heavier rain. the yellow is talking about two or 3 inches of rain that the radar is estimated. you need to look out for flooded low-lying areas in parts of baltimore and hartford county. officially at bwi marshall today, about a quarter of an
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inch. that does happen as the storms came through in the last few minutes. for the year we are more than 7 inches below normal in total precipitation. today was a hot one, 97 degrees at the airport. that is 10 degrees above normal and just little below the record high of 101 set in 1940. 86 at salisbury at this moment. even at this late evening hours it feels like almost 100 degrees across the southern part of our state. a cold front is trying to get some heat relief here but that is going to slowly crossed the mountains and ease through baltimore during the day tomorrow. it may be another 24 hours before we get on the other side of this front. friday will be another hot one. a round of afternoon
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thunderstorms again, and on saturday we will get into some cooler air but showers may linger in the area. the temperatures will start to come down over the weekend. a muggy night tonight with temperatures not falling much below where they are now. on monday, watch for afternoon storms. in western maryland --, the bay, watch for afternoon storms. down at ocean city, a summary forecast tomorrow, west when keeping the cool air offshore. it will cool off a little bit saturday and sunday. the best day of the weekend looks to be sunday with partly cloudy skies. >> the ravens faulting practice
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takes place with a conspicuous no show. see who did not make it to owings mills today. that is next in sports. >> tonight's jackpot is then estimated $1,850,000. here are your winning numbers for tonight. 18-17-19-16-29-5. if no one that is all six numbers on one line of a ticket, the jackpot climbs to $1,900,000. the next drawing is monday night
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>> you may recall just last summer the ravens general manager found bryant mckinnie on the free agent market to upgrade the ravens defensive line. you have to wonder if they could soon go shopping again. ray lewis picked a good year to lose some weight. torrey smith has worked hard on his hands in the off-season. a noticeable improvement already today. you have to wonder about mckinny. his agent told ravens he has personal issues to deal with. michael oher has been moved to right tackle. the absence of terrell suggs remains conspicuous. >> you worked almost things to try to be better.
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we love some great leaders, so somebody has to step up. i made sure i was here. i am trying to live by the right example that the ravens always set. >>haloti nata. opinion delete -- a potentially big week for the orioles. they beat tampa bay and amar 9 have a chance to gain ground on the wild-card race when oakland comes to the art. chris tillman, right to roberts, and a strikeout-throw out into the inning. chris davis at the plate makes a low pitch and drops it into the
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gap. adam jones behind him, matt wieters behind him. a five run inning for the birds, 5-0 lead in the fifth. taking advantage of the warm weather, chris davis nelson center field home run. the orioles win, a big step for chris tillman. >> last summer after his good outing, i said what are you doing? getting ready for the next start? what are you going to do between now and then? he has to move on to the next challenge, whether it is good or bad. >> i think i did my delivery right. i did a lot of hard work on the
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off season. >> opening ceremonies of the olympics get underway tomorrow in london. u.s. athletes marched into the olympic village today. athletes from all over the world, with the music from queen. emotions have started to bubble to the surface. >> is started being real when i got to my room and looked out and just saw line of flags. we work so hard to get here. i am glad to be here. >> it was really cool to see their excitement. it just kind of spreads. it just gets you going. >> the gains have almost arrived. arrived. tom tasselmyer will let us know
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x the forecast -- >> saturday gets a little cooler but there are still some showers around. >> that is
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