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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 3, 2012 12:00am-12:35am EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> how about adding another medal for good measure? michael phelps increases his record-breaking hauled to 20. we are beaming with pride for our home town favored.
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>> there is little satisfaction beating one of the biggest rivals in the store -- in the tour. we went through the plans to honor his achievement. >> that every bit the event we thought it would be. it just as we saw this rivalry play out during the trials, michael phelps started out slowly and then closes down the head-to-head showdown looking down on lochte on the stand. he became the first swimmer ever to win this event three straight olympics. his first individual gold medal brings his total to 20. just as ryan lochte left brian phelps disappointed in the
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showdown, michael phelps leaves ryan lochte disappointed. michael phelps has his final competition in the 100 meter butterfly. this was the final event of his unequal swimming career. >> there was a time when one in 20 career olympic medals was considered a feat that could never be accomplished. michael phelps won gold in the 200 im. we're joined live from columbia where olympic caduceus gathered for another night. >> we are outside of union jacks here and columbia and we found the party here in howard county but not everyone that we saw was actually watching the event tonight. we caught up with a few people tonight and the people that are beginning with pride and excitement.
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the energy and excitement rival that of a football game. >> this is simply unbelievable. everyone there was so excited and rooting for him so hard. "these members could not wait for the prime-time broadcast, so they got to watch and win. >> he has earned it, he has worked so hard for this for so many years. >> it was intense to watch him lead every length of the race and to see that time come up and that final stroke. your heart is in your mouth. >> they avoided all spoilers as they watched the race. >> this was one of the most look forward to of fence. >> they set up the projector screen and had several television screens to and into the olympics.
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the members watched him grow up and are proud to see him doing well on the international stage. >> a chance to know that the u.s., maryland, baltimore, they are proud. >> whether you're watching the olympic games on one of those live internet feeds are watching them during prime time, we would like to see pictures of your party. we are live tonight in colombia. >> his swan song is not complete. >> what is the most appropriate way to celebrate the most decorated olympian who has ties to multiple local committees? we look at the possibilities.
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>> it was billed as a star spangled salute at fort mchenry. for adoring michael phelps fans, it was like a love connection. >> i love michael phelps. >> to -- how do we top this? >> we want to see the metals displayed. >> where do you told the celebration? >> i think downtown would be great because the whole city is really celebrating. the tourism office and the chamber of commerce had formed a committee to plan the big event. he also wanted to know what this meant for a potential of and in baltimore city. >> i'm not going to dim the glow
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of this moment by having a fight over where the parade that is that it unplanned will be. we are still on cloud nine. >> michael felt still has two more races and there is plenty of time to plan a party. that salute in 2008 took place in october, long after the games were over. >> i am voting for a crab cakes. >> we have a live look at bill of the stadium in london where it is a little bit after 5:00 a.m. -- we have a live look at the olympic stadium in london. track and field gets under way. knockout rounds and soccer and beach volleyball. michael phelps will swim in the 100 meter butterfly final.
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andrew begins his marathon swim in 1500 -- the u.s. women's basketball team will try to chop the czech republic. >> a lot to come. now, to our question of the day. we ask whether you were more excited to see gabby douglas or aly raisman. the vote was overwhelmingly for gabby douglas. wbal is your home for the olympic games. you can join us every week night for the olympic zone and see when your favorite sports will be taking place. >> and baltimore city police
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hope that a suspect's sketch will help them to solve a murder. lance johnson was shot to death at a home. we spoke with the victims' neighbors and we are updated on the investigation. >> police say that the witness reports help them to develop a sketch for the man they're looking for. they conducted interviews but so far no suspect and no motive. >> it was late. >> the shots rang out on july 5th just as he was getting ready for bed. the shots were coming from a few houses down in the 2300 block of north utah street where the man depicted in this get shot lance johnson. the investigators say a third person who was in the house ran several blocks to a pay phone to call for help but johnson was pronounced dead at the scene. >> he was very friendly.
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>> he was a good person, a very respectful community -- a very respectful person. >> he was transgendered and also went by the name of tracy. at this point, there is no evidence to support a a crime but the investigation is ongoing. >> we believe that this was not a -- incident. we do have a composite sketch. we believe that the suspect and the victim knew each other. we're asking for the public's help. >> johnson's neighbors are sharing the suspects sketch and hoping to help out in any way they can. >> we are glad to see if anything that we can do, this is a serious problem. we are all human being first. we need to do something. >> the suspect is described as
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african-american, 18, 22 years old. anyone with information is a urge to call baltimore city police. >> some resonance -- baltimore city police said there was 8 incidences in the month of july in the southeastern community. only one involved a weapon. neighbors tell us that the suspect and at least three of the crimes for armed. there are 164 robberies through this july compared to 169. >> police say a man ran in and out of a showing of madagascar are three cursing and pretending he had a gun. he is now in police custody, charged with disorderly conduct and other offenses. it happened at about 4:00
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wednesday afternoon. he entered the theater, sat down on the front row, then began acting in a radically. >> he was pointing his finger is that some of the patrons assimilating he had a gun. -- simulating that he had a gun. >> he will undergo an emergency psychiatric evaluation. >> those that suffer through the powerful storm might find some relief sin. >> morning after wallet when paying for your power bill. >> hundreds of baseball cards are up for auction here in baltimore. the astounding number is coming up. >> the latest on tropical storm ernesto and hot weather headed our way.
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right now, it is warm.
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>> the state of maryland is getting federal aid to help to deal with the extreme weather from june. the funds will go towards repairing or replacing facilities damaged by the storms. this is in several counties. you could see a larger than expected bill this month. gas and electric co. blames the extremely high temperatures in june and july and usually cooling accounts for half of the customer's usage.
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they do offer several payment options including rebates for participation in their programs. >> federal officials are investigating an undetermined incident where three passenger planes came close to colliding with each other. this forced air traffic controllers to make some changes in the direction of departures and landings. officials say there was a miscommunication and not all the necessary personnel were notified of those changes. the pilot flying the incoming plane was clearly exasperated. >> we're trying to investigate. stand by. we have to get on the ground pretty quick. >> faa officials insist that although the plan for two and a half miles apart, they were not on a collision course >. >> hundreds were left without water on thursday.
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this is now fixed. official say a 15 inch main ruptured on kirk ave sending water flowing out to the street. this flooded more than a dozen basements. the same line broke there almost three years ago today, causing damage for the same residence. dpw officials are trying to stabilize the ground around the sinkhole. it did widen over the weekend but it appears to be holding its side. the water services still extended in the area and it will take until sometime next week to get those repairs finished. >> more value, more options, more convenience, more choice. that is how verizon and comcast are pitching their strategy. they're joining forces to offer various cable and wireless services. they would have the rights to offer the other's services but
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state lenders believe it will end any efforts from verizon to install their fiber optic network. >> this is a competitive nature. clearly, this is the type of transaction here with less competition. this means less jobs and not as much service to people in our community. i want to make sure the people of baltimore are not discriminated against. >> the mayor has urged the internet providers to increase access to broadband. they have provided funding to the sadr network. >> it is time to start going through your attic, garage, closet. -- they have provided funding to the fiber network. >> it is time to start going to your attic, garage, closet. >> done, to $1,000. >> that is how much it went about five hours a day during
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the karadzic auction. -- in during the heritage auction. this was one of hundreds found last month. they found a treasure trove of baseball history. the best of the bunch is sold for a total of more than $566,000. we caught up with one of the grandson's who found the treasure trove. we asked about why the cars discovered were in great condition. >> it was pretty dry. they would have gone water soaked and they would have been stuck together. also, this was kind of hard cardboard. >> the family will split the profits between the 20 cousins. the highest price ever paid for a baseball card, $2.8 million. that came out a year before the
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one sold earlier this evening. >> our celebration was a big success and baltimore is getting some serious street credit as a hip place to live. this is 14 on the list of coolest cities. this ranked the largest metropolitan areas. it has a number of entertainment options, and number of non chain restaurants and bars per-capita. houston claim to the top spot. >> just a few storms popped up during the heat of the afternoon. we're left with essentially clear skies across the region now. b.w.i. marshall picked up a few hundredths of favor inch. -- few hundredths of an inch.
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we did hit 90 degrees today. 86 is normal. 100, the record. 36 time this year we have hit 90 or higher officially at b.w.i. marshall. last year, we talk the mark 26 times. normal would be about 21. we're well ahead of that. it is not: off quick in baltimore. 90 degrees in downtown baltimore. 85 officially at the inner harbor. 70's on the eastern shore. it looks like a cool spot will be mostly in the mid to upper 70's for the lows and the mainly clear skies. you might see some pettifog develop towards morning. the scorching heat will stay out here. 16 straight days now in oklahoma city with temperatures above 100.
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112 today in oklahoma city. that is the worst part of the heat sitting right over there. most of the nation is and 80's, 90's, and 100's. high-pressure strengthening off of the eastern seaboard will bring in some more is humidity. expected the humidity levels to increase. the threat of an afternoon thunderstorm. not a big threat. late afternoon storms will be possible tomorrow and the weekend. 90, 95 tomorrow. generally light on the day except for those isolated storms. western maryland mountains, 90 degree heat but it will be humid and the might be a few scattered thunderstorms throughout the weekend. on the eastern shore, it is just plain old baltimore summer. if the beach is in your weekend plans, saturday, sunday, monday are looking like some
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thunderstorms in the area. we are watching the next tropical storm, that wave we were talking about yesterday had strengthened. now has 50 mile per hour wind. you can see the various tracks going generally to the west, northwest come into the favorable areas of the open waters of the caribbean. this is likely to get stronger as the storm moves out over the caribbean. the computer models are saying that it is a category one hurricane as it is making his way towards can carry over the next three-five days. we will keep an eye on the tropical storm. 93 tomorrow around baltimore. the weekend features some scattered thunderstorms. temperatures dipped back into the upper 80's. >> the ravens' new defensive corridor brings the focus on all things new to training camp. you will hear why next in sports.
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>> right on that world record. looking to become the first male swimmer to win three in the same event. >> absolutely, hands down, the best. >> michael phelps is going to win gold over lochte. >> number24 michael phelps. he got a little bit better on thursday night. plenty of young ladies enjoin the collection of olympic talent on display. fast forward to the end of the 200 trend in the game. this time, they capitalized without any winds. his second gold medal in london. michael phelps. >> once it is all over, it
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really hit me emotionally. i think watching my mom up in the stands, i kind of spot them after every race. i know that it is very emotional. >> 49 countries have had winners and london. this tops 49 other countries. michael phelps has the same amount of metals as mexico and brazil. here is the overall count of 20. a gold in beijing and a pair of gold and silver so far in london. he could finish his career with 22 overall. rebecca, who we introduced you to last night, set the record in the semifinals. he did not let that record legal thought she did not let that record linder very long. she broke her own record.
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the usa men's basketball team with a historic performance speedy nigeria. -- it being -- the u.s. men's basketball team with a star performance beating nigeria. the usa faces lithuanians on saturday. full coverage of these games online on our website. gold medal commentary from our unofficial swimming expert. check out the latest entry on, what else, michael phelps. it is all about michael on our sports page. the ravens' offense used to take a daily beatings from the defense. this has become a much more even match up and practice.
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joe has looked eagerly to in this year's camp. the offense will need to score this year to make a trip to the playoffs. the chances include a new coordinator. he brings a look forward to this unit. do something special this year. >> i don't care what he did last year, it means nothing. everything is reestablished. someone once wrote that we are defending the afc number champions. no, we are just afc north champions, we don't need to defend anything. you defend your life, you defend your family, you don't defend football. >> stick around, the seven-day
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>> we would like to welcome 18 new members and say congratulations to new mommy kate. -- we would like to welcome two new members. the twins and mom are all resting and doing well. she said she is enjoying watching the olympics. she is happy because her parents
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get in tomorrow afternoon. >> here is your seven best day. a couple of thunderstorms in the area, friday, saturday, sunday. kohl's off a little bit next week. >> thank you for joining us.
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